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26 February 2015 @ 01:50 pm
The Oceanside Project: Yomoshoto  


"Fear Of A Blue Hat"

Warnings: beards, a disgruntled sim, kawaii babies, Blue Hats, bad golfing, and gambling.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: Yomoshoto [Sp01] [Su01]

Wednesday, Day 10
"A Hairy Situation"

Yomoshoto_F01 001

As Fall begins two new changes occur at the Yomoshoto/Brook residence. One: the condo receives a pretty blue paint job to differentiate itself from the white school buildings constructed across the street...

Yomoshoto_F01 008

And two: Achilles Brook (science guy and Minka's roomie with benefits) grows a hipster beard to differentiate himself from the other redheaded hottie, Fitz Biltmore.


Bearded Man approves.

Yomoshoto_F01 002

Doctor Minka is adjusting well to life as a new mom. Kira has been a perfect baby and her current pregnancy is also going well. The only thing Minka is unsure of is her relationship with Achilles. She had hoped that her feelings for him would grow but it seems her feelings for Diego Bossanova grew instead.

Yomoshoto_F01 012

Achilles is very helpful around the house and with Kira but Minka knows, deep in her heart, that things just won't work out between them.

Yomoshoto_F01 024

Achilles also feels that he and Minka are growing apart. He's so thankful that she rescued him from the dark, dingy cave he once lived in. He vows to do whatever he can to make it work but how can it when he hardly ever sees Minka and when he does he's relegated to watching the baby while she steps out?

Yomoshoto_F01 030

Yomoshoto_F01 031

Yomoshoto_F01 041

As day breaks Achilles is excited to see the other lady in his life newsie Frankie Cloak. Frankie has a serious crush on Achilles but she understands that -- aside from some smooching here and there -- he will not cheat on Minka. She admires him for that.

Yomoshoto_F01 047

Frankie recently had her first woohoo with Achilles' friend Paragon Barrett. He hopes the youngster is being safe and tells her to make sure she uses soda birth control until a more reliable method is invented.
(Hey, don't judge. It's the only thing they got!)

Yomoshoto_F01 048

But you know teenagers -- they never like being told what to do.

Yomoshoto_F01 053

Yomoshoto_F01 060

Minka wakes up just in time to grab a bit of breakfast.

Yomoshoto_F01 063

Before having to tend to a cranky Miss Kira.

Yomoshoto_F01 067

Yomoshoto_F01 068

Soon it's time for Achilles to start his first day at Oceanside Laboratories* as a Test Subject!
*currently under construction in the not yet opened Port Oceanside Business District*

Yomoshoto_F01 071

After a diaper change and a quick feeding...

Yomoshoto_F01 079

Minka rushes outside to greet her bestie Vivian Landgraab with a huge hug. Minka's thankful to have someone to talk to. Things between her and Achilles have been so awkward and she hopes Viv will give her some good advice.

Yomoshoto_F01 081

Vivian: I really don't understand how you let that vagabond into your home in the first place, Minka. Scientist or not, he looks like he's homeless!

Yomoshoto_F01 086

Tired of standing outside, Minka moved the conversation indoors. Suddenly Minka lets out all of her frustrations on Vivian.
Minka: ...and he's a horrible kisser! He slobbers all over my mouth like a Saint Bernard! And did you see how he was making out with the newspaper girl at your Ball -- in front of me? He kind of grossed me out...
Vivian: Stay with Diego, Minka. He's definitely the better choice for a suitor. You should have never listened to Matisse. Bachelorette challenges NEVER work! It's no way to find true love!
You hear that ABC?

Yomoshoto_F01 089

Speak of the devil.

Yomoshoto_F01 094

Minka greets her other bestie, Matisse Troubadour, and fills her in on what's going on. Even though things between Minka and Matisse were strained before -- because of Diego -- the girls are fast friends once again. Sisters Before Misters!

Yomoshoto_F01 092

The girls pretend they weren't just talking about Achilles as he returns home from work.

