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04 October 2014 @ 12:41 pm
The Oceanside Project: Biltmore Part 1  


"The Desolation of Sadie" Part 1

Warnings: gifs, diary snooping, smutty romance novels, disgruntled shoppers, unkempt children, aspiration failure, a new business, and another super-long update (like there could be anything less with the Biltmores).

Previously on The Oceanside Project: The Biltmores ... ... ...

BiltmoreF1 006

BiltmoreF1 003

BiltmoreF1 013

The Biltmores. Your typical SimNational family. That is until...



Wednesday, Day 10

BiltmoreF1 016

BiltmoreF1 017

Since it's Fitz's day off from being a one man construction crew he tries his best to tidy-up the landscaping around the condo. Wouldn't want to get a fine from the Garden Club for an unkempt lawn.

BiltmoreF1 023

BiltmoreF1 027

Fitz takes care of twins Gavin and Aiden while wife Sadie has a much needed rest. With three kids in the house and one on the way the Biltmore home can be a bit chaotic.

BiltmoreF1 030

Sadie Biltmore is usually in a good mood and thankful for her happy, loving life. Today however Sadie woke up in a really bad mood. She feels lost in a way, like her life doesn't have a real purpose, or at least not the purpose she thought it should.

BiltmoreF1 034

She remembers her hopes and dreams of catching the bad guys and putting them in jail. Of becoming something of a superhero here in Oceanside. But with zero crime in the hood Sadie is stuck being a fire fighter -- not that there's anything wrong with that -- it's just not what she wanted for herself.

BiltmoreF1 037

With Fitz home to watch the babies Sadie heads down to the fire house. She dreads going there and having to convince these stupid sims that they need a fire alarm. It's like they don't trust that George Lambswool and herself will get there in time to put out their fires. Ugh!

BiltmoreF1 040

BiltmoreF1 044

As soon as Sadie arrives she's annoyed by the whole place. Sadie hates watching TV but would rather be doing that or anything else fun than be in this stupid fire house.

BiltmoreF1 045

Lately Sadie has felt like a trapped animal in the house with Fitz and the babies. Fitz recommended she start a diary to put all of her thoughts and feelings down and maybe let some of her aggression out. Sadie thinks writing in a diary is silly at her age but if it will kill the time in this place she's all for it.

BiltmoreF1 046

Sadie *writes*: Dear Diary, Matisse Troubadour has a new boy toy living with her by the name of Kent Healey. He reeks of bubble juice! Better keep an eye on him. He's got criminal mastermind written all over his freckly face! Damn bubble-heads! Is that the kind of example she should have around her daughter?
Sadie! We don't know if he's a bubble-head! Shame on you! This is not what the diary is for!!

BiltmoreF1 051

Vivian Landgraab, town treasurer and first lady, waltzes into the fire house while more suspected "criminals" are logged into Sadie's diary.

BiltmoreF1 050

Sadie: How dare she come in here and try to read my personal, private thoughts!
It's a public place and you are open for business. Just put your little black book away!

BiltmoreF1 053

Matisse saunters in after Vivian and Sadie is forced to put her diary away. Sticking a big plastic smile on her face, Sadie attempts to help the lost-looking Matisse.

BiltmoreF1 056

Sadie: Welcome to the Oceanside Fire Station! Would you like to grab one of our home fire alarms? As soon as a fire strikes on your lot a well-trained fire fighter will arrive to put out the flames for you. That way you won't die a horrible fiery death because you're too stupid to know how to extinguish a flame properly! *smile* *smile*

BiltmoreF1 059

Matisse: Actually Sadie, I was looking for the fire pole? Is it cool if I slide down it? It looks like so much fun!
Sadie *gives bitchy resting face*

BiltmoreF1 062

Minka: Oh, could I slide down the pole too?
Sadie *whispers to herself* Watcher take the wheel!!

BiltmoreF1 063


BiltmoreF1 064

Minka: OK, sheesh. Just asking...

BiltmoreF1 066

Sadie, annoyed with her "customers" and her outburst, heads to her desk to try to calm down. She shouldn't have snapped like that and regretted it as soon as she did. She can't let these women know that they can rattle her so easily. Especially her arch-nemesis Minka Yomoshoto.

Not wanting to open her diary and expose her secrets to the three women, Sadie finds a classic trashy romance novel that Fitz brought from their days in SimCity: "Help Around The House: The Memoirs of a Maid" by Remington Harris. Maybe this is what she needs to calm herself down.

BiltmoreF1 067

Sadie: What an odd thing to do with a feather duster!

BiltmoreF1 072

Sadie's "entertainment" is cut short when Vivian heads to the register to purchase a fire alarm.

BiltmoreF1 079

After just a few hours Sadie is spent and closes shop. She's hungry, tired, angry, and sad. These dumb sims don't appreciate all the hard work she has to do to try to keep this island fire-free. Forget it, let 'em all burn!

BiltmoreF1 081

Matisse: I know you're about to close Sadie, but can I just get this one thing?

BiltmoreF1 083

Sadie *growling*: In a minute. I need something to eat.
Matisse: *perturbed look*

BiltmoreF1 095

Sadie heads to the upstairs bunker to have a little snack, leaving Matisse to wait endlessly at the checkout counter.

BiltmoreF1 091

After a while Matisse is visibly upset. She cannot believe Sadie has kept her waiting for so long at the register. Matisse has places to go, you know. This is unacceptable!

