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11 April 2014 @ 12:36 am
The Oceanside Project: Winchester  


"That's So Sadie!"

Warnings: Sadie Freaking Winchester! Excessive exclamation points!

Day One

Winchester 004

Hiya! I'm Sadie Winchester, the coolest sim in Oceanside. You're probably wondering why I'm talking directly to you and not through some weird 3rd party voice from Watcher knows where. Well I'm the only sim that's in touch with the Watcher. I can hear her in my brain. And yes, the Watcher is definitely a her. And she has a potty mouth.

Anyways, I really want to be the town's first police officer but since no one has tried to steal anything soon-to-be Mayor Malcolm Landgraab won't invest in a police force. So I'm stuck with being a firefighter, which is ok I guess. At least I'll be busy since there's a fire around here practically everyday!

My traits are: Easily Impressed (what does that mean?) - Excitable (Yippee!) - Inappropriate (Huh?) - Unstable (now wait just a minute!) - Brave (darn tootin'!)

Winchester 007

Day one started with a pretty bad rain storm. The best part about all of this rain - lots of puddles to splash in! What fun!!

Winchester 008

Then I saw this cute little stripey cat coming into my yard. Isn't is adorable? I love animals. Maybe I can adopt this little guy!

Winchester 014

I tried to pet him but he started growling and peed on me! It was horrible!

Winchester 022

It sprayed all over my pink jumpsuit and I was super stinky. Stupid stinky cat!

Winchester 025

I quickly washed all the stink off of me. How embarrassing!

Winchester 039

I secretly hope my enemies Selena Firestone and Minka Yomoshoto get peed on by Stinky Cat. I know the Watcher will be angry that I'm thinking this way but I can't help it. They're so mean to me!

Winchester 027

I was waiting around for my pal Brodie Mason, the usual mail carrier, to stop by to deliver the mail but this guy showed up instead. I guess today is Brodie's day off?

Winchester 033

I'm always thinking about getting married and starting a family. I decided tonight I would pop the question to my boyfriend architect Fitz Biltmore! Shhh, it's a surprise. Don't tell him!

Winchester 037

Darn! I guess I'll try again later.

Winchester 038

Then, all of a sudden, tragedy struck! A lightning bolt hit my favorite snowboard and it caught on fire!

Winchester 044

Winchester 045

Look at my face. You see that determination! That fire didn't stand a chance against Sadie Winchester. That's why I'm going to be the most awesome firefighter ever!

Winchester 051

Fighting fire sure does make you smelly! A relaxing bubble bath with my friend Bucky the Ducky helps a lot!

Winchester 060

It's time to call up my baby bear Fitz and invite him to a Dream Date! Unfortunately there isn't a fancy restaurant or anything to take him to. I'm so nervous about proposing!

Winchester 061

Winchester 063

There's my Fitzy-Bear! Isn't he the cutest thing!? He always looks terrified to see me. I haven't the faintest idea why!

Winchester 067

My buddy Becca Goodacre stopped by but I couldn't really talk. It was all about Fitz today!

Winchester 075

I have always worried that Fitz didn't want to tie the knot, but during this date I got the distinct impression that he felt the same way!

Winchester 080

I'm not a very good cook but hopefully I can butter him up with Mac & Cheese and kisses.

Winchester 082

Winchester 086

Then I brought out the big guns...

Winchester 095

Winchester 103

I was super scared he would turn me down but he didn't! Sadie Winchester and Fitz Biltmore are officially engaged!

Winchester 118

Later we head to the couch for some ~romance~. Let's start working on dem baybies!

Winchester 120

Boy, that Watcher sure does have a potty mouth!

Winchester 126

Fitz and I wanted to make sure it worked so we moved to my boudoir for more ~romance~.

Winchester 127

Hey, where did that music come from?

Day Two

Winchester 003

The next day I woke up really early. I felt super nauseous and had to run to the bathroom.

Winchester 006

I almost didn't make it in time! I'm pretty sure the nausea isn't because of bad Mac & Cheese! I'm going to be a mom!!

Winchester 004

Luckily Fitzy-poo spent the night and I could tell him the happy news! He's going to be a dad! We're super stoked!

Winchester 014

Upchuck #2! Yes Watcher, I am excited about throwing up. Everything about pregnancy is awesome!!! ^.^

Winchester 015

Even though I'm pregnant I still have to do my part for society. Today I officially become a Firefighter!