Yomoshoto_F01 093

Well he may be a sloppy-kissing homeless-looking hipster but that sloppy-kissing homeless-looking hipster just brought home a promotion! Oh Yeah!

Yomoshoto_F01 098

Seeing that Minka had company over, Achilles grilled hot dogs for the ladies' dinner.

Yomoshoto_F01 101

Kira's birthday and the new baby are both due tomorrow. Minka already has a wonderful birthday party planned for her little girl.

Yomoshoto_F01 103

At dinner, Vivian has a few minutes to spend with Achilles before Minka and Matisse come inside to eat.
Vivian: You know there are lovely caves near the volcano that you might want to move into. Volcanoes have their own heat source so you never have to worry about catching a cold in Winter... Just a thought...
Not subtle at all, Viv.

Yomoshoto_F01 111

As Achilles heads to bed he overhears the girls' conversation...

Yomoshoto_F01 113

Minka: I know he's a wonderful guy but I feel like I'm trapped! I don't know what I'm going to do! He's so nice, but my heart doesn't belong to him. What should I do?

Yomoshoto_F01 118

Matisse and Viv didn't really have any good solutions. Viv said dump him; Matisse said the damage is already done and she needed to stick by her choice.

Yomoshoto_F01 122

Minka thought Matisse was right. Achilles was here now. Diego was not. The decision should be so simple... but it wasn't.

Thursday, Day 11
"Pigtails and Koala Bear"

Yomoshoto_F01 003

Yomoshoto_F01 002

Yomoshoto_F01 007

Despite her cuddling up to Achilles during the night, Minka had a restless sleep. Most of her dreams and nightmares were comprised of just one sim.

Yomoshoto_F01 005

Achilles could take a hint. That morning he started looking through Oceanside Today for a place to rent but, of course, there was nothing. Whether he had a place to go or not -- as soon as his baby was born -- he was out of here.

Yomoshoto_F01 009

Frankie: If I had a place to stay he would totes live with me.
Where do you live anyway?
Frankie: Sometimes I stay in the little tower above the Post Office. Most of the time I just crash on a beach somewhere until it's time to deliver the paper... *single tear rolls down her cheek*
Oh My Watcher I have to find a home for this girl!!!

Yomoshoto_F01 013

Achilles went about tidying up the house in preparation for Kira's birthday extravaganza.

Yomoshoto_F01 023

Yomoshoto_F01 024

Minka calls all of her friends and the neighborhood tots so the party can begin.

Yomoshoto_F01 026

For Kira's transition Minka bought her a music toy and building blocks to further her education. She also gave her this cute little statue that Minka used to have when she was a child.

Yomoshoto_F01 027

The patio decorations were the final touch in the party planning.

Yomoshoto_F01 029

Paragon stopped by right before the party started. Relieved to have someone to talk to during the celebrations, Achilles invited him to stay and hang out.

Yomoshoto_F01 038

Achilles begins grilling hot dogs for all of the guests...

Yomoshoto_F01 039

while the toddlers mingle in the fallen leaves.

Yomoshoto_F01 044

Minka brings the excited birthday girl to her cake. So long babyhood!

Yomoshoto_F01 047

Gwyneth Landgraab and Cyan Troubadour-Bossanova are our first toddler best friendship!

Yomoshoto_F01 048

Yomoshoto_F01 058

With her Mom and Dad in attendance, it's time for Kira's big moment...

Yomoshoto_F01 061

What are you doing Minka? Throw the baby up in the air and make her a toddler.
Minka: I thought you were supposed to do that.

Yomoshoto_F01 063

Minka: I'm starving. I need to eat RIGHT NOW!
Yep, she didn't age up the baby. She just dropped her on the floor and ate some hot dogs.

Yomoshoto_F01 065

Luckily Achilles steps in and helps out -- like he always does!

Yomoshoto_F01 079

Yomoshoto_F01 080

Protip: Do not invite toddlers to your parties if you want the Party Score to be high. They're just miserable all of the time!

