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25 April 2014 @ 12:19 am
The Oceanside Project: Troubadour Part One  


"Same Shit Different Sims"

Warnings: Woohoo, Angsty Art, Bro-dates, Cheating, Romance Sims

Day One:

Troubadour 016

Troubadour 017

Meet the Troubadours, the artistic dynamic duo of Oceanside. Matisse, an artist, hopes to open up an art gallery. Kendrick, a musician, wants to open a bar and club. Matisse needs to max out her Creativity and Arts & Crafts enthusiasm and Kendrick needs to max out his Music & Dance enthusiasm in order for the siblings to meet their goals.

Troubadour 024

Matisse's traits are: Artistic - Dramatic - Eco-Friendly - Commitment Issues - Absent-Minded.

Troubadour 025

Kendrick's traits are: Night Owl - Dislikes Children - Flirty - Star Quality - Virtuoso

Troubadour 038

Kendrick begins to work on his music enthusiasm by practicing on the old six string.

Troubadour 040

While the more responsible of the twins, Matisse, studies Couples Counseling. Since farmer Owen Goodacre and builder Fitz Biltmore are furious with each other, politician Malcolm Landgraab X thought it would be a good idea that someone becomes a lawyer in case there is any trouble. Matisse thinks she can be impartial and wants a crack at the job. How hard can being a lawyer be anyways?

Troubadour 041

Ah, Brodie Mason our sometime Mail Carrier, graces the Troubadours with her presence. Nice to see you decided to come back to work, Brodie.

Troubadour 046

Kendrick stops strumming for a bit to chat with Brodie. He's been hearing rumors about Brodie trying to hook-up with his sister's boyfriend Diego Bossanova. As a protective brother he cannot let that happen. As a Romance sim he cannot let another Romance sim have more conquests then he does.

Troubadour 051

See what I mean?

Troubadour 054

Kendrick tries to regale Brodie with stories of his heroism.
Kendrick: ...so then the pack of wolves chased me off of the Goodacre's Farm. They tried to kill me!
Um, it was one wolf and she's actually rather friendly. You're just a fraidy cat.

Troubadour 057

Kendrick actually thinks Brodie is pretty heinous but he's determined to be friends with her. He has to get her away from Diego some kind of way.
Kendrick: Connor, a little help here?
Connor: Sorry Bro, you're on your own with that...

Troubadour 058

Kendrick finally leaves Brodie alone so she can get back to work.

Troubadour 061

Troubadour 062

Troubadour 063

Troubadour 059

Matisse fills her brain with laws and bylaws and loopholes in those laws.

Troubadour 065

Troubadour Twins skilling powers - activate!

Troubadour 068

Yes, you should be proud of yourself Matisse. Now go get a job!

Troubadour 072

Troubadour 073

Troubadour 071

Troubadour 070

Yes, yes, you're both awesome.

Troubadour 078

Famished, Matisse makes lunch meat sandwiches for herself and Kendrick.

Troubadour 086

Troubadour 088

Yep, they're related.

Troubadour 091

Troubadour 094

Troubadour 095

After lunch, Matisse heads out to her make-shift art studio on the side porch and practices her craft.

Troubadour 115

Kendrick continues to practice this time on the drums. The drums seem to be his favorite and help rid him of his pent-up aggression (like how his girlfriend is pregnant by some other dude...)

Troubadour 118

That looks pretty Matisse. What is it?
Matisse: Well it's obviously a representation on how society only values the conventional standard of beauty and how females of said society must adhere to outdated practices of wearing make-up and sexy clothing in order to receive attention from the dominating males in said society only to be objectified and placed in a bubble that says all girls must like the color pink.
I totally see that.

Troubadour 119

All of that artistic angst left Matisse in a bad mood so...

Troubadour 120

she takes a long hot bath and ...

Troubadour 125

calls Diego to cheer her up.

Troubadour 131

Diego and Matisse are in love with each other but with her commitment issues and his wandering eye I'm not sure if they will last.

Troubadour 139

Troubadour 147

Troubadour 148

The visit from Diego did the trick. Matisse bids him good night. She has to get up early to work her way up the lawyer ladder.

Troubadour 150

Diego: Wait, so I was just a booty call?
Pretty much, yeah.

Troubadour 152

Troubadour 151

Kendrick keeps on truckin' and is invited to the Music & Dance hobby lot.
(Edwina Goddard got a make-over as well as the other hobby enthusiasts. Thank you Alternate Sim Surgery! How I wish I knew about you years ago!)

