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14 April 2015 @ 01:16 pm
The Oceanside Project: Fall, Year 1 Recap  


Fall, Year 1: Days 10-13



Biltmore - 7 Oceanside Blvd.
The Fall season started off rough for matriarch Sadie. During a massive bout with depression Sadie received a negative star on the Oceanside Fire Station and was downright mean and rude to her family and neighbors. On Day 11 Fitz was re-instated as Head of the Construction Company and opened the Biltmore Construction Company. Heath continued to work on potty training. Twins Gavin and Aiden transitioned to toddlers on Day 12. Also on Day 12 Sadie gave birth to another set of twins named Ezra and Kenna. The Biltmore family continues to expand as Sadie is expecting once again! During Aria Mason-Troubadour's birthday party Fitz gained a Good Reputation which makes him the founder of the Top Hat Society. Both Aiden and Gavin learned how to talk at the day care.


Onnen/Andrews - 1 Oceanside Blvd.
Yasmin became the first Natural Scientist in Oceanside and made it to the second level -- Algae Hunter. She is currently having a steamy romance with Noelee Andrews that may, or may not, last. She has perfected the art of tree-whispering and hopes to spread her love of nature to the residents of Oceanside.

Driver Noelee and her pets Athena and Boomer had a great first season in Oceanside. An impassioned environmentalist Noelee campaigned for the opening of a recycling plant/center to minimize pollution and waste. Noelee continued her relationship with Yasmin and decided to remain friends with her other love Kent Healey. Noelee is the first resident to acquire an ancient lamp which she gave to Yasmin for her museum. At the end of the season Noelee took Yasmin up on her offer to move in together to save on rent.


Mason-Troubadour - 13 Oceanside Blvd.
Kendrick pined for his ex-girlfriend Minka so much that he lost his job as a Piano Tuner. Luckily he rejoined his career and at the end of the season is now at level 3 - Coffee Shop Sound Engineer. Brodie had the second easiest pregnancy on SimEarth and resumed working as a Postal Carrier. Brodie successfully gave a make-over to Becca, and a failed one to Selena. On Day 13 she gave birth to twin girls Piper and Poem. Aria transitioned into a cool rocker toddler on Day 12. The Mason-Troubadour family was the first in the hood to get robbed, unlocking the law enforcement career and criminal career to all.


Goodacre - 19 Goodacre Farms
With the over-crowding of the barnyard, the Goodacres had to make room for fresh meat. Two pigs and two cows were slaughtered, and the horses were set free. Owen gardened his way to a gold gardening badge and can now talk to his plants. On Day 13 he was the first founder invited into the exclusive Garden Club. He also earned a silver cash register badge and brought Goodacre's Grocery Store to rank 2. Becca finally became a priest on Day 13. On Day 12 Becca and Owen welcomed another baby girl into the world named Holly. Also on Day 12 Faith transitioned to a toddler. Becca is expecting again with a due date of Day 15. At the Lambswool's transition party Owen earned a Good Reputation giving him membership into the Top Hat Society. Eve learned how to talk at the day care.


Landgraab - 52 Moneywell Blvd.
The Landgraabs moved into their lavish manor this season and held the first annual Mayor's Ball on Day 12. Vivian finally fulfilled her dream of becoming a member of the Garden Club although the Blue Hat Society eluded her. She also became the first resident to receive a Best of The Best award, brought Oceanside Bank & Loan to rank 1, and earned a bronze register badge. Malcolm moved his way up the political ladder to a level 3 Lobbyist. Gwyneth continued to rule as Toddler Queen B and siblings Tabitha and Little Malcolm transitioned to toddler on Day 13.


Bossanova - 5 Oceanside Blvd.
Diego continued to pursue a career in dancing and the ladies of Oceanside. He opened his studio, Diego's Dance Academy, and smustled his way to a level 2 Back-up Dancer. He finally got his chance to bed the elusive Brodie Mason and had sympathy woohoo with his ex Matisse Troubadour -- all the while romancing a clueless Minka Yomoshoto. Diego was the second resident to be visited by criminal Rowena De Hommel.