Yomoshoto_F01 081

Vivian: *judging Achilles' choice of facial hair*


Yomoshoto_F01 086

One of Kira's half-brothers, Aiden Biltmore, takes a cue from Faith Goodacre at the last birthday party and gobbles up the doggy kibble left out for the strays. Nico Firestone is not amused.

Yomoshoto_F01 087

Minka finally tears herself away from the hot dogs and cake to give Kira a makeover. Unfortunately Kira will have to wear glasses however her vision is not as bad as her half-brothers' so she can wear lighter frames.

Yomoshoto_F01 092

Stats time! Kira Yomoshoto (no hyphen with the Biltmores because no one is supposed to know that Fitz is her Daddy *shhhh*) is a 10-3-9-3-1 Scorpio with high interests in sports, school, and travel. She's a socially awkward (Fitz) loner (both Minka and Fitz) whose true passion in life is sports.

Yomoshoto_F01 093

And apparently she's starving to death!

Yomoshoto_F01 094

Sorry Kira, no help from Achilles this time around. He has to leave for the lab.

Yomoshoto_F01 095

Yomoshoto_F01 096

Yomoshoto_F01 100

The cousin huggle never gets old for me.

Yomoshoto_F01 104

Kira finds a bottle in her room and takes a nap. She didn't get to meet any of the kids at her party but she'll have plenty of time to bond when she shows up for day care.

Yomoshoto_F01 105

Dang, another disastrous party! And no one even died at this one so there's no excuse!

Yomoshoto_F01 114

As soon as her guests leave, Minka goes into labor!

Yomoshoto_F01 115

Yomoshoto_F01 129

It's a boy! ^.^

Yomoshoto_F01 132

Yomoshoto_F01 133

Hiro Yomoshoto is the spitting image of his sister Kira. He shares both his parent's light skintone and dark brown eys and has his mother's black hair.

Yomoshoto_F01 134

After making sure her little one is healthy, Minka immediately dresses her little man in a ridiculous koala bear outfit... because she can!

Yomoshoto_F01 142

Of course Achilles would think that a chimpanzee could do the work!

Yomoshoto_F01 143


Yomoshoto_F01 146

Yomoshoto_F01 150

As she lays the kids down to sleep Minka reflects on this long and exciting day. She's so thankful to have both of her babies in her life.

Yomoshoto_F01 152

Yomoshoto_F01 160

Yomoshoto_F01 161

Yomoshoto_F01 167

When he arrives home from work Achilles dutifully cleans up the aftermath of the party. He feels that's all he's good for around here. He's starting to feel taken for granted.

Yomoshoto_F01 169

He doesn't even know he has a new son. No one cared to tell him.

Friday, Day 12
"Soda In The Woohoo"

Yomoshoto_F01 001

Yomoshoto_F01 002

Kira's favorite toy, by far, is the stuff-shapes-in-me thingy. Those blocks are going to fit in there even if she has to gnaw them down to nothing.

Yomoshoto_F01 003

Yomoshoto_F01 009

Minka is up early with the kids feeding and changing diapers. With Achilles' new work schedule Minka hopes to actually go to work -- for once.

Yomoshoto_F01 010

Yomoshoto_F01 012

Yomoshoto_F01 017

Noelee arrives in Oceanside's brand new ambulance to take Minka to work.

Yomoshoto_F01 020

Minka is excited to start her first day however she's nervous leaving both of the kids with Achilles. Not that he would harm them... just that they're her babies and she worries.

Yomoshoto_F01 021

Achilles wakes up to find Minka gone and him stuck babysitting -- again.

Yomoshoto_F01 025

Yomoshoto_F01 026

Frustrated and annoyed Achilles invites Paragon over to talk.

Yomoshoto_F01 029

But first he needs to take care of a stinky toddler.

