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12 April 2015 @ 08:42 pm
The Oceanside Project: Firestone Part 2  


"Furious 5" Part 2

Friday, Day 12
"The Birthday Party From Hell"

FirestoneF01 012

Oh dear.

FirestoneF01 010

What a way to start the day! Selena raced to the bathroom but just didn't make it in time.

FirestoneF01 014

FirestoneF01 017

Connor spends the last few moments of babyhood with Vin before he has to leave for work.

FirestoneF01 018

FirestoneF01 023

A very pregnant Selena cannot wait for the delicious fruit parfait Connor is preparing. She raids the fridge, scarfing down most of the leftovers and guzzling all of the milk!

FirestoneF01 032

And almost passes out... again.

FirestoneF01 034

FirestoneF01 039

Mmmmhmmm, pissing on yourself will do that.

FirestoneF01 042

Connor's really worried about Selena but he can't miss another day. At least Vin's transition party will start soon so there will be friends around to help her out.

FirestoneF01 044

FirestoneF01 046

Nico's already ready to party :D

FirestoneF01 047

After a long, hot bath...

FirestoneF01 056

Selena is ready to party as well.

FirestoneF01 057

FirestoneF01 060

Yowza! Look at all of the tots!

FirestoneF01 062

FirestoneF01 063

FirestoneF01 064

Tabitha Landgraab has taken over Nico's dance spot.

FirestoneF01 068

As the guests surround the cake Selena hopes no one find out about her accident from this morning.

FirestoneF01 072

Selena's brother, Diego Bossanova, is a little ticked off that his one night stand Brodie Mason came to his nephew's transition with her live-in love Kendrick Troubadour. Didn't that night they spent together mean something to her? Why is she still with him?

FirestoneF01 073

FirestoneF01 079

FirestoneF01 080

FirestoneF01 090

FirestoneF01 096

FirestoneF01 102

FirestoneF01 103

Gratz Vin!

FirestoneF01 105

Immediately following Vin's transition all hell breaks loose. Diego tried to come on to Brodie, hoping that their night together meant more to her then she's letting on. Instead Diego was stopped in his tracks.
Brodie: Don't touch me, Perv!!

FirestoneF01 107

Just as Diego tries to recover from the very public humiliation...

FirestoneF01 106

he forgets that his girlfriend, Minka Yomoshoto, is RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!

FirestoneF01 108

Minka has already gone through this with Kendrick. She never thought that Diego would do the exact same thing to her -- with the exact same girl! Minka is devastated and visibly upset.

FirestoneF01 116

A furious Minka slaps the crap out of Diego -- much to no one's surprise.
Minka: How could you cheat on me with that no good whore!
Kendrick: My name's Bennett and I'm not in it.

FirestoneF01 120

Oh, but Minka's not done...

FirestoneF01 122

Minka turns her anger towards home-wrecker Brodie.
Minka: *pokes violently* Who. The hell. Do. You. Think. You are?
Toddler Vin: Save me from the crazy ladies, Uncle Malcolm!

FirestoneF01 123

Brodie: *pokes back violently* I'm Brodie. Fuckin'. Mason. Who the fuck are you!? I can't help it if you can't keep a man!


FirestoneF01 125

FirestoneF01 126

FirestoneF01 127

It's on...

FirestoneF01 128

Kendrick finally jumps in to split the two girls up. Sexy slow dancing is just the thing to take Brodie's mind off of the unpleasantness -- and irk the hell out of Minka.

FirestoneF01 129

But it also caught the attention of someone else...
Diego: Excuse me Sis, I gotta regulate.

FirestoneF01 134

Uh-oh, you pissed someone off!


FirestoneF01 137

FirestoneF01 138

In his usual "Diego The Asshole" fashion, Diego slaps Brodie for dancing with her man! Vin looks on horrified!

FirestoneF01 143

Kendrick: My name's Paul and that's between y'all!

FirestoneF01 144

Brodie turns around and immediately starts laughing with Kendrick. Wait, was this planned? Was this Brodie's and Kendrick's way of getting back at Minka and Diego? So Brodie only slept with Diego to break-up him and Minka?!



FirestoneF01 150

Minka is even more upset after hearing Kendrick and Brodie giggle with each other at Diego's expense. Even though she's mad, she still loves her Diego. This time she doesn't poke Brodie, she slaps her!

FirestoneF01 155

And Brodie gives it right back to her!

FirestoneF01 158

Brodie walks away to try and cool down.
Brodie: Please help me to not have to kill somesim today.
Leave her alone Minka. Brodie is hardcore.

