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15 January 2015 @ 05:31 pm
The Oceanside Project: Bossanova  


"Woohoo Machine"

Warnings: woohoo, smustling, cheating, and the return of Rowena De Hommel.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: Bossanova [Sp01] [WS01] [Su01]

Wednesday, Day 10
"Do The Smustle"

BossanovaF01 002

BossanovaF01 005

Diego Bossanova -- the heart-fart king of Oceanside -- is up at dawn raring to go for his first day at his dream job. Last season Diego finally maxed his dance enthusiasm and entered the Dance career!

BossanovaF01 001

BossanovaF01 006

BossanovaF01 008

His first position is as an aerobics instructor. With Diego's moves he'll have these housewives and househusbands in shape in no time.

BossanovaF01 012

BossanovaF01 016

BossanovaF01 017

After his first day at work Diego is promoted.

BossanovaF01 018

BossanovaF01 020

Diego takes ownership of his brand new studio -- Diego's Dance Academy!

BossanovaF01 023

New resident Rocky Kotsomiti stops by to read Diego's newspaper. He matches the house beautifully.

BossanovaF01 026

After a quick shower...

BossanovaF01 029

Diego is off to visit his new studio.

BossanovaF01 031

Diego's Dance Academy is located in a small studio space at the end of Oceanside Blvd.

BossanovaF01 032

BossanovaF01 033

BossanovaF01 034

It's pretty small but Diego is confident he will have plenty of room to teach his students.

BossanovaF01 044

The first group of people start to arrive but, of course, I put the ticket machines the wrong way and in too small a space that no one is able to buy tickets!

BossanovaF01 047

Beckett: Bad design hurts my brain!
Leave me alone OK! I never used these dumb machines before!

BossanovaF01 051

Diego's not worried. He knows his friends will show up for the grand opening... eventually.

BossanovaF01 055

Politician Malcolm Landgraab, X is the first official dance student of the DDA.

BossanovaF01 059

Diego proudly displays his first simoleon!

BossanovaF01 058

I finally moved the ticket machines to an easier-to-get-to location and chef George Lambswool is the second official dance student.

BossanovaF01 060

Today's lesson: How to Smustle!

BossanovaF01 065

BossanovaF01 066

The smustle is a complicated dance but after a few tries the guys get the hang of it.

BossanovaF01 075

BossanovaF01 078

BossanovaF01 079

BossanovaF01 088

Nanny Angie Killeen joins in and is adorably lost!

BossanovaF01 096

BossanovaF01 101

BossanovaF01 100

Malcolm's stench soon offends everyone. The smustling lesson comes to an end for the day.

BossanovaF01 105

BossanovaF01 110

Thursday, Day 11
"She's Back..."



Wait... Why do we have the Law & Order title screen and music again?

BossanovaF01 002

*gasp* No -- It can't be!

BossanovaF01 003

Rowena: Oh yes, it can! It is I, Rowena De Hommel, cat burglar extraordinaire!
*Must resist the urge to put her in a Catwoman suit*

BossanovaF01 004

Don't know if it was his Spidey-sense tingling or his hot-girl-on-my-lawn sense, but Diego woke right up.

BossanovaF01 006

Rowena: He won't attack me. I'm too pretty!
Think again vivacious villain!

BossanovaF01 016

BossanovaF01 018

Rowena: ERMAGERHD!!!!!!!!11

BossanovaF01 021

BossanovaF01 023

Although it appeared that Diego had the upper hand, Rowena De Hommel won the fight... again!

BossanovaF01 025

And yet again she runs away into the night empty-handed.
Rowena: And I would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

BossanovaF01 027

Diego returns to his bed and tries to sleep the rest of the night safe in the fact that Rowena will not return any time soon.

BossanovaF01 028

BossanovaF01 031

When Diego wakes up he is still shaking from what happened. Some hot chick tried to break into his house! Then she tried to kill him!

BossanovaF01 033

He wouldn't be able to enjoy his cornflakes -- not with a killer thief out there! Why would anyone want to kill him? Everyone loves Diego, right?


BossanovaF01 037

Diego knows that he could always add to his already ~charming~ personality. So in order to get more students in the dance class he practices schmoozing in the mirror.

