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31 May 2014 @ 12:57 pm
The Oceanside Project: Moneywell/Landgraab Part 3  


"It's Good To Be The King" Part 3

Tuesday, Day Nine

Landgraab 005

Vivian wakes early in the morning to Gwyneth's good morning cries.

Landgraab 006

Malcolm, who hung out in the hot tub all night with Diego, finally gets to bed.

Landgraab 008

Killer Flies Swarm Baby. News at 11.

Landgraab 010

Apparently Vivian had her second pop.

Landgraab 013

Vivian hopes the baby powder will provide enough of a barrier between her daughter and the Killer Flies.

Landgraab 019

Landgraab 021

Landgraab 022

It's almost time for Malcolm to set off on the campaign trail.

Landgraab 025

As Malcolm sets off for another day of Oceanside politics...

Landgraab 028

lightning strikes the side of the condo and flames erupt. I thought the rain would wash the flames away, but it STOPPED RAINING!

Landgraab 031

No stranger to fire, Vivian runs out to extinguish the flames before the whole condo catches on fire but the fire began to spread.

Landgraab 039

Sadie Winchester, Oceanside's fire fighter miraculously shows up to aid Vivian.

Landgraab 045

After Sadie put out the fire and saved Vivian and Gwyneth, Vivian thanks Sadie for everything she's done. Vivian and Sadie have never liked each other much but that didn't matter anymore. Sadie saved their lives and Vivian owed her.

Landgraab 049

Viv invites Sadie in for lunch and tries to get to know her better. Vivian politely ignores how stinky Sadie is after putting the fires out.

Landgraab 052

And Sadie tries her best to clean up without dirtying up Vivian's home.

Landgraab 054

Landgraab 055

After Viv's shower it goes kaput.

Landgraab 058

Never fear, Super Nanny is here! Angie, who came over to help set up Gwyneth's transition party, tries her hand at fixing the shower.

Landgraab 062

But the shower defeats her.

Landgraab 064

Angie goes back to doing what she does best, saving the baby from the Killer Flies.

Landgraab 068

Angie greets seamstress Dawn Lambswool who brings new gowns for little Gwyneth's transition day.

Landgraab 069

Angie cranks up the tunes...

Landgraab 072

and pours the nectar.

Landgraab 074

Angie, of course, needs to make sure the vintage is suitable for the guests.

Landgraab 077

YES! Vivian is doing a great job investing the town's funds.

Landgraab 078

The problem with Angie Killeen #3: she doesn't know when to stop. Sure Ang, make more drinks, because what every little girls' birthday needs is LIQUOR!

Landgraab 081

Thank goodness we now have a grocery store we can go to.

Landgraab 085

Vivian is awake and is ready to throw Gwyneth the best transition day party ever.

Landgraab 086

Landgraab 087

Angie grills hot dogs for the first time. *Please don't set the house on fire again!*

Landgraab 088

Landgraab 089

The gang's all here. Even Rocky Kotsomiti showed up!

Landgraab 091

No fires! She really is the best Nanny ever. Good job Angie!

Landgraab 094

Dawn belches to the amusement of most and the disdain of Vivian and Brodie.

Landgraab 096

Brodie: *trying desparately to get to Kendrick* Oh hey, new buddy Minka!
Minka: *dis bitch*

Landgraab 098

Becca and Owen ignore all of the other guests and find their way to the hot tub.

Landgraab 099

And Diego finds his way to Matisse. I'm still rooting for these two!

Landgraab 102

Everyone gather around. It's transition time!

Landgraab 106

Dang it, I never get them to the cake on time!

Landgraab 108

Yay!!!!! Welcome to toddlerhood Gwyneth!

Landgraab 120

After a wardrobe change and a new hair style Gwyneth is ready for her close-up. Gwyn is a 0-8-9-10-1 Sagittarius who is interested in school and travel. She's materialistic like her mother and ambitious like her father. She would love to spend time in Nature.

Landgraab 110

Unfortunately Malcolm missed his princess' transition but he's ready to party!

