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08 February 2015 @ 01:28 pm
The Oceanside Project: The Oceanside Country Club  


Membership has it's privileges.

Yomoshoto_F01 072

The Oceanside Country Club is the premiere place in Oceanside for all of your fabulous society events. Owned by Mrs. Vivian Landgraab, the Country Club was created as a destination for all of Oceanside's social clubs to meet and partake in an upscale day of golf and horses.

First Floor Lobby

Yomoshoto_F01 077

Yomoshoto_F01 078

The Country Club is the first building in Oceanside to equip an elevator! This makes the Club the poshest place on the island.

Yomoshoto_F01 079

Yomoshoto_F01 080

Yomoshoto_F01 081

First Floor Ballroom

Yomoshoto_F01 082

Yomoshoto_F01 083

The Grand Ballroom is currently decorated for weddings but can easily be converted for dances or award ceremonies.

The Conservatory

Yomoshoto_F01 075

Yomoshoto_F01 076

Located to the rear of the Country Club is the Conservatory -- a massive greenhouse where clubs can dine on the award winning buffet and meet in a tranquil setting.

Yomoshoto_F01 084

An apple tree, a gift from the Garden Club, is the central focus of the Conservatory.

Yomoshoto_F01 085

Second Floor Lobby

Yomoshoto_F01 093

Yomoshoto_F01 094

The Polo Lounge

Yomoshoto_F01 095

After a hard day of riding or golfing, members can retire to the upstairs Polo Lounge. Here members can have a drink, watch sporting events, play various games, or read in a sophisticated ambiance.

Yomoshoto_F01 101

Yomoshoto_F01 097

Yomoshoto_F01 098

Yomoshoto_F01 099

Yomoshoto_F01 100

The Stables

Yomoshoto_F01 073

The Stables house the Club's riding horses and all of their equipment. Members can learn to ride or just enjoy a day with the ponies.

Yomoshoto_F01 086

Yomoshoto_F01 090

Yomoshoto_F01 087

Yomoshoto_F01 088

The Golf Course

Yomoshoto_F01 126

There are many areas at the club where members can play golf. Putting in the sand may be difficult, but our members like a challenge!

Overhead View

Yomoshoto_F01 102

First Floor (Lobby, Ballroom, Conservatory)
The darker rectangles you see behind the Conservatory and near the top of the photo are the invisible mini-golf courses.

Yomoshoto_F01 103

Second Floor (Upper Lobby, Polo Lounge, Male and Female bathroom/changing room)

Yomoshoto_F01 104

Ground Level (Stables)

Credits: The horse images used the various photos on the walls all come from TS3 simblrs! Thank you for the pretty images Lumpysims, Riverbrooke Equestrian, Shoreline Sims, Eldervine Fields, Lakeside Ranch, Asgard Sims, Dariaburtseva, Applehorn, Willow Hill Eqc, and whomever else I may have missed ^.^

The Country Club interior is inspired by The Polo Bar in NYC (hence all of the horse pictures).

Ridable Horses by Rebecah. Just a heads up: they have been a little buggy in my game -- only one horse in particular; the one shown in the images above -- so I had the force error it until I could delete it off of the lot. I didn't have any problems with the horses on my farm lot. It might be a community lot issue?

Simlilisimlili on March 16th, 2015 12:03 pm (UTC)
I'm so jealous of your buildings, here's another one that's simply perfect.

Speaking of perfect, ................. that blue hat XD
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 16th, 2015 06:45 pm (UTC)
Awww.. thank you ^.^

Watch out Country Club, here comes the Blue Hats!