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08 January 2015 @ 08:03 pm
The Oceanside Project: Landgraab Part 1  


"Keeping Up With The Landgraabs" Part 1

Warnings: bribery, shirtless Rocky Kotsomiti, messy Malcolm, sims that won't take no for an answer, and a naked bum.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: The Landgraabs ... ... ... ... ...

Wednesday, Day 10
"Moving On Up"

LandgraabF01 006

The Landgraabs, the wealthiest family in Oceanside, outgrew their tiny condo last season. They challenged builder Fitz Biltmore to create a lovely mansion on Landgraab Lake worthy of a Landgraab yet still befitting the "Oceanside style." Landgraab Manor was Biltmore's answer and today is move-in day!

LandgraabF01 083

Vivian Landgraab, town treasurer and banker, is the first inside the new home. She immediately brings infant Tabitha to her new room that she shares with her sister.

LandgraabF01 085

Politician Malcolm X is next with Tabitha's twin Malcolm Moneywell Landgraab. Little Malcolm has a room all to himself on the second floor.

LandgraabF01 082

The Landgraab's eldest child, Gwyneth, is free to roam the manor at her leisure.

LandgraabF01 088

Being the social butterfly that she is, Vivian has to be a member of every social club that exists in Oceanside. When she found out that the Garden Club was a real thing she knew she had to do whatever it takes to join. Now that she has the best house in town -- with the best landscaping -- she knows she will be a shoe-in for the snooty Garden Club!

LandgraabF01 094

While Viv tidies-up the front entry for the Garden Club's inspection, Malcolm is... Hey, where is Malcolm?

LandgraabF01 095

LandgraabF01 096

He's upstairs playing with the remote-controlled car that Viv stole from Oceanside Customs like the man-child that he is!

LandgraabF01 097

Hark! Who goes there? Why, it is the hair-flipping King of the Garden Club, Rocky Kotsomiti!!

LandgraabF01 098

Viv wastes no time dilly-dallying and asks Rocky for a membership straight away.

LandgraabF01 102

Hey, if you approve Vivian for membership maybe she'll let you live in her old condo now that Noelee moved in with Yasmin?

LandgraabF01 101

Rocky: Garden Club, Assemble!

LandgraabF01 103

Enter the Garden Club Mod Squad of Heaven Gallo and Bruce Jelleff!
(OK, Angie isn't part of the Garden Club. She was just walking by but she looks rad in this shot!)

LandgraabF01 104

Rocky: Let's inspect this mug!

LandgraabF01 105

Heaven checks out the topiaries...

LandgraabF01 111

Bruce examines the white roses...

LandgraabF01 109

and Rocky -- what the hell are you doing, Rocky? You're not supposed to be swimming during the inspection!

LandgraabF01 114

LandgraabF01 115

Some kind of way Rocky swam to the Landgraab's boat and climbed aboard to inspect it!
*shit I didn't know was possible #852*


LandgraabF01 112

Nursing... Like a Boss.

LandgraabF01 122

Gwyneth found the activity table and did a victory dance after finishing her first drawing.

LandgraabF01 118

Malcolm finally greets Nanny Angie Killeen who has been lurking outside...

LandgraabF01 123

and Scientist Achilles Brook.

LandgraabF01 124


LandgraabF01 132

Rocky pretty much just supervises what the other GC inspectors are doing while walking around shirtless and tossing his mane.

LandgraabF01 133

Achilles heads inside to christen the pool table.

LandgraabF01 136

Now that Angie has the future Mayor all to herself she can talk to him about the laws she would like put into place in Oceanside. Laws like hiring a social worker to look out for the welfare of the mistreated children, and making adult/teen woohoo against the law.

LandgraabF01 140

Malcolm: Yeah, that's all very interesting but did you hear there's a burglar running lose? Catching her is the highest priority! She might try to shoot us!

LandgraabF01 150

Rocky catches Heaven inspecting the ELECTRICAL BOXES! If Vivian gets approved we know it will be because she bribed the Garden Club! Electrical boxes are not landscaping!

LandgraabF01 152

Malcolm prepares lunch for the guests of the manor.

LandgraabF01 155

LandgraabF01 156

I guess money (and the promise of a roof over your head) can buy anything. Welcome to the Garden Club, Viv!

