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26 August 2014 @ 08:57 am
The Oceanside Project: Summer, Year 1 Recap  


Summer, Year 1: Days 6-9


SummerRecap01 016

Mason/Troubadour - 13 Oceanside Blvd.
On Day 7 Brodie opened Oceanside's first business, the Oceanside Post Office. Brodie secretly became pregnant by Kendrick Troubadour and had a little girl, Aria, on Day 9. Brodie gave successful make-overs to Malcolm, Dawn and Kendrick and she and Kendrick now sport tattoos inked by each other. Kendrick maxed his Music enthusiasm and opened a coffee house called The Troubadour Cafe which reached rank 2. He hired Brodie to be his barista and after hearing her troubles with paying rent and taking care of Aria by herself, he asked her to move into his condo on Day 9. They are expecting another baby on Day 12.

SummerRecap01 007

Goodacre - 19 Goodacre Farms
Owen opened Goodacre's Grocery Store which is now at rank 1 and he earned a bronze cashiering badge. He also earned his silver gardening badge which made it possible to open The Grove, a community orange grove and recreational spot. Becca had a hard second pregnancy and starved to death on Day 8 only to be saved from the Grim Reaper by Owen. Becca's near-death experience made her deeply aware of the Watcher and opened the Priest career. Baby Eve transitioned to a toddler on Day 8 and her sister Faith was born on Day 9. Owen and Becca wasted no time and are expecting again due on Day 12.

SummerRecap01 042

Landgraab - 52 Moneywell Blvd.
Malcolm and Vivian had their first baby girl, Gwyneth, on Day 6 and quickly became pregnant again on the same day. Vivian, in desperate need to be married to Malcolm had her dream fairytale wedding on Sunday Day 7 (before she started to show) in which the whole town attended. Vivian opened the Oceanside Bank and Loan on Day 8. Gwyneth transitioned to a toddler on Day 9 with a lavish birthday party filled with drama! In the wee hours of Day 10 Oceanside's first set of twins Malcolm Moneywell Landgraab and Tabitha Landgraab were born. The Landgraabs outgrew their condo and have moved into a lavish estate fit for royalty overlooking Landgraab Lake.

SummerRecap01 026

Biltmore - 7 Oceanside Blvd.
Fitz continued to build his skills and the city. For his efforts he was promoted twice. Unfortunately after he became Head of Construction Company he was demoted back to Foreman. Sadie became the owner of the Oceanside Fire Station and adopted a star-spotted Dalmatian which she named Cinders. Sadie's second pregnancy was as tough on her as the first, but on Day 8 she gave birth to twin boys Aiden and Gavin. Heath transitioned into an adorable toddler on Day 8. Because the family was running out of room, Fitz remodeled their condo. He might have another remodel to do since Sadie is due again on Day 12.

SummerRecap01 032

Lambswool - 3 Oceanside Blvd.
George and Dawn continued to struggle to meet the requirements for their dream jobs this summer. In order to make ends meet George took a job as a fire fighter working under Sadie Biltmore. Little Antonio transitioned into a toddler on Day 7 and vigorous potty training was had. Dawn gave birth to yet another set of twins, a boy named Henry and a girl named Bianca, on Day 8. Apparently three kids are not enough for the Lambswools as Dawn became pregnant again in the wee hours of Day 10 and is due on Day 13. General Zod found a minion in Risa the Raccoon and hopes to gain more recruits in his quest for world domination.

SummerRecap01 022

Firestone - 9 Oceanside Blvd.
Connor finished restoring Ol' Bertha and opened the Auto Repair career and his own auto repair shop Oceanside Customs. Selena became the owner of the not yet opened primary and secondary school and the recess field. Nico transitioned to toddler on Day 8 during an extremely eventful birthday party. The Firestones had the worst yard in Oceanside until their neighbors helped clean it up. On Day 9 another boy, Vin, was born to Selena and Connor. Even though both of the Firestones have questionable parenting skills, Selena is pregnant again and due on Day 12.