Winchester 019

I still have plenty of time before work and soccer is my fav sport so I try to squeeze in shooting a few balls before I have to go.

Winchester 025

I'm so rad!

Winchester 033

Don't I look spiffy in my Firefighter uniform?! I try to grab a bite to eat before work but...

Winchester 035

OhmyWatcher how embarrassing!!! Face first in the Mac & Cheese!

Winchester 036

Winchester 037

Thank goodness for Noeleen's honking! I almost missed my ride!

Winchester 041

Winchester 042

Winchester 044

Luckily there weren't any fires but I was so tired all day...

Winchester 048

that I passed out on my front lawn! Double-Super embarrassing!!!

Winchester 049

Winchester 051

Winchester 053

Practically the whole neighborhood saw me. I'm so ashamed! What if they thought I was drunk on nectar or something?

Winchester 055

When I finally woke up I had to run staight to the potty to throw up again! Pregnancy doesn't seem all that awesome anymore :(

Winchester 058

What a lousy day.

Day Three


In the middle of the night my tummy popped. No doubt about it now, I'm preggers!

Winchester 001

Luckily Oceanside has a great family leave program and I won't lose my job.

Winchester 005

Since I'm up I might as well get in some goal time!

Winchester 006


Winchester 008

Very soon I was beat! I just can't run around on the field all day like before I was pregnant. Boy are these PJs slimming!

Winchester 011

Winchester 016

While eating breakfast I decide to throw myself a baby shower. My best friends are guys so they probably won't know how to throw a decent shower. There's only a few girls that I actually like but I don't know them well enough to ask them to throw a party for me. So I guess it's up to me!

Winchester 018

Diego Bossanova is the first to arrive.
Diego: Wow Sadie, did you gain weight?

Winchester 022

Diego's a lot of fun, but he recently started doing this thing were he whistles all the time. Super annoying!

Winchester 031

My surf buddy Connor Firestone is next to arrive. I told him to leave the evil queen, I mean his wife, at home.

Winchester 033

Brodie and Becca are the final guests. Fitz couldn't come, of course. He's still building the city!

Winchester 037

Brodie and I get along really well. She seems to have a thing for Diego but I don't think that's going to go anywhere. He's bonkers for Matisse Troubadour even if he doesn't realize it himself.

Winchester 047

Becca is really nice although she seems to keep to herself. I remember being just like that when we first got here.

Winchester 051

I grill up yummy hot dogs for everyone. It's so cool to have my first party!

Winchester 056

Winchester 061

After lunch Connor challenges me to a game of shootout. I guess he thinks he can beat a pregnant lady. He's got another thing coming!

Winchester 064

Who you taunting, bro?

Winchester 072

Winchester 074

Neiner, neiner, neiner!

Winchester 082

I can only do a couple of games before I'm ready to pass out again. Phew!

Winchester 083

Best Party Ever!

Day Four

Winchester 005

I woke up again in the middle of the night super hungry. Most of my guests were still here hanging out in the hot tub. Becca went home, probably because she's pregnant too and has a little one at home.

Winchester 008

Just when I'm about to dive into my Mac & Cheese, I popped again!
Diego: Oh, you're not fat you're pregnant!
I'm not too pregnant to knock your block off Diego Bossanova!

Winchester 010

Winchester 016

After eating I hit the hay again.

Winchester 020

After listening to the Watcher mumbling about how she hates dealing with un-wed mothers and having to open a "program" to "change a baby's last name" I decided I'm not going to anger her any longer.

Winchester 023

Fitz takes the day off of work and we get hitched! No friends or frenemies. Just Fitz, myself and the Watcher.

Winchester 028

Winchester 032

It was perfect!

Winchester 062

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Fitz Biltmore!

Winchester 065

Fitz took no time moving all of his stuff into our home.

Winchester 066

Winchester 067

Winchester 063

And I set up the presents from the baby shower.

Winchester 073

Married life is awesome. Fitz is even encouraging me to keep playing soccer even though I'm so far along. The one thing we don't see eye to eye on however is Minka Yomoshoto. He insists we have her delivery the baby. I say I don't need her. I can do it myself!

Winchester 081

Winchester 084

Winchester 087

After my workout I'm off to bed again. Pretty soon my little baby will join our happy family!

Winchester 089

But as soon as I fall asleep...

Winchester 090

He calls this heifer over! He knows I don't want her here. How could he!!??

Winchester 110

Winchester 102

Fitz is a little too friendly with Minka Yomoshoto. Why is he talking to her belly? He hasn't talked to my belly! He acts like that's his kid in there!

