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12 April 2015 @ 08:36 pm
The Oceanside Project: Firestone Part 1  


"Furious 5" Part 1

Warnings: stinky sims, domestic violence, cat fights, and the birthday party from hell.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: Firestone [Sp01] [Sp01] [WS01] [Su01]

Wednesday, Day 10
"Daddy's Got To Go To Work"

FirestoneF01 029

FirestoneF01 030

Connor Firestone, Oceanside's auto mechanic and official gearhead, begins the day taking care of eldest son Nico while his wife sleeps.

FirestoneF01 031

FirestoneF01 034

Since his cousin Cyan is already potty trained, Nico is feeling the pressure to also master the potty.
*Those cheekbones, though!*

FirestoneF01 037

I see what else he takes from his cousin!

FirestoneF01 039

FirestoneF01 040

Connor's ride is here but what he really wants is to stay home and help Selena with the boys (and maybe fool around a bit).

FirestoneF01 043

But with only one paycheck coming in Connor, reluctantly, has to go to the garage.

FirestoneF01 050

Selena, town educator, also reluctantly awakens. She would rather stay in bed all day but there is plenty of work to be done.

FirestoneF01 055

And food to be eaten.

FirestoneF01 057

Oceanside's Nanny Angie Killeen stops by to check in on Selena and the boys.

FirestoneF01 063

After a quick chat...

FirestoneF01 073

Selena convinces Angie to help her watch the boys. First job -- to bathe Nico...

FirestoneF01 079

while she takes a shower.

FirestoneF01 074

The Firestone's other child Vin is deeply neglected but still alive.

FirestoneF01 082

FirestoneF01 083

Here is where I decide to break my rules... again. It makes more sense to me that Selena start the Education career now so that she has a chance of reaching Elementary School Teacher before the kids are Elementary School age? I don't know. Whatever. She's a Playground Monitor now.

FirestoneF01 089

FirestoneF01 092

Selena also becomes the owner of the two other school buildings in Oceanside: The Athletic Complex and The Aquatic Complex. This is where the kids will have their basketball and swim team games/meets and practices.

FirestoneF01 096

Poor Nico passed out on the way to potty training. All of the stress to be the best is getting to him.

FirestoneF01 097

FirestoneF01 100

Selena makes comfort soup for dinner with the remaining provisions.

FirestoneF01 103

FirestoneF01 104

Daddy's home with a promotion!

FirestoneF01 110

Luckily for Vin. Everyone else kind of forgot about him -- but not his Daddy.

FirestoneF01 112

FirestoneF01 114

Malcolm Landgraab X, mayoral hopeful and town moneybags, kind of invited himself over for dinner. That's OK, he and Connor are best buds. He's welcome anytime.

FirestoneF01 119

After tucking Vin in...

FirestoneF01 123

Connor heads outside to his new ocean-themed chess table. He needs to be more logical in order to further his career.

FirestoneF01 124

FirestoneF01 126

FirestoneF01 127

This new guy, Kent Healey, keeps calling to talk to Connor. For some reason he's real intent on becoming friends with him. Selena lets Kent know Connor's busy playing chess and he'll call him back... maybe.

FirestoneF01 129

FirestoneF01 131

Just as Selena begins to sit and watch a movie with Malcolm -- *pop* #1!
Malcolm: I'll just move to this other sofa so the pregnancy cooties don't get on me.

FirestoneF01 132

FirestoneF01 137

FirestoneF01 139

Sorry Nico, your parents just aren't as conscientious as Cyan's when it comes to getting you to the potty on time.

FirestoneF01 141

Kent was tired of waiting by the phone so he pops by. Selena, seeing him through the window, doesn't invite him in. Kent kind of gets on her nerves.

FirestoneF01 143

FirestoneF01 144

Selena then goes to bed...

FirestoneF01 149

and the guests hit the hot tub.

FirestoneF01 147

FirestoneF01 150

Woot! Connor earns his logic point...

FirestoneF01 153

and slips into bed with his wife. No time for resting, however...

FirestoneF01 154

Vin is making up for all of the time he was ignored today.

FirestoneF01 159

FirestoneF01 160

With the toddler boom happening in Oceanside Angie broaches the subject of hiring a helper at the Day Care. She can't afford to pay an employee herself, but hopes the government will pay for the extra help. Malcolm doesn't agree.
Malcolm: We can't afford to pay for another Nanny, Angie. I have faith that you can take care of the tots all by yourself!
Angie: *Not amused*

FirestoneF01 163

FirestoneF01 164

One day you're going to electrocute yourself with that thing, kiddo!

FirestoneF01 168

See, you broke it! Bad Nico!

FirestoneF01 171

Angie really should be Assistant Mayor -- if Malcolm ever reaches it. She always wants to discuss the important issues in Oceanside with Malcolm, like what they should do to catch the Oceanside Cat Burglar.

FirestoneF01 175

Selena plays a quick game of peek-a-boo with Nico...

FirestoneF01 181

then kicks out her guests. That means you too, Hortense the Hyena!

FirestoneF01 184

Thursday, Day 11
"The Cat Burglar Returns"

FirestoneF01 009

FirestoneF01 008

FirestoneF01 011

First thing Connor warms up leftover comfort soup for breakfast.

FirestoneF01 012

FirestoneF01 015

Selena's growling tummy wakes her right up. She's in pretty dire straits in the needs department.

