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22 May 2014 @ 03:55 pm
The Oceanside Project: Goodacre Part 2  


"Back To The Barnyard: Part 2"

Monday, Day Eight

Goodacre 003

Becca awakens early in the morning for her ritual purging of her stomach.

Goodacre 007

She sneaks in a bit of leftovers for breakfast to curb her hunger before heading back to bed.

Goodacre 010

Owen hears the cries of baby Eve and gets up to take care of her.

Goodacre 011

After Becca's fainting spells last night Owen is really worried about her.

Goodacre 016

He'll try his best to take everything off of Becca's plate today so she can get well.

Goodacre 018

But even in sleep Becca has no peace. Nightmares about her neighbors make for an unpleasant night.

Goodacre 021

Goodacre 025

Goodacre 027

Goodacre 029

When I say Becca is having a rough pregnancy I mean it!

Goodacre 032

But Becca takes everything with a smile.

Goodacre 034

Almost all of the crops and trees are sickly. Owen is having a hard time keeping up with everything on his own. Hopefully he will be able to sell these apples at the store.

Goodacre 040

Goodacre 042

Goodacre 044

There's just no rest for the mommy no matter what Owen's intentions are.

Goodacre 049

Let's try this Comfort Soup one more time, shall we?

Goodacre 047

Goodacre 050

Owen is ready to get Eve's transition party started! He invites Malcolm and Vivian, of course, and George and his wife Dawn Lambswool since he and George hit it off so well at the store yesterday.

Goodacre 052

Goodacre 055

Becca is just about to sit down with her perfectly made Comfort Soup when she feels the pains in her stomach take over. Her body has completely shut down from lack of food.

Goodacre 056

Becca dies under the table of her beloved kitchen.

Goodacre 054

Gee, thanks Paragon, but I don't think Becca will make it to Sue's Secret Kitchen on account of her, you know, BEING DEAD!

Goodacre 058

Owen sprints into the kitchen and finds the Grim Reaper there to take poor Becca away to the Nether.

Goodacre 059

Goodacre 063

Owen cries, begs, wails to the Grim Reaper and the Watcher to spare his lovely wife and unborn child.

Goodacre 065

But the Grim Reaper already holds Becca's soul in his hands.

Goodacre 066

If Owen can find Becca's soul hidden in one of the Reaper's hands the Reaper will place it back into his true love. Only Owen can save her now!

Goodacre 071


Goodacre 077

An annoyed and dejected Grim Reaper stays true to his word and brings Becca and her unborn baby back from the Nether!

Goodacre 079


Goodacre 080

All of the drama was missed by the party guests as they were fondling the livestock.

Goodacre 082

Owen reluctantly leaves his Becca in order to get Eve ready for her big transition.

Goodacre 085

Finally Becca gets to eat. EEEEAAAAATTTTTTT!

Goodacre 087

With all of the commotion Owen was too late to bring Eve to the birthday cake.

Goodacre 088

Evie transitions without the cake wearing an appropriate outfit for a future nature enthusiast!

Goodacre 090

Goodacre 091

Becca is so happy she was here to see her daughter grow up. She's so blessed to have cheated death and knows that the Watcher was watching over her and making sure she would come back to her family. Becca decides then and there that she should preach the benevolent love of the Watcher to anyone that will listen and spread her faith to all of Oceanside.

Goodacre 095

Becca takes Evie to gussy her up a bit.

Goodacre 103

Eve is a 3-7-9-10-10 Sagittarius. She's Good (which she gets from both of her parents) and Over-Emotional (which she gets from Becca). Her OTH is Fitness!

Goodacre 099

Goodacre 096

With all of the excitement of the day Owen almost forgot to pay his taxes!

Goodacre 100

The party-goers don't really seem to be having a great time.

Goodacre 111

Evie tries solids for the first time. Mush isn't so bad!

Goodacre 112

Goodacre 115

I never want drink the water on the farm...

Goodacre 119

Goodacre 116

The poor little birthday cake whipped up by George never got to be eaten :(

Goodacre 121

Well I'm sorry! I had to resurrect someone from the dead, transition a baby, and make sure no one else died. Sorry I couldn't entertain you to your satisfaction!!

