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14 April 2015 @ 12:16 pm
The Oceanside Project: The Wedding Special  


Warnings: wedding crashers, pew woohoo, ear-splitting piano playing, more badly posed photos, twoo wuv.

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Angie Killeen and Cindy Lou Larsen
Saturday the 13th Day of Fall, Year One
Our Gray Lady of Plumbobs Peteran Church
40 Church Street, Oceanside

Saturday, Day 13
"Get Me To The Church On Time"

KilleenF01 006

Wakey, wakey ladies. Today is your wedding day!

KilleenF01 015

After a quick breakfast...

KilleenF01 026

KilleenF01 027

Angie calls the wedding party and heads to the church.

KilleenF01 039

KilleenF01 042

Angie and Cindy Lou wanted to keep the wedding small so they only invited their friends and their significant others.

KilleenF01 047

As soon as the guests take their seats, the wedding can begin.
I see you over there Rocky Kotsomiti. Minka is not barfy!

KilleenF01 045

KilleenF01 050

KilleenF01 054

KilleenF01 056

KilleenF01 061

KilleenF01 070

KilleenF01 074

KilleenF01 083


KilleenF01 085

KilleenF01 086

KilleenF01 087

KilleenF01 088

Huh? Beckett Graham?!! What the heck are you doing here? You're not invited! And did you steal Malcolm's wedding suit? GTFO!!!!

KilleenF01 089

KilleenF01 090

Both girls immediately roll wants to go on vacation. Sorry ladies, not yet. Maybe one day there will be a vacation spot :(

KilleenF01 091

KilleenF01 092

KilleenF01 094

KilleenF01 095

KilleenF01 096

Mrs. and Mrs. Angie Killeen have their first dance inside the church.

KilleenF01 098

KilleenF01 101

Bridesmaids Minka Yomoshoto and Yasmin Onnen look lovey in their yellow gowns -- Angie's favorite color.

KilleenF01 102

Sadie Biltmore! You're not invited either!
Sadie: I'm just here for the free lobster and champagne.
Can't blame you there.

KilleenF01 104

KilleenF01 106

Becca Goodacre, priest and owner of Our Gray Lady of Plumbobs Peteran Church, is so excited for another church wedding. Maybe she can convince some of the wedding-goers to stop by for a sermon during regular business hours.

KilleenF01 107

Weddings always seem to make couples more affectionate.

KilleenF01 108

KilleenF01 109

KilleenF01 110

KilleenF01 116

KilleenF01 117


KilleenF01 119

Becca: Hey! No making out inside the church!

KilleenF01 122

Noelee Andrews sits down at the piano to play a piece for the happy couple.

KilleenF01 123

KilleenF01 128

KilleenF01 131

Matisse Troubadour and Connor Firestone think Noelee's doing a great job and give her tips.

KilleenF01 137

KilleenF01 132

KilleenF01 133

The cake and champagne are set out. Time for the reception! But first...

KilleenF01 319

Posed photos time!

KilleenF01 320

KilleenF01 324


KilleenF01 141

Rocky is ready to toast the newlyweds. Sadie is ready for her free glass of champagne.

KilleenF01 147

KilleenF01 149

KilleenF01 155

KilleenF01 157

KilleenF01 159

KilleenF01 160

KilleenF01 161

It's cake time!

KilleenF01 166

KilleenF01 174

KilleenF01 177

KilleenF01 181

KilleenF01 185

KilleenF01 197

KilleenF01 190

KilleenF01 194

In the Peteran religion it is customary for the bride to make a wish at the statue of the Gray Lady on her wedding day.

KilleenF01 200

KilleenF01 203

Oh no! Angie is pelted with pennies from heaven!

KilleenF01 207

And receives §1000!

KilleenF01 212

The tables are full of dirty dishes so Cindy Lou cleans up.

KilleenF01 213

In the restroom Angie tells Becca about the money she just received praying to the Gray Lady. Becca convinces her of even more riches if she attends church regularly. Sister Becca has converted Angie Killeen to the Peteran Faith.
*Sorry, I thought I was playing Sims Medieval for a minute.*

KilleenF01 215

Minka, what's giving you the evil stink face?

KilleenF01 216

Have you become so jaded that you can't be happy for a loving, married couple?

KilleenF01 219

KilleenF01 224

Angie and Cindy Lou steal a quick moment alone, away from the party. They are so thankful that they found one another and for this special day.

KilleenF01 232

Maybe a little too thankful... You guys can't do that in the church!

KilleenF01 239

Vivian Landgraab accompanies their pew woohoo with terrible piano playing.

KilleenF01 242

KilleenF01 249

Connor is upset about the conditions at the wedding. Brides are busing table. The champagne is gone. The ice sculpture is melting. How can she run a business like this?!


KilleenF01 254

Becca: *shrugs*

KilleenF01 255

Connor: *fumes*

KilleenF01 258

Thank goodness Selena steps in to diffuse the situation.

KilleenF01 264

The peasants arrive with pitchforks to chase the ogre away from the piano.
*She's truly horrific and must be stopped*

KilleenF01 265

KilleenF01 266

It's almost time to call it a night.

KilleenF01 269

Yasmin: Watcher please make it stop!!
*Looks like Malcolm gained a bit of weight!*

KilleenF01 271

Connor tries to make Viv feel better by busting a move. However he can't find a beat.

KilleenF01 272

KilleenF01 274

KilleenF01 280

Time for the Killeen family to return home.

What's the first thing the newlyweds do upon arriving?

KilleenF01 301

Wrong! They clean the house, silly.

KilleenF01 304

Minka sneaks up to the house to give her wedding present.

KilleenF01 306

KilleenF01 309

KilleenF01 315

It fits perfectly with their decor! Thanks Minka! ^.^

KilleenF01 316

Notes: Cindy Lou took Angie's last name. She is now Cindy Lou Killeen.

Thanks for reading!! ^.^


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clericalrodentclericalrodent on April 14th, 2015 10:22 pm (UTC)
Welp, can't have a wedding without shenanigans, now can we?
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 15th, 2015 01:46 am (UTC)
Not in this hood, I'm afraid :)