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31 May 2014 @ 12:40 pm
The Oceanside Project: Moneywell/Landgraab Part 1  


"It's Good To Be The King" Part 1

Warnings: gifs, fires, frenemies, creepy dolls, baby-eating flies, alcoholic Nannies, bromance, heartbreak, rich sim problems.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: Landgraab and Moneywell...

Saturday, Day Six


Landgraab 006

Malcolm Landgraab, X wakes up early to make breakfast for himself and his lovely fiancee Vivian Moneywell. Today marks the day that their first child will be born.

Landgraab 012

The pregnancy hasn't been too difficult for Vivian but her tolerance for Malcolm's more unsightly manners are at an all-time low.

Landgraab 015

Since I revised my rules Malcolm no longer has the sports car from before. He has to schlep his way to work in the hoopty like every other Average Joe.

Landgraab 017

Vivian, tired of being pregnant for so long, heads in for a nap while Malcolm heads to work.

Landgraab 023

Landgraab 025

Landgraab 028

After Vivian's nap Dr. Minka Yomoshoto stops by to check on her favorite patient.

Landgraab 037

After a completely thorough exam Minka determines that the baby is in excellent health and not cursed at all! Little baby Landgraab is due within the hour.

Landgraab 040

Before Vivian can even finish her fruit parfait the contractions start.

Landgraab 064

Landgraab 072

Gwyneth Landgraab is the spitting image of her father with brown hair, tan skin and dark blue eyes.

Landgraab 075

After Gwyneth is cleaned up and dressed in her expensive finery, Vivian gives her new baby girl all of her love.

Landgraab 079

Something has Minka deeply worried and upset. I don't know what it could be? Is something wrong with the baby? Are you worried Viv won't pay your doctor's fee?

Landgraab 024

Oh, I see. Brodie Mason, your boyfriend's baby mama, is here.
Brodie: *judges the weeds*

Landgraab 085

Minka knows that Brodie and Kendrick have been woohooing all over town. Showing that she's the bigger sim, Minka congratulates Brodie on the birth of her little girl, Aria.

Landgraab 086

Minka: *leaves thinking that went well*
Brodie: *leaves thinking Minka's a mug*

Landgraab 091

Woot! Oceanside's economy is going strong.

Landgraab 094

Landgraab 095

Viv's workout room is magically transformed into a nursery fit for a Landgraab heiress.

Landgraab 099

Landgraab 102

Since this was Brodie's THIRD TIME loitering around the house, Vivian went out to invite her in for dinner.

Landgraab 106

Vivian: *hopes Brodie and Minka can get along*
Minka: What the fuck is she doing in my bestie's house?

Landgraab 109

Minka wasn't too thrilled that Vivian invited Brodie in and left abruptly. *sigh*

Landgraab 113

Landgraab 111

Malcolm is not living up to his Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist title at all.

Landgraab 114

Vivian starts preparing Mac & Cheese for dinner when tragedy strikes!

Landgraab 116

Vivian has had to put out many a fire, but the smoke and flames from this one were almost too much to bear.

Landgraab 124

Luckily, after a valiant fight, Viv saves everyone in the house from dying a fiery death.

Landgraab 122

Malcolm: Dinner sure is taking a long time.

Landgraab 129

Angie Killeen, former Arts & Crafts hobby enthusiast turned Nanny, stops by to chat with Malcolm and Vivian and meet her new ward Gwyneth.

Landgraab 131

And luck would have it Selena Firestone, future teacher, also stops by to meet the newest Landgraab.

Landgraab 137

Malcolm: Ugh, did she set this stuff on fire?
You are a tool Malcolm Landgraab.

Landgraab 140

Angie and Selena hit it off right away. Angie asks Selena if she would be able to help out at the Day Care sometimes. With so many babies in the neighborhood Angie will definitely need all of the help she can get.

Landgraab 141

Malcolm: They're totally going to make out...
Shut up Malcolm Landgraab!

Landgraab 142

Malcolm meets his little girl for the first time. He thinks she's absolutely the most perfect creature in the world!

Landgraab 144

The problem with Angie Killeen #1: Whenever there is booze around Angie will find it. And drink it.

Landgraab 148

Malcolm introduces Gwyneth to her throne which quickly turns the lovely Princess Gwyneth into evil King Joffrey. Why leave Gwyn in the throne...?

Landgraab 151

Ohhhh. That's why...

Landgraab 153

WTF VIVIAN! What about your dream wedding? We've already postponed it once. You're ideal family size is not even set for more kids!


Landgraab 157


Landgraab 161

While her parents have sexy times, Gwyneth becomes accosted by baby-eating flies! Who will save the fair maiden seeing as her parents are under the spell of an after-woohoo deep sleep?

Landgraab 162

Lady Angie to the rescue!