Lambswool - 26 Landgraab Avenue
George studied hard and maxed out his cuisine enthusiasm and unlocked the culinary career. He opened Oceanside's first restaurant The Crimson Crab on Day 13 and raised the rank to 1. Dawn gave birth to another set of twins, Gianna and Oscar, on Day 13. Henry and Bianca transitioned on Day 11 and both learned how to talk at the day care. The Lambswools moved from their starter condo to a nectary built just for them.


Yomoshoto - 15 Oceanside Blvd.
Fall was fraught with turmoil at the Yomoshoto residence. Minka flipped/flopped between her feelings for Diego and the non-feelings she had for Achilles. In the end she chose Diego which caused Achilles to move out. Minka had her first official outing with The Blue Hat Society on Day 13 and had a lot of fun. On Day 11 Kira transitioned to toddler and learned how to talk at the day care. Also on Day 11 baby Hiro was born.


Troubadour/Healey - 17 Oceanside Blvd.
After being fired from her law office, Matisse decided to relax and concentrate on her art until her baby girl Skye was born on Day 12. She is close to maxing her arts and crafts enthusiasm so she can enter the Artist career. Kent opened a pottery shop across the street named Healey Potter where he earned his bronze badge in cashiering. However his dark past is slowly catching up with him. Cyan kept being the best toddler in Oceanside being the first one potty trained, reaching 2 creativity, and learning how to talk at the day care. She also became BFFs with Gwyneth Landgraab.


Firestone - 9 Oceanside Blvd.
Connor earned two promotions in the Auto Mechanic career and is now a level 3 Tire Changer. His business Oceanside Customs is at rank 1 even though he received the first bad review in town. Selena started the Education career and had another hard pregnancy. She is currently pregnant with their fourth child due on Day 17. On Day 12 baby Roman, another boy, was born. Vin transitioned to toddler on Day 12. Nico learned to talk at the day care.


Killeen - 8 Oceanside Blvd.
With the help of her girlfriend Cindy Lou Larsen, Angie taught 8 toddlers how to talk. On Day 10 Cindy Lou and Angie were engaged and Cindy Lou moved in. On Day 13 the couple was married at Our Gray Lady of Plumbobs Peteran Church where Angie became a member of the congregation. Cindy Lou is now an employee of Killeen Kinder Care. She has yet to earn a paycheck. On Day 12 she received an ancient lamp which is now in the property of Yasmin Onnen.


Kotsomiti - 11 Oceanside Blvd.
Rocky was lucky enough to move into Vivian's old condo after Noelee moved in with Yasmin. Rumor has it the Welcome Wagon approved his application because he let someone join the Garden Club that really shouldn't have. Rocky seems like a well-dressed respectable member of society but does he have a secret side unknown to Oceanside's residents?


Barrett/Brook - 3 Oceanside Blvd.
After taking care of Minka's home and children for a season Achilles had had enough. Consigned in the fact that Minka will never love him the way he loves her, Achilles moved out of her place and moved in with his friend, Paragon. Achilles rose to level 2 of the Science career as a Lab Assistant and is now sporting a fetching beard.

Even after a scandalous night in a hot tub with a minor, Paragon still was allowed to move into the unoccupied Lambswool condo. When his buddy Achilles confided in him how bad his home situation was Paragon allowed him to move in too.


Total Population (Non-Playable and Playable): 60
Babies:  10 (Male: 4; Female: 6)
Toddlers: 16 (Male: 8; Female: 8)
Children:  0
Teens:  2 (Male: 1; Female: 1)
Young Adults: 0
Adults:  31 (Male: 15; Female: 16)
Elders: 1 (Male: 0; Female: 1)

Residents: 49
Noelee Andrews
Yasmin Onnen

Paragon Barrett*
Achilles Brook

Fitz Biltmore
Sadie Winchester Biltmore
Heath Biltmore
Aiden Biltmore
Gavin Biltmore
Ezra Biltmore
Kenna Biltmore

Diego Bossanova

Connor Firestone
Selena Bossanova Firestone
Nico Firestone
Vin Firestone
Roman Firestone

