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02 February 2015 @ 07:03 pm
The Oceanside Project: Lambswool, Part 2  


"Master Chef" Part 2

Friday, Day 12
"Bills, Bills, Bills"

Lambswool_F01 007

Antonio has yet to figure out how to escape his barred prison.

Lambswool_F01 008

Dawn has *pop #2* on her way to free the tyke.

Lambswool_F01 011


Lambswool_F01 013

George gets up...

Lambswool_F01 014

...and Dawn goes to bed.

Lambswool_F01 016

Lambswool_F01 018

George sneaks in more recipe learning before the carpool comes.

Lambswool_F01 019

Lambswool_F01 020

Crikey O'Reilly! The Lambswools are in pretty dire straits. I don't think George's §62 a day is going to cut it!

Lambswool_F01 027

Lambswool_F01 035

Dawn wasn't too sure she would be able to take care of all of the kidlets on her own so she called Super Nanny Angie Killen to help her out.

Lambswool_F01 036

Everyone loves Angie :)

Lambswool_F01 040

Dawn drinks a bit of "Mommy Juice" to help her get through the day.

Lambswool_F01 044

No one will be able to tell it's liquor when it's in a coffee mug. *rolls eyes*

Lambswool_F01 045

Once again Angie helps out with the cleaning as well.

Lambswool_F01 047

Finally done drinking, Dawn begins tiding up the landscaping before she's fined by the Garden Club.

Lambswool_F01 048

Lambswool_F01 050

Zod: *dreams* These sims... don't know what's coming... they have... failed this city...

Lambswool_F01 054

Angie gives Bianca her first potty training lesson.

Lambswool_F01 058

Lambswool_F01 060

Miss Angie helps herself to some "Mommy Juice" as well.
*Like that's any surprise*

Lambswool_F01 061

Stalker Twin Powers -- Activate!

Lambswool_F01 064

Lambswool_F01 068

Lambswool_F01 069

Lambswool_F01 076

With George back at home it's time for Angie to leave. They still do not have enough simoleons to pay her. Maybe next season, Ang!

Lambswool_F01 078

Zod: These sims keep multiplying and growing... like a fungus. Spreading their miserable pores into the folds of this planet!
Tell us what you really think, Kitty.

Lambswool_F01 083

George: ...and that, sons, is how you make a grilled cheese sandwich!
Recipes in lieu of bedtime stories... seems legit.

Lambswool_F01 087

Lambswool_F01 091


George can now open his first restaurant (if he can get a bank loan, that is)!

Lambswool_F01 101

Lambswool_F01 096

These kids REALLY don't like going to bed!

Meanwhile at the Hall of Doom...

Lambswool_F01 097

Risa The Raccoon: Psst! Cat? Hey, remember when you said I could eat your food? I'm hungry.

Lambswool_F01 100

Zod: My Minion! Good of you to come. Right. Let's go over my diabolical plan to rid the planet of these humans!
Risa: Um, yeah. Where's the food, Dude?
Zod: Partake in the libations while I fill you in on the details.
Risa: Whatever...

Lambswool_F01 120

Risa: Hey, he's eating all of the food!

Back at the house...

Lambswool_F01 107

Lambswool_F01 108

Lambswool_F01 109

George promptly quits his job at the fire house and begins his new career in the Culinary field.

Lambswool_F01 114

Bianca discovers the blocks in the craft table and begins building.

Lambswool_F01 118

Dawn wakes up with a sudden start!
Dawn: Shit, here we go again!

Saturday, Day 13
"Get Thee To A Nectary"

Lambswool_F01 003

Chubbs figures out how to break out of prison...

Lambswool_F01 006

...to color with his twin.

Lambswool_F01 012

Lambswool_F01 014

While waiting on baby #4 to make it's presence, Dawn tries to earn that clothing badge...

Lambswool_F01 013

...by making another frakkin pot holder! >=[

Lambswool_F01 015

Lambswool_F01 017

Lambswool_F01 022

Lambswool_F01 021

Lambswool_F01 027

Afterwards, Henry has his first potty training lesson.

Lambswool_F01 035

As Dawn dumps out the potty chair her contractions start!

Lambswool_F01 038


Why am I even surprised anymore...

Lambswool_F01 055

First one through is a girl!

Lambswool_F01 060

Dawn: Hey, wake up and take this. I got another one coming.

Lambswool_F01 063

The second one is a boy!