Goodacre 127

This picture takes away all of my anger. Look at her wittle fingers around his neck! daawwwwwwwww!

Goodacre 130

It's potty training time!

Goodacre 132

Goodacre 136

She did it!

Goodacre 139

Goodacre 141

Goodacre 143

All is well in the Goodacre home again.

Tuesday, Day Nine

Goodacre 001


Goodacre 004

Oh yeah, I totes forgot about the baby!

Goodacre 024

It's a girl!

Goodacre 026

Faith Goodacre has light skin, brown hair, and aqua eyes.

Goodacre 028

Evie wakes up just in time to meet her new little sister!

Goodacre 029

Oh dear.

Goodacre 030

Evie is smarter than your average baby! She can climb out of her crib all by herself. Where are Mommy and Daddy you might ask?

Goodacre 035

Yep, you guessed right.

Goodacre 036

Not. At All. Surprised.

Goodacre 038


Goodacre 041

After the deed is done Becca bonds with her miracle baby, Faith.

Goodacre 043

I don't think Faith approves of what she was just forced to watch.

Goodacre 045

Evie assaults the rabbit head after she too is traumatized by watching her parents woohoo.

Goodacre 052

The Goodacre's added a matching crib in Eve's nursery for Faith.

Goodacre 056

Becca's death wasn't the only tragedy to hit the Goodacres. Their four fish also perished. Alas, they could not be saved from the Reaper.

Goodacre 061

Goodacre 064

Next to the farm is an unused bit of land. Owen thought it would make a great venue for weddings or concerts so he planted more orange trees and set up a gazebo. He calls it The Grove. (Please excuse the levitating animals next door.)

Goodacre 065

Goodacre 067

Goodacre 068

Goodacre 074

Back at the farm, Becca eats...

Goodacre 076

and studies The Word of The Watcher (aka Lifelong Happiness) so she may preach to her neighbors.

Goodacre 077

Whoops! Becca missed trying to potty train Eve.

Goodacre 079

Because the potty was heinous! Daddy needs to learn to clean up after potty training!

Goodacre 083

Goodacre 085

Owen "donates" The Grove back to Oceanside. Vivian gives him a good amount of money for the land!

Goodacre 089

Becca has some trouble potty training Eve. Maybe Evie only wants her Pa to potty train her.

Goodacre 098

Goodacre 104

Becca gives both of the girls well-needed baths.

Goodacre 110

Goodacre 112

Goodacre 117

And it's lunch time for the girls. Some are more impatient than others.

Goodacre 120

I think the time in the Nether rubbed off on Faith. She's quite grumpy in the bouncy.

Goodacre 125

Goodacre 128

Goodacre 132

Owen's very helpful and puts the girls down for their naps while Becca eats.

Goodacre 137

Unfortunately two of his cucumber crops perished in the heat of the summer.

Goodacre 139

Becca heads to take a nap of her own. In her head she's already coming up with sermons to inspire her soon-to-be flock.

Goodacre 145

The barnyard is getting really full. Next season Owen will need to slaughter some of the livestock :(

Goodacre 150

Owen gardens well into the night.

Goodacre 155

Best Buddy Malcolm stops by to have a laugh.

Goodacre 160

More potty training for Evie.

Goodacre 161

See, she only wants to potty train with her Papa.

Goodacre 169

Evie was heading out the back door to munch on dog food when Owen stopped her and gave her a bottle!

Goodacre 182

Goodacre 183

Becca awakens and studies the word of the Watcher.

Goodacre 185

And Owen hits the hay.

Goodacre 187

Goodnight from the farm!

Notes: I apologize if this update isn't very funny. I haven't been feeling too well this past week. I really love playing the Goodacre's lot. I love all of the gardening and trying to make top notch fruits and veg but it is kind of boring for story-telling. Thank goodness Becca dropped dead or there would be no excitement this round! With Becca's near-death experience she opened up the Priest career. If you couldn't tell Becca is Peteran and will open a Peteran Church in Oceanside.

