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02 November 2014 @ 03:57 pm
The Oceanside Project: Mason-Troubadour  


Warnings: a joker, a thief, a fight, a rooftop band, a rockstar tot, bromance, and Brodie in her chonies almost the whole update.

Previously on The Mason-Troubadours ... ... ...

Wednesday, Day 10

MasonF01 001

I'll just leave this right here...


MasonF01 009

MasonF01 002

All is well in the wee hours of the 1st Fall morning for the Mason-Troubadour clan.

MasonF01 013

MasonF01 005

Brodie Mason officially went back to her career as a postal carrier. Working with her love Kendrick Troubadour at the Troubadour Cafe was fun but all of the standing around and waiting on sims was kind of boring for Brodie.

MasonF01 014

MasonF01 016

The merging of the two households meant that Kendrick's old bedroom became Aria's nursery and his old studio became Brodie's salon. They enlarged the upstairs bathroom, ripped the roof off of the back, created an upper deck, and put all of their instruments out there.

MasonF01 019

MasonF01 020

~Domestic bliss~

MasonF01 021

MasonF01 025

MasonF01 027

Time for Kendrick to head to work tuning the town's pianos!
Note* I wish there was a mod where all of the car pools were taxi vans instead of these random clunkers.

MasonF01 031

Neat freak Brodie whistles away as she cleans her filthy condo.

MasonF01 037

While cleaning, Brodie spots farmer Owen Goodacre loitering about. Using her irresistible charm, she convinces Owen to help her out around the yard. She promises a hot-cooked meal as a reward!

MasonF01 038

He totes falls for it.


MasonF01 043

You got to give the customer what they want!

MasonF01 044

That manipulating Mippaloti!

MasonF01 051

Kendrick returns home a broken sim.
Kendrick: Why me Watcher? WWWHHHHHYYYYY!!!

MasonF01 057

He then quickly stuffs his face with comfort food.

MasonF01 059

Kendrick regains his old career but must go back to selling records on the street corner.

MasonF01 067

Owen tries to cheer his buddy up with a joke about the curvy doctor Minka...

MasonF01 069

Which only reminds Kendrick how mad his ex -- fortune sim Minka Yomoshoto -- would be to learn he lost his job.

MasonF01 071

Kendrick: She's never going to woohoo me again. I'm a failure as a sim! WAAAAAAAA!
Kendrick, please stop pining for Minka Yomoshoto. She does not want you anymore!

MasonF01 074

You better be lucky your girlfriend didn't overhear your little whine-fest, Kendrick! Instead Brodie is in the upstairs bathroom fixing the broken plumbing.

MasonF01 079

Oh look, Aria is still alive!
(We see you Becca in Green on Pink 1.0!)

MasonF01 081

Thank goodness Brodie tricked Owen into staying over and gardening. He's been a big help getting Kendrick back in a good mood.

MasonF01 086

He even convinces Kendrick to help him out!

MasonF01 087

Aria's back to sleep...

MasonF01 090

so it's time for Brodie to make that home-cooked meal she promised.

MasonF01 092

What the hell is wrong with you now Kendrick?
Kendrick: *sniffles* I got fired... Minka doesn't love me... I hate weeds...


MasonF01 095

Look at what your girlfriend made, you whiny twat! Lime seared prawns!

MasonF01 098

Fitz Biltmore, town architect, stops by and is greeted with a hello kiss. Better set another place at the table, Brodie.

MasonF01 101

As they sit down for dinner Fitz tells the group about the new renter at his old condo, Yasmin Onnen.
Fitz: She was singing songs -- to the trees! And flapping her arms around like she was a bird! There's something seriously wrong with that sim!

MasonF01 106

After dinner Brodie leaves the guys to take a bath...

MasonF01 108

and go to bed.

MasonF01 110

MasonF01 113

With Owen's BO getting to the boys...

MasonF01 114

MasonF01 115

it's time to say good night to the guys...

MasonF01 131

and slip into bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you, Kendrick.

MasonF01 135

Brodie is up again to take care of stinky and hungry Aria.

MasonF01 138

MasonF01 139

And has her first *pop*!

MasonF01 140

Thursday, Day 11

MasonF01 001

After staying up most of the night with Aria, Brodie is ready to take a short nap before the sun rises.

MasonF01 007

Little does she know Kendrick is awake and hoping for some "relaxation."

MasonF01 008


MasonF01 009

After a cold shower...

MasonF01 011

Kendrick resumes cleaning up the yard. That Garden Club is relentless when it comes to unkempt lawns.