BiltmoreF1 096

BiltmoreF1 097

Matisse: Screw you, Sadie Biltmore, and your so-called fire alarms! I bet they don't even work right anyway!
And with a great huff Matisse storms out of the fire house.

BiltmoreF1 100

Sadie: *not giving any fucks*

BiltmoreF1 103

BiltmoreF1 106

Still hungry, tired, sad, and with a full bladder, Sadie walks home from another horrible day on the job :(

BiltmoreF1 107

Back at the home-front...

BiltmoreF1 119

Heath, the Biltmores' eldest child, has a ball with the Clown-in-a-Box.

BiltmoreF1 122

Perfectionist Fitz is very diligent when it comes to Heath learning all of his toddler skills. Potty training is difficult, but Fitz knows Heath will master it quickly.

BiltmoreF1 124

BiltmoreF1 126

BiltmoreF1 128

Fitz runs a tight schedule. After potty training is lunch for Cinders, Heath, and himself while the twins nap.

BiltmoreF1 132

After lunch is arts & crafts.

BiltmoreF1 139

BiltmoreF1 140

and quick naps for Daddy and doggy.

BiltmoreF1 154

BiltmoreF1 167

Then it's time for the twins' feedings. Right on schedule!

BiltmoreF1 155

BiltmoreF1 162

Sadie arrives back home to her first *pop*. Sadie knew she was pregnant again but she really wishes she could have spaced the babies out a little more. Baby-making takes it's toll and Sadie has already had two bad pregnancies. Hopefully this one will be better, but right now Sadie feels like shit.

BiltmoreF1 163

BiltmoreF1 168

BiltmoreF1 178

Fitz, sensing an imminent breakdown from Sadie, flags down Diego Bossanova -- one of Sadie's besties -- to try to cheer her up. Fitz generally thinks Diego is a douche bag but if his presence calms his girl he's all for it.

BiltmoreF1 185

And it does help. Diego and Sadie giggle about his latest conquest Minka Yomoshoto while watching the Weather Channel. Sadie knows she should feel guilty taking delight in hearing about Minka sleeping around -- but she doesn't! It totally makes her feel better!

BiltmoreF1 193

Diego is even nice enough to clean Cinders' stinky dog house. Maybe he's not so bad after all.

BiltmoreF1 209

Thursday, Day 11

BiltmoreF1 031

BiltmoreF1 011

Thursday is Sadie's turn to look after the munchkins while Fitz goes to work.

BiltmoreF1 029

BiltmoreF1 035

For the first time Fitz is starting to care what his neighbors think of him. He hopes they understand all of the hard work he's put into building Oceanside and respect him for that. Fitz wonders if he could start one of those fancy "good reputation" social clubs like Minka has done for the ladies!

BiltmoreF1 039

BiltmoreF1 037

BiltmoreF1 045

BiltmoreF1 048

Sadie, alone with Heath and the twins, is slowly trying to get back into the groove of things. However being pregnant and taking care of three kids is hard.

BiltmoreF1 052

Even though she hates the idea of another sim coming in and taking care of her babies, Sadie calls the nanny, Angie Killeen, to help her out.

BiltmoreF1 054

Nanny Angie is appalled by how filthy the Biltmores' house is, especially in the areas where she has to train Heath. Potty chairs are full, dirty diapers are everywhere, children sleeping in dog houses -- unforgivable!

BiltmoreF1 061

Angie doesn't say anything to Sadie regarding her concerns. Maybe she will bring up the need of a social worker to politician Malcolm Landgraab. Someone needs to think of the children!

BiltmoreF1 067

Since Fitz is the only worker... let's use the heavy machinery!

BiltmoreF1 068

Yes! Finally Fitz has his job back!

BiltmoreF1 070

BiltmoreF1 071

That's the smell of success!

BiltmoreF1 083

Inspired by the promotion, Fitz gets right to work at his drafting table with new ideas for Oceanside's architecture.

BiltmoreF1 088

Fitz takes a break now and then to take care of the twins.

BiltmoreF1 093

Then it's back to sketching.

BiltmoreF1 094

BiltmoreF1 097

Afterwards Fitz heads to his observation tower to survey the land. Knowing that the next pilgrimage of settlers will soon arrive, Fitz tries to locate a place to build new residences for the newbies.

BiltmoreF1 109

BiltmoreF1 112

Sadie's second *pop* happens on her way to dinner. Tomorrow will be a tough day for Sadie: the twins' birthday and the new baby's birth! She's going to have to talk to Fitz about slowing down on the baby-making!

BiltmoreF1 002

But that discussion can wait until later.


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Simlilisimlili on March 10th, 2015 02:33 pm (UTC)
I have no idea when I was last active here but I think this is the first update I missed.

Sadie.. I love her XD
Stupid city with no crime, whyyyyyy *crycrycry*

As usual immensely enjoying the beautiful pictures and the captions even more, laughed so much with Sadie's not so successful business.

I also have bitchy resting face but I feel so much better now that I know it's an actual kundishun so thanks for that /:{

darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 10th, 2015 06:53 pm (UTC)
Poor Sadie! She was miserable the whole time I played her. I tried my best :( Luckily crime is coming...

I've had BRF my whole life. I feel so validated now :P

Remington's book is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you.

Thank you for the comments!!