Owen Goodacre
Becca Goodacre
Eve Goodacre
Faith Goodacre
Holly Goodacre

Angie Killeen
Cindy Lou Larsen Killeen

Rocky Kotsomiti*

George Lambswool
Dawn Lambswool
Antonio Lambswool
Henry Lambswool
Bianca Lambswool
Gianna Lambswool
Oscar Lambswool

Malcolm Landgraab, X
Vivian Moneywell Landgraab
Gwyneth Landgraab
Malcolm M. Landgraab
Tabitha Landgraab

Kendrick Troubadour
Brodie Mason
Aria Mason-Troubadour
Piper Mason-Troubadour
Poem Mason-Troubadour

Matisse Troubadour
Kent Healey
Cyan Troubadour-Bossanova
Skye Troubadour-Healey

Minka Yomoshoto
Kira Yomoshoto
Hiro Yomoshoto

*Winter Resident

Non-Playable Residents: 11
Abbot Moulden - Tinkering Hobby Enthusiast
Beckett Graham - Store Reviewer
Bruce Jelleff - Garden Club Member
Calista Beeching - Traveler/Fortune Teller
Calvin O'Gill - Newsie
Edwina Goddard - Music & Dance Hobby Enthusiast
Frankie Cloak - Newsie
Heaven Gallo - Garden Club Member
Lars Shadow - Mail Carrier
Rowena De Hommel - Burglar
Tiara Hough - Garden Club Member

Pet Residents: 5
Athena & Boomer Andrews
Cinders Firestone
General Zod Ravenclaw Lambswool
Scarface Kotsomiti*

*Winter Resident

Births:  10
Hiro Yomoshoto - Day 11
Ezra & Kenna Biltmore - Day 12
Holly Goodacre - Day 12
Skye Troubadour-Healey - Day 12
Roman Firestone - Day 12
Piper & Poem Mason-Troubadour - Day 13
Gianna & Oscar Lambswool - Day 13

Transitions:  10
Henry & Bianca Lambswool - to toddler Day 11
Kira Yomoshoto - to toddler Day 11
Aiden & Gavin Biltmore - to toddler Day 12
Aria Mason-Troubadour - to toddler Day 12
Faith Goodacre - to toddler Day 12
Vin Firestone - to toddler Day 12
Tabitha & Malcolm M. Landgraab - to toddler Day 13

Current Pregnancies: 3
Becca Goodacre - Due on Day 15
Sadie Biltmore - Due on Day 17
Selena Firestone - Due on Day 17

Graduations: 0

Engagements: 1
Angie Killeen and Cindy Lou Larsen - Day 10

Weddings:  1
Angie Killeen and Cindy Lou Larsen - Day 13

Deaths: 0

Careers Unlocked: 18
Architecture - Fitz Biltmore*
Auto Mechanic - Connor Firestone
Criminal - Rowena De Hommel**
Culinary - George Lambswool
Dance - Diego Bossanova
Day Care/Nanny - Angie Killeen
Driver - Noelee Andrews*
Fire Service - Sadie Biltmore*
Journalism - Matisse Troubadour*
Law - Open
Law Enforcement - Sadie Biltmore*
Mail Carrier - Brodie Mason*
Medical - Minka Yomoshoto
Music - Kendrick Troubadour
Natural Scientist - Yasmin Onnen
Politics - Malcolm Landgraab
Priest - Becca Goodacre
Science - Achilles Brook
*Unlocked for all sims to enter
**Unlocked for all - Business District required

Business Lots: 14
Biltmore Construction Company - Fitz Biltmore
Diego's Dance Academy - Diego Bossanova
Goodacre's Grocery Store - Owen Goodacre
Healey Potter - Kent Healey
Killeen Kinder Care - Angie Killeen
Oceanside Country Club - Vivian Landgraab
Oceanside Customs - Connor Firestone
Oceanside Fire Station - Sadie Biltmore
Oceanside Police Station - Sadie Biltmore
Oceanside Post Office - Brodie Mason
Oceanside Savings and Loan - Vivian Moneywell
Our Gray Lady of Plumbobs Peteran Church - Becca Goodacre
The Crimson Crab - George Lambswool
The Troubadour Cafe - Kendrick Troubadour