MasonF01 015

MasonF01 018

Owen's wife, and soon-to-be priest, Becca Goodacre waltzes by the condo and catches Kendrick's attention. Being the romance sim that he is, Kendrick always fancies striking up a conversation with a lady sim.

MasonF01 020

Staring at said lady's chest however is not very gentlemanly Kendrick Troubadour!

MasonF01 024

The prim and proper Becca is not amused.

MasonF01 023

MasonF01 027

Kendrick quickly scarfs down breakfast and heads to work.

MasonF01 033

MasonF01 043

Brodie: Ah, Aria. My one way ticket into this hood! Because of you I'm not living in a cave anymore! We made it baby girl!

MasonF01 047

Brodie sees Becca lurking outside and offers her a new haircut.
Brodie: Since you're going to be the first priest, you should have more serious hair!
Becca agrees that it's time she had more polished, conservative hair to go with her new position.

MasonF01 049

MasonF01 053

MasonF01 058

Brodie knocks it out of the park. Becca now looks ready to preach the ways of the Watcher to her congregation.

MasonF01 061

The rest of Brodie's day consists of eating left-overs...

MasonF01 063

MasonF01 064

Composing songs for her's and Kendrick's first album...

MasonF01 068

and feeding Aria.

MasonF01 071

AHHHH! Not creepy at all Minka Yomoshoto!
Minka: *narrows eyes* I can't believe he asked that floozy to move in with him!
Just leave it alone, Minka. Leave it alone.

MasonF01 074

MasonF01 075

Kendrick is home from work but he's still sad from yesterday. What makes it worse is that he didn't get a promotion like he thought he would. Things just aren't going as planned for Kendrick :(

MasonF01 082

Kendrick and Brodie are beat. They both turn in early.

MasonF01 083

MasonF01 086

Becca in Green uses this time to take a dip into the ocean. Living on the farm, Becca is a little envious of the other sims that have houses right on the beach.

MasonF01 089

But envy is not Watcher-like so Becca just enjoys her time in the waves.

MasonF01 095

Aria has a great pair of lungs. She might get her own record deal before she's out of diapers.

MasonF01 097

This time both parents get up for the late might feeding.

MasonF01 100

Brodie to eat...

MasonF01 104

and Kendrick to change Aria. Even though Kendrick does not like children, this little one is slowly growing on him. Hopefully he doesn't notice that there's another one on the way >.>

MasonF01 109

Kendrick is anxious to begin Aria's education on musical arts.

MasonF01 111

So he plops her down in her baby gym...

MasonF01 115

and plays the classics for her until she falls asleep.

MasonF01 002

Friday, Day 12

MasonF01 003

*pop #2*

MasonF01 005

Then it's back to bed.

MasonF01 007

Kendrick: *sings* I keep on fallin'... in and out... of love... with you. I never... loved someone... the way that I... love you!

MasonF01 009

I wish little one, I wish.

MasonF01 012

Dad finally gets the message and puts Aria back in her music-free crib.

MasonF01 017

MasonF01 018

*Obligatory condo at dawn shots*

MasonF01 022

Kendrick has breakfast at dawn on the side porch. He's determined to have a great day today so he can earn his old job back as a piano tuner.

MasonF01 023

MasonF01 027

Kendrick is actually doing a decent job taking care of Aria. Color me impressed.

MasonF01 028

MasonF01 032

That's just enough time for Kendrick to get a little jam session going on!

MasonF01 039

Brodie wakes up and actually puts on clothing! Will miracles never cease?

MasonF01 043

MasonF01 045

It's Aria's transition day! The usual friends of the parents and the hood's toddlers are all invited.
(Notice Minka Yomoshoto was NOT invited...)

MasonF01 052

MasonF01 053

MasonF01 050

Sheesh! The toddler population is growing at a crazy rate!

MasonF01 051

As the guests pour in Brodie whips up a new dish, chirashi.

MasonF01 055

Evie Goodacre wanted nothing to do Aiden Biltmore's brother Heath, yet she's all over poor Aiden. Aiden thinks girls have cooties and won't let her touch him.

MasonF01 056

"Bromance: The Toddler Edition" starring Antonio Lambswool and Heath Biltmore.

MasonF01 060

Cyan Troubadour-Bossanova and Gwyneth Landgraab are still BFFs4L.

MasonF01 062

Poor Matisse Troubadour, on her second pregnancy, has her first interaction of the party with the toilet bowl.

MasonF01 058

Boy, does that look yummy!

MasonF01 066

Oh Matisse, if only you knew what your man, Kent Healey, was doing at NPC-palooza!

MasonF01 068

Even though they look nothing like them, my first thought when I see the three Biltmore brothers is the Curious brothers.

