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25 August 2014 @ 12:37 pm
The Oceanside Project: Killeen  


"Oceanside's Super Nanny"

Warnings: a new old NPC, disgustingly cute toddlers, an alcoholic care giver, radioactive children, a toddler Queen B.

Saturday, Day 6

Killeen 001

Welcome to Killeen Kinder Care the first day care center in Oceanside!

Killeen 040

Even though you've seen her many times before, let me formally introduce you to Angie Killeen the town Nanny. Angie is a 4-4-4-7-6 Family/Knowledge Aquarius whose lifetime goal is to marry off 4 children. Angie likes ladies that are logical and are excellent cooks but she'd rather they not wear jewelry. She has a high interest in politics and travel and her true hobby is arts and crafts. Angie was formerly the arts & crafts hobby instructor so she already has some teaching experience. Her traits are Hopeless Romantic, Childish, Hydrophobic, Loser and Loves the Outdoors.

Killeen 039

The first order of business, Angie cashes some of the checks she has for babysitting this summer. Some residents still haven't paid her for her services (I'm looking at you Lambswools and Firestones).

Killeen 049

For her second order of business Angie studies Parenting in order to receive her day care license.

Killeen 056

Tomorrow Angie can officially open for business!

Killeen 058

"Who the hell is this" you might be asking yourself? Well, when the first community lot was created in Oceanside a sales clerk by the name of Cindy Lou Larsen was created too. I hated her because she was basically Becca Goodacre with red hair so she was never invited to NPC-paloozas or anything else. Instead of banishing her I thought I would do Alternate Sim Surgery on her and gave her another face. I teleported her on Angie's lot to see if it worked and - lo and behold - they have two bolts :)

Killeen 062


Killeen 067

Angie has many talents but cooking is not one of them. Here she tries cooking comfort soup the first time for herself and her guest Cindy Lou.

Killeen 074

Angie miraculously does not burn the soup which impresses Cindy Lou.

Killeen 083

Angie and Cindy Lou get to know each other better for the rest of the night.

Killeen 087

Soon it's Angie's bed time. In the morning she begins her career nurturing young minds!

Sunday, Day 7

Killeen 001

When Angie awakens she immediately wants to spend more time with Cindy Lou.

Killeen 004

But first Angie must prepare for her first day of day care!

Killeen 014

Downstairs the children arrive for their first day of day care. Currently Angie has six toddlers but next season she will have even more! Selena Firestone, Oceanside's school teacher, is willing to help Angie out but right now she thinks she can handle these six on her own.

Killeen 017

Angie has already met all of the toddlers previously except little Cyan Troubadour who recently aged up. Angie spends a few minutes getting to know Cyan before starting lessons.

Killeen 018

Eve Goodacre and Gwyneth Landgraab find a couple of toys and immediately start playing together.

Killeen 019

Antonio Lambswool finds the Wobbly Wabbit Head and begins abusing it.

Killeen 021

Killeen 022

Peek-a-boo is my most favorite thing ever!

Killeen 024

Killeen 028

Heath Biltmore discovers his passion for music and dance as he wiggles away to the classical music playing on the Freezer Bunny Sound Cube.

Killeen 037

Nico Firestone joins Antonio in the skill section with the Shape, Rattle, & Roll thingy.

Killeen 042

Soon Angie turns her attention to Nico. She has to raise her relationship score with the children in order to teach them toddler skills.

Killeen 045

Cyan helps herself to one of the delicious bottles of formula left out for the kids. Scientists Minka Yomoshoto and Achilles Brook created a formula that will never spoil so the toddlers will never have to drink spoiled milk.

Killeen 049

Killeen 052

Even though there are two bottles of milk, Gwyneth decided that she has to have the one Eve is drinking right now.

Killeen 053

An epic battle for bottle supremacy begins!

Killeen 058

...and is quickly lost!

Killeen 063

Killeen 065

Gwyneth of the House Landgraab. First of Her Name. Queen of Killeen Kinder Care. Ruler of Bottles. Mother of Flies.

Why do I feel this is the beginning of a rivalry between these two that will last an age?

Killeen 069

To cheer Eve up Angie begins teaching her a nursery rhyme.

Killeen 073

However Eve is still grumpy over losing to Gwyneth.

Killeen 075

When she sees Nico nearby, however, Eve perks up and tries to act casual.
Is it wrong that I'm shipping these two already?

Killeen 078

Killeen 079

That's right Nico. You're not leaving this room, you're locked in! Muhahahahaha!

Killeen 081

Gwyneth, seeing how Eve reacted when Nico was around, tries to get her mitts on him first.

Killeen 083

Uh, huh... In case there was any doubt on who the Queen B is in this mug...

Killeen 088

As Eve continues to learn a nursery rhyme...

Killeen 091

Gwyneth continues to lay claim to her "crew."

Killeen 095

DAWWWWWWW!!!! Maybe you two will end up being besties like your mothers. Hopefully one of you won't cheat with your bestie's husband like your mothers!

Killeen 099


Killeen 101

Heath stops dancing long enough to grab a bottle of his own.

