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12 June 2016 @ 01:43 pm
Moulden Robotics  


"Do you even know what robot means?"

BossanovaW01 019

Moulden Robotics, located at 1002 Science Square in Port Oceanside, is owned by former tinkerer and newest resident Abbot Moulden. Abbot will not visit the lot until the unlocking of the Business District but you know me -- I HAVE TO BUILD ALL THE THINGS!


BossanovaW01 012

The factory's exterior combines elegant factory brick and nailed sheet metal.

BossanovaW01 013

BossanovaW01 014

A Servo statue graces the entrance.

BossanovaW01 016

The bus stop in front of the shop.*Hello Abbot. Waves*

BossanovaW01 018

BossanovaW01 020

Many sims are concerned about the amount of polluted smoke spewing from the factory's chimney stacks but it takes a lot of fuel to make the robots.

BossanovaW01 021

BossanovaW01 023

The side entrance leads to a small lunch yard for the human workers.

UniStudents 005

Back of factory


BossanovaW01 024

Inside uninitialized Servos scare greet you.

BossanovaW01 028

Moulden Robotics will be the first place on the island to purchase hand-held devices!

BossanovaW01 025

Toy robots and robot decor are also sold here.

BossanovaW01 027

HydroBots and CleanBots

BossanovaW01 034

SecurityBots and MunchieBots

Servo Sales Floor

BossanovaW01 029

BossanovaW01 030

Abbot's initial Servo design using scrap metal and trash. Maybe that's why he was knocking over so many trash cans...

BossanovaW01 031

BossanovaW01 032

Servos waiting to find a good owner.

BossanovaW01 033

Servos for the kiddlets!

The Cash Wrap

BossanovaW01 038

One does not simply purchase a bot from Moulden Robotics. There's lots of paperwork to fill out -- and liability contracts -- before taking one of these bad boys home.

The Factory

BossanovaW01 026

This part of the factory is off limits to customers.

BossanovaW01 048

BossanovaW01 042

Here Servo parts are engineered and ready to assemble into real Servos.

BossanovaW01 043

BossanovaW01 044

BossanovaW01 045

BossanovaW01 046

The plasma generator brings the bots to "life."

BossanovaW01 047

Top Down View

UniStudents 002

First Floor

UniStudents 003

Second Floor

UniStudents 004


Neighborhood Views

UniStudents 006

UniStudents 007

UniStudents 008

UniStudents 009

*The big, white, behemoth of a building is my WIP of Minka's hospital. It's far from complete. Just ignore ^.^*

BossanovaW01 052


I probably will not open the factory until Abbot has created enough robot inventory. For the previews I used buyable craftable bots so I could see where everything should go. Everything will be set to "expensive" so only the really wealthy sims will be able to afford the bots.


Thanks for reading!!!