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20 June 2012 @ 08:58 pm
The Oceanside Project: Goodacre  

Warnings: farm animal fondling, water contamination, half-naked gardening, burnt meals, and quite possibly, way too many pictures then are necessary.
Day One:

After the Meet and Greet Becca Goodacre was more than excited to see the fabulous farm that Fitz Biltmore built for Owen and herself.

The largest house so far in Oceanside, the Goodacre farm boasts three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a barn. They have a pond for fishing, fruit trees, a plot for veggies, and livestock. (I told you I was totally cheating, didn't I?)

Owen starts working on the veggie garden, while Becca learns the joy of cooking.

By and by neighbors show up to visit the farm. It's very important that Owen and Becca impress Vivian Moneywell. She has the final say-so for their loan application. They hope to open the town's first grocery store by summertime.

Ah the purple glowy newsie. She's rocking some sweet specs there.

Matisse Troubadour cannot resist the pull of the livestock.

And Vivian cannot resist the pull of Malcolm Landgraab, X.

Diego Bossanova stops by as well as his sister, Selena.

Which couldn't make Matisse happier.

Becca makes her first meal for all of her guests, lunch meat sandwiches. Yum...

While Viv and Malcolm jump into the farm's water tank! Guys, that's the drinking water for the farm. No one wants to drink stinky armpit water!

Everyone sits down for a nice lunch. Becca talks about how good she looks in her pink nightgown while Malcolm tries to discourage Selena from having a music program at the new school she plans on opening up. Or at least not violins. He hates violins for some reason.

Diego: He's not serious, right?

Becca and Owen: *huggles*

Matisse: *feels awkward*

Everyone seems to love riding the horses. Maybe they should put a ticket machine in the barnyard. They could make a lot of money off of pony rides.

Kendrick Troubadour shows up as well.

Who knew the farm would be the hot place to go in Oceanside?

This is Alberta the wolf. I'm hoping Owen will befriend her and adopt her.

Minka Yomoshoto makes an appearance <3

The guests sit down to some delicious mac and cheese but there was not enough for everyone so Becca had to make a special bowl for herself. Which she burnt.

Dude. Seriously.

The guests finally leave and Becca and Owen have a chance to be alone. They both desperately want a baby, but alas no chimes this night.

Day Two:

The farmers have to get up early to make sure all of the chores are done for the day. Even though they would rather just cuddle in bed.

Becca prepares yummy oatmeal for breakfast while Owen starts the day tackling the weeds of the tomato plants. In his chonies. I'm not complaining.

And neither is Becca!

In Oceanside, we recycle!

Yay! Orange blossoms!

Owen: Wait, who the fuck is this?

Brodie: Oh hi Mr. Goodacre. I'm Brodie Mason, your postal carrier. You must not remember me because the spaceship took away all of our memories, but I've been here the whole time *waves*

(And that's how I explain the random people that show up that aren't part of the BACC. Brilliant. I know.)

Owen trims the fruit trees...

While Becca milks the cow. Don't mind the levitating ewe over there. When she sleeps, she floats. *magic*

They have some time in between chores, so why not get some woohoo on!

*baby chimes*

Becca: Yeah Buddy!

Becca gets up to make lunch. Just what every man dreams of: a hot chick in her chonies with a plate full of submarine sandwiches. Owen is one lucky man.

Owen starts worrying about not being able to provide for his family. Dude, you should have thought about that before you knocked yo chick up.

The tomatoes are growing! (This is when I noticed that Owen planted a tomato plant in the strawberry row so I had to delete it.)

Becca finally gets a chance to try out her floral making station that's in the loft of the barn. She hopes to open up her own shop and sell her bouquets to the neighbors. But that might not be for a while.

And Becca's first bouquet! It fits in perfectly with her decor.

Oh hi, glowy-eyed hound of hell. Please GTFO my yard!

Woot! Chips and dips platter! (I get excited over little things.)

Gah! I didn't even know you guys were here!

Day Three:

We finally get to see the sexy pink nightgown that Becca keeps talking about.


Becca: Am I pregnant?
Me: Am I Black?

Owen: Why is there water falling from the sky?

In case you forgot Owen and Becca were bat shit crazy for each other.

Whether it's raining or not the chores have to get done. Oh hi, Vivian.