Lambswool_F01 069

Striking a supermodel-esque pose on the floor is Gianna Lambswool! Gia has her father's light skintone and brown hair, and her mother's dark brown eyes.

Lambswool_F01 070

Also striking the supermodel pose is Oscar Lambswool! Oz shares his medium skintone and dark brown eyes with his mom and has his dad's brown hair.

Lambswool_F01 071


With the Lambswool's brood now at 7 (OMG!!!) their little condo can no longer accommodate them. Since he needed a loan to start his own business anyway, George takes out a bigger loan to build his family a new house.

Lambswool_F01 072

The Nectary! The Lambswool's Nectary is located right around the corner from the Goodacre's Farm and flanked by the new Police Station and the new Founder's Field Park.

Lambswool_F01 077

Lambswool_F01 081

Not only does the four bedroom, two bath house have more than enough room for the Lambswools it also has an area where George could plant his grapes and house all of his fermenting equipment. He now has a fully operational nectary!
*A full tour of the Nectary will be posted soon!*

Lambswool_F01 103

After the move-in, Dawn picks the babies up off of the hard wood floor...

Lambswool_F01 108

While George purchases his brand new restaurant!

Lambswool_F01 113

Lambswool_F01 114

The toddlers are getting acquainted with their new digs.

Lambswool_F01 111

As his family settles in, George heads out to the restaurant.

Lambswool_F01 116

The Crimson Crab is located on the Biltmore Highway directly on the beach next to the Landgraab Ferry and across the street from Oceanside Customs and The Troubadour Cafe.
*Again, I'll post a full lot tour in a new post*

Lambswool_F01 137

Lambswool_F01 144

After adding kitschy sea-themed decorations to the shack, George goes on a hunt for two vital components -- a greeter and a server.

Lambswool_F01 141

Lambswool_F01 142

Garden Clubbers Bruce Jelleff and Tiara Hough are the only available sims in the queue (don't mind those other names... those are sims from the 2nd pilgrimage... shhh... you didn't see anything...) since Mrs. Biltmore already has a job. Because Bruce has more skills George hires him as a server and Tiara as the hostess.

Lambswool_F01 145

The menu is planned...

Lambswool_F01 160

and the employees arrive.

Lambswool_F01 163

Let's open this mug!!

Lambswool_F01 165

Matisse and builder Fitz Biltmore are the first customers of The Crimson Crab. They both mull over the menu to find their favorites.

Lambswool_F01 168

Umm boy, does that look greasy!

Lambswool_F01 170

Bruce: This glass is so clean I can see my own reflection -- and it's stunning!
Yes, yes, you're beautiful Bruce. Now please go and wait some tables!

Lambswool_F01 171

The next patron is dancer Diego Bossanova (and baby daddy to Matisse's daughter).
Diego: Are Fitz and Matisse here together?
Looks like it!

Lambswool_F01 176

Matisse is the first shown to her seat.

Lambswool_F01 178

Tiara: I have a lovely seat for you with an ocean view! :D
Cheeser McGoo was an excellent choice for a hostess.

Lambswool_F01 184

Matisse is soon joined by Fitz.

Lambswool_F01 190

Bruce quickly takes her order and promises the meal will be ready shortly.

Lambswool_F01 193

Matisse: *eye balls Fitz*

Lambswool_F01 195

Lambswool_F01 199

The baby must be craving sweets! Matisse receives a mouth-watering nectarine tartlette.

Lambswool_F01 200


Lambswool_F01 202

Bruce then takes Fitz's order...

Lambswool_F01 207

and brings him invisible food! Hope that water lasts!

Lambswool_F01 208

George is happily spitting out the orders. He's waited so long for his dream of owning a restaurant to become a reality!

Lambswool_F01 220

Matisse is done with her dessert and is looking for more when Diego finally decides to eat too.

Lambswool_F01 215

Fitz: I-I still haven't received my order... hello... anyone...

Lambswool_F01 221

Bruce: Who is the sexiest mother-fucka in this joint? That's right, ME, mother-fuckas!!
George: He's so fired...

Lambswool_F01 225

Aw yeah!

Lambswool_F01 226

George takes the money because... well, he needs the money.

Lambswool_F01 228

WHAT THE WHAT?! We just got rank 1, what happened?

Lambswool_F01 229

Bruce: The special for the day is stuffed rainbow trout or you could just order another one of those yummy tartlettes?
Fitz: I can't believe he's ignoring me and serving Matisse... again!
Oh dear.

