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13 April 2015 @ 11:57 pm
The Oceanside Project: Killeen Part 2  


"Love And Happiness" Part 2

Friday, Day 12
"A Nerdy Bachelorette Party"

KilleenF01 001

In the middle of the night the island's only elder hobbled to the house with her bag of tricks.

KilleenF01 002

With a puff of red smoke and a cackling cry a shiny gold object was left on the sidewalk.

KilleenF01 007

And then she disappeared, as fast as she arrived, in a flash of blue light.

KilleenF01 008

*AKA Cindy Lou got a Genie lamp*

KilleenF01 009

Cindy Lou discovers her OTH in a dream.

KilleenF01 011

KilleenF01 012

You know what, CL? You might be the first sim in Oceanside to write a novel!
*makes notes*

KilleenF01 016

The ladies prepare for another day of toddlers and talk teaching.

KilleenF01 020

KilleenF01 021

Some of us have alternative ways of preparation.
*Yep, she totes did this autonomously*

KilleenF01 028

Cindy Lou serves up omelets for her main gal.

KilleenF01 032

Cindy Lou: So when exactly will I get paid for working in the day care?

KilleenF01 033

Angie: The only paycheck I can give you is my undying gratitude *flutters eyelashes*
Yeah, that shit wouldn't work for me, CL.

KilleenF01 034

While CL discusses getting paid with kisses the omelet Angie ate went straight to her hips!

KilleenF01 037

KilleenF01 039

You still look good, lady!

KilleenF01 041

Before the kids arrive Cindy Lou turns off the stereo. She felt that some of the kids spent too much time dancing instead of working on their skills.

KilleenF01 047

As the children arrive they all find something to play with.

KilleenF01 049

CL starts with Gavin...

KilleenF01 050

and Angie works with Henry.

KilleenF01 052

Uh ooh Aria, Aiden took your shape box!

KilleenF01 053

Tabitha Landgraab works on the tiny easel.
*I had to add more skill items because there weren't enough to go around*

KilleenF01 055

KilleenF01 057

KilleenF01 059

Antonio plays with the Magical Mushroom Music Maker (try saying that three times fast).

KilleenF01 062

KilleenF01 064

KilleenF01 065

KilleenF01 068

*GASP* Look, she's TALKING!!!!

KilleenF01 070

*Sigh* A doll up your nose is not a good look, Nico.

KilleenF01 072

KilleenF01 073

Another one done!

KilleenF01 075

KilleenF01 077

Cindy Lou moves on to Bianca. Being around the babies reminds CL how much she wants one of her own. Maybe one day soon...

KilleenF01 083

Why do I get the feeling of two evil geniuses plotting their next scheme when I see Gavin and Kira together?

KilleenF01 084

KilleenF01 085

KilleenF01 086

Man, I should have turned off the radio ages ago!

KilleenF01 088

Stop with the cuteness. Just stop.

KilleenF01 089

Gwyneth: Don't even THINK about it!

KilleenF01 091

Oh she's thinking about it.

KilleenF01 093

Gwyneth vs. Kira!

KilleenF01 095

KilleenF01 097

Oh, Oh, Gwyn is taking it back!

KilleenF01 099

But Kira's not giving up without a fight! Look at that face! She's determined!

KilleenF01 102

KilleenF01 107

The Winner: Kira Yomoshoto!


KilleenF01 111

KilleenF01 113

KilleenF01 114

KilleenF01 115

KilleenF01 116

Gwyneth can respect a woman that knows what she wants and will fight for it til the end. Kira would make an excellent Hand of The Queen.

KilleenF01 124


KilleenF01 125

KilleenF01 126

Chubbs finally learns how to talk!

KilleenF01 128

KilleenF01 129

KilleenF01 130

KilleenF01 135

KilleenF01 136

And Bianca learns too!

KilleenF01 138

The toddlers crawl out as the end of the day nears.

KilleenF01 144

After the kids leave Angie invites some of the girls out for a bachelorette party!

KilleenF01 143

KilleenF01 145

What? Selena's not coming?


KilleenF01 146

KilleenF01 149

The girls head out to...

KilleenF01 153

The Oceanside Country Club!

KilleenF01 155

KilleenF01 159

Cindy Lou is so excited to be at the fancy Oceanside Country Club for their bachelorette! She and Angie do a little slow dancing before heading inside.

KilleenF01 162

Driver Noelee Andrews and girlfriend Natural Scientist Yasmin Onnen flirt a little before the party begins.

KilleenF01 163

Artist Matisse Troubadour and Minka head inside to get away from all of this PDA.

KilleenF01 166

Vivian Landgraab, owner of the club, turns on the music in the Polo Lounge and sets the room up for the bachelorettes.

