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05 June 2015 @ 02:44 pm
The Oceanside Project: NPC-palooza  


"There Goes The Neighborhood"

Warnings: a new NPC, adult/teen relations, PDA, bubble blowing, heart-farting, and an epic smustling finale.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: NPC-palooza Special [Su01] [Fa01]

Sunday, Day 14

KotsomitiW01 005

You might recall that this was once the former residence of the Landgraabs before they built their lakeside mansion. Now 11 Oceanside Blvd is the home of Garden Club founding, pink v-neck wearing, alleged bubble juice pushing, God of the greasy, flowy hair, Rocky Kotsomiti. Rocky is also this season's host for NPC-PALOOZA! Before the party starts, let's meet Rocky!

KotsomitiW01 059

Rocky Kotsomiti is a 5-8-6-3-3 Popularity/Fortune Aries who likes logical chicks in their chonies with 20/20 vision. He's an entrepreneur, hoping to have at least five businesses -- legitimate or not -- reach the highest level. However most of his business ideas require the safety of the currently unavailable Business District. Rocky hopes, probably more than any other resident, that architect Fitz Biltmore reaches City Planner in a hurry. Rocky can best be described as a snobby, materialistic, evil, hot-headed, drama king -- but no one would ever say that to his face.

KotsomitiW01 060

Rocky's partner in crime is a red Doberman by the name of Scarface. Scarface doesn't like anyone -- not even Rocky. That doesn't matter. Rocky needs a ferocious animal to guard his empire.

KotsomitiW01 062

Upstairs, in Rocky's room, is his other prized pet... What? Who wacked Corleone?

KotsomitiW01 064

*Hastily buys another damn bird*

KotsomitiW01 065

Meet Corleone II!

KotsomitiW01 004

KotsomitiW01 001

Being the founder of the Garden Club, Rocky already has a gold gardening badge. In order to keep up appearances with his new neighbors, Rocky becomes Oceanside's official gardener.
*There's no way in hell he's giving up his Hunka 711 for a gardener's truck, though!*

KotsomitiW01 070

Rocky is anxious to get the party started, so let's do it!

KotsomitiW01 074

KotsomitiW01 075

Rocky invites all of the current and former NPCs over to see his new place.

KotsomitiW01 076

He even invites in the newly-hired paper girl, Honey Burr -- after she delivers the paper of course.
*AKA I forgot to wait for Frankie or Calvin to deliver the paper before calling them over so a new NPC was created.*
Honey is a Knowledge Virgo who wants to take the dance world by storm. She likes dressed up, logical chaps that are free from freckles or beauty marks.

KotsomitiW01 082

And the lovely Rowena De Hommel, who likes to dress like a cat super villain for some reason. Rowena is a Fortune/Romance Scorpio that likes freckly men in their chonies, but it's a deal-breaker if they wear hats. She's really into crime (ha! shocker!) and the environment and loves anything that has to do with sports. Some of the party-goers think she bears a striking resemblance to the Oceanside Cat Burglar but Rowena insists it's just a same-face-template issue.

KotsomitiW01 083

Ever the thoughtful host, Rocky mixes a pitcher of Woohoo On The Beach for his guests.

KotsomitiW01 084

Tinkerer Abbot Moulden and Newsie Calvin O'Gill actually agree that reviewer Beckett Graham is a hot piece of ass. What is this world coming to?
Calvin: That Beckett Graham can check out my business any day!
Oh, Calvin!

KotsomitiW01 085

Scarface really does not approve of all of these intruders in his home and continues to howl and growl at them from across the street.

KotsomitiW01 087

Music & Dancer Edwina Goddard and Mailman Lars Shadow waste no time pawing all over each other.

KotsomitiW01 088

Abbot and Calvin find a nice spot in the front planter bush to show their love.

KotsomitiW01 089

Newlywed Nannies Angie and Cindy Lou Killeen slow dance on the side porch.

KotsomitiW01 092

Newsie Frankie Cloak approves of Scientist Achilles Brook's new look.
Frankie: Ooooh, It's so furry...
Simmer down little girl!

KotsomitiW01 100

Scarface begins his campaign of terrorizing the guests. First up -- Honey Burr.

KotsomitiW01 103

Frankie is back to her old tricks -- going back and forth between roommates Achilles and new bakery owner Paragon Barrett.

KotsomitiW01 104

Kent Healey, owner of Healey Potter, tries his best to become friendly again with driver Noelee Andrews. Noelee is quickly bored. Last NPC-palooza she was all over him. He still can't figure out what he did wrong?

KotsomitiW01 105

Rocky ventures outside to meet the infamous Rowena De Hommel. He knows exactly who she is and what she does. Maybe they can figure out a way to bring their two "businesses" together.

KotsomitiW01 109

Brodie Mason, owner of the Oceanside Post Office, comes inside to congratulate Paragon on getting permission to start his own business. Frankie does not approve of Brodie talking to one of her men.

KotsomitiW01 112

KotsomitiW01 120

Honey Burr (tee hee, I like saying her full name) interrupts the Abbot/Calvin love fest to admire Calvin's messenger bag.

KotsomitiW01 125

Sorry love, he's all about Abbot right now.

KotsomitiW01 129

Beckett, the aforementioned business reviewer, never seems to have any fun at these gatherings. He's always off by himself, staring into space.