SummerRecap01 012

Yomoshoto/Brook - 15 Oceanside Blvd.
Minka finally entered her beloved Medical career after assisting in the births of Eve Goodacre, Antonio Lambswool and Nico Firestone during the Spring. After catching her boyfriend Kendrick woohooing Brodie Mason, Minka had a nervous breakdown -- twice! On Day 7 Minka welcomed a baby girl named Kira. After meeting all of the island's eligible bachelors Minka set her sights on scientist Achilles Brook. On Day 9 Achilles moved into Minka's condo. Minka and Achilles are expecting a baby of their own on Day 11. Minka earned a good reputation and founded the Blue Hat Society.

SummerRecap01 029

Bossanova - 5 Oceanside Blvd.
Diego danced his way to maxing out his Music and Dance Enthusiasm! He is now the first sim in Oceanside in the Dance career track. Diego's wandering eye led him to cheat on his lady love Matisse with none other than Minka Yomoshoto!

SummerRecap01 009

Troubadour/Healey - 17 Oceanside Blvd.
Matisse continued to work towards opening the Artist career track while taking care of her newborn Cyan. Matisse never found out about Diego and Minka's betrayal, however she had some of her own -- an affair with Malcolm Landgraab! At Cyan's birthday party on Day 9, Diego and Matisse broke up after Diego caught her flirting with the new Arts & Crafts hobbyist Kent Healey. Afterwards things became serious between Matisse and Kent and she asked him to move into her condo. The two are expecting their first child together on Day 13.

SummerRecap01 036

Killeen - 8 Oceanside Blvd.
Angie became Oceanside's first Nanny and opened the Killeen Kinder Care Day Care Center. She successfully taught Gwyneth, Heath, and Antonio to talk and taught Eve a nursery rhyme. Angie met sales clerk Cindy Lou Larsen and started a relationship with her. Maybe next season there will be wedding bells with these two! On Day 9 Angie earned a Good Reputation and became the second member of the Blue Hat Society.

SummerRecap01 019

Andrews - 11 Oceanside Blvd.
Driver Noelee, her cat Athena, and her dog Boomer will move into the Landgraab's old condo in the Fall. Along with driving the residents to their various jobs, Noelee will open a pet store. Noelee seems to be Kendrick's biggest fan next to Brodie.


Total Population (Non-Playable and Playable): 46
Babies: 10 (Male: 5; Female: 5)
Toddlers: 6 (Male: 3; Female: 3)
Children: 0
Teens: 2 (Male: 1; Female: 1)
Young Adults: 0
Adults: 27 (Male: 14; Female: 13)
Elders: 1 (Male: 0; Female: 1)

Residents: 20
Antonio Lambswool
Becca Goodacre
Brodie Mason
Connor Firestone
Cyan Troubadour
Dawn Lambswool
Diego Bossanova
Eve Goodacre
Fitz Biltmore
George Lambswool
Heath Biltmore
Kendrick Troubadour
Malcolm Landgraab, X
Matisse Troubadour
Minka Yomoshoto
Nico Firestone
Owen Goodacre
Sadie Winchester Biltmore
Selena Bossanova Firestone
Vivian Moneywell Landgraab

New Residents: 15
Achilles Brook
Aiden Biltmore
Angie Killeen
Aria Mason
Bianca Lambswool
Faith Goodacre
Gavin Biltmore
Gwyneth Landgraab
Henry Lambswool
Kent Healey
Kira Yomoshoto
Malcolm M. Landgraab
Noelee Andrews
Tabitha Landgraab
Vin Firestone

Non-Playable Residents: 11
Abbot Moulden - Tinkering Hobby Enthusiast
Beckett Graham - Store Reviewer
Calista Beeching - Traveler/Fortune Teller
Calvin O'Gill - Newsie
Cindy Lou Larsen - Cashier
Edwina Goddard - Music & Dance Hobby Enthusiast
Frankie Cloak - Newsie
Lars Shadow - Mail Carrier
Paragon Barrett - Cuisine Hobby Enthusiast
Rocky Kotsomiti - Garden Club Member
Yasmin Onnen - Nature Hobby Enthusiast

Pet Residents: 2
Cinders Firestone
General Zod Ravenclaw Lambswool

New Pet Residents: 2
Athena Andrews
Boomer Andrews

Births: 11
Gwyneth Landgraab - Day 6
Kira Yomoshoto - Day 7
Aiden Biltmore - Day 8
Bianca Lambswool - Day 8
Gavin Biltmore - Day 8
Henry Lambswool - Day 8
Aria Mason - Day 9
Faith Goodacre - Day 9
Vin Firestone - Day 9
Malcolm Landgraab - Day 10
Tabitha Landgraab - Day 10

