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21 June 2014 @ 07:59 pm
The Oceanside Project: Lambswool Part 2  


"Twinpocalypse!" Part 2

Monday, Day Eight

Lambswool 002

Antonio is stinky and cranky again.

Lambswool 008

Dawn wakes up to change his diaper and give him a well-deserved bath.

Lambswool 014

No sooner does she give Antonio a bottle...

Lambswool 019

Dawn goes into labor!

Lambswool 021


Lambswool 045

1st out is a boy named Henry. Henry has his father's brown hair, his mother's dark brown eyes and his brother's tan skintone.

Lambswool 046

2nd out is a girl named Bianca. Bianca has her mother's black hair, dark brown eyes and medium skintone.

Lambswool 044


Lambswool 049

Anyways, Dawn abandons her three children on the floor in a pile of trash in order to take a bath.

Lambswool 052

Luckily George wakes up and helps get the babies off of the floor and into jumpies.

Lambswool 058

Lambswool 067

Eeep! What are we going to do when George leaves? Dawn needs help!

Lambswool 068

Don't try to soften your absence with yummy pancakes! If I'd known you would have twins I might not have had you get a job!

Lambswool 070

Dawn grabs Antonio for a bit of potty training.

Lambswool 074

Good job Tonio!

Lambswool 077

Then it's nap time.

Lambswool 079

I think it's hilarious that the car arrives to take George to the fire station THAT IS RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!

Lambswool 081

Good luck fire fighting George. Don't die!

Lambswool 083

Dawn eats...

Lambswool 085

and pays her taxes.

Lambswool 087

Then it's baby nursing time.

Lambswool 088

Eh boy. I think we're going to need some help!

Lambswool 089

Enter The Super Nanny (tm)!

Lambswool 096

Lambswool 097

Dawn: Thank the Watcher you're here! I'm losing my mind with all these kids!
AND YOU WANT SEVEN MORE???!!! Stupid family sims...

Lambswool 099

Angie brings out toys for Antonio to play with...

Lambswool 111

And starts a rousing game of peek-a-boo!

Lambswool 104

While Dawn nurses the girl.

Lambswool 113

Meanwhile, down on the beach, Zod spots Fran the Fox.

Lambswool 116

Which he chases around but never catches up to.
Zod: You there, ginger minx! Wait... for... your... leader...
She's just not that into you, Zod.

Lambswool 115

Lambswool 119

Lambswool 120

You ain't never lied.

Lambswool 125

Bianca's stinky, Henry's stinky, Antonio needs to potty. Dawn starts to have a mini-breakdown. Being a mom isn't as fun as she thought it would be!

Lambswool 130

Luckily Angie is here and can help out.

Lambswool 137

Antonio's masterpiece is carefully pinned to the bedroom wall as he begins work on another one.

Lambswool 138

With the twins asleep and Antonio playing, Angie helps out around the house. Zod supervises.

Lambswool 139

Dawn takes a much-needed nap but has nightmares about herself.

Lambswool 145

Lambswool 149

George returns home. Since he has the "Skilled Negotiator" benefit he actually makes more money than his boss!

Lambswool 153

Fire fighting is stinky work. George heads straight to the tub.

Lambswool 154

Afterwards he pays Angie, thanks her for all of her hard work, and sends her home.

Lambswool 157

Then he settles down to watch his favorite show on the Yummy Channel Ragnarok's Kitchen!

Lambswool 161

What the hell Diego!! Diego just kicked over the Lambswool's garbage can for no reason! Oh, it's on!

Lambswool 163

Dawn wakes up and steals the TV from George to watch a new episode of Pleasantview. That's OK, George just continues to learn more recipes in his cook books.
Dawn: Shhh. This is the episode where Angela smacks Lilith!
Isn't that every episode?

Lambswool 167

After Pleasantview was over, Dawn came up with another idea to raise her fun bar. (Thankfully, no chimes.)

Lambswool 180

Tuesday, Day Nine

Lambswool 002

I'm pretty sure every day starts out with Antonio complaining about being stinky.

Lambswool 005

Lambswool 011

Lambswool 008

Lambswool 007

Meanwhile Dawn starts sewing more potholders. Cause she doesn't have enough or anything.

Lambswool 015

Lambswool 014

Lambswool 016

She's getting much faster at these!

Lambswool 019

Ooooh, what meal did we learn?

Lambswool 023

Lambswool 025

Perfectly made omelets!

Lambswool 026

Lambswool 030

Dawn and George have a little time before work to eat breakfast together.
George: Hey, you're wearing make-up now? Looks great!
She changed her make-up FOUR DAYS AGO Goofball!

Lambswool 035

Time to save Oceanside one fire at a time.

Lambswool 039

After Dawn takes a quick nap, Antonio is up and ready for breakfast.

Lambswool 044

Antonio has his first solids! Yay for mushy food!

Lambswool 045

It's never too early for nectar, is it?

Lambswool 046

(OK this is where I messed up. I thought these mood boosters by Around The Sims were like coffee and would only boost their energy. This stuff boosts everything! So... I totally cheated and I didn't mean to. *sad face*)

Lambswool 050

With her new-found energy Dawn is ready to tackle being Super Mom today. She doesn't even need to call Angie Killeen over to help out!

