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21 July 2012 @ 11:55 pm
The Oceanside Project: Biltmore  

After a week at Comic-Con, my parents visiting from out of state, my son's 8th birthday, and upgrading my computer to Windows 7, The Oceanside Project is back: now with more sims in their chonies!

"Somebody Loves Fitz"

Warnings: woohoo, peeping, fury, Sadie Winchester.

Day One:

Fitz Biltmore has had a tough time in Oceanside. As the only resident with a "job" Fitz has been busy building all of the homes and businesses on the island. He doesn't really have time to socialize and when he does, no one really wants to hear anything he has to say. Poor Fitz is the nerdy loner of the neighborhood. Thankfully he has his books to keep him company.

Having the day off, Fitz spends his first morning watching the stories.

Fitz finds his passion for film and literature.

He makes himself a nice bowl of Simmy O's in his lovely industrial-styled kitchen. And just as he's about to sit down to breakfast...

The porch catches on fire!

My weak little Fitz valiantly puts out the fire before any real damage is caused, but he's visibly shaken and upset!
Note: I didn't count Malcolm's fire because nothing bad would have happened but I'm counting this one! Again, it's the porch! Everyone could have died! Fitz was terrified!

He takes a hot bath to wash away all of the soot and ash.

Then Fitz, showing his superior intellect, decides to spend his time splashing in puddles and soaking in the hot tub... during a lightning storm... >.>

Everyone hates Fitz so much that when the pop-up for "Do you want the welcome wagon to come?" and I said "yes" NO ONE showed up! I quickly became bored to tears with Fitz so I cheated and magically Sadie Winchester is teleported* to the house. Sadie and Fitz are the only two people in Oceanside without significant others. Hopefully they can be each others.
*I love that The Sim Blender can change into all kinds of things. Today it is a rose bush.

Fitz: Hi Sadie.
Sadie: Omygosh Fitz, I was sitting at home doing nothing then *bam* I'm here in your front yard. Isn't that totes weird? Gee it's raining! I just love the rain, don't you. Rain is sooo important because it makes the plants grow, ya know. But wow, there is sooo much rain here in Oceanside. I'm washing my hair like every day because it gets so full of rain. It's sooo crazy. And it's totes hard to surf in the rain. I keep falling off of my surfboard. How's a girl supposed to gain any body skill in this place? Huh? Huh?

Fitz starts thinking that maybe he should find someone else to be involved with.

Wait... what? All this time you two have been avoiding each other and not really talking to each other and you had three bolts? Jeez! Woohoo already and get it over with! What's your problem?

Maybe this is why.
Fitz: Waaaah! I'm not learning anything! Instead I'm talking to vapid blondes that can bench press a truck. I don't even want a girlfriend. Waaaaah!
Sadie: Aww he's so cute when he cries like a girl.
Suck it up Fitz. Be sociable!

Begrudgingly Fitz makes the famous lunch meat sandwiches for his guest.

And whom might this lovely pink shirted chap be?

This would be Rocky Kotsomiti, Garden Club member. He's one of the sims that the founders don't remember being in the spaceship with them. Apparently he started a Garden Club. Wow, lovely.

Anti-socialite Fitz doesn't care about Rocky nor his Garden Club. He ignores the ringing of the doorbell to have an awkward lunch with Sadie.

And then the lovely Calista Beeching, fortune teller/ matchmaker/ apparent wig wearer, shows up as well. Maybe she's trying to tell Fitz that Sadie is not the girl for him. She is also ignored by Fitz.

Sadie retreats to the hot tub. Fitz finally shows some kind of interest in Sadie. Maybe it was the bikini top and board shorts combo that finally did it for him.

Sadie: And when I finally become a police officer, I'm going to put all of the criminals away! You're going to have to make a big jail to hold all of the people I arrest. I'm going to be the best officer ever! Oooh and can I have a pink office? Pink is my favorite color. My house is pink. But then you know that because you built it and painted it. I love my house it's like a dollhouse. And I'm like a doll! Omygosh that's too much. Right? Right?
Quick, find a way to shut her up, Fitz!

Fitz knows the way to her heart (and to stop her from talking) tickling!

And a back rub!

He then bids Sadie good night...

Because tomorrow he has a long day of work.

Day Two:

Fitz wakes up with not a lot of time before he has to be at work. He quickly makes himself some oatmeal...

And has a lovely breakfast on his side porch.

Then it's time to dash off and build more buildings. Dawn Lambswool is especially bitching about her clothing store not being done yet. Everyone wants their businesses ready before summer starts. Fitz has a lot of work ahead of him.

Even though he had a lovely night with Sadie, he was feeling a bit blue the next day after work. He really felt like he needed to hang out with someone. Sadie was pretty and she liked to talk so he really didn't have to do anything but listen. Fitz decided he would officially ask Sadie Winchester on a date.

Unfortunately she said yes.

After a quick shower to get rid of the grime and sawdust of the day (really Fitz, you're showing outside at the beach clean-up shower?)...

Fitz starts crying... again. Oh come on, I'm going to let you do knowledgey stuff. Don't be a baby.

Sadie arrives and starts talking about stuff that Fitz actually likes. This time it's not just listen-to-Sadie-yammer-on all night. Fitz starts having a good time and loosens up.