But since she's in a delicate condition, Becca is confined to stay inside during the thunder storm. (She wanted to study parenting but I kept getting a jump bug when she tried. So she's studying cooking.)

I don't even...

They finally coax Vivian inside with the lure of submarine sandwiches. The topic naturally turns to how much weight Becca thinks she's going to gain during this pregnancy.

Dumb ass.

Becca went to check on him and then this happened.


Good man, Owen, cleaning up your own piss.

And then this happened...

Luckily Owen has recovered enough from his own trauma to put out the flames. (I know lightning fires don't count, but come on! The house would have gone up in flames. I'm counting it, damnit.)

Of course Owen's fun has dropped tremendously so he sits down to watch that horrid Angela vs. Lilith drama on TV. He likes it. I knew deep down inside he was a 16 year old girl.

First bump waddle *squee*

Just because she's pregnant it doesn't mean she can't do all of the things she needs to do around the house.

But for some reason the new meal she learned, spaghetti, is kicking her ass.

Becca: Look honey, I learned a new meal!

Owen: This is the nastiest thing I've ever put in my mouth.

Owen's nature wants got to him so he decided to go outside and collect some bugs.

Becca rewards her mighty bug hunter with smooches.

Day Four:

The day starts out just like all of the others.

But what Becca doesn't know is that Owen has a surprise in store for her.

Owen goes about his chores as Becca naps.

Owen: Damn you, you Cerberus!

Now Owen can plant strawberries and cucumbers.

When Becca awakens from her nap she sees all of the neighborhood women are here for a baby shower! Owen planned the whole thing for her!

Dawn Lambswool, the town's fashion designer, designed a dress for her especially for the shower in her favorite color, green. Becca runs upstairs to put it on. It's a little too revealing for Becca's tastes, but she doesn't tell Dawn that. After changing she rushes in the kitchen to get her guests some grub.

And they rush out to the barnyard. (I'm telling you, they would make a killing if they had a ticket machine here.)

Everyone's having a great time. But before Becca can finish serving all of the sandwiches...

*pop #2* And forced back into her maternity clothes >(

Everyone is laughing, joking, eating, having a great time. But where's Dawn?

You anti-social bitch.

Becca is so excited that she gets to spend a day with the girls. She thanks her husband for setting this up with smooches, of course. The party boosted her social so high and that's exactly what she needed.

But with so many women in the house Owen needs some hard nectar to ease the incessant sounds of the giggles and gossiping.

Day Five:

The couple wakes up early the next day to get in as many chores as they can. They know today is the day the newest member of the house makes an appearance.

Becca finally gets to do something with nature (her OTH).

And then this happens. I must have a hack or something because she didn't actually show up, just the pop-up. I would like Miss Epic Ponytails to stop by, though.

Malcolm stops by to congratulate Becca on the baby and to let her know that Fitz Biltmore has started breaking ground on what will be the Goodacre's grocery store!

If you're wondering what gifts the ladies gave to Becca at the baby shower:

A bassinet which they put in their room,

a baby bouncy,

and a throw-me-on-the-floor-and-forget-about-me thingy.

Owen harvests the apples and the lemons. The apples look... strange... but he takes them anyways. (I never played with apple trees so I don't know if I should have left them up there for longer or what.)

Selena and Minka come over to aid in the delivery. Minka hopes to become the town's doctor and Selena will be the school teacher. Minka reassures Becca that everything will be fine. She's been reading up on how to deliver a baby and thinks she can do it with her eyes closed. (Really the rules should be amended so that the birth of babies adds to the unlocking of the medical career. Hmmm, I think I will do that myself. Muhahahaha!)

At lunch Selena starts asking Becca if she's sure they can afford to bring another person into the family? They don't even have jobs or income of any kind yet.

Becca assures Selena that they will be just fine. Excitedly she tells the girls that they will open up Goodacre's Grocery Store in early Summer.

Lunch is cut short when:

It's a girl! Welcome to the world, Eve Goodacre!

Dad Owen is sooo excited and more in love with Becca then ever before.

Minka is totally stoked, too. She delivered a baby! Hell, yeah!

Owen gets to hold Eve for the first time.

Eve takes after her mother with tan skin, brown hair, and amber eyes.