Landgraab 112

I don't know if Kendrick is trying to rub it in Minka's face, but he's all over Brodie at this party.

Landgraab 122

Minka hides out on the front porch. The thought of Kendrick and Brodie together is unbearable. If only she didn't cheat on him with Fitz maybe things would've been different. But she really wanted to have a baby, like all of her friends. If Kendrick wasn't going to give that to her she had to get it from someone else...

Landgraab 121

Connor grooves to the music.

Landgraab 123

While Becca and Owen get it on in the hot tub.

Landgraab 125

Exhausted from all of the celebrating, Viv heads to bed.

Landgraab 128

Malcolm grabs his daughter and checks out how much she's grown! He's a proud papa!

Landgraab 131

Landgraab 132

Matisse and Fitz visit with Minka and try to cheer her up. Minka is thankful she has such wonderful friends to help her.

Landgraab 145

With the hot tub now free, Brodie and Kendrick try to have some alone time.

Landgraab 141

Landgraab 142

Landgraab 144

Selena really likes the way Connor shakes his thang!

Landgraab 148

What? The party was Not Bad just a minute ago. What happened?

Landgraab 146

Sadie passed out! All of the fire fighting and her pregnancy must have got to her.

Landgraab 147

Owen: Um, I think Sadie's dead.
Rocky: Ewwwwww.

Landgraab 149

This is the second time Sadie did a pregnancy pass out in front of everyone. Poor Sadie! She's mortified.

Landgraab 151

While everyone was watching Sadie collapse, one sim's cheating sense was tingling.

Landgraab 152


Landgraab 155

I've never seen Minka Yomoshoto so pissed off!

Landgraab 160

Minka smacks the crap out of Kendrick!

Landgraab 165

Minka: This is the last straw Kendrick Troubadour! I am sick of you making a fool out of me! I don't love you. I'm not your friend. I HATE YOU! You are dead to me!

Landgraab 173

You tell him Minka! It's over. No more Minka and Kendrick. Minka's heart is broken...

Landgraab 174

Brodie wastes no time cheering Kendrick up. She has him all to herself now, but I'm not sure that's what she wanted.

Landgraab 178

SADIE!!!! Not again! Becca and Fitz are super worried!

Landgraab 179

Well, at least it wasn't a disaster *bright side*.

Landgraab 181

It's time to go. Kendrick carries his love home.

Landgraab 186

Landgraab 184

Gwyneth finds her transition present, a doll house, and enjoys "playing" with the dolls inside.

Landgraab 187

Yep, she's still there.

Landgraab 189

Malcolm: Ugh, she ruined the whole party! Why doesn't she go home already!

Landgraab 190

Malcolm tries potty training Gwyneth but he was too late.

Landgraab 197

Gwyneth doesn't seem to approve of Malcolm's anti-Killer Flies powdering skills.

Landgraab 201

Landgraab 204

Malcolm puts Gwyn to bed and then himself.

Landgraab 205

But Gwyn has other plans...

Landgraab 208

Landgraab 210

Ooooh, you crafty little girl!

Landgraab 211

Landgraab 213

Landgraab 218

Gwyneth is just in time for the show...

Landgraab 220

Landgraab 221



Landgraab 245

Malcolm: do-dee-do. Look at me not caring that my wife is giving birth to twins...

Landgraab 254

After drawing Malcolm away from the doll house and cleaning the babies up I present a girl, Tabitha Landgraab! Tabitha has her mother's light skin and her father's brown hair and dark blue eyes.

Landgraab 253

And a boy! Malcolm Moneywell Landgraab has his mother's black hair and his father's tan skin and dark blue eyes. Since this Malcolm has a new middle name he is not Malcolm the XI. He can create his own dynasty in Oceanside!

I think it's time for a bigger house...

Landgraab 252

And Sadie finally recovers!
Sadie: OhmyWatcher twins! That's awful! Good luck with that!
Famous last words...