Yomoshoto_F01 037

Achilles tells Paragon about the chilly reception he's been getting lately from Minka and that he's planning on leaving. Paragon tells Achilles that he recently was approved to move into the Lambswool's old condo. If he needs a place to say, Achilles could move in with him. Achilles likes the idea but he's afraid he would hardly get to see his son. Achilles has a lot to think about.

Yomoshoto_F01 043

Yomoshoto_F01 044

Yomoshoto_F01 045

Luckily Minka arrives just in time for Achilles to leave for work.

Yomoshoto_F01 046

After getting dropped off, Noelee leaves the ambulance for Minka's daily use.

Yomoshoto_F01 049

As soon as Minka walks through the door she heads to the phone...

Yomoshoto_F01 050

Yomoshoto_F01 052

and invites Diego over.

Yomoshoto_F01 055

Before he leaves for work Achilles spends time taking care of Hiro.

Yomoshoto_F01 062

As Achilles leaves he sees Diego lurking on the sidewalk and Minka rushing to greet him -- in her sexy bikini. At least she could have waited for him to leave before inviting her boyfriend over.

Yomoshoto_F01 063

Minka has been thinking about Diego all day. She couldn't wait to get home and ask him over even if that meant hurting Achilles' feeling. She finally figured out what she wants and what she wants is Diego Bossanova.

Yomoshoto_F01 069

Yomoshoto_F01 066

And apparently another child?!

Yomoshoto_F01 071

Minka: There should be more Diego spawn in the world! ^_^


BY THE GRACE OF THE WATCHER -- and soda in the woohoo -- NO CHIMES WERE HAD!!!!!

Yomoshoto_F01 073

Feeling neglected Kira reaches out to the only adult in the house not engaged in woohoo for a diaper change.

Yomoshoto_F01 077

Minka finally remembers her little ones and grabs Kira and does it herself.

Yomoshoto_F01 082

Yomoshoto_F01 088

Yomoshoto_F01 092

Minka's attempt at shrimp gumbo goes horribly wrong...

Yomoshoto_F01 095

yet she serves it anyway, even receiving a huge smile from Diego.

Yomoshoto_F01 101

Yomoshoto_F01 096

Yomoshoto_F01 111

Yomoshoto_F01 112

Yomoshoto_F01 117

Oblivious to Diego and Minka's "date" still happening, Achilles brushes up on his cleaning skills as soon as he gets home.

Yomoshoto_F01 119

In the hot tub Minka gingerly brings up the subject of marriage with Diego.

Yomoshoto_F01 120

To her utter surprise Diego is not totally against it. He would like to concentrate on his dance studio first before settling down. If there was a girl that he could -- maybe -- commit to, it would be Minka.

Yomoshoto_F01 122

Saturday, Day 13
"Ladies Who Poker"

Yomoshoto_F01 005

Yomoshoto_F01 002

Shapes are hard, yo.

Yomoshoto_F01 003

Yomoshoto_F01 004

Achilles continues studying how to efficiently clean rat cages in order to get a promotion at the lab.

Yomoshoto_F01 009

Yomoshoto_F01 010

Yomoshoto_F01 012

Yomoshoto_F01 014


Yomoshoto_F01 019

Achilles takes a break from studying to take care of his fatherly duties. After seeing Minka so happy with Diego last night Achilles has decided to room with Paragon. He wants to stay near his son but Minka and Diego together is just too much for him to bear.

Yomoshoto_F01 025

He's the most sad for Kira. Achilles is the only dad she knows (who knows WHO her real dad is anyway -- everyone seems to think it's him). He really hopes his leaving won't scar her in any way.

Yomoshoto_F01 031

He hopes to spend as much time with Hiro as he can -- no matter where he lives.

Yomoshoto_F01 042

Yomoshoto_F01 045

Yomoshoto_F01 044

Yomoshoto_F01 055

When Minka wakes up, she calls up her gal-pal Angie Killeen. Since it's her day off she thought today would be a great day to have the first meeting of the Blue Hat Society!