LandgraabF01 168

Malcolm and guests sit down for lunch meat sandwiches...

LandgraabF01 169

LandgraabF01 170

while the girls finish their lunch.

LandgraabF01 176

When mechanic Connor Firestone...

LandgraabF01 179

and farmer Owen Goodacre show up...

LandgraabF01 180

Viv thinks it's a good time to head down to the Oceanside Bank & Loan and check on things.

LandgraabF01 182

She has the royal wave down pat.

LandgraabF01 188

Before she leaves I remember to cash all of the checks she has from the residents.

LandgraabF01 185

LandgraabF01 189

Good job, Viv!

LandgraabF01 191

LandgraabF01 192

Rocky and Bruce just can't get enough of Vivian. They are the first to arrive at the bank.

LandgraabF01 193

The last customer is reviewer Beckett Graham. Let's see what he thinks of Viv's fine establishment.

LandgraabF01 197

Viv tries to help her Garden Club founder, but he still wants nothing of her pushy sales tactics.

LandgraabF01 200

Beckett is concerned, just like the other residents, about the rumored burglar running lose on the island. Even though he hasn't many belonging in his cave, he wants to protect what little he has. Viv has just the thing for him!

LandgraabF01 202

A safe!

LandgraabF01 201

*Gold Star*

LandgraabF01 209

Beckett: That's exactly what I need! But I don't have any money. Can I pay you Tuesday for a safe today?

LandgraabF01 212

Vivian: *rages* What the hell did you come in here for if you're broke? This is a bank not a swap meet!
Vivian Landgraab doesn't fuck around when it comes to money, yo.

LandgraabF01 217

Beckett: *writes* She's soooo mean!

LandgraabF01 227

LandgraabF01 228

Beckett continues on his endless loop of "I can't find shit" which annoys Vivian and myself to no end.

LandgraabF01 234

Luckily Viv is nicer than I am and continues to help the penniless Beckett with a smile on her face.

LandgraabF01 235

Which works in her favor!

LandgraabF01 236

Of course she picks the money.

LandgraabF01 237

Viv has a customer with an expensive bag!!

LandgraabF01 240

She's still terrible at the register but rings Bruce up in a somewhat timely manner.

LandgraabF01 244

I guess her pushiness paid off. Rocky is next to be rung up.

LandgraabF01 246

Beckett now has enough material for his column in Oceanside Today. How did Viv do?

LandgraabF01 247

LandgraabF01 248

Woot! All of that yelling at Beckett paid off. Vivian is the first resident to receive a Best of the Best award. Being a Landgraab really does have it's privileges.

LandgraabF01 250

Vivian proudly displays her award on the wall with her first simoleon.

LandgraabF01 251

LandgraabF01 255

And she earns herself a bronze register badge. Everything is coming up Vivian today!

LandgraabF01 260

After the boys leave Viv restocks and heads home.

Back at the house...

LandgraabF01 266

The pool table has become the Landgraabs' hot spot.

LandgraabF01 281

Malcolm greets doctor Minka Yomoshoto and Kent Healey. Please Kent, Matisse already lost one man to Minka -- don't you start too!

LandgraabF01 285

Another walk-by -- this time seamstress Dawn Lambswool - Malcolm's BFF.

LandgraabF01 288

Achilles rescues his girl Minka from the clutches of Kent...

LandgraabF01 290

and finally falls in love with her! Too bad she only has eyes for Diego...

LandgraabF01 291

LandgraabF01 292

The twins are stinky and hungry, as per usual.

LandgraabF01 295

While a talking Gwyneth demands attention from Connor.

LandgraabF01 312

LandgraabF01 315

LandgraabF01 316

Oh, Malcolm!

LandgraabF01 325

This is how it starts, Minka. Kent has long conversations with you and the next thing you know you're making out with him! Just ask Matisse and Noelee!

LandgraabF01 338

Malcolm whips up Goopy Carbonara for dinner.

LandgraabF01 340

Oh Malcolm!

LandgraabF01 344

Dawn: The blue hats you ordered for you and Angie are ready to go! Do you need any more? Anybody else joining your fancy club? Like a local seamstress... Huh?
Minka: *totes ignores Dawn and keeps eating*

LandgraabF01 354

Viv is back from the bank however she misses out on the yummy Goopy Carbonara. A left-over sandwich is her dinner.

