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12 March 2015 @ 02:03 pm
The Oceanside Project: Troubadour-Healey Part 1  


"The New Bohemians" Part 1

Warnings: pot, karma, nudity, gossip girls, possessed children, vandalism, and unbelievable cuteness.

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Wednesday, Day 10
"Pots & Playdates"

TroubadourF01 001

TroubadourF01 007

The newest resident of 17 Oceanside Blvd., arts & crafts aficionado Kent Healey, is up with the chickens crafting his... craft. Kent's passion is pot -- pottery, that is -- and he hopes Oceanside will allow him to open a store full of pot on the island.

While he's hard at work let me give you his stats. Kent is a 5-8-6-3-3 Popularity/Pleasure Aries. He likes hard-working ladies that wear glasses but doesn't want to see them in their swimwear. He has high interests in work, weather, and money. His true passion, of course, is arts & crafts with a maxed enthusiasm in it and maxed creativity. His dream in life is to own five top level businesses. His traits are not very bright, easily impressed, social butterfly, good sense of humor, and vegetarian.

TroubadourF01 010

TroubadourF01 011

Wowza that's huge! Kent hopes to have at least two of every pottery item available to sell before he opens shop.

TroubadourF01 014

TroubadourF01 015

TroubadourF01 017

Kent isn't alone, of course. He's "watching" his girlfriend's daughter Cyan Troubadour-Bossanova while her mother sleeps. Cyan hasn't learned any skills yet but does she really need them with a beautiful face like that? She does? Awww...

TroubadourF01 019

TroubadourF01 020

TroubadourF01 024

TroubadourF01 031

All of that pot has given Kent the munchies. Leftover mac & cheese hits the spot.

TroubadourF01 033

TroubadourF01 036

Then it's potty training time...

TroubadourF01 040

TroubadourF01 042

and nap time.

TroubadourF01 043

Matisse Troubadour -- artist, lawyer, free love advocate -- finally awakens from her deep slumber. The condo is still ransacked from Cyan's birthday party so some cleaning is in order.

TroubadourF01 047

TroubadourF01 050

Then she's off to an exciting day of clerking files in the law profession. Matisse doesn't really care about law. She's just bidding time until she maxes her arts & crafts enthusiasm and can enter the artist career full time.

TroubadourF01 056

Garden Clubber Bruce Jelleff stops by to take a peek at Matisse's yard. Everyone in Oceanside needs to be up to the GC's standards or they're getting fined! Or is he here for another reason...

TroubadourF01 057

While Kent continues cleaning...

TroubadourF01 060

Miss Cyan is screaming for release!
*It's funny how some toddlers are able to get out of the crib themselves and some aren't. I use Inge's crib get out mod but still not EVERY toddler can do it in my hood.*

TroubadourF01 062

Kent is really happy to be a step-dad. He loves taking care of Cyan and spending time with her. Much the opposite of the Minka and Achilles tragedy.

TroubadourF01 069

Cyan loves the handmade bear? doll? monkey? that Kent made for her using scraps around his old cave. She's named her Mrs. Crumplebear and gives her lots of love.

TroubadourF01 072

Cyan also loves her drawing table. Matisse is so impressed with her doodles that she wants to display them in the art gallery she hopes to open.

TroubadourF01 073

TroubadourF01 078

TroubadourF01 080

Matisse is so damn tired of this lady! Let's find her another lawyer... even if there aren't any other lawyers in Oceanside... >.>

TroubadourF01 081


TroubadourF01 085

TroubadourF01 092

You know what Matisse, maybe Law isn't the profession for you. You and that Mr. Vanderseaux have been butting heads since you started.

TroubadourF01 097

Even yummy fruit parfait couldn't cheer her up.

TroubadourF01 100

TroubadourF01 098

So she called up her BFF Vivian Landgraab and invited her and her daughter Gwyneth over for a playdate.

TroubadourF01 103

When they arrive Gwyn heads straight for the magical leaf pile...

TroubadourF01 104

and Viv comforts her unemployed friend.

TroubadourF01 106

Matisse, desperately hoping this won't become a pity-fest, changes the subject to Viv's husband Malcolm Landgraab X.
Matisse: OMWatcher ever since Malcolm was electrocuted...

TroubadourF01 107

Matisse: ...he's been running around here thinking he's The Flash!
Vivian: Well he has been pretty "speedy" in the bedroom lately. *giggle-snort*

Can you ladies pretend to be nice... for once...

TroubadourF01 109

Matisse: *rolls eyes* Here comes Sadie Biltmore. Let's go inside before she waves at us.
Guess not.

TroubadourF01 112

Cyan hurries over to cuddle with Gwyn. The duo are Oceanside's first toddler BFFs!

TroubadourF01 114

Then Cyan corners Sadie to be picked up. Luckily Sadie likes children -- of all types.

TroubadourF01 116

Well, well, well. Look who happens to be stopping by! It's Cyan's dad, Diego Bossanova. Did he come over to spend time with his daughter... finally?

TroubadourF01 121

Matisse hopes he hasn't already heard of her firing. It is a small town and news travels fast after all. Just because she isn't a lawyer anymore doesn't mean she still won't sue him for child support.

TroubadourF01 122

But how can she sue Diego? He's so unbelievably hawt!

TroubadourF01 123

Sadie: Yeah, I totally don't get it either. Your parents are weird, Kid.

TroubadourF01 125

Matisse wrangles Cyan away from Sadie for potty training. Got to get Cyan in a good mood if she's going to spend time with Daddy.

TroubadourF01 127

TroubadourF01 128

TroubadourF01 134

However, as soon as she's done with the potty, Cyan falls into a deep nap.