Becca celebrates Eve's birth with a perfectly cooked risotto. Take that, Chef Ramsey!

Becca: Dude, we made a baby!

And where is said baby?

dkadkakfkhs! I'm a sucker for babies.

Minka: I don't think they're going to be able to afford my OB/GYN bill...

The proud new parents sneak away upstairs...

Sleep well, Baby Eve. Soon you will not be alone. *baby chimes*

Thank you for reading!

Notes: My first real update! I'm excited, are you excited? I should start off by saying that I'm playing per season, not by "weeks" so each update will be 5 days, not 7. This makes more sense to me since I didn't want overlapping seasons. (Idea stolen from mswn.) The four seasons make up one year (duh). Since this is the first year, but not yet a whole year, I am considering it "Year Zero." After this year is over it will be "Year One" and so on; kind of like if it was on a calendar. Hopefully that makes some kind of sense. It does to me, but then again I'm strange. My hood is a tropical hood so even though I have the seasons in game set to Spring, Summer, Summer, Fall, I am still calling them Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (I live in Southern California and our Winters are more like the game's Fall anyway.)

Credits: Most of the credit goes to nepheris, maranatah, chickadeelee and mswn from whom I stole many ideas on how to play my version of this BACC. The Goodacre's farm animals are by Rebeccah and can be found here. Barn and barnyard design stolen from meetme2theriver.

SBstarling_1 on June 21st, 2012 04:54 am (UTC)
This is just beautiful! Every shot is lovely, and I love the water tank. So does everyone else, apparently!
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on June 21st, 2012 06:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you ^.^
Yes, remind me to never eat or drink anything from that farm. The water has been soiled!
mswnmswn on June 21st, 2012 01:43 pm (UTC)
This was awesome! The farm looks so cool! I didn't realize all the animals were such magnets... Someone needs to make a petting zoo lot! The buildings, your sims, all of it: likelikelike!
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on June 21st, 2012 06:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!
I was really shocked that whenever someone would come over they went straight to the animals... and wouldn't.leave.them.alone! It's good for the animals, though, because they have "social" needs. Gah. Other than that they seem fairly easy to take care of now. But we'll see what happens when all of the babies start coming in =)
Simlilisimlili on June 26th, 2012 10:44 am (UTC)
Awesome albeit first update ! Your pictures are so incredibly beautiful, and the Goodacre property is beautiful inside and out.
Lol babyshower, neat idea ^^ Welcome to the world, first BaCC baby! How cute is that little bow in her hair ♥

The free pigs scare me, though, because pigs are mean IRL. I would have fenced them apart, I don't care they're pixel pîgs XD
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on June 26th, 2012 07:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much ^.^ I know all babies look alike but I think Eve is the most adorable one of them all!

You are so right, pigs are the meanest things on earth. I really should have kept them separate but I was lazy and I didn't really know how they would act. I've never used these farm animals before. But they are starting to grow on me. Now I want farm babies! Don't really know if that's possible, though. =)
braxenbraxen on April 28th, 2014 04:40 pm (UTC)
So here it begins. I love the way you let the neighbours mingle (I've read a couple of updates at work to day - hush, hush don't tell my boss ;), it makes it so much easier to learn who is who in this hood. I get the urge to get those farm animals. Do you still have them in your game? Any issues? The rideable horses, are they by Beck as well? And those baby outfits are the cutest I've seen - where did you get them?
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 29th, 2014 12:08 am (UTC)
The farm animals are a lot of fun but man everyone is really drawn to them. The horses are from Rebeccah as well. I haven't had any issues but they are considered NPCs and I believe your sims will have relationships with them which isn't bad but could damage your game if you remove the downloads. I have a token remover mod and use Hoodchecker in case anything weird happens but so far so good!

The infant clothes and hair are default replacements from TheRaven here: http://moonlightdragon.freeforums.org/infant-cloth-diapers-and-white-tees-maxis-and-more-t1073.html (you have to register to see the downloads I think). They also have non-default replacements here: http://moonlightdragon.freeforums.org/non-default-outfits-f129.html (used with a hack that's here: http://moonlightdragon.freeforums.org/chris-hatch-s-mod-upd-17-jan-14-t1306.html). Have fun and don't get in trouble at work!!