FirestoneF01 182

Diego was still seething about being slapped by Minka and being "betrayed" by Brodie. Afraid that he might start slapping Brodie around again his ex, Matisse Troubadour, walks over to try to cheer him up.

FirestoneF01 186

FirestoneF01 185

Dancing is Diego's passion. It's just what he needed to get him back in a better mood. He's lucky that after everything they've been through Matisse is still a good friend to him.

FirestoneF01 196

Vin finally gets him makeover, even though he's too tired to appreciate it!

FirestoneF01 199

Vin Diesel Firestone is a 3-4-10-4-6 Sagittarius with high interests in the paranormal, school, and entertainment. He really loves sports of any kind. Vin's a vehicle enthusiast like his Pa and nurturing like his Ma.
*And he's got those cheekbones too! Squeeee!*

FirestoneF01 202

Selena puts Vin to bed...

FirestoneF01 205

just as Connor arrives home from work.

FirestoneF01 206

With a promotion! Woot!

FirestoneF01 208

Brodie went to the hot tub to try to relax and forget about the stupidity of the day. She's a little ticked off with Kendrick for not having her back and letting her get slapped so many times. She knows he's behind her. She's just ignoring his ass.

FirestoneF01 212

Connor's not much for socializing, so he cleans up the house until the party is over.

FirestoneF01 225

FirestoneF01 226

FirestoneF01 227

More like infamy with that horrible party! At least it wasn't Selena's fault. It all started with Diego. Jerk.

FirestoneF01 231

FirestoneF01 236

After cleaning Connor works on the yard. He doesn't want those Garden Club thugs showing up and fining him.

FirestoneF01 238

FirestoneF01 239

FirestoneF01 240

After a long and rough day Selena tries to sneak in a nap before the new baby comes.

FirestoneF01 247

Vin comes outside to help his Dad with the bushes.

FirestoneF01 260

The labor pains wake Selena up. It's time!

FirestoneF01 271

It's another boy!

FirestoneF01 273

FirestoneF01 275


FirestoneF01 278

Roman Firestone has all of Selena's coloring -- black hair, dark brown eyes, and medium skintone -- and isn't a clone of Nico! Woot!

FirestoneF01 279

FirestoneF01 280

Because of the new arrival the second floor was remodeled. Two new rooms were created -- Roman's nursery and a playroom -- and the bathroom was enlarged. Selena kept her office but it was shrunk down a bit and an upper deck was built.

FirestoneF01 283

Connor holds his new baby boy for the first time. Secretly Connor wishes for all boys. He doesn't want to have to go to jail for killing some fool once his daughter starts dating.

FirestoneF01 290


FirestoneF01 295

Connor introduces Roman to his new room...

FirestoneF01 298

FirestoneF01 300

and potty trains Vin.

FirestoneF01 303

FirestoneF01 308

Vin found a nice, clean puddle to splash around in. Already smarter than his older brother!

FirestoneF01 312

Saturday, Day 13
"I Don't Give A Damn 'Bout My Bad Review"

FirestoneF01 001

FirestoneF01 005

FirestoneF01 009

FirestoneF01 014

FirestoneF01 019

FirestoneF01 021

FirestoneF01 022

FirestoneF01 023

Even though Selena is back down to her pre-baby weight she still acts like she's eating for two.

FirestoneF01 025

FirestoneF01 034

Since it's Connor's day off he convinces Selena to have a quickie before stopping by the garage.

FirestoneF01 042

Then it's back to eating.

FirestoneF01 046

FirestoneF01 048

Connor cleans up the left-over party mess...

FirestoneF01 053

and walks over to Oceanside Customs.

FirestoneF01 055

FirestoneF01 056

FirestoneF01 058

FirestoneF01 059

Connor changes into his cool work overalls and opens the shop for the day.

FirestoneF01 064

Buster is being a buster and giving Connor a hard time.

FirestoneF01 066

The first customer of the day is Garden Clubber Bruce Jelleff. Bruce works as a server across the street at the Crimson Crab.

FirestoneF01 069

Connor's second customer is Oceanside Today's business reviewer Beckett Graham.

FirestoneF01 072

And lastly the vainglorious Rocky Kotsomiti!


FirestoneF01 073

Rocky seems interested in the RC helicopter.

FirestoneF01 074

Bruce has his eye on the RC cars and Beckett... well he doesn't like anything. He keeps shaking his head and writing in his notebook.

FirestoneF01 079

There's nothing over here to judge except the super cool sofa that looks like the front of a car! Don't tell me you don't think that's cool?

FirestoneF01 081


He was literally there for like two minutes. He didn't have any time to judge anything. Hmph!

FirestoneF01 083

Bruce and Rocky are happy customers.