Notes: OK first off THAT DOLLL!!! It's so creepy! Every time you change your position the eyes follow you. THEY FRAKKIN FOLLOW YOU. Who thought this was a cool thing? Well, actually it is a very cool thing but AHHHHHHHH!

Angie Killeen was chosen to be the Nanny because she was the only NPC created that had a Family aspiration. When everyone left for the wedding I had to temporarily move her into the Landgraabs' so Gwyneth wouldn't be taken away (I forgot I didn't have the "ask a friend to babysit" mod in). She has her own Day Care that she resides in that we will visit later.

I've never seen babies get flies all around them. I was totally grossed out. I guess it's because Gwyneth has zero neat points? Blech!

Fact: there have been more fires on Vivian's lot than any other in the hood. I think Calista really cursed them! If I ever open the Law Enforcement career she's the first one going to prison.

Credits: The toddlers can escape the crib mod is by Simlogical (cribgetoutall). The toddlers can use the stairs mod is by Rebecah. The creepy doll is by Veranka.

Thank you for reading!!!

Current Music: The Royal We by Silversun Pickups
braxenbraxen on June 28th, 2014 02:36 pm (UTC)
Coming in late, I've had my focus elsewhere (fanfiction) for a while.
All you lots are so damn elegant! Everything looks so nice. Love the new bank, it fits just as well into the hood's look as the other business lots do.
Also I love your GIFs, they create excactly (I imagine) the feel that you're after. I think Kermit was my favourite this time. :D
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on June 29th, 2014 12:37 am (UTC)
Thank you so much Braxen!!!

The gifs: See, this just goes to show that you can't plan everything for your sims, they'll just go and do whatever they want to do! I wanted to do a very pretty wedding episode twice and twice Vivian messed it all up by getting pregnant. Then, I was planning on them only having 2 kids (at the most) and she goes and has twins! The bright side is that now I'm building them a bigger "Mayor Mansion" type house on the lake. Yay!

I'm curious what fanfic you're reading? Buffy related? I'm a huge Buffy nerd but I'm shunned by most of friends because I hate Angel so much :P
braxenbraxen on June 29th, 2014 04:37 am (UTC)
Well I'm a Spuffy gal myself, and if that's your flavour, you should read the stuff over att Elysian Fields - the Spuffy realm.
braxenbraxen on June 29th, 2014 08:09 am (UTC)
Correcting myself: Elysian Fields is not the same thing as The Spuffy Realm (but it is _a_ Spuffy realm :) Elysian Fields is the Dark Solace.

Also I kind of wote in both an American and a British style in the same short comment. As I am European (Swedish) I try to stick to British spelling - not succeeding very often, mostly it's just a big mush. Working on it, working on it...
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on June 29th, 2014 04:45 pm (UTC)
Thanks I'll check it out ^.^ And don't worry at all about correct spelling and grammar with me. I'm American and I have the worst spelling and grammar in the world. :D
Simlili: Cheezburgersimlili on July 30th, 2014 07:44 am (UTC)
What Braxen said (down to the Brit grammar/European thing :p -but minus the Buffy love)

Can't comment on everything in particular, I really love everything about this journal, and the fact that you were on a roll updating frequently makes things really flow.

Also I have an Oceanside OTP now, Sadie/Rocky, of course! Tell me they have chemistry :D
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 31st, 2014 08:34 am (UTC)
Thank you!

Sadie and Rocky... hmmmm... Well they both really love pink! Right now Sadie doesn't have chemistry with Rocky because she doesn't know him that well. And I don't know, Sadie and Fitz are triple bolters. I'm not sure anyone can get her to leave Fitz, even the hair Adonis himself :P
Simlilisimlili on July 31st, 2014 12:19 pm (UTC)
Oh no, Sadie shouldn't leave her family! But she and Rocky could spend a wild evening of... exchanging hair care secrets^^
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 31st, 2014 03:27 pm (UTC)
LOL! Sadie would love that! I'm starting to think that Rocky should be the town's hair dresser. Then he could make sure the whole town has locks as lovely as his :D