Lambswool 058

Another masterpiece for the wall of fame!

Lambswool 059

Dawn tries to sneak in more potholder sewing before the twins wake up.

Lambswool 064

Bianca is the first to be stinky and hungry.

Lambswool 065

Lambswool 066

Lambswool 075

Then it was Henry's turn.

Lambswool 069

The Lambswools used what little money they had and enclosed the upper patio to make the kids' room larger. They also replaced their cribs and changing table because Dawn kept getting errors after changing the babies. (The babies would stay stuck to her and she couldn't put them down. The same thing was happening to Sadie and Fitz at their house with that changing table.)

Lambswool 063

Another visitor! Risa the raccoon stops by to check out the yard...

Lambswool 070

And her presence doesn't go unnoticed...
Zod: My name is General Zod Ravenclaw the Destroyer. Come with me if you want to not die!

Lambswool 071

Risa: What the hell is he talking about?

Lambswool 073

Zod: Listen here Rocket Raccoon...
Risa: My name's Risa!
Zod: Whatever. Join my army and we will rule over the dim-witted humans and make them our slaves!
Risa: Um, can I eat your food?
Zod: Well, yes, I guess that is acceptable.
Risa: Cool...
Awwww, Zod's found a minion!

Lambswool 077

Lambswool 079

Lambswool 081

George feeds Zod and goes to bed.

Lambswool 084

Lambswool 083

Lambswool 085

Lambswool 086

After sewing yet another potholder, Dawn practices on the piano. She's always wanted to learn how to play and hopes her children will play it as well.

Lambswool 088

Lambswool 090

Way to go Antonio!

Lambswool 091

Um, let's try to draw something else now, shall we?

Lambswool 098

Lambswool 101

Lambswool 105

George wakes up and helps out with the twins.

Lambswool 109

You guessed it...

Lambswool 012

General Zod: Dawn Lambswool. 77 days old. Looking for fame but instead finds herself forever stuck in an infinite loop of potholders and nappies in The Oceanside Project! doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee.

Notes: I mentioned before that I roll to see if the kids will inherit the "cosmetic" genetics (like freckles, moles, curly hair, etc.) and since both Dawn and George wear glasses their kids have no choice but to wear glasses too. At least with Sadie and Fitz their kids have a 50/50 chance.

I have no idea what's going on with my game. Why three sets of twins in a row? I'm not using any hacks or mods and I didn't cheat to get them. What the deuce is going on? If Selena has twins (next update) I'm going to cry.

George ended up with a 4 Cooking skill and an 8 Culinary enthusiasm. Dawn is at a 6 Arts & Crafts enthusiasm and no sewing badge. At this rate I think she'll be an elder by the time she receives her gold badge!

Credits: The Cool Strays Club - the llama is by Strange Tomato, the fox is by Skellington and the raccoon is by Robokitty.

I'd like to gives thanks to The Twilight Zone, Project Runway, Thor, The Avengers, The Lego Movie and The Superman movies for the lines I stole for my update ;P

Thank you for reading! ^.^

Current Music: I Wanna Be Sedated by The Ramones
Itoho'wohellosunnydai on June 22nd, 2014 04:32 am (UTC)
I really enjoy your updates ! and i love the new banner with all the ladies dressed up.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on June 22nd, 2014 03:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! ^.^
braxenbraxen on June 28th, 2014 03:27 pm (UTC)
You really have a custom version of Everything in your game! Love the strays. Love General Zod too - he sure has the looks to live up to his name. Just look at him sitting on the counter - "Kneel before Zod!" :D
Antonio might be the cutest sim kid I've seen with the hair (where did you find that?) and the glasses.
It's strange with the randomness of twins: I hadn't had any for ages when Xander's sister had hers in my Sunnydale hood, but I remember one period of playing when _everyone_ had twins for a while. Huh?
Didn't know that changing table could glitch. I haven't had any problems with it, but if it happens I know what caused it and don't have to freak out about it then. Seriously, I've learned most things about the game by reading other people's blogs.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on June 29th, 2014 01:59 am (UTC)
Thank you for all of your comments Braxen!!!

Antonio's hair is by Trapping. I have the Simgraroop'd version by Skoogy from here: http://skoogy.livejournal.com/15346.html

I'm freaking out about the twins! The only sims that have the fertile benefit are Becca and Selena. (Becca rolled the want 10 kids want early on and Selena's ltw is to marry off 6 kids). So why is everyone else getting twins? I'm glad to hear it's not just my game. I'll try to calm down. Maybe it's something in Oceanside's water :P

It looks like the glitch isn't just on that changing table. I'm playing the Firestones and used a different table and it's happening to them as well. So it's happening for some tables and not happening for others. Good to hear you haven't had problems. I REALLY love that whole set.
braxenbraxen on June 29th, 2014 04:44 am (UTC)
They should perhaps try soda in the wohoo... ;)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on June 29th, 2014 04:46 pm (UTC)
lmao Yes!!!
Simlilisimlili on August 5th, 2014 07:20 am (UTC)
I think Dawn loves potholders so much it's blocking her progress (same with her kids and that drawing^^)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on August 5th, 2014 06:48 pm (UTC)
You can tell they're related, they have the same fixation :P