BossanovaF01 041

Diego's bestie Sadie Biltmore walks by and Diego runs out to greet her. Lately Diego has been watching Sadie have a tough time. He hopes he can cheer her up enough so she forgets all about Flour Sack Baby.

BossanovaF01 044

Sadie loves gossip so Diego gives her the latest.
Diego: You know that little Miss Perfect, Becca Goodacre? The one that's always telling us how woohoo is a sin?
Sadie: *tee hee* Yeah?

BossanovaF01 045

Diego: I hear she gets drunk on nectar every night and passes out in her pig pen!

BossanovaF01 048

Sadie: *gasp* OM Watcher! I am totes putting that in my diary!

BossanovaF01 049

Diego then proceeds to tickle Sadie until she's crying. Yep, that's the way to cheer her up. *rolls eyes*

BossanovaF01 053

Sadie's mood has improved tremendously thanks to Diego. No sign of Flour Sack Baby anywhere!

BossanovaF01 061

Unfortunately Sadie cannot escape her terrible morning sickness.

BossanovaF01 080

Diego suggests that they relax in the hot tub. Maybe the jets can help her forget her troubles at home. Sadie is done talking about her own kids but wants to know how Diego is doing with his daughter Cyan. Has he had a chance to spend any time with her?

BossanovaF01 083

Diego is still stunned that he even has a daughter. He thought for sure that the whole soda in the woohoo didn't work but now he's a believer. From now on he always uses soda!

BossanovaF01 093

Diego then tells Sadie about the burglar he valiantly fought off in the middle of the night. He wasn't scared, he tells Sadie, but he really hopes she doesn't come again!

BossanovaF01 085

Sadie let's Diego know that once the police station is up and running he will be able to get an alarm that will alert her of intruders in the house. Then she will be over right away to catch this evil villain.

BossanovaF01 095

BossanovaF01 104

Diego says goodbye to Sadie and heads to work.
*Hopefully we won't see any more Crazy Sadie episodes now!*

BossanovaF01 108

As Diego's leaving he spots Garden Club member Heaven Gallo on his lawn. Boy does he wish she came by earlier. Heaven is a looker!

BossanovaF01 109

BossanovaF01 110

BossanovaF01 114

After work Diego returns to the mirror for more practice.

BossanovaF01 115

BossanovaF01 117

Then he's off to bed.

Friday, Day 12
"Don Juan Diego"

BossanovaF01 001

BossanovaF01 003

BossanovaF01 012

Diego spends his early morning staring off into the ocean. The dancing of the waves inspire him to come up with new moves.

BossanovaF01 017

So he heads down to the studio.

BossanovaF01 019

BossanovaF01 021

BossanovaF01 022

He adds the music and dance plaque to the studio's wall to give the impression he's a dance expert. He also removes the barres that were in the middle of the floor so there is more dancing room.

BossanovaF01 024

While Diego warms up at the barre...

BossanovaF01 026

Sadie and mail lady Brodie Mason gather outside. Diego has been trying to hook up with Brodie for an eon. He's glad she stopped by.

BossanovaF01 025

The dance studio also attracts Heaven. Maybe Diego can "convince" her to take some lessons *wink, wink*

BossanovaF01 033

Brodie buys a ticket while Sadie is still unconvinced that she should pay for Diego's "talents."

BossanovaF01 034

Diego heads outside and introduces himself to Heaven. They both get along wonderfully.

BossanovaF01 036

Selena: Oh hi guys, whatcha doing?! Don't mind me. I'm just Diego's sister, salting his game!

BossanovaF01 039

While Diego's talking to Heaven, Brodie shakes her butt all over the dance floor.

BossanovaF01 044

She's quickly joined by Diego.

BossanovaF01 048

Brodie has some moves!

BossanovaF01 051

Brodie remembers back when she had a huge crush on Diego. She's happy with Kendrick but Diego is looking mighty fine right now on the dance floor.

BossanovaF01 053

Heaven buys a ticket and hopes for a private with Diego. Selena passes. Some supportive sister you are!

BossanovaF01 056

Heaven joins them and tries her best to keep up with the pros. Poor Heaven needs a lot more lessons. Hopefully she can get Diego to pay attention to her.

