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13 April 2015 @ 11:54 pm
The Oceanside Project: Killeen Part 1  


"Love And Happiness" Part 1

Warnings: ultimate bottle smack-downs, an engagement, bad match-making, naked bums, and even more ridiculously cute toddlers.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: Killeen [Su01]

Wednesday, Day 10
"And Cindy Lou Makes Two"

KilleenF01 002

KilleenF01 005

Angie Killeen, Oceanside's super nanny and everyone's favorite sim, starts the season thinking about her dream girl, cashier Cindy Lou Larsen, over breakfast.

KilleenF01 010

Ang has to mentally prepare for today. She has 10 more toddlers enrolled in her little day care, bringing the total to a whopping 16 students! She's going to need some help, and fast!

KilleenF01 013

With the weather starting to change, Angie thought it best to put away the sun dress in favor of warmer threads.

KilleenF01 015

Watching her favorite movie "Pirate Wolf" before the tots arrive helps her calm down and not worry so much about how she will teach all of these students by herself. She asked the wannabe mayor, Malcolm Landgraab for an assistant but he just blew her off.

KilleenF01 017

KilleenF01 020

KilleenF01 019

As the students pour in Angie panics. She needs help! Luckily there was someone who was just a phone call away...

KilleenF01 021

Cindy Lou, also a Family sim, loves children and eagerly agreed to help Angie out for the day. Thank the Watcher.

KilleenF01 022

Cindy Lou gets to know cutie pie Eve Goodacre...

KilleenF01 023

while Angie picks up where she left off with Nico Firestone -- teaching him to talk.

KilleenF01 025

The other children make themselves busy finding things to do.

KilleenF01 027

Vin Firestone and Henry Lambswool play with the hand-carved wooden animals.

KilleenF01 032

A group of tots wiggle to the classical music playing on the stereo.

KilleenF01 033

Aria Mason-Troubadour and Kira Yomoshoto play quietly by themselves.

KilleenF01 035

Nico is finally getting the hang of it!

KilleenF01 037

At the creativity table Malcolm M. Landgraab colors while Bianca Lambswool plays with the blocks.

KilleenF01 039

Evie has taken a shine to Miss Cindy Lou.

KilleenF01 041

Gavin Biltmore huggles Mr. Bear Naked.

KilleenF01 043

Now that they're acquainted, Cindy Lou can teach Eve how to talk.

KilleenF01 045

KilleenF01 050

Nico is a stubborn one!

KilleenF01 054

Aiden Biltmore joins the girls to play with the scary rabbit head thingy.

KilleenF01 059

KilleenF01 060

*This is when I moved the toys from against the wall in order to get better pictures*

KilleenF01 065

Faith Goodacre is still a cutie patooty! So is dancing machine Cyan Troubadour-Bossanova!

KilleenF01 066

Shapes are hard, yo.

KilleenF01 072

Malcolm vs. Henry!

KilleenF01 075

KilleenF01 077

KilleenF01 078

The Winner: Henry Lambswool!

KilleenF01 079

Even though the other dancers have moved on Heath Biltmore and Antonio Lambswool keep on keeping on.

KilleenF01 084

KilleenF01 085

Good job, Nico!

KilleenF01 087

Angie then moves on to Cyan. I think she's upset because you stopped her from dancing.

KilleenF01 091

KilleenF01 092


KilleenF01 093

The day care Queen B, Gwyneth Landgraab, congratulates Henry on his win against her brother.

KilleenF01 095

KilleenF01 106

KilleenF01 107

KilleenF01 108

Eve is the second new talker of the day!

KilleenF01 112

And just like her sister before her...

KilleenF01 113

Faith is denied a huggle with the Queen.

KilleenF01 123

Kira is next on the list. Cindy Lou tickles her into submission.

KilleenF01 125

KilleenF01 135

The toddlers are starting to make their way into the nap room.

KilleenF01 145

KilleenF01 146

Yes, another one down!

