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25 April 2014 @ 12:23 am
The Oceanside Project: Troubadour Part Two  


Day Three:

Troubadour 001

Troubadour 007

Matisse has a late start and almost misses her carpool!

Troubadour 010

Kendrick notices Diego loitering outside and decides to try to spend some time with him. After all they are practically brothers-in-laws.

Troubadour 018

Connor Firestone walks by as well and Kendrick invites him in. Kendrick really doesn't know the guys in the neighborhood too well. Now is the perfect chance to bond.

Troubadour 024

Or he could ditch them and play drums all day >.>

Troubadour 034

Diego and Connor were hanging out in the hot tub so Kendrick finally decided to join them.

Troubadour 037

Then Fitz Biltmore saunters by and joins the bro-date.

Troubadour 040

Troubadour 041

Troubadour 045

Matisse returns home after a long day and takes her aggression out on her canvas.

Troubadour 047

Connor: Man am I glad to be away from that baby! Don't get me wrong, I love little Nico, but he stinks!
Well you could change him every now and then! Good luck Connor, Selena wants 6 of those things!

Troubadour 049

Matisse finishes her first painting! Wow it looks really good *snickers*

Troubadour 050

Matisse decides to give it to her brother and places it in the upstairs hallway.
Matisse: Let this be a reminder to all of the girls Kendrick brings home - they can always be replaced!
Gosh, is it the pregnancy that's making you so angry or something else...

Troubadour 051

Still on an artistic high, Matisse tries her hand at pottery.

Troubadour 053

(This is when I figured out I had a problem with some cc. She wasn't getting Arts & Crafts enthusiasm for painting but she was for pottery? All fixed now)

Troubadour 057

Kendrick is having a great time bonding with the guys. Tummies are rumbling, so Kendrick grills hot dogs for his homies.

Troubadour 059

Troubadour 061

Well it's not Totally Rad Matisse but it's good for your first try!

Troubadour 066

Fitz: Sometimes I like to wear my wife's high heels!
Maybe you shouldn't share everything Fitz.

Troubadour 063

Troubadour 067

djaljaljdj! Where the hell did you come from Owen Goodacre?
Owen: I was passing by and smelled hot dogs! Thought I might grab me a plate!
Ok, I guess, the more the merrier.

Troubadour 070

Troubadour 072

Troubadour 076

Kendrick very subtly farts on his sister while she tries to have a romantic moment with Diego! Not cool bro!

Troubadour 078

Troubadour 080

Troubadour 084

Sheesh! Go to your room already!

Troubadour 087

But just as Matisse and Diego are about to "relax" *pop*

Troubadour 089

Troubadour 092

Sorry Diego, I don't think woohoo is on the menu tonight.

Day Four:

Troubadour 001

Troubadour 002

Kendrick starts the day rockin' out. Thank goodness the neighbors don't complain.

Troubadour 007

And Matisse begins a new masterpiece.

Troubadour 019

Brodie stops by to deliver the mail and Kendrick almost charms the pants off of her.

Troubadour 030

Matisse is ready for her baby shower! She decides to invite the whole neighborhood since she's a sucker for big parties.

Troubadour 036

Unbelievably every person she invited shows up. Just goes to show you, everyone loves Matisse Troubadour!

Troubadour 037

Matisse pours the nectar...

Troubadour 042

and Kendrick grills the dogs.

Troubadour 046

I think Minka is worried how much money Kendrick is spending. He needs to make some money before she even considers settling down with him.

Troubadour 048

Selena: Congratulations brother on having a baby!
Diego: What are talking about? I'm not having a baby!
Selena: Yes, you are. Matisse is pregnant.
Diego: How did that happen?!
Poor clueless Diego.

Troubadour 053

You would think these two could just wait until they got back home!

Troubadour 055

Troubadour 060

Matisse skips out in the middle of the party to take a nap. All this partying has worn her out!

Troubadour 062

Kendrick, coming off of the high of DJing Connor and Selena's wedding, gets the party bumping in his make-shift DJ booth.

Troubadour 067

Now it's Connor and Selena's turn to dirty-up the hot tub. These sims are nasty.

Troubadour 068

Troubadour 070

Troubadour 076

Troubadour 077

Minka shyly boogies next to Kendrick. dawwwwww!

Troubadour 085

Troubadour 087

Those Goodacre's love to dance!

Troubadour 091

And so do the Lambswools!

Troubadour 093

Troubadour 095

Troubadour 100

Kendrick tidies up a bit before heading to bed.

Troubadour 103

Matisse wakes up after all of her guests have left and continues on her painting. Hey, that's the same one?
Matisse: Stop hindering my process!

Troubadour 104

Troubadour 107

Matisse pops in the middle of her painting clone. Worn out she heads directly to bed.

Day Five:

Troubadour 003

Troubadour 014

A very pregnant Matisse cannot wait for this day to be over with. She wasn't expecting to get pregnant and she's not too sure what kind of a mother she'll be.

Troubadour 017

Anxiety is starting to get the best of her. Maybe the pottery wheel will help calm her nerves.

Troubadour 018

Troubadour 020

Troubadour 021

Perfect job!

Troubadour 023

Matisse continues on with "Becca in Green on Pink" 2.0.

Troubadour 026

Brodie and Diego arrive at the Troubadour house at the same time.