Killeen 105

No one is paying attention to the Queen!!!! Waaaaaa!!!!

Killeen 113

Most of the toddlers are tired so they head to the nap room for rest.

Killeen 119

Antonio is still fighting with the big pink bunny.

Killeen 123

Well we would if he wasn't playing with the damn bunny all day long!

Killeen 122

Killeen 121

Eve learns the nursery rhyme and receives a charisma point!

Killeen 131

With the time left Angie tries to potty train Antonio. But since he's in such a bad mood he's not at all cooperative.

Killeen 133

Time for the toddlers to go home to their parents. Don't worry Antonio, you can come back tomorrow.

Killeen 135

After a long day with the kids, Nanny Angie unwinds with a mixed drink.

Killeen 137

Angie: A Woohoo On The Beach is just what the doctor ordered!

Killeen 139

Angie decides to invite over a few friends for dinner. Of course she invites Cindy Lou because she desperately wants to see her again. She also invites her pal Yasmin Onnen, the nature hobbyist, and driver Noelee Andrews. Angie thinks the two would hit it off really well.

Killeen 141

Killeen 144

Cindy Lou admires Noelee's lovely butterfly-trimmed outfit. Don't get too cozy. Cindy Lou is Angie's girl!

Killeen 149

The pair head upstairs to harass the fish.

Killeen 152

Oh Angie! You did such a good job on the soup last time! What happened?

Killeen 156

Killeen 157

Yasmin tells the ladies she was notified today that she will be moving into Brodie Mason's old condo in the Fall. Angie's glad that Yasmin will now be just down the street from her and they can hang out more often.

Killeen 162

Killeen 184

After dinner the girls relax in the hot tub on Angie's back porch.

Killeen 186

Noelee, the animal lover, tells the girls how she is planning to open a pet shop in Oceanside. She wants to fill the island with pets and over-priced pet accessories.

Killeen 187

Killeen 190

Monday, Day 8

Killeen 002

Wakie, wakie!

Killeen 007

Killeen 012

Angie starts the day with a quick breakfast of Alien Puffs and heads down to the day care.

Killeen 014

Maybe tossing Antonio in the air right after breakfast isn't such a good idea...

Killeen 016

Killeen 017

Cyan shares her love of music and dance from her dad Diego and her uncle Kendrick.

Killeen 019

Gwyneth loves that toy jaguar. It's always the first thing she heads to.

Killeen 022

Killeen 027

Angie gets to work teaching Gwyneth how to talk (which I should have had her teaching Eve to do the day before in hindsight). Gwyn is a fast learner!

Killeen 028

Killeen 030

It nice to find your true passion in life by chewing on wooden blocks.

Killeen 032

Killeen 037

Angie: Say Miss Angie.
Gwyneth: Mi An-Gee!
Very good Gwyneth! ^.^

Killeen 042

The Queen can now speak!

Killeen 043

Killeen 044


Killeen 046

Angie turns her attention to Heath and tries to teach him to talk but Heath is in a really bad mood. He might need some extra help learning.

Killeen 051

Gwyneth tries to spend quality time with Nico but becomes upset when he isn't as enthusiastic about her drawing as she is. Boys!

Killeen 054

In case you needed a reminder of the cuteness that is Cyan Troubadour.

Killeen 056

Nico is the first to knock out for the day.

Killeen 058

Heath is getting better! But soon he gives up and Angie can't teach him anymore. They'll have to resume their lessons tomorrow.

Killeen 063

She tries a bit of potty training to no avail.

Killeen 065

What he really wants is some food!

Killeen 068

Angie makes a batch of Smart Milk (tm) also given to her by Minka and Achilles.
*I'm only giving Smart Milk to the kids that are taking a long time to learn and Minka's and Achilles' children since they are supposed to be geniuses. Fitz is a genius too but Heath must have got his "smarts" from Sadie.)

Killeen 071

Killeen 075


Killeen 076

It's Fallout Boy!

Killeen 077

With all of the kids napping Angie uses their tub for a quick bath.

Killeen 080

Soon it's time for the monsters to go home.

Killeen 083

After the kids leave Angie invites Cindy Lou over for dinner again.

Killeen 086

Because all thoughts turned to Cindy Lou!

Killeen 091

Cindy Lou: I hope she doesn't burn the comfort soup again. That would be so embarrassing!

Killeen 094

Yeah, well, thanks Cindy Lou. You jinxed her!

Killeen 102

After dinner the pair joke and flirt with each other. Cindy Lou is lost staring into Angie's big brown eyes.

Killeen 105

Cindy Lou: *crushes*

Killeen 108

Then they move to the couch for extreme cuddling.

Killeen 114

Killeen 117

Killeen 120

It's getting late so Angie sends her love home.

Killeen 122

And calls it a night.

Tuesday, Day 9

Killeen 001

With all of the excitement of the previous night Angie wakes up late for work.

Killeen 006

She scarfs down her breakfast and heads downstairs to the day care.

Killeen 007

Killeen 008


Killeen 009

Killeen 011

Angie resumes teaching Heath how to talk.

Killeen 014

While Nico has some trouble with his shapes.

