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22 May 2014 @ 03:51 pm
The Oceanside Project: Goodacre Part 1  


"Back To The Barnyard: Part 1"

Warnings: births, deaths, fires, disasters, stink, hissy fits, a whole lot of pink, and a new NPC.

Previously on The Oceanside Project...

Saturday, Day Six

Goodacre 001

Goodacre 002

The farm welcomes a new member to the family, Piggy #4.

Goodacre 003

Becca Goodacre, matriarch of the Goodacre clan, awakens to the screams of her first born child, Eve.

Goodacre 008

Goodacre 011

Evie is still a cutie!

Goodacre 024

Becca loves spending time with her little one and can't wait for the one that's on the way.

Goodacre 027

Even though the morning sickness and fatigue is kicking her butt.

Goodacre 030

Goodacre 036

Becca makes a hearty breakfast for herself and her man.

Goodacre 047

Then heads back to bed.

Goodacre 050

Owen, our resident farmer cowboy, finally awakens to work the farm but first...

Goodacre 052

Owen makes the final payment on his new grocery store and receives the deed!

Goodacre 058

Owen happily goes about his chores.

Goodacre 060

Checking the barnyard...

Goodacre 063

Collecting the eggs...

Goodacre 075

Goodacre 080

Milking the cow...

Goodacre 087

and tending the overgrown crops.

Goodacre 088

Postman Lars Shadow seems to be in some sort of distress.
Lars: I don't like these animals. They look at me funny! And look at that scarecrow! I hate coming to this lot!

Goodacre 091

Little Evie is awake again and crying for Mama.

Goodacre 092

Goodacre 094

Go away Calista Beeching, we are not in need of your services.
Calista: I'm here to collect the tears of the newborn. I need it for... science...
Or to put a hex on this family!

Goodacre 099

Bugs have infested Owen's crops. Luckily local scientist Minka Yomoshoto concocted an organic pesticide for Owen to use that won't contaminate his veggies.

Goodacre 104

Goodacre 107

This family is about as exciting as watching the grass grow.

Goodacre 114

Selena Firestone stops by to discuss breast feeding with Owen. Something he definitely DOES NOT want to talk about.

Goodacre 117

Becca finally got the baby to go back to sleep and tries her best to make Comfort Soup.

Goodacre 121

Which she burns.

Goodacre 126

Goodacre 127

The ladies gag at the soup but Owen doesn't care as long as he gets food down his gullet.

Goodacre 136

The Goodacres are also bee keepers now. Owen hopes his organic honey will be a best seller at the store.

Goodacre 140

Goodacre 141

I have a soft spot for baby chicks ^.^

Goodacre 143

The tomatoes are ready for harvest. They still don't look all that good, but hopefully they will sell.

Goodacre 147

Becca tries to catch up on some of her own chores before she heads in for the night.

Goodacre 148

Goodacre 153

Hoping to attract Alberta the wolf, Owen leaves out wolf chow by the dog house.

Goodacre 154

Goodacre 156

Becca doesn't get to sleep for long...

Goodacre 157

The dictator must be changed!

Goodacre 159

Goodacre 161

Sunday, Day Seven

Goodacre 001

Goodacre 002

Crazy arm waving in the middle of the night can mean only one thing...

Goodacre 003


Goodacre 006

Becca's hunger is really low so she grabs a bowl of cereal before heading back to bed.

Goodacre 015

Owens awakens at 5am every morning to get a head start on his chores.

Goodacre 018

Up before the chickens!

Goodacre 021

Goodacre 025

Some of the weeds are giving Owen a hard time.

Goodacre 032

Goodacre 053

After his morning chores are done, Owen heads to Goodacre's Grocery Store to open it for his first day of business.

Goodacre 056

The first customer to arrive is the curly haired, Garden Club Adonis Rocky Kotsomiti. He seems to be having a hard time deciding what brand of dog food to buy.

Goodacre 059

Owen quickly wins him over with his charming smile and "Aw Shucks" personality.

Goodacre 060

Becca thought it would be a good idea to put a grill on the patio in case customers want to eat their newly bought produce right away.

Goodacre 061

Owen grills some of his homemade hot dogs as samples for prospective customers to try.

Goodacre 065

His plan is working already!

Goodacre 069

George Lambswool, resident chef, saunters into the grocery store. Unfortunately he cannot find the apples that are RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE.

Goodacre 068

Be still... my heart. Who can this mustached beanie wearing man be? Meet Beckett Graham, secret shopper, and the guy Owen has to impress so he can get a good review.