LandgraabF01 356

Since it was late, Malcolm says goodnight to his guests.

LandgraabF01 362

And puts Gwyn to bed.

LandgraabF01 371

Thursday, Day 11
"One Club Down, One To Go"

While her parents sleep peacefully...

LandgraabF01 002

LandgraabF01 006

LandgraabF01 010

LandgraabF01 015

Gwyn the escape artist roams free.

LandgraabF01 022

LandgraabF01 028

At dawn Tabitha and Little Malcolm awaken and are in need of changing.

LandgraabF01 031

LandgraabF01 030

LandgraabF01 032

A very stinky Gwyneth tries to clean herself the best way she can. Where is your father?

LandgraabF01 033

You did not drop you son on the ground so you could play with the car! Oh, Malcolm!

LandgraabF01 034

That's better, sheesh!

LandgraabF01 036

LandgraabF01 039

After a diaper change and a feeding, Viv brings Bitsy (Viv's nickname for Tabitha) to Little Malcolm's room for brother/sister baby gym bonding time.

LandgraabF01 044

Gwyn needs to work on her friendships!

LandgraabF01 047

While Viv takes a long hot bath...

LandgraabF01 057

Malcolm burps out the breakfast he just made. Oh, Malcolm!

LandgraabF01 065

Soon it's time for Malcolm to leave for work.
Vivian: Honey, if you get a promotion you can have some woohoo tonight!
Vivian Landgraab. Queen of The Bribes.

LandgraabF01 071

Malcolm drives off in Bullet, the car made for him by Connor.

LandgraabF01 075

Vivian sees Angie walking by and runs out to catch her. Not only can she help her with the kids today, Viv can also try to impress her so she can join the Blue Hat Society. So far it's not going too well.
Vivian: ...and if I join the Blue Hat Society we could play all kinds of games at meetings like Don't Wake The Llama!
Angie: I HATE Don't Wake The Llama. Dumbest game ever.

LandgraabF01 080

Viv leaves Angie alone to play a game she knows she likes...

LandgraabF01 077

while she does her chores around the house.

LandgraabF01 082

LandgraabF01 090

After a while Angie pitches in and helps with the cleaning...

LandgraabF01 099

and with the parenting.

LandgraabF01 095

LandgraabF01 103

Minka also stops by for a game of pool. Now Viv can schmooze the Blue Hats and maybe get an invite!

LandgraabF01 105

LandgraabF01 108

At lunch Minka gives Vivian the runaround every time she brings up the club. It's like her bestie doesn't want her to be in it. Viv is visibly shocked and offended.

LandgraabF01 116

Viv leaves the girls to talk and takes a quick shower.
Vivian: I don't want to be in their stupid club anyway. Hmph!

LandgraabF01 118

Gwyneth: Why am I not potty trained yet!
Because your parents have better things to do with their lives than teach you the toddler skills. It's better you learn this sooner rather than later.

LandgraabF01 119

Gwyneth: *cries in disgust*
There, there. Ask Angie. She loves you.

LandgraabF01 120

Angie and Minka: *besties!*

LandgraabF01 122

Vivian: *grumbles* Fuck those bitches.
Vivian! That's no way for a lady to talk!

LandgraabF01 126


LandgraabF01 128

Malcolm: *struts* I think I was promised woohoo if I got a promotion, ahem!

LandgraabF01 137

Still pissed off, Vivian begrudgingly says good night to Minka and Angie.

LandgraabF01 138

Malcolm puts Gwyn to bed...

LandgraabF01 143

LandgraabF01 144

Then it's feeding and bed time for the twins...

LandgraabF01 156

then Malcolm gets his reward.

Part 2

Current Music: We're In The Money by Ginger Rogers
Simlilisimlili on March 16th, 2015 08:07 am (UTC)
Rocky... ♥u♥

I was worried he might have left the GC, when he wasn't the one answering last time I don't remember who called the Club.
Thankfully, he was just having his hair done indeed, and now he's baaaaaaaaack.

(Malcolm, you pig!)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 16th, 2015 05:25 pm (UTC)
Lol! I think Rocky just didn't want to walk around the Goodacre's farm with all of the animal droppings and dirt. He can't mess up his expensive white shoes. XD
Simlilisimlili on March 17th, 2015 02:06 pm (UTC)