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02 July 2015 @ 07:12 pm
The Oceanside Project: Onnen/Andrews Part 2  


"Natural Selection" Part 2

Tuesday, Day 16
"Killer Frost"

Onnen-AndrewsW01 001

Onnen-AndrewsW01 002

Boomer feels sad and lonely.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 005

Here comes his pal Athena to cheer him up!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 006

Onnen-AndrewsW01 008

Onnen-AndrewsW01 011

Noelee and Yasmin lazily wake up in the morning. Yasmin knows what she did was wrong and prays that Noelee never finds out. But in a town as small as theirs gossip spreads quickly.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 015

Yaz eats her fruit parfait breakfast...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 016

while Noelee bathes.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 018

Wanda is back, but this time she has to deal both Boomer and Athena! You don't stand a chance, wolf.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 021

Onnen-AndrewsW01 022

Yaz races to the car, late for work.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 026

Onnen-AndrewsW01 028

Apple Jack, Yaz's prize apple tree, is dormant for the winter but still looks pretty good.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 031

Boomer gets some love from passerby Vivian Landgraab.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 036

Then proceeds to dig a lovely hole in the ground. I'm sure the girls will be happy to dig into that hole looking for bugs when they come home.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 038

Speaking of bugs... Of course Yasmin is going to look for them herself!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 039

Onnen-AndrewsW01 040

We already have that membership, but thanks anyway.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 041

Onnen-AndrewsW01 042

Onnen-AndrewsW01 043

Still hoping to gain that body skill point Yaz jumps rope on the front lawn.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 050

Onnen-AndrewsW01 051

Onnen-AndrewsW01 055

Noelee didn't have a very enjoyable day at work. She decides to do something fun, like build a sandcastle, to forget her woes.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 059

Onnen-AndrewsW01 058

Onnen-AndrewsW01 062

Onnen-AndrewsW01 064

Cindy Lou stops by again. Yasmin knows CL doesn't have a lot of friends so she tries her best to chat her up, but it's really hard when they have nothing in common. CL only wants to talk about babies and Yaz only wants to talk about insects.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 066

Wow. Such sandcastle.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 067


Onnen-AndrewsW01 069

Not wanting to destroy the fragile ozone layer Noelee removes the toxic gases emanating from the dog house.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 070

Yasmin excuses herself from the ~entertaining~ conversation with Cindy Lou to take a shower.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 075

Oh dear. Yaz, honey, maybe you should go inside and take a hot bath or something. You're looking a little blue.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 077


Onnen-AndrewsW01 079


Onnen-AndrewsW01 080

While Yasmin lays dying Noelee greets Cindy Lou's wife, nanny Angie Killeen, who stops by with Larry the Llama.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 082

Thank goodness! Yasmin starts to thaw.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 084

Onnen-AndrewsW01 092

Yaz hits the tub to warm up.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 089

Noelee and Larry become friendly.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 093

Angie: I totes want to have a baby with her...
Maybe soon Missy...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 098

Noelee cooks shrimp gumbo for dinner. The thick, hot soup will definitely warm Yasmin's bones.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 100

Cindy Lou: Could you tell me, how does one buy a baby?
OK STAHP! You'll get a damn baby!!! Leave me alone!!1

Onnen-AndrewsW01 102

Onnen-AndrewsW01 104

Onnen-AndrewsW01 107

The hot bath, yummy soup, and the love of Noelee help bring warmth back to Yasmin's cold body.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 110

Noelee hopes that seeing Cindy Lou and Angie together, happily married, will get Yasmin to thinking about marriage too.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 116

After dinner Noelee excuses herself to go bug collecting. She really hopes to catch a Ringo Beetle!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 117

Onnen-AndrewsW01 120

Keep trying, love!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 125

Yasmin joins Noelee in the Beetle-mania. This time Yaz was smart enough to put on her outerwear.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 129

Just when she discovers a cool Vampire Butterfly...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 132

she's accosted by bees!
Noelee: I'll never find a Ringo Beetle...
Yasmin: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 134

They're everywhere!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 146

Don't swat at them! It just makes them angrier!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 141

Don't run! It just makes them chase you. Stay still!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 151

Poor Yasmin! Might this be karma for cheating on your adoring girlfriend? Hmmm?
*Who me, taking sides? Never!*

Onnen-AndrewsW01 155

After hours of running away from the bees, Yasmin comes inside and says goodnight to the Killeens.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 158

Then both girls go to bed.

Wednesday, Day 17
"Date Night"

Onnen-AndrewsW01 004

Onnen-AndrewsW01 006

Onnen-AndrewsW01 008

Yasmin couldn't sleep last night. She kept thinking about how she almost died -- twice! -- and how horrible she felt for cheating on Noelee. She promised herself that she would make it up to her.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 009

Onnen-AndrewsW01 012

Yasmin lets Noelee know how happy she is that they moved in together and how much she really appreciates her being here. Noelee is so happy and taken aback by Yaz's sweet words.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 016


Onnen-AndrewsW01 018

After Yasmin leaves for work...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 020

Noelee gives love to fur ball Athena...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 023

then goes digging in the sand. She wishes she had a cool job like Yasmin. Digging around for algae must be so exciting!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 024

Onnen-AndrewsW01 028

Onnen-AndrewsW01 029

Onnen-AndrewsW01 031

Then she's off to work.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 037

Science Guy™ Achilles Brook gets duped into giving Boomer a treat.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 041

Onnen-AndrewsW01 040

Onnen-AndrewsW01 042

Yasmin spends the evening birdwatching until Noelee comes home.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 047

Onnen-AndrewsW01 048

Onnen-AndrewsW01 050

When Noelee arrives Yasmin asks if she wants to go out to eat for dinner. They haven't tried that new -- and only -- restaurant, The Crimson Crab, yet. Noelee tries to hide her excitement. Is there a surprise proposal in the works?