Killeen 016

You are a stud Heath Biltmore!

Killeen 019

Angie moves on to her next victim, Antonio Lambswool.

Killeen 020

Killeen 023

Killeen 025

Killeen 026

Killeen 027

I might be shipping these two as well ^.^

Killeen 030

Ang is on a roll!

Killeen 032

Even though it is late in the day Angie starts teaching Nico to talk. Hopefully he won't be as grouchy as Heath was yesterday.

Killeen 033

Killeen 035

Killeen 039

Killeen 041

Killeen 042

Nico is more distracted by anything else than what Angie is trying to teach him. Time to call it a day.

Killeen 044

After class Angie hangs all of the "masterpieces" made by the kids on the wall.

Killeen 048

Now it's grown-up time.

Killeen 049


Killeen 053

Killeen 057

Angie and Cindy Lou graduate from couch woohoo to bed woohoo.

Killeen 062

Killeen 061

Woot! Finally!

Killeen 065

Killeen 066

You know what that means, Angie is now a member of the Blue Hat Society. Minka will be so pleased!

Killeen 073

Killeen 077

Thanks for reading!!

Day Care Tips: The Day Care Provider needs to be related to each student in order to teach toddler skills. I use Sim Blender to make Angie the "cousin" of the students. She also needs a relationship with the toddlers -- not much, a 10 or 15 daily relationship is fine. This can be done by having her hold and play with the toddlers for a bit. I plan on removing the family ties after the kids transition to children.

To bring the students to the day care I use the Meeting Controller. After the initial set-up, when you start the meeting all of the kids will show up on the lot and are controllable. I had Angie concentrate on one kid at a time teaching toddler skills. The others will find things to do on their own. I have lots of skilling items on the lot they can autonomously use. When they get sleepy they will lay down on their own if you have Phaenoh's Sleepy Mat (or a pet bed). I also use a non-spoiling bottle for when they are hungry so Angie doesn't have to stop teaching to feed them. The only problem so far is that the Meeting Controller brings the kids to the house with full bars so Angie rarely has a chance to potty train them. I typically started the day care at 9am and ended around 4pm (that's when the toddlers were starting to head to the nap room anyway). I didn't add cribs or changing tables because Angie was not able to use them on the toddlers (decorating tip).

Even though the Meeting Controller makes all of the toddlers controllable the only sim I controlled was Angie. I left the toddlers to do whatever they wanted.

This lot was way more fun than I thought it would be. Good luck if you try one in your hood!

Notes: I think I've mentioned this before but Angie was chosen to be the nanny because she was a family sim with a lifetime want that dealt with children. I wanted to use an NPC instead of adding a CAS sim because I do not want new CAS sims in the hood until Year 2 and the babies transitioned to toddlers way before then.

Angie is paid §120/day every day that the day care is open from the Treasury (total is calculated from the game's Nanny fee of §15/hour for an 8 hour day). She is considered a government employee. Angie is available to babysit at sims' homes for a §75 flat fee.

I've decided that the NPCs created in Oceanside did not come with the founders on the space ship but instead are the island's natives. I tried to show some of that with "native-type" clutter in Angie's apartment and some of the toys in the day care.

Neither Angie nor Cindy Lou rolled a want to get engaged or married so I didn't have them do it (their lifetime relationship isn't at 100 yet). But I hear wedding bells not far away for these two. There's always Fall...

Credits: Maranatah and Mswn who I got the idea to make a toddler day care.


Current Music: The Perfect Nanny by Jane & Michael Banks
Simlili: Cheezburgersimlili on August 25th, 2014 09:30 pm (UTC)
Well, we got a warning for toddler cuteness, but it was still powerful stuff.
You'd think an all toddler update would be boring, by the way, but look at them creating an organized society already :D

But Miss Angie, you can't drink! Not during and not after day care! What if a parent had an emergency and had to drop you a little one at unexpected hours! And you have incredibly long days and busy nights^^ (seriously, she's superwoman)

(Funny it ended mentioning Mswn, I was thinking about her just today, who knows why. I miss her updates :( )
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on August 26th, 2014 02:41 am (UTC)
The cuteness made my brain hurt XD
I hope this update was entertaining. I love babies, toddlers and kids so I was really excited to play Angie's lot. But I understand that others might be bored.

Angie's invisible trait (as I like to call it) is alcoholic. She autonomously made herself a drink and when she's on anyone else's lot and there are drinks she drinks them too. No other sim in Oceanside drinks as much as she does! But I guess she can handle her drinking and the kids... We shall see.

I love Mswn's BACC! I actually just started re-reading it because she added some new updates a few months ago and I had to refresh my memory on the residents.
didilysquatdidilysquat on August 28th, 2014 08:24 pm (UTC)
Super nanny indeed! So many toddlers, yet she still manages to have a social life! I guess it helps having them go home at the end of the day. And I said it before, but I love how colourful the place is. Perfect for a day care. :)

PS: Dancing toddlers are the CUTEST! :D
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on August 29th, 2014 03:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you Didily!

Toddler dancing makes me giggle like a little girl. I love it!