MasonF01 070

MasonF01 071

Connor and Selena Firestone are the winners of the First To Get Freaky At A Kid's Birthday Party award for this week.

MasonF01 076

Matisse: You do remember that I'm an attorney, right Diego. Where's my child support?
Diego: Do you hear something, Connor? I think there's a gnat buzzing around my ear.

MasonF01 083

Dawn Lambswool rocks out with Brodie's guitar.

MasonF01 087

Soon it's time to bring Aria to the cake!

MasonF01 091

MasonF01 095

Say good-bye to baby Aria!

MasonF01 102

And hello to toddler Aria in Native clothing!

MasonF01 103

MasonF01 107

After a bit of styling, heeere's Aria! Aria Mason-Troubadour is a 9-7-9-3-1 Scorpio with high interests in Sci-Fi and travel, and her OTH is sports.

MasonF01 089

From her father she inherited his dislike of children and from her mother her freckles and love of laying on the couch. Her parents hope she becomes the next generation's biggest rockstar!

MasonF01 109

But first, the first generation get together and rock out! Matisse and Kent on the electric guitars, mailman Lars Shadow on the drums, and chef George Lambswool as lead singer.

MasonF01 111

Eve tries to cuddle with her first crush, Nico Firestone, who shoots her down yet again :(

MasonF01 115

MasonF01 117

MasonF01 122

The hungry tots head to the sand for nourishment.

MasonF01 123

MasonF01 124

Just stop being so cute Aria!

MasonF01 125

MasonF01 128

MasonF01 130

Both Kent and Lars earned some simoleons today!

MasonF01 133

As the guests are leaving Kendrick returns home with a promotion!

MasonF01 137

It's time for Aria's first potty training lesson -- 1 of 10,000.

MasonF01 141

MasonF01 143

MasonF01 144

Some of the guests decide to stay longer >:/

MasonF01 146

Kendrick is so happy to see little toddler Aria in her rocker gear!

MasonF01 149

Now that Kendrick's home, a very exhausted Brodie squeezes in a nap before she delivers the next baby.

MasonF01 152

MasonF01 153

MasonF01 154

MasonF01 160

Lars is a jokester too. One day he and Owen need to have a joke-off to see who's the funniest sim in Oceanside.

MasonF01 164

Finally Kendrick says good night to all of the stragglers.

MasonF01 169

MasonF01 172

And the house is asleep.

MasonF01 173

Brodie gets a hobby membership while she dreams. Score!

Saturday, Day 13



MasonF01 004


MasonF01 003

Oh, you're such a cute burglar! Nevermind...

MasonF01 005

Kendrick, wake up!
Kendrick: ...just five more minutes Mom...

MasonF01 007

OMGaaaa she's in the house!

MasonF01 009

Rowena de Hommel: Yes! Jackpot!!

MasonF01 010

Kendrick! She's casing the joint! Wake up!
Kendrick: Don't forget my fruit snacks this time, Mom.

MasonF01 012

Rowena: Let's see what else we can find, shall we?

MasonF01 013

Brodie: Kendrick, get up. I think I hear someone in the kitchen.
Kendrick: It's just Aria. Go back to bed.
Brodie: I hear someone walking in sneakers.
Kendrick: Aria wears sneakers.
Brodie: But she can't walk, Kendrick!
Kendrick: All right! Sheesh! I'm getting up!

MasonF01 015

She's making her way outside. Run!

MasonF01 017

Rowena: Is this all they got? Where's all those fancy instruments? Huh? What do you mean "look out?"

MasonF01 018


MasonF01 022

MasonF01 025

MasonF01 046

Brodie: Ah, dinner and a show.

MasonF01 048

After all that, Kendrick loses to the burglar. But hey, at least she didn't steal anything *bright side*

MasonF01 051

*evil cat eyes* Rowena: This isn't the last you've seen of me Kendrick Troubadour!

MasonF01 054

Kendrick swallows his pride of having his ass handed to him by resuming the potty training of Aria which includes dumping the potty chair.
Kendrick: Ick!

Back on the patio:

MasonF01 066

The excitement of the attempted robbery has made Brodie go into labor!

MasonF01 069


MasonF01 072

It's a girl...

MasonF01 074

Kendrick: *pouts* I agreed to one more baby, not two!

MasonF01 085

And a girl!

MasonF01 091

First born is Piper Mason-Troubadour! Piper has her mom's light skin, her dad's brown eyes, and both parent's black hair.

MasonF01 090

Next is Poem Mason-Troubadour! Poem has tan skin, her dad's brown eyes, and both parent's black hair. I'm never going to be able to tell them apart.

MasonF01 093

Because of the double addition to the family, the Mason/Troubadours enclosed their upper patio and extended the girls' room.