Transitions: 6
Antonio Lambswool - to toddler Day 7
Eve Goodacre - to toddler Day 8
Heath Biltmore - to toddler Day 8
Nico Firestone - to toddler Day 8
Cyan Troubadour - to toddler Day 9
Gwyneth Landgraab - to toddler Day 9

Current Pregnancies: 6
Minka Yomoshoto - Due on Day 11
Becca Goodacre - Due on Day 12
Sadie Biltmore - Due on Day 12
Selena Firestone - Due on Day 12
Dawn Lambswool - Due on Day 13
Matisse Troubadour - Due on Day 13

Graduations: 0

Engagements: 0

Weddings: 1
Vivian Moneywell and Malcolm Landgraab, X - Day 7

Deaths: 0

Careers Unlocked: 10
Architecture - Fitz Biltmore*
Auto Mechanic - Connor Firestone
Dance - Diego Bossanova
Day Care/Nanny - Angie Killeen
Fire Service - Sadie Biltmore*
Journalism - Open
Law - Matisse Troubadour
Mail Carrier - Brodie Mason
Medical - Minka Yomoshoto
Music - Kendrick Troubadour
Politics - Malcolm Landgraab
Priest - Becca Goodacre
*Unlocked for all sims to enter

Business Lots: 6
Goodacre's Grocery Store - Owen Goodacre
Killeen Kinder Care - Angie Killeen
Oceanside Customs - Connor Firestone
Oceanside Fire Station - Sadie Biltmore
Oceanside Post Office - Brodie Mason
Oceanside Savings and Loan - Vivian Moneywell

Business Lots Unlocked: 5
Biltmore Construction Company - Fitz Biltmore
Diego's Dance Academy - Diego Bossanova
Our Gray Lady of Plumbobs Peteran Church - Becca Goodacre
Pet Planet - Noeleen Andrews
The Troubadour Cafe - Kendrick Troubadour

Community Lots: 2
Oceanside Promenade
The Grove

Earned CAS Sims: 13

University Majors Unlocked: 1
Architecture - Fitz Biltmore

Items Unlocked: 3
Cars: Connor Firestone
Groceries - Owen Goodacre
Fire Alarms - Sadie Biltmore

Affairs: 1
Malcolm Landgraab, X and Matisse Troubadour

Aspiration Failures: 2
Minka Yomoshoto - 2

Blue Hat Society Members: 2
Minka Yomoshoto (Founder)
Angie Killeen

Burglaries: 0

Disasters (Parties): 1
Owen Goodacre - 1

Electrocutions/Struck By Lightning: 10
Dawn Lambswool - 1
Diego Bossanova - 1
George Lambswool - 2
Malcolm Landgraab X - 1
Matisse Troubadour - 1
Owen Goodacre - 1
Selena Bossanova - 2
Vivian Landgraab - 1

Fires: 13
Connor Firestone - 1
Diego Bossanova - 1
Fitz Biltmore - 2
Malcolm Landgraab - 1
Minka Yomoshoto - 1
Owen Goodacre - 2
Sadie Biltmore - 1
Vivian Moneywell - 4

Furious Sims: 5
Minka Yomoshoto, Kendrick Troubadour, and Brodie Mason
Matisse Troubadour and Diego Bossanova

Garden Club Members: 1
Rocky Kotsomiti (Founder)

Roof Raisers (Parties): 2
Achilles Brook - 1
Malcolm Landgraab - 1

Saved From Death: 1
Becca Goodacre - 1

Sick Sims: 0

Tax Evasion: 0

Thievery: 3
Kendrick Troubadour - 3

Vandalism: 1
Diego Bossanova - 1
Simlili: Cheezburgersimlili on August 27th, 2014 03:52 pm (UTC)
Babies! So many babies! And more to come! I can't wait to see children and teens everywere in the neighbourhood, those are interesting ages to play and sim-children are so adorable.
(haha, Diego the vandal^^)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on August 28th, 2014 03:22 am (UTC)
I agree! I love playing with the sim children and seeing how their relationships grow to sim teens.

I still have no idea why Diego is knocking over trashcans! He definitely has a mean streak.