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08 May 2014 @ 01:40 pm
The Oceanside Project: NPC-palooza  


"Meet & Greet 2: Electric Bugaloo"

Warnings: Adult/Teen Romance, belly exposure, excessive heart-farting, an evil teen.



As the dust settled in the aftermath that was Spring, one condo was available in need of a tenant. Brodie Mason, our party-loving mail carrier, was voted in by the Welcome Wagon to occupy Fitz Biltmore's former residence. Brodie immediately jazzed it up a bit to make it more Brodie-like.

Mason 023

Brodie is a Popularity/Romance Aries that likes hard-working mechanics that aren't brunettes. She loves jamming to music and dreams of one day being a super hero. Right now however she owns the newly built Oceanside Post Office (it's right across the street!) and is now boss of Lars, the other mail carrier, and Frankie the newsie. Brodie would describe herself as an artistic, rebellious, irresistible couch potato that loves eating meat.

Mason 024

Brodie was so excited that she was asked to move from the other side of the island where all of the NPCs live to the pretty main side that she invited all of the other NPCs over to rub their nose in it! Let's meet the extras!

Mason 029

This is Abbot Moulden. He plans on opening a Tinkering hobby spot as soon as a Business District is built. He's a Popularity Aries that likes hard working great cooks that aren't gingers. Even though he's a great mechanic his real passion is for music and dance. He would love to have 20 best friends.

Mason 030

This lovely lady that is not enjoying her conversation is Edwina Goodard. She wants to fill the world with Music & Dance. She's a Knowledge Sagittarius that fancies unemployed creative types that do not wear hats. Even though she is a music and dance expert she really enjoys sports of any kind. One day she would like to max out all of her skills.

Mason 031

Rocky Kotsomiti, who loves looking like a Miami Vice reject, has started a Garden Club here in Oceanside. So far he doesn't have any members but he has high hopes! Another Popularity Aries, Rocky is looking for a mate who is logical and likes to parade around in their chonies, preferably not while wearing glasses though. He wants to own five top notch businesses and really enjoys music and dance.

Mason 032

Shyly standing in the corner is Cuisine enthusiast Paragon Barrett. Yet another Popularity Aries, Paragon is attracted to fragrant, jewelry wearing sims as long as they have a job. He hopes to become a Celebrity Chef but is also very fond of music & dance.

Mason 033

Lars Shadow, Oceanside's other mail carrier, couldn't be bothered to mingle with everyone else (I feel a snob trait in there). Instead he would rather watch "Where Are My Pants" on Brodie's TV. As another Knowledge Sagittarius, Lars fancies an elder that wears a lot of cologne who doesn't have a creative bone in their body. Like Edwina he hopes to max out all of his skills. He hopes Oceanside will soon have a place to play Myshuno as he is a die-hard fan (Yay, Lars is my first Gamer!).

Mason 035

Nature-loving flower child Yasmin Onnen adds to the collection of Popularity Aries that live in no-sims land (there sure are a lot of them). Yasmin dreams of becoming a Hall of Famer even though she's crazy for music & dance. Yasmin likes sun dresses, braided hair, and plump charismatic sims that can't cook.

Mason 036

Achilles Brook, the Science Guy! Another frakkin Popularity Aries (really!?). Achilles wants a creative blonde sim that doesn't wear swimwear. Of course Achilles loves the music and the dance (doesn't everybody?) and he hopes his science experiments will eventually turn him into a radioactive, serum-made super hero that saves the day.


Mason 039

Thankfully our Aquarius artiste Angie Killeen is more Family oriented then her peers. Angie wants a logical chef that doesn't wear a lot of jewels. She hopes to have four children and quickly marry them off so she can have her freedom again. Most of her arts & crafts are of things in nature, what she truly enjoys.

Mason 043

Which brings us to Frankie Cloak Oceanside's own underage newsie. Frankie is a (let's say it together) "POPULARITY ARIES" that hopes to find a blonde or brunette sim that lacks creativity. Frankie is rather sporty and would also like to become a super hero.
Frankie: I look awesome in spandex.
I bet you do dearie.

Note: Calista the homeless fortune teller and Noeleen the driver weren't invited. Noeleen wasn't invited because aren't drivers like robots or something? And Calista wasn't invited because she cursed Vivian Moneywell's baby so she's not allowed to join in any reindeer games.

Mason 041

Fortunately for the love-lorn Frankie, I forgot to wait for her to deliver the paper before I called her over and another teen took over her job! Enter a teen love interest!

Mason 044

Calvin O'Gill, who is added to the Popularity Aries Club, likes swim-suited hard workers but doesn't much care for dyed hair. He hopes to become friends with the whole wide world.

Mason 045

Brodie, thinking Calvin is a hot piece of meat, invites him in to stay and party.