Troubadour 027

Now Matisse is not a jealous girl, but there's something about Brodie that rubs her the wrong way. She knows both Diego and Kendrick are spoken for but she flirts with them anyway. Not cool.

Troubadour 029

Kendrick, seeing that Brodie is here and trying to stop anything happening between her and Diego, greets Brodie with a kiss!

Troubadour 032

Troubadour Twins Seduction Powers - Activate!

Troubadour 037

That's so nice of you Brodie to make-up Matisse's bed, but you really don't have to that...

Troubadour 039

W-Whatcha doing Brodie??

Troubadour 038

Kendrick: My sister owes me one!
W-What do you mean?

Troubadour 040


Troubadour 041

Troubadour 042

That's exactly how I feel, Matisse. Luckily I haven't set Brodie's ideal family number and Kendrick religiously uses soda in the woohoo every time! No chimes were had.

Troubadour 069

Troubadour 070

Troubadour 071

Troubadour 076

Now that's just wrong.

Troubadour 086

After some time, Brodie remembers she has mail to pick up and to deliver. I guess it doesn't matter if it gets done in her chonies.

Troubadour 089

Minka stops by the Troubadour house to check on her patient.
Minka: What's she doing here in just her chonies?
Brodie: I just woohoo'd your boyfriend. Deal with that! Later!
Oh, it's going to be on like Donkey Kong now.

Troubadour 091

Matisse naps.

Troubadour 092

Kendrick drums.

Troubadour 093

So Diego invites Minka in.

Troubadour 095

Minka: Is it true? Did Kendrick woohoo Brodie Mason?
Diego doesn't really want to answer Minka's question so instead he tries to dazzle her with his dance moves.

Troubadour 100

Troubadour 103

Troubadour 106

I guess the distraction worked!

Troubadour 110

Troubadour 111

As the night wears on, Diego confesses to Minka his true feelings. Even though he loves Matisse he is not ready to be a father or a husband. Especially since he has such strong feelings for Minka.

Troubadour 118

Minka is confused. She doesn't understand why all of these guys have strong feelings for her. She really just wants to be friends and that's it. She's also really hungry.

Troubadour 134

So she leaves. She's not too sure what will happen between herself and Diego if she stays. Matisse can handle delivering her own baby. She's smart. She's a lawyer after all.

Troubadour 141

Soon after Minka leaves Matisse feels the labor pains. This is way worse than she thought it would be!

Troubadour 157

It's a Girl!

Troubadour 161

These dad sims kind of suck. Get up and meet your daughter!

Troubadour 165

Cyan Troubadour is the spitting image of her mama with dark skin, brown eyes and black hair.

Troubadour 166

Troubadour 168

Now that the baby is born Matisse and Cyan decide to move into Malcolm's old condo. Kendrick hates to see his twin go but knows its the best thing especially since he really hates children.

Troubadour 170

Troubadour Twins Powers - Deactivate...

Troubadour 171

Notes: Woot! I finally finished Spring 01! I had Matisse become a lawyer because she seems the most neutral out of the founders. She pretty much gets along with everyone. My thought was that if anything goes down the other founders would trust Matisse to represent them and to not be biased. Well, everyone except Brodie Mason. I also decided to have her and Cyan move to their own place instead of moving in with Diego because I felt that neither one of them really are that serious about each other. Kendrick has almost maxed his music enthusiasm! He's at 9 out of 10. Kendrick kept rolling wants to do things with Brodie even though he wasn't attracted to her at all so I just let it happen :P

Credits: I just want to say thank you to everyone that has been reading my BACC and the comments I've received. I really appreciate all of the support you guys have given me! *Hugs* Next up is the recap and NPC-palooza, then on to Summer! Thanks for reading!!

Current Music: Bang The Drum All Day - Todd Rundgren
Itoho'wo: smirkhellosunnydai on April 25th, 2014 09:38 pm (UTC)
Hahaha soda up the woohoo!!! man that was perfect!
aaaaw all the couples coupling up.so cute.
hmmm Diego and Minka.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 25th, 2014 11:40 pm (UTC)
Who knew soda in the woohoo is the only way to prevent sim pregnancies!

I was not expecting Diego to hit on Minka at all! Luckily she was too hungry and tired to even care :) She has 2 bolts with Kendrick and Diego and they're both in love with her and she's having another man's baby! Of all the founders I didn't think Minka would be the most scandalous!

Thank you for the comments! ^.^
braxenbraxen on April 27th, 2014 06:27 pm (UTC)
This post made me curious about Everything that must have happened Before. I have to go back and read your other updates and get to know these sims. What a beautiful house they live in! I think I will have to copy at least parts of it, like the layout and the porches and the siding and and... ;)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 28th, 2014 06:19 am (UTC)
Thank you Braxen! I usually put links to the other updates that pertain to whatever I'm writing but I got lazy with this one and didn't want to do it :P

I actually followed online house plans for the condos' design (which is what I always do, I can't build without them) but unfortunately I can't remember where I got them from. Thank you for reading ^.^
Simlilisimlili on July 24th, 2014 01:13 pm (UTC)
Now, this was another great update, sure, but... I was hoping to learn a little more about how Kendrick single-handedly defeated a pack of killer wolves :p
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 24th, 2014 03:22 pm (UTC)
Don't we all! Poor Kendrick feels he has to exaggerate all of his stories in order to get in Brodie's pants. It's good to see you back again Lili ^.^