Fitz and Sadie talk, flirt, admire and entertain each other the rest of the afternoon. Sadie finally gets her wish for some romance as she and Fitz slow dance while the sun sets.

Fitz steals his first kiss from Sadie.

They move to the hot tub where they cuddle, kiss, and backrub to besties.

Soon the date is over. I think you've won Sadie over, Fitz! But Sadie doesn't leave just yet...

Day Three:

After her "Dream Date," Sadie leaves a full bouquet at the front door.

Fitz wakes up with only one thing on his mind.

Fitz places his new bouquet at his favorite dining table on the patio, makes himself some breakfast and does some chores around the house.

Wanting to survey the land, Fitz breaks out his telescope on his upper porch. Instead of trees and wildlife, however, Fitz spies on Owen Goodacre in his barn. Even though he's highly embarrassed at what he sees, he can't stop watching Owen. This goes on for hours.

And then this happened. Minka, somehow, knows that Fitz woohooed Sadie, AND SHE'S SAD ABOUT IT!? You had your chance, Miss Minka. I thought you and Fitz were perfect for each other, but NOOOOO. You had to go for Kendrick Troubadour. Now you don't want him, huh, because he danced all crazy at Malcolm's party. TOO BAD LADY. (But she looks so sad, I can't stand it. Minka!!)

Fitz stops peeping at Owen long enough to answer the phone.
Fitz: Oh hey Kendrick, what's going on?

Fitz: Oh, you heard I had my first woohoo? Who told you that? Minka Yomoshoto? How did she find out? What? Sadie has a banner outside of her house that says 'Fitz Biltmore Woohooed Me?' Um.. really? Ok...

Fitz: Hey can I call you back? Owen just came over. I thought the door was locked but...

Owen: What the hell do you think you're doing spying on me? What a man does in the privacy of his own barn is his business... no one else's. Ya hear me? I own a butcher knife and I know how to use it!

Owen: Goddamn pervert. I don't know what Sadie Winchester sees in ya anyway.


Fitz decides to lay down for a nap when his phone rings again...

Fitz: Oh... hey... Sadie...

Fitz: Did you really tell everyone we had woohoo? But I thought you didn't have any friends? Um... ok...
Poor Fitz. You're in love with a psycho.

Fitz can't sleep so he decides to read instead. This was the worst day off he's ever had...

Day Four:

Another day, another simoleon.

*BAM* a promotion! Maybe today will be better than yesterday.

After some much needed sleep Fitz decides to call Sadie. They really need to talk about everything that's going on. He's in love with her, but he also thinks she's pretty strange.

Minka: He's on the phone with her, right now. I can hear him...

Sadie shows up and Fitz is immediately reminded how hot she is.

"The Talk" wasn't really necessary. Sadie might be crazy and have a big mouth, but she's his crazy lady and he loves her.

Day Five:

After their date, Crazy Sadie drops off more flowers to her man.

What. What. What? I didn't hear baby chimes! I hope you're just thinking about having a baby, Sadie Winchester!

Fitz, oblivious to the heart attack I almost had, is ready to tackle another day building Oceanside.

After work, I decide that Fitz needs a break from Sadie (honestly, I need a break from Sadie) and I have him tidy up the lawn.

But look who the fuck stops by. ladkjfkdflsfkjd!!!!

Why is Sadie in her chonies on your couch, Fitz?

Fitz: I don't know, but I like what I see!
Oh for Plumbob's sake!

I give up. You two can have each other. Let's leave the crazy couple alone.

Thank you for reading!

Notes: If you read the Landgraab update, you can probably tell that Fitz's condo is exactly the same as Malcolm's. All of the founders' condos have the same layout. The interior is changed to meet their needs and personality. This is why their condos are FREE! The only exception, of course, is the Goodacre farm.

Fitz never rolled the want to marry Sadie, but Sadie rolled the want during their first date. She really likes Fitz. She's a strong woman. I can totally see her asking him to marry her and not waiting for him to ask her. We'll have to wait and see what happens when I get to her house!

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Sims Over Sleepsimsoversleep on July 23rd, 2012 09:40 am (UTC)
Aw, Fitz - he looks so cute in the yellow hardhat!

I like the outdoor shower on the porch, it definitely gives his house a seasidey feel :)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 23rd, 2012 07:10 pm (UTC)
I know! He's such a cute little construction worker =)

I imagine they use the shower to wash off the sand from the beach before they enter the house. Unfortunately, of the two houses I've played so far, no one wants to play on the beach!
Simlilisimlili on April 14th, 2013 09:10 pm (UTC)
But Sadie seems so fun, what don't you like her? The one annoying thing could be their chemistry, three bolters are so boring.
(In awe of the beautiful houses and landscape, as usual!)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 16th, 2013 04:54 am (UTC)
I like Sadie but she's SOOOO stalkery. And then she never wants to talk to the people she stalks!

Thank you ^.^
(Deleted comment)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on February 26th, 2014 06:54 pm (UTC)
Who knew shy little Fitz would be Oceanside's Most Wanted Bachelor! I'm glad you liked it!!
braxenbraxen on April 28th, 2014 04:47 pm (UTC)
Three bolts, who would have thought!!

I love the way you decorate their homes. You have no idea how many ideas I'm gonna steal. ;)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 28th, 2014 11:42 pm (UTC)
Steal away! I can't wait to see what you do!