KilleenF01 150

With that it's time to close for the day. Cindy Lou gives Angie a big kiss goodbye before leaving.

KilleenF01 152


Angie wishes that Cindy Lou would've stayed a bit longer :(

KilleenF01 156

As the kidlets pile out...

KilleenF01 157

Angie eats...

KilleenF01 162


KilleenF01 165

and takes a nap.

KilleenF01 169

It's still early when Angie wakes up. Hopefully she can call Cindy Lou and have her come over. Angie has been thinking of Cindy Lou non-stop. She thinks it's time to make it official!

KilleenF01 177

Cindy Lou barely has a chance to step through the door when...

KilleenF01 190

BAM! A diamond!

KilleenF01 192

KilleenF01 202

KilleenF01 209

They're engaged!! ^.^

KilleenF01 219

Angie and Cindy Lou celebrate their engagement -- by woohooing on the waiting room couch? Noooo!

KilleenF01 223

For some reason Cindy Lou forgot she was already in love with Angie! Huh?

KilleenF01 229

Since Cindy Lou has agreed to help out in the day care -- without earning a paycheck -- and they're engaged now, Angie asks her to move in.

KilleenF01 007

That's the most money an NPC has brought in! Way to go Angie!!

KilleenF01 016

Thursday, Day 11
"Double Date?"

KilleenF01 017

KilleenF01 023

OK, just stop being cute right now.

KilleenF01 027

Cindy Lou Larsen is a 7-0-7-3-8 Family/Knowledge Aquarius. Her LTW is to marry off 6 children (oh, God no. No more children!). She likes mechanical ladies that also know their way around a kitchen -- but please don't smell too bad. That's a big turn off for her. She has high interests in crime and travel but her biggest passion is tinkering. Cindy Lou's traits are bookworm, loves the cold, clumsy, conservative, and loves to swim.

KilleenF01 028

Cindy Lou also has a 7 cooking skill. She doesn't want to hurt Angie's feelings, but she would prefer to cook the meals from now on.

KilleenF01 030

KilleenF01 037

I'm sure Angie won't mind one bit. Those pancakes look delicious!

KilleenF01 041

KilleenF01 042

KilleenF01 045

After a quick clean up...

KilleenF01 048

Angie opens the day care. She picks up where Cindy Lou left off yesterday with her bestie's daughter Kira.

KilleenF01 050

KilleenF01 051

The dance party commences.

KilleenF01 052

KilleenF01 053

Cindy Lou is finally liberated from her apron and wears a brand new, super cute outfit!

KilleenF01 061

Cindy Lou grabs her next student, Aiden, and plays with him a bit before talking lessons.

KilleenF01 063

KilleenF01 065

KilleenF01 067

Cindy Lou is having a tough time getting through to Aiden. Looks like his twin, Gavin, wants to learn as well.

KilleenF01 070

KilleenF01 073

KilleenF01 074

Aria is back at those blocks again. You can do it, baby!

KilleenF01 077

KilleenF01 078

She might not be happy about it, but Kira is among the talking!

KilleenF01 080

Angie moves on to Gavin next.

KilleenF01 082

I... don't think that's how it works, Malcolm.

KilleenF01 086

KilleenF01 089

KilleenF01 090

Way to go Aria! I told you to keep trying!

KilleenF01 091

Aria: This block better go in there or I'm tearing up the place!

KilleenF01 096

Cyan drew a very sophisticated red bird!

KilleenF01 097

Eve: *wiggles*
Faith: *cries*
Gwyneth: I hate these Goodacre girls.

KilleenF01 100

The wall of art is steadily growing.

KilleenF01 101

Gwyneth vs. Eve!

KilleenF01 103

KilleenF01 105

The Winner: Eve Goodacre!
See, that's what you get for stealing the bottle from Eve before!