Yomoshoto_F01 054

Yomoshoto_F01 058

While waiting for Angie, Minka dons her Blue Hat finery -- blue hat, pink dress, pearls, and heels -- and nurses Hiro.

Yomoshoto_F01 062

Yomoshoto_F01 067

Angie switches into her own Blue Hatter gear and they're off!

Yomoshoto_F01 074

The ladies head out to the newly-built Oceanside Country Club for their first outing.

Yomoshoto_F01 091

Viv owns the Country Club and Minka's worried that she will hurt her feelings having their meeting there because she knows Viv really wants to join. Minka is sticking to the rules, however, of only having members with Good Reputations join the club. She's confident that Viv will be a member in no time, but she will not bend the rules just for a friend.

Yomoshoto_F01 107

Minka first makes her way to the yummy buffet in the Conservatory for lunch.

Yomoshoto_F01 110

Yomoshoto_F01 113

Angie, however, wants to pet the ponies.

Yomoshoto_F01 120

After lunch Minka suggests the girls try a few rounds of golf -- even though she's never played before. Angie seems to think that she's an expert and offers to give her a few tips.

Yomoshoto_F01 121

Sister Becca Goodacre also stops by the Country Club to get in some riding. Becca already misses the horses she set free from the farm :(

Yomoshoto_F01 124

Angie: OK, stand over the ball, grip the club tightly...

Yomoshoto_F01 129

Minka: AHHH, I think I twisted my ankle!
Angie: You're fine! Stop whining!

Yomoshoto_F01 138

Angie: What are you doing? Hit the ball already!

Yomoshoto_F01 136


Yomoshoto_F01 140

Maybe we should try something else...

Yomoshoto_F01 146

Even though golf is not her sport, Minka is having a great time with Angie in their swanky outfits. Next she heads upstairs to the Polo Lounge. She's just dying to use the elevator!

Yomoshoto_F01 154

Minka: Excuse me while my outfit gives you some Agent Carter realness.


Yomoshoto_F01 161

Once in the lounge Minka finds the poker table and it's on!

Yomoshoto_F01 166

Look at that poker face. You don't know what cards she's got!

Yomoshoto_F01 172

The stakes are high!

Yomoshoto_F01 174

Minka is the winner! Woot!, that's §130 in her greedy little hands!

Yomoshoto_F01 184

Yomoshoto_F01 185

Soon it's time to head back home. Angie had a great time at the first official "meeting" of the Blue Hat Society. She can't wait to do it again.

Yomoshoto_F01 193

Back at home...

Yomoshoto_F01 197

Achilles has trouble sleeping -- dreaming about how he doesn't stand a chance next to Diego.

Yomoshoto_F01 202

Hiro is done with the bouncy and is losing his mind.

Yomoshoto_F01 211

Yomoshoto_F01 208

Yomoshoto_F01 212

Achilles is ready to test his first invention: Smart Milk (tm). Fortified with brain-boosting nutrients, his theory is that Kira will learn her skills much faster after she drinks the enhanced "milk" product.

Yomoshoto_F01 214

Yomoshoto_F01 218

Achilles gives the radioactive milk to his little test bunny...

Yomoshoto_F01 228

who immediately falls asleep. Oh well, guess you have to try your science experiment later.

Yomoshoto_F01 232

The Blue Hatters arrive back to Minka's place just in time to say hello to Garden Clubber and Crimson Crab waiter Bruce Jelleff.

Yomoshoto_F01 236

Angie heads straight for the hot tub to relax.

Yomoshoto_F01 239

Awwww! We'll have to wait til Winter to see toddler Hiro.

Yomoshoto_F01 241

Bruce heard that Minka is looking for the rare elixir ReNuYu Porta-Chug to sell in her hospital once it's open. Bruce just happened to have a bottle in his inventory and gave it Minka as a gift.

Yomoshoto_F01 248

After packing up his stuff and cleaning Minka's house for the last time, Achilles moves out without even a goodbye. Confused, Minka doesn't know what just happened but wishes him well anyway.