Business Lots Unlocked: 2
Oceanside Laboratories - Achilles Brook
Onnen Natural Science Museum - Yasmin Onnen
*Needs Business District unlocked

Community Lots: 4
Founder's Field
Oceanside Promenade North
Oceanside Promenade South
The Grove

Earned CAS Sims (Total Number of Community & Business Lots): 20

University Majors Unlocked: 1
Architecture - Fitz Biltmore

Items Unlocked: 4
Burglar Alarms - Sadie Biltmore
Cars - Connor Firestone
Groceries - Owen Goodacre
Fire Alarms - Sadie Biltmore

Affairs: 1
Malcolm Landgraab, X and Matisse Troubadour

Aspiration Failures: 3
Minka Yomoshoto - 2
Sadie Biltmore - 1

Blue Hat Society Members (Female Good Reputation): 2
Minka Yomoshoto (Founder)
Angie Killeen

Burglaries: 2
Kendrick Troubadour - 1
Diego Bossanova - 1

Disasters (Parties): 2
Owen Goodacre - 1
Minka Yomoshoto - 1

Electrocutions/Struck By Lightning: 10
Dawn Lambswool - 1
Diego Bossanova - 1
George Lambswool - 2
Malcolm Landgraab X - 1
Matisse Troubadour - 1
Owen Goodacre - 1
Selena Bossanova - 2
Vivian Landgraab - 1

Fights: 2
Kendrick Troubadour & Rowena De Hommel
Diego Bossanova & Rowena De Hommel

Fires: 13
Connor Firestone - 1
Diego Bossanova - 1
Fitz Biltmore - 2
Malcolm Landgraab - 1
Minka Yomoshoto - 1
Owen Goodacre - 2
Sadie Biltmore - 1
Vivian Moneywell - 4

Furious Sims: 5
Minka Yomoshoto and Kendrick Troubadour
Diego Bossanova and Matisse Troubadour
Minka Yomoshoto and Diego Bossanova
Diego Bossanova and Brodie Mason
Minka Yomoshoto and Brodie Mason

Garden Club Members: 6
Rocky Kotsomiti (Founder)
Bruce Jelleff
Tiara Hough
Heaven Gallo
Owen Goodacre
Vivian Landgraab

Roof Raisers (Parties): 3
Achilles Brook - 1
Bossanova/Firestone Wedding - 1
Malcolm Landgraab - 1

Saved From Death: 1
Becca Goodacre - 1

Sick Sims: 0

Tax Evasion: 0

Top Hat Society Members (Male Good Reputation): 2
Fitz Biltmore (Founder)
Owen Goodacre

Thievery (Non-Burglar): 3
Kendrick Troubadour - 3

Vandalism: 2
Diego Bossanova - 1
Rocky Kotsomiti - 1

Welcome Wagon: 5
Vivian Landgraab (Founder)
Malcolm Landgraab X
Minka Yomoshoto
Matisse Troubadour
George Lambswool

Lisa's Adventures in Simminglisag45 on April 15th, 2015 05:18 am (UTC)
Wow on keeping all those stats straight! I am impressed.

So far there are no sub-hoods right? You are going to need more space for all those cute kiddos to spread out!
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 15th, 2015 05:31 am (UTC)
Thanks! I actually have that page of stats created at the beginning of each season and edit it as I play so I can easily update as things change. Makes it so much easier at the end of the season.

Nope, no sub-hoods yet. I'm trying to push Fitz to the top of the Architect career fast so we open the business district. I'm definitely running out of room on my little island. Might have to start building skyscrapers or something!
Simlili: Cheezburgersimlili on April 16th, 2015 04:55 pm (UTC)
The first Biltmore picture is like the "to be continued" of the previous update: where we understand Sadie's alcoholic behaviour at Angie's wedding. Five brats, no wonder the woman needed a drink :D
(Let's pretend she wasn't pregnant AND drinking, it's much less disturbing^^)
Great teaser pic. I always have the feeling there's not a lot of households but look at all the lots!
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 16th, 2015 06:44 pm (UTC)
I know right! All of those kids would definitely make you want to drink. (she doesn't know she's pregnant yet so it's ok).

Yep, the little hood is just growing and growing ^.^