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31 May 2014 @ 12:54 pm
The Oceanside Project: Moneywell/Landgraab Part 2  


"It's Good To Be The King" Part 2

Monday, Day Eight

Landgraab 002

Vivian begins the day with an early morning *pop*

Landgraab 011

and woohoo with the hubby.

Landgraab 019

Owen and Matisse are still hanging out in the hot tub. Malcolm joins them after saying good morning to Viv.

Landgraab 020

Landgraab 024

Landgraab 026

Construction on her bank is complete. Vivian buys the Oceanside Bank & Loan, the first bank in Oceanside!

Landgraab 030

Landgraab 032

Little Gwyneth screams bloody murder and Vivian is there to feed and comfort her again. Good job Viv!

Landgraab 037

Landgraab 038

Vivian brings Gwyneth downstairs and makes breakfast for herself. Today is Malcolm's day off so Viv will stop by the bank while he takes care of the baby.

Landgraab 047


Landgraab 051

Malcolm spends some time bonding with Gwynie and then puts her down for her nap.

Landgraab 056

And joins his lady love in a morning snuggle.

Landgraab 058

Landgraab 074

Soon it's time for Vivian to go to the bank and open up for it's first day of business. (Don't mind Matisse in the back there. She's just climbing a tree. No big.)

Landgraab 076

The Oceanside Bank & Loan is right next door to Goodacre's Grocery Store on Landgraab Avenue right behind the Post Office and the newly built Fire Station.

Landgraab 077

The front lobby has seating and two ATM machines.

Landgraab 079

Landgraab 080

The Vault is where Vivian sells... money! At expensive prices.

Landgraab 081

Upstairs is Viv's private office where she can bring customers to talk about loans and where she prints the simoleons that are in circulation in Oceanside.

Landgraab 083

The cash register area has an espresso machine and a mini fridge to keep Vivian from starving while working. Vivian is super proud of her little bank!

Landgraab 089

The first customers of the day are Garden Clubber Rocky Kotsomiti, architect Fitz Biltmore, and dancer/journalist Diego Bossanova. I think Rocky is not impressed because the bank isn't decorated in his favorite color pink.

Landgraab 093

Viv tries to win Fitz over with her selling techniques. She knows he's attracted to her so she uses her feminine wiles to her advantage.

Landgraab 099

Rocky however wants nothing of her flirty ways. Besides, Rocky can flip his hair better than you can.

Landgraab 104

Fitz finds a tip jar that he can afford and becomes Vivian's first paying customer!

Landgraab 107

Vivian is very good at math but pushing buttons isn't her strong suit.

Landgraab 115

Fitz is very patient however. He's such a sweetie!

Landgraab 116


Landgraab 120

Viv tries again with Fabio, I mean Rocky, but still no cigar.

Landgraab 124

Diego would love to invest in some simoleons but he's super poor. He congratulates Vivian on opening the bank and hopes she'll be very successful.

Landgraab 134

Soon it's time to close up shop. Fitz was Vivian's only paying customer, but that's OK. It's not like Vivian doesn't have money coming out of her ass.

Landgraab 135

Back at Landgraab Condo...

Landgraab 137

Matisse finally leaves! You have a baby at home missy, or did you forget?

Landgraab 141

While Malcolm is out getting the mail in his chonies, Becca Goodacre stops by.

Landgraab 144

Malcolm is concerned with the safety of Oceanside's residents. He especially thinks it should be mandatory to have fire alarms in every household now that there is a fire service. Becca however believes that sims should leave it up to the Watcher if they die in a fire or not and is vehemently against fire alarms. Thank goodness she's not a politician.

Landgraab 147

Malcolm catches the baby-eating flies affliction just in time and changes Gwyneth's diaper.

Landgraab 151

Malcolm then gives Gwyneth her first bath in the kitchen sink...

Landgraab 153

and feeds her. See, he can be a good daddy too :)

Landgraab 155

Landgraab 158

Malcolm can't believe his little one will transition tomorrow and another one is on the way!

Landgraab 163

Becca must have felt bad after the argument she had with Malcolm. She decided to trim all of his bushes and pull his weeds. You are a powerful sim Malcolm Landgraab.

Landgraab 166

Diego stops by, presumably after visiting the bank. He's concerned about the upcoming winter in Oceanside. Will it be cold? Will there be snow? Are the White Walkers coming?

Landgraab 172

Being the town's politician means he has to answer stupid frakkin questions like this all of the time. Lucky for Malcolm he is a master of deflection. Some juicy gossip about General Zod, the Lambswool's cat, takes Diego's mind off of winter.

Landgraab 175

Viv comes home and heads straight to bed, as usual.


While Malcolm and Diego hit the hot tub.

Part 3
(I hate you Livejournal)

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darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on June 1st, 2014 03:03 pm (UTC)
THAT DOLL: I like the doll, I know it sounds weird, lol. It is super creepy but I could see Vivian thinking this is an expensive antique doll that would be perfect for her kids. Maybe evil Calista gave Vivian the doll and that's where the curse stems from? dum, dum, DUMMMMMM.

Bank: Thank you! I re-did that bank a few times because I didn't really like it but I had to just leave it alone and let it be.

Becca: Now that she's all religious I imagine she's way to the left, like how some people won't have blood transfusions or accept medical assistance because they want to leave their fate "in God's hands." I hope she's not trusting me to save her, though. I'm the worst Watcher ever! :P

Malcolm can never have too many Bros!