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25 April 2014 @ 06:28 pm
The Oceanside Project: Spring, Year 1 Recap  


Spring, Year 1: Days 1-5


OceansideSu01 028

Goodacre - 27 Goodacre Farms
Owen received his bronze gardening badge and the permission to open Goodacre's Grocery Store in the Summer. Owen was struck by lightning on Day 3. Becca and Owen welcomed their first child, Eve, on Day 5 and have another one on the way due on Day 8. The Goodacre farm became a hot spot for animal enthusiasts.

OceansideSu01 020

Landgraab/Moneywell - 11 Oceanside Blvd.
Malcolm earned his way into the Politics career only to be fired his first day of work. He became engaged to Vivian and later impregnated his fiance. Vivian will open the Oceanside Bank and Loan in the Summer and can't wait to start collecting money on Monday, Day 8. At the end of Vivian's round Malcolm moved into her condo. Their baby is due on Day 6 and their wedding is set for Day 7.

OceansideSu01 016

Biltmore - 7 Oceanside Blvd.
Fitz continued working on making homes and businesses for the residents of Oceanside and won the heart of one Sadie Winchester. Fitz and Owen Goodacre opened the Law career by getting into a shoving match. Sadie, President of the Against The Mean Girls Club, became Oceanside's first Firefighter and will open the Fire Station in the Summer. Sadie and Fitz became engaged, pregnant and married in a whirlwind romance. The Biltmore's welcomed their first child, Heath, on Day 5 and have another one on the way due on Day 8.

OceansideSu01 006

Lambswool - 3 Oceanside Blvd.
Dawn and George are still working their way up to opening up the Fashion Design and Culinary careers. Their cat Zod is still trying to rule the world. Dawn and George welcomed their first child, Antonio, on Day 4 and have another one on the way due on Day 7. George has been electrocuted twice which makes him closer to the Priest career than any other sim.

OceansideSu01 018

Firestone - 9 Oceanside Blvd.
Connor is well on his way to opening up his garage or car dealership as he continues to restore Ol' Bertha. Connor became engaged to Selena Bossanova and had a little boy with her named Nico on Day 4. They have another one on the way due on Day 8. On Day 5 they were married on the beach with the whole town watching. Connor moved into Selena's condo after the wedding.

OceansideSu01 022

Yomoshoto - 15 Oceanside Blvd.
Minka unlocked the Medical career after attending three births. In order to speed the process along, however, Minka became impregnated with Fitz's child, unbeknownst to his wife Sadie and Minka's boyfriend Kendrick. Minka is due on Day 8.

OceansideSu01 014

Bossanova - 5 Oceanside Blvd.
Diego joined the Journalism profession but his true passion is still Dance. Diego became a father on Day 5 when his girlfriend Matisse Troubadour gave birth to his daughter Cyan. Diego flirted with Brodie Mason and Minka Yomoshoto. After his sister's wedding Diego moved into his brother-in-law's old condo.

OceansideSu01 021

Kendrick Troubadour - 13 Oceanside Blvd.
Kendrick is super close to opening the Music career -- he's at 9 out of 10 in his Music & Dance enthusiasm. Kendrick fell for Minka Yomoshoto however when she wanted to have a child Kendrick would not agree so she became pregnant some other way. Kendrick cheated on Minka with Brodie Mason in order to get her away from his sister's boyfriend, Diego.

OceansideSu01 024

Matisse Troubadour - 17 Oceanside Blvd.
Matisse still has a ways to go to open the Artist career. In the mean time she entered the Law career and is currently a Receptionist (lvl 2). Matisse fell in love with Diego Bossanova and had his daughter on Day 5 which she named Cyan. At the end of Spring Matisse moved out of the condo she shared with her brother and moved into Malcolm's old condo.

OceansideSu01 003

Mason - 1 Oceanside Blvd.
Brodie Mason went from a nobody to a somebody in a blink of an eye. She flirted with both Diego Bossanova and Kendrick Troubadour eventually woohooing with the latter. She also became a member of the Against The Mean Girls Club. Now that she is a bonafide resident Brodie has unlocked the Mail Carrier career and a Post Office will open in the Summer. She currently lives in Fitz's old condo.


Residents: 14
Becca Goodacre
Connor Firestone
Dawn Lambswool
Diego Bossanova
Fitz Biltmore
George Lambswool
Kendrick Troubadour
Malcolm Landgraab, X
Matisse Troubadour
Minka Yomoshoto
Owen Goodacre
Sadie Winchester Biltmore
Selena Bossanova Firestone
Vivian Moneywell

New Residents: 5
Antonio Lambswool
Cyan Troubadour
Eve Goodacre
Heath Biltmore
Nico Firestone

Non-Playable Residents: 13
Abbot Moulden - Tinkering Hobby Enthusiast
Achilles Brook - Science Hobby Enthusiast
Angie Killean - Arts & Crafts Hobby Enthusiast
Brodie Mason - Mail Carrier
Calista Beeching - Traveler/Fortune Teller
Cindy Lou Larsen - Cashier
Frankie Cloak - Newsie
Lars Shadow - Mail Carrier
Noeleen Andrews - Driver
Paragon Barrett - Cuisine Hobby Enthusiast
Rocky Kotsomiti - Garden Club Member
Yasmin Onnen - Nature Hobby Enthusiast
Edwina Goddard - Music & Dance Hobby Enthusiast

Births:  5
Antonio Lambswool - Day 4
Nico Firestone - Day 4
Eve Goodacre - Day 5
Heath Biltmore - Day 5
Cyan Troubadour - Day 5/6

Current Pregnancies: 6
Vivian Moneywell - Due on Day 6
Dawn Lambswool - Due on Day 7
Minka Yomoshoto - Due on Day 7
Becca Goodacre - Due on Day 8
Sadie Biltmore - Due on Day 8
Selena Firestone - Due on Day 8

Total Population (Non-Playable and Playable): 32
Babies:  5
Toddlers: 0
Children:  0
Teens:  1
Young Adults: 0
Adults:  25
Elders:  1

Graduations: 0

Engagements: 1
Malcolm Landgraab and Vivian Moneywell - Day 5

Weddings:  2
Connor Firestone and Selena Bossanova - Day 5
Sadie Winchester and Fitz Biltmore - Day 4

Deaths: 0

Careers Unlocked: 7
Architecture - Fitz Biltmore
Fire Service - Sadie Biltmore
Journalism - Diego Bossanova
Law - Matisse Troubadour
Mail Carrier - Brodie Mason
Medical - Minka Yomoshoto
Politics - Malcolm Landgraab

Business Lots: 0

Business Lots Unlocked: 4
Fire Station
Grocery Store
Post Office

Community Lots: 0

Earned CAS Sims: 4
(Brodie Mason is taking one of those spots)

Fires: 7
Connor Firestone - 1
Diego Bossanova - 1
Fitz Biltmore - 1
Malcolm Landgraab - 1
Owen Goodacre - 1
Sadie Biltmore - 1
Vivian Moneywell - 2

Burglaries: 0

Furious Sims: 2
Fitz Biltmore and Owen Goodacre - Day 3

Sick Sims: 0

Electrocutions/Struck By Lightning: 6
Dawn Lambswool - 1
George Lambswool - 2
Matisse Troubadour - 1
Selena Bossanova - 1
Owen Goodacre - 1

Roof Raisers: 1
Malcolm Landgraab - 1