Thanks for reading!

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darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on May 23rd, 2014 02:52 pm (UTC)
ISBI: I try to control everyone but I was a little overwhelmed I think :(

Baby Plantsim: I have those conversions from Cocomama of that leafy outfit and my game really likes to generate them for some reason lol.

Parties: most of the time I forget they're having a party! And with the farm even when you tell the sims to come eat or come inside they would rather play with the animals so the guests are stuck in the barnyard and never come in for fun!

Potty: Yes, This! These sims want 10 kids. I don't think all of them will get potty trained...

Peteran: In Sims Medieval they have religions, Peteran and Jacoban. The Peterans think that "the Watcher" (you the player) is a kind god and only wants the best for the sims. The Jacobans think the Watcher is vengeful and preach fear of the Watcher. Becca is all sunshine, unicorns and lollipops so she's Peteran :)

Thank you Jean ^.^
recessive child: the wifehalogenate on May 23rd, 2014 12:15 pm (UTC)
Oh my that was something....pregnancies can be really hard on sims, good thing she made it alive! Eve is really cute too and I'm sure Faith will grow up to be as well. That Grove lot is looking good too! Nice oranges (and oh god the levitating animals....)
Don't worry I still liked this update a lot and I hope you'll feel better soon :)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on May 23rd, 2014 02:57 pm (UTC)
I thought I was taking care of Becca. When she died I was shocked! And my rule is that if something bad happens I have to let it happen and not exit without saving. So if Owen wasn't there to save her she would still be gone :(

I'm a sucker for sim kids and babies. I think they're adorable!

The Grove's oranges look way better than what Owen has at the farm!

Thank you!!!
braxenbraxen on May 31st, 2014 05:05 pm (UTC)
Oh, the horror! I actually thought that Becca was going to die (and stay dead). I totally forgot about the pleading option, I haven't used it in ages - no one ever dies in my game, I play it far too safe. I remember what a big shock I got when my first sim died from a bad pregnancy. I hadn't been playing for long back then, and didn't know that could happen and I didn't know about the pleading either. Also I didn't think of quitting and not saving... Since I got Inteen, it seems that the sims miscarry instead of dying, that happens quite frequently though. :P Never ever let them get too tired...

I'm glad that Becca survived, but it sure added some suspense to this update. I wouldn't call it "as boring as watching grass grow though because this farm is a beautiful place and the pictures are very pleasing to the eye. I love the grocery store too. You really know how to build very nice looking lots! :) And Eve grew into a _beautiful_ little girl!
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on May 31st, 2014 08:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the comments ^.^ I actually had a lot of fun playing the farm because there is a lot of stuff that has to be cared for but afterwards, trying to write an update, it's not that exciting because every picture is Owen watering plants... Owen pulling weeds... Owen milking cow... lol.

And Becca! I tried my best keeping her fed and getting enough sleep but she was difficult! I didn't think she was that bad off -- about to die. But the bright side is that she opened the Priest career and I got to build a pretty church for her ^.^

I age up all of the babies to see what they will look like (because I'm totally impatient) and Eve is GORGEOUS as an adult ;)

Simlilisimlili on July 28th, 2014 08:30 am (UTC)
Oh you don't have to force it and try to joke at all costs, households vary, this was a nice and domestic update (yeah, well, she survived, I can say it was nice^^), the Grove is lovely.
I barely take pictures at all while toddlers are around, just too much to do!
And there WAS a levitating horse, let's not forget it XD
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 29th, 2014 05:59 am (UTC)
Thank you ^.^ Like I said, I love playing this house because there is so much to do but, yeah, not so funny.

It really cracks me up that all of the animals float in neighborhood view. Maybe there's something supernatural in the feed.
Simlilisimlili on July 29th, 2014 07:03 am (UTC)
Or chemical: maybe it's Rocky's shampoo!
When he rinses, it contaminates the water the Goodacres use for the animals :p
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 29th, 2014 07:21 am (UTC)
Makes his hair and the animals light as a feather :D