MasonF01 095

MasonF01 099

MasonF01 105

The shock of having three little rugrats running around has finally come over Brodie.

MasonF01 107

Aria: Mommy looks funny when she cries :D

MasonF01 113

After a quick shower Kendrick returns to sing the twins to sleep.

MasonF01 118

And autonomously feeds kid #2 -- uh... Poem.

MasonF01 119

MasonF01 121

Brodie makes omelet breakfast for herself and Kendrick.

MasonF01 127

And she earns another hobby membership!

MasonF01 128

MasonF01 137

After breakfast Brodie worries that she might be losing some of her looks after birthing three babies.

MasonF01 138

Brodie: What was I thinking? Of course I'm still the hottest chick on this island!

MasonF01 145

MasonF01 156

Kendrick is off to work thinking about his lady.

MasonF01 161

Brodie sees teacher Selena Firestone outside and invites her in. Brodie always thought Selena was very pretty but she needs to zhuzh it up a bit.

MasonF01 165


MasonF01 167

MasonF01 168

Oh dear... I know you wanted to add some color Brodie, but this is too much!

MasonF01 177


(I had to, I'm sorry)

MasonF01 178

Somehow Brodie convinced Selena to get back in the chair so she could fix it.

MasonF01 181

Brodie: *gasp!*

MasonF01 184

You know, maybe make-up isn't your forte Brodie. You should probably just stick to hair styling!

MasonF01 190

Aria: Joker Lady! Joker Lady! Pick me up!

MasonF01 193

MasonF01 195

Selena: Wait kid, you totally reek!

MasonF01 196

Luckily Selena wipes all of the crazy paint from her face without a problem. Sometimes being plain is better.

MasonF01 203

Brodie begins the marathon change-fest between the three girls.

MasonF01 204

MasonF01 211

MasonF01 214

MasonF01 216

MasonF01 221

Kendrick returns home...

MasonF01 222

With a promotion! BAM!

MasonF01 231

MasonF01 234

In order to advance further in his career and to have something to talk about with the coffee shop customers, Kendrick practices his opinions on the government.

MasonF01 240

MasonF01 245

He then studies the mechanics of the coffee shop sound system.

MasonF01 249

MasonF01 250

MasonF01 252

Aria: I'm stinky and wet and no one's held me in long tiiimmmme!!!

MasonF01 257

Mommy's on it.
Aria: *tee-hee* My plan is working!

MasonF01 259

MasonF01 266

After putting Aria to bed Brodie has time to shred on the guitar!

MasonF01 275

MasonF01 277

Thanks for reading! ^.^

Notes: Yay! Our first burglary! Sadie can finally become a cop like she's always dreamed ^.^

Unfortunately, with all of the chaos, I wasn't able to visit The Troubadour Cafe and the Oceanside Post Office this season.

Brodie has the easiest pregnancies I have ever seen in this game. She's never had morning sickness and the worse she ever got was a low fun need. She's a rock star!

Due to the fact that Brodie and Kendrick are the same face, Selzi's replacement for Face 18, Aria, Piper, and Poem are practically indistinguishable from each other (Piper and Poem could almost be called identical twins!) It will be a challenge to make them look different as they grow up!

Credits: Anyone Fight Burglars mod by Reaper With No Name
Burglar default replacement by Lemonlion

Current Music: Joker and The Thief by Wolfmother
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darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on November 3rd, 2014 03:18 am (UTC)
LOL thank you Jean!! ^.^


He was taking her out and changing her XD

Brodie might invite Minka just to rub her nose in it... tee-hee.

*ducks* I know, I know! But they can't have birth control until the hospital is built. I'm afraid my little island will be too small for all these children!

Some kind of way Brodie and Lars became friends so he was invited. Don't worry, it was a non-mail delivery day :)

Kendrick really had a fail-a-thon kind of week. Being beat up by a girl just adds to the fail!

Piper & Poem: they both rolled curly hair trait but Poem rolled freckles (Piper didn't) so that will help. Bah, tan and light look so similar in some lights though. Varying the hair length should help ;)

With their faces the problem is that even if I roll the pacifier with Kendrick and Brodie the kids will always look the same because they are the same face. There are slight differences with the cheekbones -- Aria and Poem are exactly the same with higher cheekbones than Piper -- but unless I mix them with another face template all of the kids will have the same face. I'm not too worried. I just have to be more creative on their make-up when they age up :)
Simlili: Oh Remington !simlili on March 11th, 2015 02:11 pm (UTC)
Get ready to become the housemaid in what, two days?, Aria.

Awesome update !
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 11th, 2015 06:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you! ^.^