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04 January 2014 @ 06:09 pm
RSOSC Veronaville: Goth  

My computer is... decent... now and my cc is in order so it's simming time! I've been working on my SimCity uberhood and will be posting the citizens as soon as I make them. First hood is Veronaville and it's first ancient, undead family The Goths.

Morgana Goth Bio

The Grand Vampiress Morgana Goth [A] [V] [W] Necromancer, The First Vampire
Origin: Beautiful, spoiled and vain Morgana, daughter of Llamaspit co-founder Lady Ravendancer Goth, was in search of a spell that would keep her young and beautiful forever. Unfortunately Morgana was not as skilled at magic as her mother and brother Mordred, both of whom would not help her with her ridiculous request.

Morgana soon set her sights on Genie Midlock, the young son of Lady Matilda Midlock and one of the most powerful wizards of the time. Morgana tricked Genie into falling in love with her and convinced him to cast a spell that would give her eternal beauty and immortality. After Genie gave Morgana her wish she very publicly dumped Genie and took numerous lovers while flaunting them in his face. Genie, knowing he would never have his true love again changed the spell into a curse which turned Morgana into a creature that would die in the sunlight, have to drink blood in order to live, and never be able to look upon her own reflection again -- what would come to be known as a vampire.

Morgana Goth hypnotizes

In her rage Morgana cast a spell on Genie which turned him into a slave and trapped him in an old oil lamp. Genie would have to remain in the lamp until someone rubbed it releasing his essence. His sole purpose in life would be to grant the wish of whomever rubbed the lamp. Lady Midlock, unaccustomed to using anything but neutral magic, was not able to counter the spell on her son but she was able to cast a counter curse that would one day, hopefully, free her son. The counter curse stated that within the next 1000 years Morgana's doppelganger will be born and she will bring the end of Morgana and her curse on Genie and his descendants, who call themselves The Jinn in his honor.

Morgana, the mother of all vampires, soon turned more sims into vampires to have as companions but soon they all left because of her evil ways. When Morgana's brother died in a tragic lightning accident, Morgana used her magic to bring him back to life as her eternal servant and companion.

Morgana Goth Collage

Current Day: Morgana has followed her descendants closely waiting for her doppelganger to be born in order to kill the child, but yet she still has not arrived... She's especially interested in Mortimer and his conceited wife Bella thinking her doppelganger would most likely be born from them. Sick of only being able to live at night, she has turned from magic to science working with Mortimer to come up with a potion that will allow her walk in the sun. Her allegiance in the War of the Fae is with the Dark Fae Clan, the Tricous.

Mordred Goth Bio

Mordred Goth [A] [Z] [W]
Origin: A powerful wizard in his day, Mordred met his untimely death after he climbed a tree to get a coconut when it was struck by lightning. He was dead for several years when one day his sister Morgana resurrected him into the undead thing he is now. Growing up he and his sister were never close, his mother Lady Ravendancer Goth always favored him over his vain sister. He couldn't understand why Morgana would resurrect him but soon he understood all too well: Morgana just needed a slave to do her bidding. Mordred hates his sister for what she's done but she must never know his true feelings.

Mordred Goth Collage

Current day: Mordred knows of the curse the Jinn put on Morgana and knows how desperate she is to find her doppelganger. Little does she know that the girl has already been born... and that Mordred will keep her safe until it is time. Mordred's allegience in the War of the Fae is with the Dark Fae Clan, the Tricous... or is it?

Notes: Sorry that the images look crunchy. I think I sharpened too much. Morgana and Mordred are the children of Lady Ravendancer Goth who is the co-founder of Llamaspit School of Wizardry along with Lady Matilda Midlock and Lady Griselda Crumplebottom. More on that when it's completed. Genie Midlock is, of course, the Genie of the Lamp. The idea of Morgana came from this doll but all Goths should have black hair and I have a black haired re-color of it so I said what the heck. She needed a sidekick so Mordred became her brother. Lady Ravendancer Goth comes from here. The War of the Fae is the beginning of the Supernatural Wars that end up driving the Oceanside Project residents away from SimCity.

Credits: Morgana Goth is the adult version of one of the pre-made sims in SimCity which is her doppelganger. You can probably guess which one... Mordred Goth is Brian Gray made by Phaenoh. Doppelganger idea is totally from The Vampire Diaries.
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