Onnen-AndrewsW01 056

Yasmin even offers to drive since Noelee drives all of the time.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 061

Onnen-AndrewsW01 059

Noelee really hopes tonight is the night that Yasmin proposes. She wants to marry her more than anything else!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 062

Onnen-AndrewsW01 063

Tiara and Bruce are ready at their stations.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 065

Yasmin: Hey, you wanna woohoo in the photo booth?

Onnen-AndrewsW01 066

Noelee: No, I would actually like to eat something... Sheesh!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 068

Onnen-AndrewsW01 071

Tiara: I have the perfect booth for a fellow Garden Club member *wink*.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 074

Yep, it's the same booth she seats everyone at.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 076

Malcolm and Heaven peruse the menu together. I hope this is a "business" dinner, Mister...
*Although I have no idea what business they would have together...*

Onnen-AndrewsW01 079

Noelee can't wait for Yasmin to propose! She's even been practicing her "surprised" face.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 080

Onnen-AndrewsW01 085

Yasmin calls a toast.
Yasmin: To us!
Noelee: *excited*

Onnen-AndrewsW01 089

Onnen-AndrewsW01 090

Noelee: Wait... is that it? Where's my ring? Why is my food burnt?

Onnen-AndrewsW01 095

Yaz thinks this is going well! She doesn't realize that she let Noelee down.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 107

Noelee sips her water in silence. She guesses she shouldn't have been so presumptuous to think that Yasmin was ready to settle down. She'll try to be patient and wait. But will she have to wait forever?

Onnen-AndrewsW01 108

No heart-farting over your boss!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 109

Judgy Minka is judgy.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 111

Onnen-AndrewsW01 112

Both girls decide to get their picture taken to commemorate their first out-of-house date.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 119

Noelee loves them. The photos definitely put her in a happier mood.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 120

Yasmin has something even better in mind.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 124

Onnen-AndrewsW01 123

I wouldn't be surprised if Minka Yomoshoto traced her roots and found out she's related to Mrs. Crumplebottom!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 126

Onnen-AndrewsW01 127

Geez! Alright, go woohoo in the car then!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 130

Onnen-AndrewsW01 132

Onnen-AndrewsW01 140

Onnen-AndrewsW01 136

Before they leave for home Noelee confides in Yasmin that she thought she would propose to her tonight.
Noelee: Do you think you'll ever be ready for marriage?

Onnen-AndrewsW01 142

Yasmin: I'm not opposed to it. Right now is not the right time. I like how things are between us now. Let's not rush it.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 144

Onnen-AndrewsW01 145

I would definitely say she's not ready for marriage, Noelee.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 148

GAH! You're making me cry, Angie!!!!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 151

During the car ride home Yasmin talked about all of the things she wants to accomplish in Oceanside -- opening the Onnen Natural Science Museum, recreating the ancient Laganaphyllis Simnovorii, finding rare insects -- as well as the things Noelee wants to do -- saving the planet, opening a recycling center, raising the ranks of Second Life. Yasmin thinks they should concentrate on those things and wait on marriage.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 154

Begrudgingly Noelee agrees. She knows Yasmin is the one for her, but maybe Yasmin doesn't think Noelee is the one for her. Noelee decides to give Yaz her freedom and see is she chooses her.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 160

Onnen-AndrewsW01 161

She really hopes she does.

Notes: I was really trying to level their skills so they could have promotions but all they wanted to do were nature activities and woohoo.

I just can't handle Angie and Cindy Lou pining for a baby! My plan was to have a Social Worker and an orphanage at the beginning of Year 2 but I think I'm going to bring them in this season.

Yasmin hasn't had any marriage wants -- but she hasn't had any fears either -- so no proposal yet. However she does have lots of "Make-out with 3 different sims" and "WooHoo 3 different sims" wants which makes me sad :( *Stupid Romance secondary*

Credits: The idea for Noelee's consignment store comes from Mara. This video shows you how it's done. Christianlov's Wallet Token Controller is used to give sims money for their items.

Thanks for reading!! ^.^

Current Music: Sweet Thing by Rufus and Chaka Khan
Itoho'wohellosunnydai on July 3rd, 2015 10:41 pm (UTC)
They make such a cute couple!i hope she chooses her too.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 4th, 2015 12:29 am (UTC)
Me too! I love them. ^.^
SBstarling_1 on July 3rd, 2015 10:44 pm (UTC)
So sad! Poor Noelee. Can't blame Yaz since she is who she is, though. I love your design, the decor, the color, the lighting - all so beautiful!
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 4th, 2015 12:31 am (UTC)
Thank you so much!! ^.^
clericalrodentclericalrodent on July 4th, 2015 02:42 pm (UTC)
Poor Noelee, hopefully Yasmin will change her mind one day.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 4th, 2015 05:04 pm (UTC)
I hope so too. They're so cute together ^.^
Simlilisimlili on July 16th, 2015 08:20 am (UTC)
Oh, that ringless hand on the photobooth picture!

(Minka XD)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 16th, 2015 09:12 pm (UTC)

Minka is just so angry and bitter. I don't know what to do.