KotsomitiW01 132

Lars is upstairs in Rocky's room teaching Corleone how to speak.
Lars: Say, "Wash your greasy hair!" tee hee hee!

KotsomitiW01 139

Frankie might like to switch back and forth between Achilles and Paragon, but I think Achilles is her number one guy.
Paragon: She never kisses up my arm. *pouts*
I rest my case.

KotsomitiW01 142

KotsomitiW01 147

The guests are starting to get hungry...

KotsomitiW01 161

so Rocky leaves Rowena to grill hot dogs.

KotsomitiW01 159

Surprisingly, it has taken this long for someone to christen the hot tub! Natural Scientist Yasmin Onnen and her girlfriend Noelee try to warm themselves up in the crisp winter air.

KotsomitiW01 160

KotsomitiW01 162

Paragon, finally having her all to himself, puts the moves on Frankie. I don't know how his friendship with Achilles will last if this keeps up.

KotsomitiW01 163

Rowena, already bored with the party, decides to quietly case the joint. Rocky mentioned he was in the business of high quality bubble recreation. She doesn't think he'll mind if she tests the product.

KotsomitiW01 166

He wasn't joking about the quality. Maybe they could go into business together!

KotsomitiW01 172

KotsomitiW01 174

KotsomitiW01 175

With the television placed in Rocky's boudoir, most of the guests start to make their way upstairs to watch the game.

KotsomitiW01 176

Edwina: What? There's a bubble blower up here? How has Rocky not got caught by Officer Sadie? Hee hee, move over Kitty, I want to blow!!
Oh dear...

KotsomitiW01 177

KotsomitiW01 181

KotsomitiW01 182

It doesn't look like their team is doing too well.

KotsomitiW01 184

KotsomitiW01 186

Calvin: That Paragon could butter my muffin any day!
Oh, Calvin!

KotsomitiW01 190

Scarface does not approve of Calvin's double entendres.

KotsomitiW01 192

Calvin: I HATE DOGS!

KotsomitiW01 197

Meanwhile another Newsie is having a great time with Rocky's other pet.

KotsomitiW01 199

Calvin: That Rocky could blow my bubbles any day!
Oh, Calvin!

KotsomitiW01 202

KotsomitiW01 203

KotsomitiW01 207

Scarface's next victim -- Paragon Barrett.

KotsomitiW01 211

Edwina starts to get high off of the bubbles.

KotsomitiW01 213

Frankie: He's so hot when he's hunted by dogs!

KotsomitiW01 215

Even though Kent was invited to the party he's wary of entering Rocky's home. Kent has received threats from the other members of the "Garden Club" and is pretty sure Rocky wants him gone. One day they're going to need to sit down and discuss this. But today is not the day.

KotsomitiW01 222

While Paragon creepily tries to hook-up with Noelee, Calvin starts a smustle-off.

KotsomitiW01 224

Lars joins his girlfriend and the Cat Lady at the bubble blower.

KotsomitiW01 227

Frankie joins in!

KotsomitiW01 230

KotsomitiW01 229

Brodie and Angie show off their moves too.

KotsomitiW01 231

KotsomitiW01 232

Upset that he didn't get to hook-up with anyone, Paragon leaves the party early.


KotsomitiW01 233

Honey Burr: So you're a scientist, huh? So do you do experiments on people too? Could I be part of your experiments? I wouldn't mind if you gave me a chest examination!

KotsomitiW01 239

KotsomitiW01 240

As expected, Rocky made a few new clients at this party.

KotsomitiW01 243

The thumping techno dance beat finally got to Beckett who had been standing outside the whole time...

KotsomitiW01 244

He joins in the smustle-off!

KotsomitiW01 247

KotsomitiW01 248

These birds sure do go through food fast!

KotsomitiW01 255

Honey Burr is the next sim to join in the smustling!

KotsomitiW01 259

Cindy Lou whispers her appreciation of Angie's sexy dance moves.

KotsomitiW01 260

Even Abbot joins in.

KotsomitiW01 262

KotsomitiW01 264

Rocky and Achilles partake in the libations.

KotsomitiW01 265

KotsomitiW01 266

Poor Yasmin becomes Scarface's next victim.

KotsomitiW01 267

That Woohoo On The Beach was tad bit too strong for Achilles.

KotsomitiW01 276

KotsomitiW01 280

This season's NPC-palooza comes to an end!

KotsomitiW01 283

KotsomitiW01 286

Stay tuned for more Rocky on the next update!

Notes: So I totally forgot to add the Garden Club members to the party! Don't worry, you will see them in the next update.

The only time Rocky would get caught with the bubble blower is if Sadie walked by the house while someone was using it. If he's caught he will go directly to jail (on Sadie's next rotation).

Thanks for reading! ^.^

Current Music: Rock This Town by The Stray Cats
clericalrodentclericalrodent on June 7th, 2015 03:25 pm (UTC)
Naughty NPCs! Sadie's going to have a field day someday. and then blame it on Kent.
Calvin sound like he's gonna have a Playsim mansion when he grows up.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on June 7th, 2015 09:10 pm (UTC)
Ha Ha! You are so right ;)
Simlilisimlili on July 3rd, 2015 07:43 am (UTC)
About that bird issue, do you have Twojeffs's "Caged Pet Fixes" ?
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 3rd, 2015 03:32 pm (UTC)
I do now. I'm not sure that I had it when I first started playing the lot. Poor Corleone I never had a chance!