KilleenF01 168

Noelee: CL, this is a party not the book club! Put down your book, man!

KilleenF01 170

Angie's first stop -- you guessed it!

KilleenF01 174

They're even watching "Pirate Wolf" in Angie's honor!

KilleenF01 177

KilleenF01 178

Angie: *out the side of her mouth* Hurry up and slip me the drink before the wife shows up.
Cindy Lou: Yeah, I'm right behind you...
Angie: Dang it!

KilleenF01 182

Angie's having a great time.

KilleenF01 185

And her friends are too.

KilleenF01 186

Cindy Lou goes straight to the chess table and practices her moves. This is her idea of fun.

KilleenF01 187

Angie: This is the good stuff.

KilleenF01 192

Angie, being a good wife, sits down with Cindy Lou and challenges her to a game.

KilleenF01 193

Game face.

KilleenF01 194

Matisse grabs the rest of the girls for a game of poker.

KilleenF01 196

KilleenF01 197

KilleenF01 202

KilleenF01 203

Vivian: This is the lamest bachelorette ever. Mine was a million times better -- and I was pregnant!
One girl's fun is another girl's lame time. The brides are having a good time and that's all that matters, Negative Nancy!

KilleenF01 204

KilleenF01 208

Matisse wins the first hand!

KilleenF01 209

Kent Healey! What are you doing here?

KilleenF01 210

Kent: I heard you ladies were having a bachelorette! I'm your entertainment!

KilleenF01 211

Noelee: We don't have to give him money, do we?

KilleenF01 213

Sorry Kent. You're shaking it for the wrong crowd. Only two girls here would be interested and you're sleeping with one of them. She's already seen your goodies. Go sit down and look pretty.

KilleenF01 221

KilleenF01 223

KilleenF01 222

KilleenF01 227

See Viv, they had a good time.

KilleenF01 232

Before she leaves, Angie gives Yasmin the old lamp they found in the street. Maybe Yasmin could add it to the collection at the museum.

KilleenF01 244

The girls head downstairs and hit the buffet.

KilleenF01 246

Angie has asked Minka to be her maid of honor (again!) and Cindy Lou asked Yasmin to be hers. The pair go over their duties for tomorrow's wedding over dinner.

KilleenF01 248

KilleenF01 251

KilleenF01 254

Matisse lets Kent know that she appreciated his strip tease.

KilleenF01 258

It's time to go home...

KilleenF01 266

KilleenF01 270

KilleenF01 273

and get ready for the big day tomorrow!

Notes: Angie and Cindy Lou's Wedding Special will be in the next post.

I'm educating the toddlers in birth order (first born first down to last born). I'm starting out with learning how to talk and will move on to learn nursery rhyme and then walking. Potty training should really be done at home.

I was going to have Selena Firestone help Angie at the Day Care but Angie really wanted to spend more time with Cindy Lou (and I really didn't want Selena to be every kid's "cousin" in order to teach them their skills).

Cindy Lou has no friends :( Yasmin was the closest she has so she will be her maid of honor. Minka, of course, is Angie's highest relationship score.

Thank you for reading! ^.^ See you at the wedding!

Current Music: Love and Happiness by Al Green
Simlili: Trousse soubrettesimlili on April 14th, 2015 11:39 am (UTC)
Didn't someone already donate a lamp to the museum, I guess there's going to be a "room of the lamps"!

(Almost choked on my coffee when Kent made his big entrance XD)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 14th, 2015 02:57 pm (UTC)
Yep they did. This is my way of getting rid of the lamps because they're not allowed. There should totally be a lamp exhibit! With pictures of the Genie and some other ancient Genie-looking relics!

clericalrodentclericalrodent on April 14th, 2015 10:12 pm (UTC)
Oh, that 6 children want, though with the fertility rate of Oceanside that doesn't seem all that impossible. Or maybe she can adopt the kids whose parents died of exhaustion after giving birth so much.

My first thought when seeing Kent dance was that they should've hired Diego instead, but that would've probably been a bad idea.

Cindy Lou's really adorable, nice to see her becoming a playable.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 15th, 2015 01:45 am (UTC)

No! Not Diego!!!

They make such a cute couple. I love Cindy Lou.
Lisa's Adventures in Simminglisag45 on April 15th, 2015 04:52 am (UTC)
Kent! You silly thing- so not the get together for you to be shakin' your thing. ~snort~

I love how detailed your lots are- everything is so pretty and pulled together looking.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 15th, 2015 05:26 am (UTC)
One of Kent's traits is "not very bright". The bachelorette party is the perfect example of that :P

Aww, thank you so much ^.^