KilleenF01 107



KilleenF01 109

KilleenF01 110


KilleenF01 111

It's soon time for the munchkins to head home. Some don't look too happy to leave :(

KilleenF01 118

After work the duo tidy up the front and back lawns.

KilleenF01 122

Kira's mom, Minka Yomoshoto, stops by and is greeted by Angie. She and Minka are best friends and both are members of the Blue Hat Society.

KilleenF01 123

After watching the horrible fight that Minka got into over Diego Bossanova -- and their subsequent break-up -- Angie is hoping that Minka would be interested in meeting someone new. Angie really doesn't think Diego is good enough for Minka.

KilleenF01 124

Even though she's still broken-hearted over Diego, Minka is always down to meet a cute new guy.

KilleenF01 126

Well, here he is now! Angie is sure Minka and Rocky Kotsomiti will hit it off!
Oh Angie, we tried that already, remember?

KilleenF01 128

Minka's not so sure about her and Rocky, but Angie's a hard ass. Minka will give it a shot.

KilleenF01 127

Cindy Lou is upstairs cooking pork chops for dinner. She's excited to meet more of Angie's friends, especially since she has no friends of her own.

KilleenF01 133

Is it supposed to look like that? It is? Good job?

KilleenF01 135

Ang tries to sell Minka on Rocky.
Angie: ...and you know what's great about having a doctor for a girlfriend? FREE MEDICAL CARE! Huh? Huh? Am I right?

KilleenF01 136

Minka: This is so embarrassing...
I'm terribly sorry.

KilleenF01 137

Dinner is served.

KilleenF01 142

Knowing there's no way out of this set-up, Minka tries a bit of small talk with Rocky.
Minka: I hope the upcoming winter won't be too cold on the island.

KilleenF01 143

Rocky: Well, when you've been living in a dank, dark, rat infested cave -- as I have been before Vivian Landgraab mercifully let me rent her old house -- what's a little cold weather?

KilleenF01 144

Cindy Lou: ...
Angie: *chokes on food*

KilleenF01 146

Luckily the rest of dinner was not as awkward. Rocky regaled the ladies with tales of his morning hair routine and how they too could have luscious, flowing locks. OK, it was awkward.

KilleenF01 150

After Rocky leaves the table to watch EA Boxing, Angie tries to get a feel on how the night is going.
Angie: So what did you think?
Minka: Shhh, I'm trying to concentrate on getting the pinks to line up.

KilleenF01 152

Minka's not going to let on to Angie, but she actually thinks Rocky is pretty hot. My poor Minka. She has the WORST taste in men!

KilleenF01 157

Rocky surprises Minka with a gift! Minka put an ad in the paper that if any sim had the rare elixir, ReNuYu Porta-Chug, she would be happy to buy it off of them to sell in her clinic. Rocky had some and gave it to her... for free.

KilleenF01 161

Seeing that things are going well between Minka and Rocky, Angie and Cindy Lou decide to get romantic as well.

KilleenF01 166

The only problem -- Rocky seems more interested in watching them than talking to Minka!

KilleenF01 168

Tuesday Afternoon (2)

KilleenF01 170

It's all fun and games until someone steps on your foot.

KilleenF01 175

They say good night to their guests...

KilleenF01 180

and turn in for the night.

Part 2

Current Music: Love and Happiness by Al Green
Simlili: Cheezburgersimlili on April 14th, 2015 11:19 am (UTC)
Minka and Rocky... together... be still my heart...
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 14th, 2015 02:54 pm (UTC)
The oddest couple ever XD
Lisa's Adventures in Simminglisag45 on April 15th, 2015 04:30 am (UTC)
Malcolm vs. Henry!

So funny!!! Made me giggle.

I wouldn't want Angie's job- so many toddlers would be overwhelming!!! I'm glad Cindy Lou is good with the kids.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 15th, 2015 05:23 am (UTC)
LOL Thank you ^.^

Ooh, all of those kidlets! And there will be 10 more next season! They might need more help... a lot more help.