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20 March 2014 @ 10:47 am
RSOSC Veronaville: Baba Gaga's Hut  


At the edge of the Calamity Forest lies a little hut elevated to the sky on the legs of chickens.

Veronaville 013

Baba Gaga's fence is adorned with the heads of the unfortunate souls that have crossed her path.

Veronaville 005

She traps the souls of sims in what she calls "soul trees." Each tree produces magical mushrooms only found in her garden. Using the soulshrooms Baba Gaga crafts elaborate and unique potions and spells. The tent is where the newly released Genie Midlock hides from his enemies.

Veronaville 014

The colorful cowplant was a gift from Sunny Clooney Jr, the son of the Tragic Clown. There are only two in existence, the other resides at Clowntastic Land, Sunny's carnival.

Veronaville 1022

Chickens always come in handy for blood rituals...

Veronaville 016

Once you come up the stairs you are reminded that this is a powerful witch's hut, with a flair for color.

Veronaville 021

Baba Gaga's scrying table...

Veronaville 022

and her tarot station.

Veronaville 018

Spell prep.


Baba Gaga's second floor is her living quarters. Genie's lamp is kept here for safe keeping. The one Morgana Goth has is a fake.

Veronaville 027

A place to warm your bones. (I had to say it)

Veronaville 032

A small kitchen and dining area. Dragon embryos are delicious!

Veronaville 028

The entrance to the bathroom (too small for me to take photos of).



Veronaville 0119

First floor. Magic area.

Veronaville 0118

Second floor. Living quarters.

Veronaville 107

Neighborhood view

Notes: I had to rebuild the hut because the front of the house didn't face the street (it really bugged me) but that's ok because I got to use the mirrored staircase for the other "leg". It now sits on a 20x20 lot.

Credits: Watervista Palace was originally created by EAxis for Belladonna Cove. It is a spoof on Baba Yaga's hut.

Veronaville 066

Poor Genie Midlock. Baba Gaga loves pranking him. Thanks for reading!
Simlili: Aralbadsimlili on March 20th, 2014 08:52 pm (UTC)
It's just perfect.
I smiled again seeing the chickens (I saw them on your tumblr this morning): in the last Witch Doctor hut I built for some neighbourhood, I used those small eaxis deco bones, thinking the locals probably come to him for various services that require slaughtering little animals. If Baba Gaga ever visits Twikkii, they could exchange recipes :p
Again, great entry, and good luck to the Genie with his... roomie.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 21st, 2014 02:52 pm (UTC)
Thank you Simlili! I added the chickens afterward thinking a chicken hut needs chickens and Baba Gaga needs fresh blood for all of her evil rituals!

I will have a Twikkii sub-hood (non-vacation lot) with this Uberhood and I plan on making a non-NPC version of the Witch Doctor. Maybe he and Gaga could date and make human sacrifices to Jumbok together!