Lambswool_F01 235

But Fitz doesn't give up and picks something else off of the menu.

Lambswool_F01 237

George: *whispers* My secret ingredient is nectar... lots of nectar!

Lambswool_F01 239

Matisse enjoys another nectarine tartlette...

Lambswool_F01 240

Lambswool_F01 241

...while Bruce dishes the dirt on the Calvin/Abbot hook up. Really, just let Diego order his food, Bruce.

Lambswool_F01 243

Oh My Plumbob! Someone seat the man before he blows his stack!!

Lambswool_F01 245

Yay! Back to rank 1!

Lambswool_F01 250

Really Diego? You go to a restaurant and order fruit parfait? You can make that at home!

Lambswool_F01 255

Now is Bruce's chance to redeem himself and get Fitz's order right.

Lambswool_F01 260

What now??? Isn't this what you ordered?
Fitz: I specifically said no marshmallows in my gelatin. I'm allergic.

Lambswool_F01 263

It's finally time to close for the day.

Lambswool_F01 265

Lambswool_F01 267

Lambswool_F01 270

Back at The Nectary...

Lambswool_F01 272

Lambswool_F01 277

More masterpieces are made...

Lambswool_F01 279

and placed in the boys' room.

Lambswool_F01 283

With all of the children doing their activities...

Lambswool_F01 289

Dawn greets her first visitor, Garden Clubber Heaven Gallo.

Lambswool_F01 290

Eating blocks together is the best way to make friends ^.^

Lambswool_F01 296

Antonio notices flying bugs in the front yard and becomes obsessed with capturing them.

Lambswool_F01 295

And discovers his true passion!

Lambswool_F01 303

Heaven takes a tour of the house and finds the kids' toy, Mr. Brown Bear.

Lambswool_F01 311

Then proceeds to beat the living stuffing out of it!

Lambswool_F01 306

Lambswool_F01 312

Lambswool_F01 313

I was so excited about opening the restaurant that I forgot George was supposed to go to work! Oops!

Lambswool_F01 320

Zod: I see you, Feather Dangle, found my new lair. No matter, I will defeat you any place, at anytime. I am... The Destroyer!

Lambswool_F01 324

Seeing as George will be home late, Dawn makes comfort soup for dinner.

Lambswool_F01 326

Lambswool_F01 330

Lambswool_F01 338

Heaven and Dawn gobble up the soup like they haven't eaten in weeks!

Lambswool_F01 362

It's soon time to put the babies down for their naps.

Lambswool_F01 363

Heaven: Dawn, would you like Mr. Brown Bear to tell them a bedtime story?
Put... the bear... down.

Lambswool_F01 365

Dawn tries out her new sewing room.

Lambswool_F01 364

Lambswool_F01 370

Lambswool_F01 369

Yay! Chubbs got his first creativity skill point :)

Lambswool_F01 376

George comes home from the restaurant to screaming girls.

Lambswool_F01 380

Oh dear.

Lambswool_F01 382

Lambswool_F01 381

Just 99,000 more to go before your gold badge. *rolls eyes*

Lambswool_F01 391

Malcolm stops by to check out the new nectary.

Lambswool_F01 399

Heaven: *creepily* Bianca, would like Puff The Pink Dragon to tell you a bedtime story?


Lambswool_F01 415

George shows off the new dance moves learned from Diego's dance class.

Lambswool_F01 418

Then he tries out the RC car that he bought from Oceanside Customs.

Lambswool_F01 419

Lambswool_F01 429

Lambswool_F01 436

Soon it's time for the guests to go home and the Lambswools to retire for the night.

Lambswool_F01 438


Next time on The Lambswools...

Lambswool_F01 439

Zod: When I take over this planet these humans will receive the worst punishment imaginable -- rocking chairs on their tails! Not so funny now, is it? IS IT!!!???
There, there Kitty.

Notes: Phew, that was a lot of pictures! Thank you for sticking through it all ^.^

I am so sick of waiting for Dawn to earn any badge in sewing! Why does it take so long!!!???

I should have the lot tours up of The Crimson Crab restaurant and The Nectary very soon.

Thank you for reading! ^.^

Current Music: Anything by SWV
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darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on February 3rd, 2015 05:29 pm (UTC)
Mommy juice gets all of us through tough days ;P

When you click on the podium it lets you plan a menu. You can put whatever meals you want on there but if the meal takes more cooking points than the chef has they will burn it. I'm pretty sure Fitz ordered something that I didn't have (like the fish items -- George didn't have fish in his inventory) and that's why he didn't get his meal.