Winchester 122

Winchester 123

I guess I shouldn't be so jelly. Soon after Minka arrives Fitz goes back to his normal routine - book learning.

Winchester 126

Look at her. I don't see why everyone thinks she's so great. She looks scared to death! What is she worrying about anyway? I don't want her to go anywhere near my baby!

Winchester 128

A fire outside wakes me up...

Winchester 127

and there goes Minka! Hmph. Afraid of a little fire, are we? *plots Minka's demise by fire*

Winchester 134

Since I'm taking control of my own delivery I had an idea that might speed it along!

Winchester 144


Day Five


Early Friday morning I awoke with the worst cramps of my life.

Winchester 007

I seriously thought I was dying. But in the back of my head I heard the Watcher saying "It's time to meet your baby Sadie Biltmore!" and I calmed down.

Winchester 046

And here he is, my little Yeti! His name is Heath Biltmore. He has his dad's red hair, my tan skin and my gray eyes. Isn't he just perfect!

And where was Dad during all this...

Winchester 042

I think all of my wailing got to him!

Winchester 041

Winchester 048

I've never been happier in my life, well what I can remember of my life anyway. Heath is the most perfect sim in the whole world!!

Winchester 053

Of course I had to change him into one of his cute little outfits :) I just wish there was a yeti version of that hat!

Winchester 054

There's my Fitz-bear with my little yeti! They look so good together!!

Winchester 060

Winchester 061

We're the perfect little family!

Winchester 070

Before Fitz heads off to work we try to bring another bundle of joy to the family. I didn't hear that strange music, but I did hear the Watcher say bad words again.

Winchester 074

Fitz is super-psyched to go to work. We are all counting on him to make his way up the ladder so we can have a Business District! Doesn't he look dreamy in his little hard hat! *Heart-farts*

Winchester 084

It's just Heath and I during the day. I'm going to try to be the best mom ever!

Winchester 088

He already seems like the happiest baby in Oceanside!

Winchester 091

Winchester 092

Fitz had a great day too!

Winchester 094

However Brick Laying takes a lot out of you. As soon as he came home he went straight to bed.

Winchester 095

Winchester 099

Winchester 104

I finally get a moment to myself and I realize how thankful I really am for all of my blessings! (please excuse my dirty tub, yuck!)

Winchester 108

Fitz, did you hear that weird music again?

Winchester 114

Definitely the Best Week Ever. Tootles!

Notes: I decided Sadie should narrate this update for the simple fact that she kept looking straight at me while I played. It was super weird!

I really messed up this round. I forgot Sadie was supposed to learn Fire Prevention before she got the Firefighter career and I forgot to put her money down to $2000 so when Fitz married her he got the "Married a Rich Sim" memory. Whoops!

Credits: The Firefighter career is by TashaFaun. Heath's outfit is by Fakepeeps7. You can get the Change a Baby's Outfit mod here (by Chris Hatch).

P.S. Since I couldn't remember all of my made-up rules I decided to finally write them down. I've already made mistakes, oh well! I'll correct them next round. The Rules are here. And I made an archive page that I will continue to update here. Thanks for reading!

Current Music: Today by The Smashing Pumpkins
Simlilisimlili on April 11th, 2014 01:59 pm (UTC)
I was so excited when I saw that teaser pic, like this: !!!
Adorable family, although Sadie Winchester was a great name, but the new name is good too, and Sadie is so happy.

I hope ~the Watcher~ isn't too jealous seeing how much better Sadie is a narrating :p You can't win against Sadie, that's just how it is!

Well, the skunky kitty did win, but then Sadie rolled those hilarious wants and definitely won afterall. I don't think I've seen those in my game, I see the fear all the time, but not the want to have one's enemies sprayed.

Congrats on making (and writing down!) your rules :)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 11th, 2014 08:38 pm (UTC)
I've gotten so used to saying, "Damn it Sadie Winchester!" that I don't think using Sadie Biltmore will have the same effect. She had the marry Fitz want since their first date, before even to woohoo him so I knew I had to get them married in her update.

I'm not even going to try to compete, Sadie will kick my butt every time ;)

I've never seen the want to have someone get sprayed by the skunk either. Typical Sadie!

I had to write the rules down seeing as I kept forgetting what I wanted to do. I'm glad I did because it made me think through what I wanted and see that some stuff I planned wouldn't work. Hopefully it makes sense.