BossanovaF01 060

Rowena: *creeps by* So, he also has a dance studio... I'll remember that.

BossanovaF01 062

Diego diverts his attention to Heaven, much to her delight.

BossanovaF01 063

BossanovaF01 066

Heaven soon leaves to attend to very important Garden Club stuff.

BossanovaF01 070

Which leaves Diego alone with Brodie to work on some "special" moves.

BossanovaF01 073

Diego has always felt that he missed out on being with Brodie. Kendrick kind of swept in and took her away before they really had a chance. Maybe now she's having second thoughts?

BossanovaF01 074

BossanovaF01 078

The dancing stops when Diego sees Minka outside. Right now doctor Minka Yomoshoto is Diego's main girl but you never know what could happen...

BossanovaF01 082

Natural Scientist Yasmin Onnen buys a ticket and proceeds to show Brodie what she's working with. Unimpressed Brodie is unimpressed.

BossanovaF01 085



BossanovaF01 090

*sigh* Diego, this one needs ALL of your attention!

BossanovaF01 088

However Diego is too busy flirting with his lady, as Brodie leaves, to help our fair maiden.

BossanovaF01 097

Diego loves all of his ladies and he has room in his heart for so many more. *gags*

BossanovaF01 098

Diego tries to give Yasmin some dancing pointers but Yaz would rather flail around by herself.

BossanovaF01 101

Minka finally finds her way inside the studio and learns some new moves from her boyfriend.

BossanovaF01 103

BossanovaF01 105

Minka even executes the "Bend It Like Brodie" move -- and she's 2 days pregnant! You go, Minka!

BossanovaF01 115

All of the fast dancing leads to slow dancing. Minka likes the slow dancing.

BossanovaF01 119

BossanovaF01 127

Noelee: Do I get some of that with my purchase?

BossanovaF01 129

Noelee Andews' dancing is just as bad as her girlfriends!

BossanovaF01 134

Diego closes for the day and heads home. Even though he had a great time with Minka another lady is on his mind.

BossanovaF01 135

BossanovaF01 139

As soon as he gets home he heads for the phone.
Diego: Hey, do you think you can sneak away for a little while? I'll cook dinner?

BossanovaF01 141

*gasp* Brodie! No!!!

BossanovaF01 143

Diego prepares shrimp gumbo which is quickly becoming an island favorite.

BossanovaF01 144

BossanovaF01 145

BossanovaF01 147

Brodie, a much better cook than Diego, helps him with the recipe. But Diego is only half listening. He's too busy staring at Brodie's pretty face.

BossanovaF01 152

BossanovaF01 155

Dinner goes well and after a few glasses of nectar both Diego and Brodie are having a great time.

BossanovaF01 160

Diego resumes where they left off at the studio with their slow dance "lesson." Brodie tells herself that a little harmless flirting won't hurt. Nothing more will happen between herself and Diego. He is looking really good tonight, though...

BossanovaF01 162

Diego goes in for the kiss and Brodie lets him. It's just a kiss. It doesn't mean anything... does it?

BossanovaF01 165

BossanovaF01 175

BossanovaF01 181

Quickly it became more than just a kiss.

BossanovaF01 189


BossanovaF01 196

BossanovaF01 188

Saturday, Day 13
"Just A Gigolo"

BossanovaF01 020

BossanovaF01 018

Up at dawn, Diego tidies up the yard before he's fined by the Garden Club.

BossanovaF01 024

BossanovaF01 025

And pays rent to his brother-in-law.

BossanovaF01 028

BossanovaF01 033

Diego's ex Matisse Troubadour stops by and he's happy to see her. Even though Matisse tried to kiss him last time he saw her, they eventually had a good time together. It felt like old times.

BossanovaF01 039

Diego tells Matisse about the harrowing experience he had with burglar Rowena.
Diego: ...and I almost died!
Angie: I'm so not listening to this crap.

BossanovaF01 044

Matisse must have a soft spot for men that almost died because she woohoos Diego immediately after! I almost didn't catch it.

BossanovaF01 046

BossanovaF01 045

BossanovaF01 050

BossanovaF01 051

He's so late for work that Diego has to run to catch his ride!