Landgraab 163

Angie changes Gwyn's diaper, sticks her in this torture device and then leaves her alone for the rest of the night. Good luck on staying alive by yourself Gwyneth!

Sunday, Day Seven

Landgraab 001

The problem with Angie Killeen #2: If you leave booze out Angie will drink it all until it's gone.

Landgraab 004

Vivian awakens early and rescues Gwyneth from the Dangle Monster.

Landgraab 007

And lays her down to sleep.

Landgraab 011

Morning sickness again. Vivian knows what this means. This is terrible. She was not expecting to have another baby so soon!

Landgraab 014

Before heading back to bed Vivian decides that she needs to speed up the Wedding planning. She needs to become Mrs. Malcolm Landgraab, X before she starts to show. She needs to get married TODAY!

Landgraab 016

Landgraab 018

Gwyn's a little grumpy cat again.

Landgraab 024

Viv is, surprisingly, a good mom. She's on the ball when it comes to feeding and cuddling little Gwyneth.

Landgraab 027

Since Vivian has decreed that they will be married today and Malcolm is supposed to go to work, Malcolm calls in sick.
Malcolm: I... feel... so... faint. I don't think I can... go on...

Landgraab 032

You are a great actor Malcolm.

Landgraab 033

Vivian: Mommy's getting married today! You will be a bastard no longer!
Great conversation to have with a baby Vivian.

Landgraab 038

Malcolm messily makes breakfast and invites the wedding party over so they can get ready and leave for the church together.

Landgraab 046

The wedding party consists of Malcolm's bestie Owen Goodacre and Vivian's bestie Matisse Troubadour. Angie is not invited to the wedding because she has to watch little Gwyneth. Speaking of which...

Landgraab 047

No! The flies are after her again! Maybe this is the curse Calista put on the baby, that she will be devoured by flesh-eating flies in her sleep!

Landgraab 052

The wedding party change into their finery. Vivian wanted a fairytale wedding and that is what she will get, right down to Malcolm dressed as a prince and herself dressed as a swan princess.

Landgraab 053

Vivian thinks how handsome Owen looks when he's out of his hoe-down attire.

Landgraab 058

Malcolm tells Vivian how beautiful she looks in her gown and tiara. He's feels so blessed to have her in his life.

Landgraab 062

The wedding will take place at the newly built Our Gray Lady of Plumbobs Peteran Church owned by Owen's wife Becca Goodacre. Even though Vivian is a Jacoban she is fine to be wed in the Peteran church. At least it's a church!

Landgraab 068

Note: The wedding will be up in a separate post.

Landgraab 234

As the wedding party leaves Angie proves that she's the best Nanny in the world by doing chores around the house while Gwyneth sleeps. She composts the newspapers...

Landgraab 236

She mops the floors...

Landgraab 241

She cleans the stove-top...

Landgraab 245

She even takes care of the baby! I guess we will overlook her whole drinking problem then.

Landgraab 242

Landgraab 255

Landgraab 261

The newlyweds soon return after a night of celebrating.

Landgraab 263

Angie desperately tries to get rid of the cursed flies by plying the baby with more food. It doesn't work.

Landgraab 265

The new Mrs. Landgraab heads straight to bed. She's had a long, fun night!

Landgraab 266

Landgraab 267

Landgraab 268

Not only did Matisse have an awesome time at the wedding, Malcolm also gained a body skill point. Score!

Landgraab 269

Angie puts the fly-free baby Gwyneth down for the night.

Landgraab 275

Even though Matisse is giving mad attitude she looks very elegant in her gown and gloves.

Landgraab 281

Owen looks for Malcolm who he knows will appreciate his weird sense of humor.

Landgraab 283

Malcolm: You are the funniest sim in the world! lololololololllllll.

Landgraab 289

Owen: You know what else is funny? TICKLES!

Landgraab 291

Malcolm: I love you, Bro. *tear*
Owen: I love you, Bro. *more tears*

Landgraab 288

Matisse: Get a room. Ugh, they're worse than girls.

Part 2

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darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on June 1st, 2014 02:49 pm (UTC)
Cars: Yep, that's one of the things I messed up in the beginning. :P

The financial thing is from Vivian. She has the aspiration benefit to invest family funds. Since her money is technically the hood's money I say she's investing the hood's funds :)

The Nanny: I didn't clone her. I moved Angie into the neighborhood and have her come over and watch the kids while the parents are gone. I forgot the "ask friends to watch baby" mod when I was playing this time, so I had to temporarily move her in. When her Day Care is up and running I will have to set her as a relative (cousin) to the kids in Sim Blender so she can care for the toddlers and babies in her home.

The wedding: Yep, I have them come over and formed a casual group to go to the wedding.

Love your comments, they always make me giggle!