FirestoneF01 016

FirestoneF01 018

Shush you. We'll get Malcolm back as a friend in no time.

FirestoneF01 020

After breakfast Selena rushes to the bathroom...

FirestoneF01 022

and promptly passes out... standing up... again.

FirestoneF01 024

FirestoneF01 025

With Selena passing out and almost dying of hunger, Connor is left taking care of the boys, even though his ride for work is here.

FirestoneF01 031

So he does the only logical thing he can do...

FirestoneF01 036

call in sick.

FirestoneF01 037

FirestoneF01 038

FirestoneF01 041

With Selena and Nico in bed and Vin playing in the living room, Connor gets a chance to work on convincing customers that they need more work done to their cars than is necessary.

FirestoneF01 047

FirestoneF01 049

FirestoneF01 052

Today's potty training isn't going as well as Connor thought it would.

FirestoneF01 055

But after a quick change...

FirestoneF01 056

he tries again.

FirestoneF01 057

Hey, don't blame me. You're the one that wanted to stay home!

FirestoneF01 060

FirestoneF01 066

As Connor heads outside to work on Ol' Bessie he catches Kent on the lawn and chats with him a bit. Kent seems like a decent guy to him. Even though Sadie Biltmore has told him rumors about Kent being a bubble head, he doesn't see it.

FirestoneF01 073

Bessie is the car Connor will keep for himself and not sell at his garage, Oceanside Customs. He's really taking his time with this one -- adding all of the bells and whistles so he has the fastest car in Oceanside.

FirestoneF01 075

Maybe one day he will pass it down to his eldest child ^.^

FirestoneF01 076

FirestoneF01 079

Selena's foul mood is giving her bad dreams. She has a fear that something bad will happen to Connor and she'll be left without the love of her life.

FirestoneF01 084

The engine's finished! Now he just needs to work on the body.

FirestoneF01 086

Time to take a hot bath, try to relax, and forget about those horrible nightmares.

FirestoneF01 088

FirestoneF01 095

FirestoneF01 099

FirestoneF01 101

Connor begins fixing the little robot that Nico shorted out. Good thing your Dad has all of those mechanical skills.

FirestoneF01 102

FirestoneF01 104

*Pop #2*

FirestoneF01 105

Since the fridge is empty and Selena's finally in good enough spirits to want to watch her children, Connor leaves for Goodacre's to pick up groceries.

FirestoneF01 108

FirestoneF01 110

Owner Owen Goodacre is restocking some funny-looking items there.
*Whoops, I deleted some of the laundry items that I had duplicates of. Just ignore the blue glowy vases for the rest of the visit :P*

FirestoneF01 114

The usual grocery shoppers -- Garden Clubbers Tiara Hough and Heaven Gallo -- are perusing the fresh fish.

FirestoneF01 116

Connor is ready to bring his produce to the register -- wait, who's that materializing on the corner?


*Gasp* It's Rowena De Hommel the Oceanside Cat Burglar!
Rowena: Meow, dahling!
*Couldn't resist putting her in the Catwoman costume. SorryNotSorry*

FirestoneF01 119

What's she doing here? She's not going to steal all of Owen's produce is she?!

FirestoneF01 128

FirestoneF01 129

After being rung up Connor notices a strangely dressed woman in the corner. He wonders if she's the infamous cat burglar he's been hearing so much of in the newspaper.
Connor: Does no one else see this chick dressed up like a cat?

FirestoneF01 136

Connor takes it upon himself to investigate.
Connor: You wouldn't happen to be the burglar that everyone in town is talking about, would you?

FirestoneF01 138

Rowena: Of course not, dahling. I'm just as concerned as you are. I hope they find that dastardly cat burglar. I hear she's just dreadful!

FirestoneF01 143

Rowena: I have faith that they will bring her to justice, dahling. Then maybe we can all go back to business as usual, hmmm?

FirestoneF01 146

Confident that he did not just meet Oceanside's most wanted criminal, Connor returns home.

Back at home...

FirestoneF01 149

FirestoneF01 153

Kent is still here creeping Selena out.

FirestoneF01 160

Connor and his groceries are just in time...

FirestoneF01 164

Selena's hangry! Time to make good ol' shrimp gumbo!

FirestoneF01 166

FirestoneF01 168

FirestoneF01 173

Oh, Selena!

FirestoneF01 174

FirestoneF01 178


FirestoneF01 187

Even though Selena burned dinner she still scarfs it down like it was her last meal. Kent thinks the shrimp gumbo smells a little off. Maybe Connor didn't buy the freshest shrimp at the market.

FirestoneF01 192

Connor turns in for the night. After staying home today he definitely has to go to the garage tomorrow, even though he'll miss Vin's transition -- which he's totally bummed about.

FirestoneF01 196

For some reason Nico always waits until he's got a soiled diaper to dance in front of the stereo.

FirestoneF01 198

FirestoneF01 002

Selena takes care of the wee ones...

FirestoneF01 008

Before turning in too.

Part 2

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Simlili: Cheezburgersimlili on April 13th, 2015 03:00 pm (UTC)
Oh, Rowena XD
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 13th, 2015 04:56 pm (UTC)
Lisa's Adventures in Simminglisag45 on April 13th, 2015 10:47 pm (UTC)
"Malcolm: I'll just move to this other sofa so the pregnancy cooties don't get on me."

darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 13th, 2015 11:09 pm (UTC)
Yes, no more! Please! LOL