Mason 052
Brodie worked really hard on the other side of the island learning her skills and is already at level 5 in Cooking. For her guests she grills yummy hamburgers full of pickle juice.

Mason 053

Achilles thinks Brodie is a hottie and isn't afraid to let everyone else know.

Mason 058

Mason 060

Mason 065

Mason 070

Abbot is the snazziest dressed hobbyist around. He spawned in those pants and silver cowboy boots so I had to find something to make it work!

Mason 071

Mason 073

Even though two other female sims use this face (Frankie and Calista) I tried to my best to make them all look different.

Mason 076

This is when I discovered that evil resides in Oceanside! Normal sims do not have the ability to whip their heads around.
*Mentally notes Calvin has the Evil trait*

Mason 078

Mason 079

Achilles strikes up a conversation with Frankie...

Mason 081

While Abbot has an inappropriate conversation with Calvin.

Mason 085

Outside Brodie and Paragon hit it off nicely.

Mason 087

Lars is the loudest belcher in the land.

Mason 086

Which amuses Edwina to no end.

Mason 088

I don't know what you should be more offended of Abbot, Lars' belching or all that man meat you're exposing!

Mason 093

Brodie digs Paragon!

Mason 095

Calvin tries to convince Rocky of the merits of having a school in Oceanside. Ha, like he has anything to do with it. By the time a high school opens up, you will already be an adult, mister.

Mason 097

Lars: I wonder why Calista isn't here?
Did you want to be turned into a frog in the middle of lunch?

Mason 098

Achilles also thinks Yasmin is hot. Too bad for you Achilles, Yasmin doesn't like boys.

Mason 099

Awwww. Now Frankie has someone to write about in her diary.

Mason 101

Well, we don't have to worry about office romance here. Lars thinks Brodie is grodie.

Mason 102

Mason 103

Mason 106

Paragon: I just wanted to thank you Brodie for a wonderful lunch. Give me a cuddle!
Brodie: Ewwww. I might be attracted to you but I don't want your paws all over me!

Mason 111

Rocky: Brodie's so hot when she's angry.

Mason 112

Frankie sings her little heart out. Thank goodness no one's listening. She's awful.

Mason 116

Lars jumps into the hot tub but is polite enough to not make fun of Frankie.

Mason 118


Mason 120

Brodie scopes the room to see which sim is the most shiny. She likes Abbot the best...

Mason 121

...but I think Abbot is more interested in teenage boys.

Mason 123

Rocky also seems to have caught our bachelorette's attention.

Mason 129

Paragon joined Lars in the hot tub, then Frankie jumps in as well. I'm not sure I approve of a young lady in the hot tub with two grown men...

Mason 130

Achilles has stalkerish qualities.

Mason 133

Brodie walks to the back deck to check out her options.

Mason 136

Yes he is! You should have let him hug you when you had the chance!

Mason 134

Achilles is also shiny but he's too creepy for my tastes.

Mason 135

Frankie: But Achilles is my man!
Dude, you are just a teenager! Chill!

Mason 138

Besides, you have nothing to worry about. Brodie clearly prefers Paragon over Achilles.

Mason 139

Miss Edwina apparently is not phased by Lars' previous rude behavior. She lets everyone know who she thinks is hot.

Mason 145

Meanwhile Calvin and Abbot shyly flirt.

Mason 144

Mason 148

Edwina claims the empty hot tub spot.

Mason 149

Mason 146

Brodie is a natural-born crooner. No wonder she gets along so well with Diego and Kendrick.

Mason 152

Paragon is still on her mind ^.^

Mason 159

Mason 160

Achilles: ...and if you woohoo with me I can guarantee you will not get pregnant! I use the most advance scientific method of birth control known to sim!

Mason 162

Yeah, I don't think you're going to get any girls talking about soda can birth control when they barely know you!

Mason 166

Brodie is very forgiving, however, and let's his ridiculous comment slide. Brodie and Achilles start a jam session together. They're not half bad!

Mason 171

Unfortunately Angie and Yasmin have negative chemistry.

Mason 173

But that doesn't stop Yasmin from staring at Angie's rack. Sheesh Yasmin, don't be rude!

Mason 174

Angie: I totes don't mind if she stares at my breasts...
Alrighty then.

Mason 175

Achilles resumes Stalker 2.0.

Mason 178

While Brodie rocks out on her own.

Mason 177

Mason 184

Mason 185

Mason 187

Brodie chats up Rocky to see if they have anything in common, but if you don't rock Brodie doesn't want you.

Mason 188

Stop looking pervy Achilles!

Mason 193

The sun sets on the Hot Tub Club. Brodie, I think you've missed your chance at trying to woo Mr. Paragon Barrett. He'll be stuck in there all night.