Goodacre 073

Owen shows off all of his natural, organic fruit straight off of the farm. George is impressed!

Goodacre 075

Owen tries to schmooze Beckett but he still seems wary.

Goodacre 076

*gasp* A customer!

Goodacre 079

Owen has a wee bit of trouble figuring out the cash register. Math isn't really his thing.

Goodacre 084

Goodacre 087

Owen proudly displays his hard-earned first Simoleon!

Goodacre 090

Beckett's taking notes! Owen can't really tell by his face if he's impressed or not.

Goodacre 093


Goodacre 096

I know everyone loves the potty training faces, but to me this annoyed customer face is the cutest thing ever!

Goodacre 097

Goodacre 098

The apple is finally bought and George is a happy sim!

Goodacre 100

Goodacre 101

Owen still hopes to sell something to Beckett.

Goodacre 104

Rocky: Yo, Mr. Goodacre, I'm back!
Rocky might be the only customer you need Owen.

Goodacre 106

Goodacre 107

Owen closes the shop for the day at 6pm.

Goodacre 108

Beckett leaves without a purchase...

Goodacre 109

but Rocky makes up for it by buying yet another thing.

Goodacre 110

Double Woot!

Goodacre 112

Owen takes the Wholesale Discount perk.

Goodacre 117

Then heads home for Sunday Dinner.

While Owen was gone:

Goodacre 120

Eve is cranky again.

Goodacre 121

Goodacre 125

Goodacre 127

It's time to introduce Eve to the bouncy noise maker thingy.

Goodacre 128

She looks thrilled!

Goodacre 130

Becca is super hungry. Hey, let's try making Comfort Soup again, Becca!

Goodacre 133

Great Plumbob woman! Why is soup so difficult for you?

Goodacre 135

Becca likes having the bouncy in the dining room. She can keep her eye on Evie while she eats.

Goodacre 139

It's also a good place to stash Evie while Becca runs upstairs for a quick bath.

Goodacre 140

Goodacre 141

Miraculously the fish are still alive and thriving. With all of the animals on the farm and the always pregnant Becca you would think no one would have time to take care of the fishies.

Goodacre 146

Goodacre 147

Becca and Evie are best friends.

Goodacre 149

Eve is growing up *tear*

Goodacre 151

Back to bed sweet little baby girl.

Goodacre 152

Daddy's home from the store...

Goodacre 158

and Becca starts on the Goopy Carbonara for Sunday Dinner.

Goodacre 160

Since Becca has no friends besides the two other people living in this house, Owen only invites his bestie Malcolm Landgraab X and Malcolm's fiance Vivian Moneywell over for Sunday Dinner.

Goodacre 163

Great job not burning dinner Becca!

Goodacre 164

However she passes out before she has a chance to serve it.

Goodacre 167

Like a pro Becca wakes up and continues to serve dinner...

Goodacre 169

and passes out again. At least this time she's standing up... Right?

Goodacre 168

Thank goodness Malcolm and Vivian missed Becca's fainting spells. Becca knew she would never hear the end of it if Vivian told all of her gossipy friends.

Goodacre 174

After dinner Vivian and Malcolm head to the barnyard when the coffee tree caught on fire. I haven't seen a pregnant sim run that fast ever!

Goodacre 178

Owen valiantly extinguishes the fire and saves the tree.

Goodacre 179

And this happens... AGAIN!

Goodacre 182

Still not finishing her food, Becca makes it up to her bed to get some much needed shut-eye.

Goodacre 184

But it doesn't last long...

Goodacre 185

*pop #2*

Goodacre 186

Goodacre 187

Welp, you tried *gold star*

Part 2

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darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on May 23rd, 2014 02:46 am (UTC)
I'm laughing so hard on your comments :D

The farm took me a while to build. It was the first building I did in the hood but it was tons of fun.

I really don't like Calista. I'm sure that's apparent :)

With the business perks I kind of went with what I thought Owen would want to have. He's pretty "thrifty" so I picked the wholesale discount.

Poor Owen has three bad party memories now. Thank goodness he's not a popularity sim!

Edited at 2014-05-23 02:47 am (UTC)
Simlilisimlili on July 28th, 2014 08:19 am (UTC)
Oh this is even cuter than the post office, and that journalist... someone should try peeling off that moustache (and beanie), I wonder if it's fake and he thought he was so clever, "no one will ever recognize me with this cunning disguise!"
I'm very worried for Becca, though.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 29th, 2014 05:37 am (UTC)
He definitely looks like he's wearing a disguise. Like no one knows he's a secret shopper. He's the only person whipping out a pen and pad while shopping!