FirestoneF01 092

FirestoneF01 094

Connor takes a quick shower...

FirestoneF01 095

while seamstress Dawn Lambswool...

FirestoneF01 096

and farmer priest Becca Goodacre stop by.

FirestoneF01 103

Dawn grabs a snack and sits in the sofa that drove Beckett over the edge. Like he's the epitome of good taste. *hmph*

FirestoneF01 106

Becca's upstairs and needs help locating the RC cars. Hint: they're right behind you.

FirestoneF01 110

Connor's getting sleepy so he grabs a cup of coffee.

FirestoneF01 114

But really he just wants to sit next to Dawn. He thinks she's pretty hot! I better keep my eyes on them.

FirestoneF01 119

Connor finally helps Becca find her toy car.

FirestoneF01 124

FirestoneF01 125

FirestoneF01 129

FirestoneF01 130

Take that Beckett Graham!

FirestoneF01 131

The only way an auto mechanic is going to make it is with positive word of mouth.

FirestoneF01 132

Connor returns to Buster while the ladies shop.

FirestoneF01 135

Lookin' good!

FirestoneF01 138

FirestoneF01 139

He rings up Becca...

FirestoneF01 145

and whistles at Dawn before ringing her up.

FirestoneF01 154

Then it's closing time.

FirestoneF01 158

He restocks...

FirestoneF01 162

and goes home.

Back at the house...

FirestoneF01 167

Selena finishes the yard work.

FirestoneF01 170

Nico discovers the new creativity table in the playroom (Vin's birthday present).

FirestoneF01 176

FirestoneF01 180

Then she reads to Nico one of the stories out of "The Mysterious Mr. Gnome" children's book series.
Selena: *reads* Denim Coveralls was a bear that lived in the toy store in SimCity. Day after day he waited for somesim to come along and take him home..."

FirestoneF01 189

Selena heard the doorbell ring and peeked out to see who it was. It was Minka stopping by to apologize to Selena for her horrible behavior yesterday at Vin's transition party.

FirestoneF01 191

Of course Selena forgives her bestie. She's so sorry that her and her brother are broken up. Selena really hoped that they could be sisters-in-law one day.

FirestoneF01 199

Selena heads inside to make comfort soup -- but secretly she called Diego over and invited him to dinner. She hopes that if the two of them are alone they can talk things out.

FirestoneF01 210

Some people, however, can hold a grudge forever.

FirestoneF01 220

Minka, seeing Diego outside talking to Angie, storms out and confronts Diego about cheating on her.

FirestoneF01 222

Diego is still upset that Minka slapped him and didn't give him a chance to explain.

FirestoneF01 224

FirestoneF01 225

It looks like Selena's plan backfired big time. Diego fell out of love with Minka.

FirestoneF01 226

Angie: I think you better go in there and check on Minka and your brother. They're poking each other again.
Selena: *continues shoving food in her mouth*

FirestoneF01 228

Minka and Diego have an eerily silent dinner.

FirestoneF01 241

FirestoneF01 243

Selena avoids the feuding couple by taking care of Roman upstairs out of harm's way.

FirestoneF01 247

After dinner Diego dances his pain away.

FirestoneF01 249

Minka may still be mad at Diego but she cannot resist his shaking booty.

FirestoneF01 252

Connor returns home and is shocked to see Minka and Diego there. He's even more shocked that they haven't killed each other yet.

FirestoneF01 254

FirestoneF01 257

The charm of Diego's booty must have worked. Minka takes it upon herself to apologize to Diego!

FirestoneF01 259

FirestoneF01 261

FirestoneF01 264

After some smooth talking Diego accepts Minka's apology. He cheated on you, got caught flirting with another woman, and you're the one that has to apologize? What kind of mojo does Diego have?

FirestoneF01 269

Diego forgives, but he never forgets...

FirestoneF01 272

Selena's plan worked after all! Time for celebratory woohoo!

Thank you for reading! ^.^

Credits: Rowena the Cat Burglar's outfit by SynapticSims (may require log in).

Current Music: Oh Serena by The Distillers
Lisa's Adventures in Simminglisag45 on April 13th, 2015 10:45 pm (UTC)
Holy Moly! So many toddlers! You are going to need a load more houses when they all grow up. ~chuckle~ How many kids are you going to let each family have before you say "No More for You!"

The fighting... shame on them for ruining a birthday party like that!
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 13th, 2015 11:08 pm (UTC)
I know, I don't know what I'm going to do! Selena wants 6 kids so I'm going to let her try. The Goodacres want 10 kids so I'm going to let them try. Anyone else who gets pregnant it will be a mistake, lol. There's just too many of them! I've lost control! I blame the twinpocalypse.