Mason 195

Mason 198

Yasmin tries to share her peace and love philosophy but Rocky wants no part in it.

Mason 203

She tries to cuddle with Angie, but still no love for Yasmin.

Mason 204

Awwww, wook at her wittle face!
Yasmin: Can I still stare at your boobs?
Angie: Sure, why not.

Mason 211

In case you were wondering what was going on with Calvin and Abbot...

Mason 212

I don't know if crushing on teens is legal in Oceanside Abbot Moulden!

Mason 213

Oh I see. Calvin is the instigator! I told you he was evil.

Mason 215

Mason 218

Even though she's dead tired, Brodie whips up a batch of Goopy Carbonara for all of her guests.

Mason 220

Oh come on!

Mason 224


Mason 231

Brodie is ready to pass out. Even the espresso she's been chugging non-stop isn't working anymore. It's time for everyone to get the hell out!

Mason 235

I feel this is just the beginning of Abbot and Calvin.

Mason 240

Achilles: There's just so much potential in this house right now, I don't want to leave!

Mason 242

On to the next day...

Notes: Three new resident spots opened up with the construction of the Bank, Fire Station, and the Grocery Store community lots. However there was only one unoccupied condo. My theory is to move NPCs into the hood instead of creating new sims to fill the spots.With Brodie moving in another community lot is unlocked, the Post Office, and another resident spot opens up. I will only add more sims to the hood if there are empty previously occupied condos or there is a new residence/community lot (such as an orphanage) that can be built.

My original plan was to have Brodie give all of the NPCs make-overs in her salon chair but I became restless and wanted to do them in BodyShop instead. I didn't change any of their genetics, just styled their hair and did their make-up ^.^. I also didn't change the names they spawned with. I use Izza's Freakin' Gigantic Townie Name Replacement Mod! that has the coolest names on the planet.

Credits: Brodie is available for download here. I haven't packaged the other NPCs yet.

More of Brodie's escapades to come! Thanks for reading!


Current Music: Meet and Greet by Scout Niblett
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darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on May 9th, 2014 05:05 pm (UTC)
Thank you Jean!!

Achilles was just so pervy standing around and heart-farting everywhere! And no one really enjoyed talking to him except for Frankie.

And Calvin! I really think Abbot is so cute and hoped he would hook up with someone but not the teenager! The only sim I controlled was Brodie so I left everyone else alone to talk to whoever they wanted to but Calvin was macking to every guy there. Poor Abbot took the bait!

Right now the only residences are the condos on the beach. What I want to happen is that as the founders make more money they can move out of the condos and build different houses. Then the empty condo can go to new sims. I would rather add the NPCs to normal rotation instead of making new ones. Like since Angie is a family sim that wants to marry off 4 kids I might have her head up the Orphanage. I also want to age-up the teen newsies when the time for them to age up should happen and they would become regular residents. I don't know if it will work, but I'm going to try! ^.^
braxenbraxen on May 10th, 2014 01:21 pm (UTC)
I thought you wrote funny before, but this update was hilarious - I laughed out loud on several occasions. This got the first laughter:
Rocky Kotsomiti, who loves looking like a Miami Vice reject (because I'm old enough to remember - also to remember how _incredibly_ cool and snappy dressers I thought them to be :D)

Really nice to get to meet all the NPC:s like that. How do you make them over in Bodyshop?
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on May 10th, 2014 04:49 pm (UTC)
I'm glad I'm not the only one that remembers Miami Vice ;) That show was great if only for the fashion. Suddenly all of my dad's friends were wearing open shirts with pastel suits. Bitchin....

To make everyone over I extracted them in SimPe and then changed their clothes and hair styles and make-up in BodyShop just like you would do when creating a new sim. After I saved them I used the Alternate Sim Surgery (http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php?topic=3563.0) plugin in SimPe to replace their looks. And when you open up your game again they are already made-over! No muss, no fuss, no coconuts.

Thanks Braxen and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! *.*
braxenbraxen on May 11th, 2014 05:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :)
Simlilisimlili on July 28th, 2014 06:56 am (UTC)
That was a crazy presentation, but somehow it made sense.
I don't know why I always have to choose a favourite like it's an election, but I have to root for the 2014 Miami Vice nostalgic, he's even called Rocky! The 80's are possibly when our civilization was at its apex, so yeah, go, Rocky :D

This NPC gathering was a great idea -and a great update-, they sure are a promising bunch. (Don't worry, Abbot, by the time a prison is built, the kid will probably be legal^^)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 29th, 2014 03:44 am (UTC)
"The 80's are possibly when our civilization was at its apex" -- YES, lol!!! I can't wait to move Rocky in. He's quite possibly my absolute favorite in the whole hood. I'm already envisioning his house decorated in 80's fashion. Someone needs to make a sims 2 waterbed!