Bruce is so pretty and he knows it.

Heaven was crazy obsessed with the stuffed animals. I don't even know what her problem was!

George went to the restaurant (his owned business) but he didn't "go to work" in the carpool (culinary career) so he "missed a day."

I heard that if the sim has more creativity points they'll earn the badges faster so I might concentrate on that first. I'm going crazy with these damn potholders!!!

Thanks for all of the comments! ^.^
hurricanetaylorhurricanetaylor on February 3rd, 2015 05:59 pm (UTC)
I always look forward to your updates they're so lively. You manage to fit so much activity into one household :)
I giggled so much at your potholder names :p
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on February 3rd, 2015 07:13 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! ^.^

I crack myself up with the potholder names. The sillier they are show you how frustrated I am with making them! XD
clericalrodentclericalrodent on February 4th, 2015 07:57 am (UTC)
Will there ever be a single birth on Oceanside again?

I love all the potholder names and Zod's faces at being toddler-cuddled.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on February 4th, 2015 02:47 pm (UTC)
It is clearly against the law for a sim to have a single birth in Oceanside XD.

Thank you!!! ^.^
didilysquatdidilysquat on February 7th, 2015 03:13 am (UTC)
Eeyikes, so many kids! I probably could have figured that out when I peeked at the house post first, but...counting was never my strong point. :P Poor Angie, I think she's being swindled! Don't be so kind, girl, demand your pay! And ugh, I know, badges take forever it seems. It doesn't help when the machines drain motives so quickly, and all those kidlets needing attention probably aren't great for badge-building either. Too bad Dawn can't sew diapers for them instead of the less useful potholders...
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on February 7th, 2015 03:26 pm (UTC)
I have so many kidlets running around this hood! It's getting downright scary.

Angie really is the nicest sim, she lets a lot slide by. If she really needs her money though, she knows where they live! :D

I totally think you're on to something! How awesome would it be to sew diapers or ANYTHING else instead of those potholders! They could have given us more variety in beginner sewing projects. How about a tablecloth? How hard is it to sew a big rectangle??
Simlilisimlili on March 16th, 2015 11:34 am (UTC)
I think the watcher is going to cry when Dawn is finally granted the privilege of sewing a curtain XD

Lovely restaurant, like everything in this hood! I still didn't gather the courage to try running one. Do you cheat, use mods and such? Or did it go well without that? (Aside from the local "Fitz is not welcome here" rule :D)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 16th, 2015 06:28 pm (UTC)
I'm going to fall out dead when that happens. Why does it take so long!!!!????

Thank you! No I'm just running it normal -- no cheats or mods. I googled how to start a restaurant to make sure I had everything. The other times I tried I could never get it going. I think it was because I never put in bar stools or didn't plan the menu, something lame like that. So far this one is running fine.

With Fitz my guess is he ordered something that I didn't have an ingredient for like rainbow trout or something so it never came. (or Bruce just really hates Fitz. Who knows!)
Simlilisimlili on March 17th, 2015 02:18 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the info!

So what's with those pot holders, does simDawn have high creativity and is she playful? Those help with sewing and pottery.

According to well informed sources (http://www.old.simsminitroll.com/ep/ql/badge/badge_quartier_libre.php#couture) it should take 28 potholders at most before the sim can make curtains and teddy bears.
Did you count her lovely creations?

I mean, maybe it's a bug and she's crafted 200 pot holders by now :D
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 19th, 2015 01:19 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for giving me that link! She has 6 playful but she doesn't have a creativity point yet (which I should probably check on because I would think she should have 1 point by now or be close to it?). And she's maybe made 10 or so pot holders. *Crosses fingers that she's almost at 28 pot holders* Hopefully I don't have a mod that is messing up her sewing badge :(
Simlilisimlili on March 19th, 2015 07:55 am (UTC)
I don't think sewing builds creativity though (apparently it doesn't here :D).
Maybe simDawn should try designing a nice green dress on a pink canvas, or two (BECCAAAAAAAA), before she's able to actually make the dress^^
We need patterns too, guess it's the same for simmies!
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 19th, 2015 04:55 pm (UTC)
I think you're right. I think that's why I gave them a piano because she wasn't gaining creativity. (I forgot about that)

Haha, she has to paint the green dress before she can make a green dress! Makes perfect sense! Thank you ^.^