Troubadour 149

Troubadour 154

Day Two:

Troubadour 003

Troubadour 006

Matisse is up early and ready for her first day of work.

Troubadour 010

She has some spare time to work on her masterpiece.

Troubadour 013

Kendrick awakens and heads directly to the spare bedroom to jam on his guitar.

Troubadour 015

Troubadour 017

Frankie: Romeo, Romeo? Where for art thou Romeo?
Frankie Cloak, newsie, teenager, forever alone *tear*

Troubadour 019

It's actually starting to look like something, Matisse!
Matisse: I call it "Becca in Green on Pink" mmmmhmmmmm.

Troubadour 020

Troubadour 021

When the carpool arrives Matisse changes into her most conservative outfit and heads to work. I think tennis shoes is still too casual Matisse, but what do I know.

Troubadour 024

Troubadour 025

Kendrick is kicking ass! He might unlock the Music career before the end of Spring!

Troubadour 026

Still wanting to help out his sister, or so he says, Kendrick wants take his relationship with Brodie to the next step.

Troubadour 028

Troubadour 033

So as soon as Brodie comes along to collect the bills, Kendrick pounces. Alas Brodie wants nothing of his shirtless smooth talk.

Troubadour 034

Kendrick: I did tell you I was chased by wolves didn't I? Barely lived to tell the tale!
~My hero~

Troubadour 039

The conversation goes a tad bit better but Kendrick still gags when he thinks of anything romantic with Brodie.

Troubadour 040

So he heads inside...

Troubadour 042

and invites his girlfriend, Minka Yomoshoto, over.

Troubadour 048

Troubadour 053

Being the visual and artistic person that she is, of course Matisse sorts the files by color!

Troubadour 054

Whomever this Mr. Vanderseaux is he definitely lacks your vision, Matisse Troubadour!

Troubadour 058

Troubadour 067

Thank goodness you cannot make her even more pregnant, Kendrick Troubadour!

Troubadour 072

He's a charmer, that one.

Troubadour 088

Troubadour 089

Even after the color-coded files mishap Matisse is still promoted.

Troubadour 090

Troubadour 098

Feeling tired and looking for some fun, Matisse decides to lay out in the sun for a bit. I mean, when your backyard is a beach you might as well make the best of it, right?

Troubadour 101

Troubadour 103

Kendrick receives a call from Brodie.

Troubadour 106

Luckily Minka is none-the-wiser since she's upstairs banging on the drum on Kendrick's balcony.

Troubadour 115

As night begins to fall Diego walks by.

Troubadour 118

Matisse jumps at the chance to spend another night with her man.

Troubadour 121

Since her buddy, chef George Lambswool strolls by, Matisse invites him over as well. They haven't had a lot of time to hang out and Matisse feels that she's losing him as a friend. Some fun gossip should remedy that.

Troubadour 122

Matisse: So did you hear about Malcolm?
George: No, what happened?

Troubadour 123

Matisse: He totes got fired!

Troubadour 126


Troubadour 129

Kendrick, still on the phone with Brodie, doesn't see his girl heart-farting over Diego. By the way, where are you going Diego?

Troubadour 131

I should have known...

Troubadour 133

Matisse: Do you have any protection?
Diego: Nah, Minka says that stuff doesn't work anyway. Don't worry I won't get you pregnant.

Troubadour 134

WHAT!???? Matisse you are the queen of soda can birth control, tell me you did not get pregnant?

Troubadour 137


Troubadour 145

I bet you're so proud of yourself aren't you Diego. ~No we don't need soda in the woohoo. It doesn't work~ Now look at what happened!

Troubadour 142

George is still here relaxing in the hot tub when...

Troubadour 146

George: I think the Watcher is trying to tell me something.
Yeah, stay the hell out of the hot tub when it's raining, you doofus! On the bright side, if he survives one more of these he can enter the Priest career. Woot!

Part Two

Current Music: Bang The Drum All Day - Todd Rundgren
Simlilisimlili on July 24th, 2014 12:30 pm (UTC)
Matisse is doing flip-flops in his grave looking (yes, the dead can look all they want at anything they want, shhhh) at your er... feminist allegory, Matisse...

.. JEALOUSY flip-flops because he didn't think about it, obviously!
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 24th, 2014 03:18 pm (UTC)
Lol, I know right!? RL Matisse could never come up with something as good as Sim Matisse. There's a lot of anger in her work ;P