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21 December 2014 @ 02:58 pm
The Oceanside Project: Landgraab Manor  


*In snooty voice*
Join us as we tour an extravagant home owned by the wealthiest couple in Oceanside -- the manor of politician Malcolm Landgraab, X and his wife banker Vivian Moneywell Landgraab.

LandgraabF01 006

LandgraabF01 002

The newly-built Landgraab Manor is located on 52 Moneywell Blvd. The charming lake house is the largest home in Oceanside so far with its three bedrooms and six baths on three stories.

LandgraabF01 010

LandgraabF01 007

The rear of the manor faces Landgraab Lake a fun spot for fishing and water sports.

LandgraabF01 008

LandgraabF01 011

The car port is located on the right hand side of the manor while the bottom floor of the left hand side houses the screened-in porch.

First Floor

LandgraabF01 014

Cypress topiaries frame the elegant front entrance.

Living Room

LandgraabF01 032

LandgraabF01 038

The living room is situated on the right side of the front entry.

LandgraabF01 035

The left side holds the first floor fire place and the home's white grand piano. Even though no one in the Landgraab household can play, Vivian believes that every wealthy manor must have a grand piano.

LandgraabF01 036

LandgraabF01 037

LandgraabF01 048

Towards the rear of the room resides the pool table. The Landgraab's home is peppered with family photos and images of the island.

The Kitchen

LandgraabF01 040

Cooking is not the Landgraab's forte, however a large traditional home must have a large traditional kitchen.

LandgraabF01 039

The marble and nickel finish appliances mix well with Vivian's color scheme of white and cream.

LandgraabF01 041

The Dining Room

LandgraabF01 042

LandgraabF01 013

Located adjacent to the kitchen is the dinning room which also leads out to the front porch.

The Tea Room

LandgraabF01 015

LandgraabF01 025

The screened-in porch, affectionately called the Tea Room by Mrs. Landgraab because of the many collectible tea sets located there, provides sun and warmth all year-round.

LandgraabF01 024

In one corner a chess table is set up for the more logical guests.

LandgraabF01 021

LandgraabF01 022

LandgraabF01 023

Tea bought from Oceanside's famous coffee house, The Troubadour Cafe, is served to guests as well as sumptuous cupcakes and pastries.

LandgraabF01 026

Tea roses in a tea tin as a table topper help to add vintage whimsy to the room.

LandgraabF01 020

An artist stand frames the windowed doorway which leads to Malcolm's office.

Malcolm's Office

LandgraabF01 031

LandgraabF01 027

Until a City Hall can be built and a business district is created, Malcolm uses his home office as a base of operations.

LandgraabF01 029

Above the bookshelves hangs a photo of the inhabited area of Oceanside at the time when the house was built (circa Fall, Year 1).

LandgraabF01 028

One of the items smuggled in from his days in SimCity is an image of Malcolm's ancestor, the infamous Admiral Landgraab.

The Mudroom

LandgraabF01 047

LandgraabF01 046

The mudroom is located on the side entrance near the car port. Here the residents can remove their weather-trodden outerwear before it ruins the floor. The couple's engagement photo is on display here.

Second Floor

LandgraabF01 050

The second floor landing incorporates more of the family's photos.

LandgraabF01 051

An antique vase serves as the only decor in the upper foyer.

LandgraabF01 052

The door leading to the master suite is framed by two large windows giving the room the appearance of a front entry.

The Master Suite

LandgraabF01 054

The master bedroom's fireplace mirrors the one in the downstairs living room.

LandgraabF01 056

The Landgraab's unique hand-carved canopy bed is the focal point of the room. Mrs. Landgraab's wedding bouquet sits atop a hand-carved chest.

LandgraabF01 053

A sitting area is across from the bed. Above the settee is a pre-wedding photo of Mrs. Landgraab.

LandgraabF01 059

French doors lead to the master bathroom and closets.

LandgraabF01 060

LandgraabF01 061

LandgraabF01 062

LandgraabF01 064

LandgraabF01 066

Just off of the master suite is the second floor porch decorated for brunch, lounging, and family.

The Children's Rooms

LandgraabF01 071

LandgraabF01 072

LandgraabF01 073

Both Gwyneth and Tabitha Landgraab share a room in the north wing of the manor.

LandgraabF01 068

LandgraabF01 067

Malcolm Moneywell Landgraab has his own room in the south wing. His parents couldn't decide between a nautical theme and a jungle theme so they mixed the two.

Both rooms have their own en suite bathrooms.

The Third Floor

LandgraabF01 074

LandgraabF01 075

The top floor houses Mrs. Landgraab's exercise equipment. Vivian is obsessed with fitness and believes that everyone in Oceanside should be in their best shape.

Top Down Views

LandgraabF01 000

First Floor

LandgraabF01 0001

Second Floor

LandgraabF01 0002

Third Floor

This concludes our tour of Landgraab Manor. Buh-bye.

Credits: Landgraab Manor was created using Southern Living's Captain's Watch plans found here.

Simlilisimlili on March 13th, 2015 11:12 am (UTC)
Wow, it's amazing, great job !
Admiral Landgraab's portrait :D

(But Viv, there's white, and then there's too much white.
The good news is, if you are ever slaughtered in there, the local Dexter Morgan will have a visually pleasant and contrasted work session.
And Sadie something to do^^)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 13th, 2015 02:39 pm (UTC)
Crime scene at the Landgraabs. Sadie would be in heaven :)

Let's hope though, that Vivian is the one slaughtered because if she came in and saw blood all over her precious upholstery SHE would be the one killing sims!
Simlilisimlili on March 13th, 2015 09:29 pm (UTC)