BossanovaF01 052

Diego's ego is big enough to think he could nail it. Of course he volunteers.
*Giggle* Shakey Shakum!

BossanovaF01 053

And with the loss of the body skill goes the loss of a chance for a promotion.

BossanovaF01 055

BossanovaF01 056

BossanovaF01 058

Beat, Diego goes straight to bed.

BossanovaF01 059

Notes: Technically Diego's dance studio wasn't supposed to be built in the main hood -- it is supposed to go in the Business District. But... you know... I do what I want :P

You know I've been waiting for FOREVER to use that Taylor Swift gif. *tee-hee*

Ok, Diego is not my favorite sim (since he smacked Matisse around) but I had to play him anyway. I'm upset that Brodie and Matisse woohooed him like it was nothing and Minka's all gaga over him. He needs to go! He's corrupting all of my ladies! Maybe a tragic accident should befall him...

Thank you for reading! ^.^

Current Music: Just A Gigolo by David Lee Roth
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darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on January 16th, 2015 09:46 pm (UTC)
LMAO! Yaaassss, Diego is the player of the hood! He's never going to settle down. I think he has the Mass Attraction benefit so he has at least 2 bolts with EVERY female sim in Oceanside. It's nauseating and it's my own fault!

Don't worry I'm not going to kill him but if some terrible accident happens and Grim comes I might not plead for his life :P

I was nervous when Diego and Sadie got in the hot tub but all they did was talk. I have never used the "friend zone" function in ACR but I probably will do it for them. They always have a good time together and Sadie does NOT want to woohoo him. I tell you, Sadie is the sanest sim in the hood!

Minka is pregnant with Achilles' baby (the science hobbyist). They currently live together but she doesn't really want him :(
Matisse is the one that screwed Malcolm (ew).
Lisa's Adventures in Simminglisag45 on January 17th, 2015 07:04 pm (UTC)
I don't think you can really blame Diego for the slapping- it is EAxis who deserves the blame for programming all sims to react that way in the first place.

For flirting/sleeping with ladies who are already in other relationships though. He is a naughty boy!

I've never seen the town burglar just walking around before! Did you do anything special to let that happen?

Edited at 2015-01-17 07:06 pm (UTC)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on January 17th, 2015 08:25 pm (UTC)
This was the first time in my game that the burglar walked by the community lot but I have seen it in other's games -- Mswn has a burglar that would actually shoplift if I remember correctly!

I don't really blame Diego but it's fun to blame him in my head XD. He's very naughty!
Simlilisimlili on March 16th, 2015 10:58 am (UTC)
I see service NPC's walking by on community lots all the time, it's not a mod.
But they won't visit the lot like other sims, you have to interact with them while they're walking by or they'll just walk off.
(I'm talking about all those cops, burglars, maids, exterminators, uni professors, and so on.)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 16th, 2015 05:55 pm (UTC)
I just played the Firestones and Rowena showed up at the grocery store too. She even stopped to "shop". I love that!
didilysquatdidilysquat on January 19th, 2015 07:00 pm (UTC)
Eep, I'm so behind! But I spent my morning catching up, and it was quite the entertaining morning. :D

Oceanside is looking so good now with all those businesses, and the dance studio looks fun! All the beach views are so purty too.

It's kind of nice that Diego has a friend in Sadie that he's not sleeping with. Sensible Sadie too. :)

Oops, looks like Yasmin might have broken an ankle there! Dancing can be dangerous...

Yeesh, Brodie. We know Diego is hopeless, but I thought you had more sense. Guess not... :/

Ahh, every town needs its resident bad influence. If nothing else, Diego's really good at that. ;)

Sorry to fall so far behind. I'll try to keep up from now on. Until next time! :D
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on January 20th, 2015 05:14 pm (UTC)
No worries and thank you for your comments! ^.^

I'm so glad nothing happened between Diego and Sadie. She's a good girl :)

I was very disappointed with Brodie, though. The sexiness is strong in Diego -- I guess.
Simlilisimlili on March 16th, 2015 11:00 am (UTC)
I love this journal and I love the gifs, gif love -->♥
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 16th, 2015 05:55 pm (UTC)
Thank you!!! ^.^