Yomoshoto_F01 250

Yomoshoto_F01 251

Bruce might have had an ulterior motive for giving the elixir to Minka -- he kind of has the hots for her!

Yomoshoto_F01 255

When he sweetly tries to kiss her hand to woo her he is violently rebuffed! I don't think you're going to get anywhere with Minka Yomoshoto, Mister!

Yomoshoto_F01 260

Maybe the Smart Milk (tm) is working!

Yomoshoto_F01 262

Minka is still confused over what happened between herself and Achilles. She thought they would at least get a chance to talk over their situation. She wondered where he would go? She also wondered who will watch the babies while she was working? How is she supposed to raise two kids on her own?

Yomoshoto_F01 266

Luckily Minka has great friends. Angie volunteered to watch the kids while Minka was working, so at least that worry is over.

Yomoshoto_F01 269

Yomoshoto_F01 272

Yomoshoto_F01 279

Being a single mom and having a career and running the most exclusive social club in town was going to be difficult but Minka knew she could do it.

Yomoshoto_F01 283

She was going to look all of her fears and insecurities in the eye and kick them in the balls! She's Minka Yomoshoto, damn it! And Minka Yomoshoto can do anything!!!

Notes: Poor Achilles, he loves Minka so much but she could care less. :( In the end I thought it best if he just moved out with Paragon (Achilles has the highest relationship with Paragon other than Minka). I gave him the beard as a joke but it actually grew on me! *Puns!* I took so many pictures of him in that beard, lmao!!

Thank you for reading! ^.^

Current Music: Vagabond by Misterwives
Lisa's Adventures in Simminglisag45 on February 27th, 2015 01:10 am (UTC)
Great chapter! I feel so bad for Achilles! Bad Minka for playing with his emotions like that!
Question- I know the game recognises Fitz as Kira's father, but by your storyline does Fitz even know that he has a child other than his kids with Sadie? I can imagine huge fireworks happening if Sadie ever finds out.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on February 27th, 2015 04:25 am (UTC)
I know! I didn't even like Achilles until I played him this season. He was so good with the kids and autonomously cleaning up all of the time. Minka's so mean!

Fitz knows Kira's his baby but he's keeping it a secret from Sadie. Believe me there would be hell to pay if Sadie found out that Fitz cheated on her!
didilysquatdidilysquat on February 27th, 2015 07:25 pm (UTC)
Aw, poor Achilles. Minka's missing out on a great guy...with an awesome beard to boot! But hahahaha, you have /the/ blue hat! So perfect. :D
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on February 28th, 2015 12:07 am (UTC)
Who can resist that beard, right!? :) I gotta find a nice sim for him that will appreciate him!
Thank you! ^.^
clericalrodentclericalrodent on February 27th, 2015 09:56 pm (UTC)
Hey look! A single birth. Miracles do happen.
Poor Achilles, I'm feeling really sorry for him. Hopefully he'll find happiness in the future.
Minka looks really good in that updo.
Kira looks really angry with those eyebrows. I'm guessing it'll soften out as she grows.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on February 28th, 2015 12:12 am (UTC)
Every time they go into labor I'm dreading twinpacolyse is going to happen! Thank goodness she only had one and didn't get pregnant again! There's just too many babies.

Kira might have perma-stuck angry face for good! It will keep away the bullies :) or she might be the bully with that 1 nice point!
Itoho'wohellosunnydai on March 2nd, 2015 05:59 am (UTC)
never used that beard in game,but it actually looks good on him!
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 2nd, 2015 02:08 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I was surprised that I liked it, too. He looks so cute! I might put more guys in beards. ^.^
Simlilisimlili on March 18th, 2015 05:35 pm (UTC)
Decisions, decisions... It's tough on Achilles right now, but he deserves more than what Minka has to offer.

(Kira is adorable!)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 19th, 2015 02:41 am (UTC)
Definitely. He's a nice guy :(

Isn't she! ^.^