TroubadourF01 135

TroubadourF01 137

Kent wakes up from his nap starving. Since everyone is over he decides to make the island specialty -- shrimp gumbo.

TroubadourF01 138

Minka Yomoshoto, town doctor and Matisse's next door neighbor, happened to peek outside in time to see Matisse fawning all over Diego. Worried that they were planning on getting back together, Minka made a bee-line to Matisse's door to investigate. Minka finally has Diego all to herself. She's not going to let Matisse take him away from her again.

TroubadourF01 139

Little does she know...

TroubadourF01 145

While dinner is served in the dining room...

TroubadourF01 147

woohoo is served in the hot tub.

TroubadourF01 149

Vivian: Soda in the woohoo after woohoo actually works! Thank you so much for telling me! I never have to spit out another big headed Landgraab child again!
Matisse: I told you so...

TroubadourF01 156

TroubadourF01 157

TroubadourF01 159

Kent returns to pottering...

TroubadourF01 161

and Gwyneth is still playing in the leaf pile... in the rain.

TroubadourF01 163

Gwyneth: No one is going to make me stop playing in the leaves!

TroubadourF01 164

Gwyneth: *evil distorted voice* NO ONE!


TroubadourF01 175

TroubadourF01 176

Even Satan has a mom that they have to obey.

TroubadourF01 180

Since it's late, Kent says goodnight to lovers Minka and Diego while Matisse takes a bath.

TroubadourF01 182

Matisse: Yoo-hoo! Last chance to look at my chiseled abs!

TroubadourF01 183

*Pop #1*

TroubadourF01 185

As a pregnant Matisse hits the hay...

TroubadourF01 186

Kent is on-point in the potty training department.

TroubadourF01 198

TroubadourF01 197

*sigh* She's still cute -- even in nasty toilet water.

Thursday, Day 11
"Artsy Fartsy"

TroubadourF01 003

TroubadourF01 005

TroubadourF01 006

TroubadourF01 008

Kent works tirelessly through the night on his masterpieces.

TroubadourF01 011

As does Cyan.

TroubadourF01 019

TroubadourF01 020

TroubadourF01 023

TroubadourF01 024

With Matisse on "days" and Kent "working" nights, the couple haven't had a lot of time to spend together.

TroubadourF01 031

With all of this free time from losing her job, Matisse can focus on her painting.

TroubadourF01 028

Matisse: *ahem* It's a series.
~No shit, Sherlock~

TroubadourF01 033

Cyan is up...

TroubadourF01 035

and ready for more training.

TroubadourF01 036

TroubadourF01 041

All of the toilet water surfing Cyan was doing in the middle of the night made her super stinky. Matisse bathes her in lavender scented water to mask the smell of poo.

TroubadourF01 042

TroubadourF01 043

TroubadourF01 048

Cyan's other favorite toy is an xylophone cobbled together by Kent from trees and rocks around his old cave. Mrs. Crumplebear does not approve of such noise and turns her back on Cyan.

TroubadourF01 050

Fashion designer Dawn Lambswool and her hubby chef George just happened to walk by the Troubadour residence together. Since they're both Matisse's friends she invited them to stay for dinner.

But first...

TroubadourF01 053

Matisse: George, did you hear? Malcolm...

TroubadourF01 054

Matisse: totes got fired on his first day!
STOP GOSSIPING ABOUT MALCOLM!!! HE ALREADY KNOWS! IN FACT IT WAS YOU THAT TOLD HIM!! You're just trying to divert the attention of you getting fired! You're not fooling anyone!

TroubadourF01 062

Unfortunately Kent was not successful with today's shrimp gumbo. He was so hoping to impress the chef.

TroubadourF01 067

George: No worries Kent, I like blackened shrimp gumbo. You don't want it to be too cold!
Very tactful, George!

TroubadourF01 068

Unlike your rude wife...

TroubadourF01 071

Matisse heads to bed after dinner. Pregnancy -- and shrimp gumbo -- sure does make her sleepy.

TroubadourF01 076

And their guests head to the hot tub to get freaky.

TroubadourF01 084

Kent returns to his pottery wheel.

TroubadourF01 086

Dawn catches Minka doing another walk-by and feels it's her chance to harass her about the Blue Hat Society again.
Dawn: I made the most amazing pink dress today, Minka. It's slinky and sexy...

TroubadourF01 088

Dawn: It will go perfectly with the blue feathered facinator I created. When do I get an invite in?

TroubadourF01 091

Minka is not budging on her rules, however. No Good Rep, no invite!

TroubadourF01 093

Kent has made enough pottery to open his little store. A quick call verifying his loan went through...

TroubadourF01 096

and Kent is the owner of Healey Potter, his own store conveniently located just across the street!

TroubadourF01 098

Taking a break from potting, Kent joins Dawn and George in the hot tub.

TroubadourF01 101

Dawn: That bitch had the nerve to tell me I needed a Good Reputation. Who the woohoo does she think she is? Just wait until she needs a new hat. Who's going to make that shit for her? Not me...


TroubadourF01 103

TroubadourF01 104

Meanwhile... *Pop #2*

TroubadourF01 110

Kent sends their guests home and Matisse returns to her painting.

TroubadourF01 113

TroubadourF01 114

Yep... there it is... the same dang painting. *sigh*

TroubadourF01 002

TroubadourF01 007

The yard is looking pretty neglected. Kent is still wide-awake so he rakes up the leaves and tidies up the yard.

TroubadourF01 008

TroubadourF01 009

TroubadourF01 010

Matisse puts little Cyan to bed...

TroubadourF01 011

and begins Becca 4.0.

TroubadourF01 012

TroubadourF01 017

Part 2

Current Music: What I Am by Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians