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12 June 2012 @ 07:08 pm
The Oceanside Project: Meet and Greet  

This little interlude is just an outtake before the BACC really starts. Instead of the usual "town meeting" I decided to let them have the just-off-the-spaceship experience of a "meet and greet" before they wander off to their respective homes. So, I teleported them all into an empty lot and let them have at it from 8am to sundown. Here are the results.

Warning: lots of smooching, ass-grabbery, embarrassment, and disapproval. Proceed with caution.

We start the day with Malcolm collecting helpless butterflies while everyone else takes deep breaths.

Selena breaks the silence to admire Dawn's husband, George, of which she has two bolts.

Which causes Dawn to one-up Selena by serenading George. Selena seems to approve.

Becca begins the I'm-going-to-fawn-over-my-husband marathon that lasts the entire day.

Get your mitts on Connor now, Dawn. That's the only time you'll be getting a handful of blonde hunkiness. (They share two bolts, too.)

Selena then tries to admire Dawn...

But Dawn wants nothing of your admiration, peasant.

So Selena makes her move on Connor.

Kendrick heart-farts over Vivian while Becca heart-farts over Owen. But what is that purpley glow?

Ah, the unfortunate paper girl getting zapped by the Visitor Controller.

Married people slow dancing.

Honestly, these two go on like this all day. Three bolters. *shakes head*

Kendrick thinks Vivian is especially hot but he seems too shy to talk to her.

Instead he walks right up to Fitz and talks about her.

Connor and Selena move up from hugging to slow dancing.

Minka does not approve of public displays of affection!

Gah, I'm with you there Minka. I'm already sick of Owen and Becca.

Diego and Minka talk but have no attraction.

"When I become a cop can I have a siren on my car? Oooh and a flashy light? OOOHHH OOOOHHH can I have a siren and a flashy light on my car?" (negative chemistry these two)

Oh wait, what's this now?

Awww, Connor has a crush ^.^

Yes, we know your husband is h---- wait a minute! That's not your husband! And Owen's right in front of you! Shameful.

Diego and Matisse bond over video games. (Dawn seems to be in everyone's business >.>)

Minka *judges*

Sadie tries to flirt with Kendrick but he's not having any of it. Vivian talks to Malcolm. Minka talks to Fitz *hopes for love*

Selena claims her man! She now has a crush on him as well.

Alas, Minka doesn't want Fitz. She goes back to Kendrick but finds his knowledge of busts extremely boring.

Vivian and Malcolm seem to be getting along... Hmmm, the banker and the mayor getting together...

Fitz and Matisse talk. No chemistry. Sadie and Diego talk. No chemistry *rages*

Vivian seems pretty pleased with herself catching the eye of a Landgraab. Dawn is thinking of all the money she's going to make from designing wedding gowns.

Um, yep, they're still at it.

Malcolm goes for it and grabs Viv's butt.

Simultaneous uber-embarrassment from Dawn and George over the ass-grab.

Viv doesn't mind, though. She's quite smitten by Malcolm.

As well as Selena is with Connor. They're so cute together!

What what WHAT? It looks like Fitz is as shocked as I was about Minka the prude and Kendrick smooching in front of everyone.

Vivian gives back what she gets.

After "the kiss" Kendrick and Minka start a rousing game of kicky ball--- wait, what's going on there?

*zooms in closer* Matisse and Diego hook up!

Mutual crushes.

Connor hasn't let Selena out of his sight.

This is Make-out Avenue, I think.

"Yeah, Buddy!"

Sadie stalks Kendrick during the kicky bag game. She seems determined to get to him so we'll have to wait and see what happens between the two.

Kicky bag is SRS BZNS, yo. Oh look, Owen got away from Becca.

Becca seems to dislike Diego. Diego doesn't seem that happy either.

Ok Becca, you have no right to make that face with all of the nasty things you and Owen have been doing! Look at Fitz, he looks so sad. It's like he's saying "Another girl lost." bawwwwwww *tears*

Then Matisse crushes on Diego.

A little while later, Diego angrily crushes on Matisse. (I told you kicky bag was SRS BZNS!)

Oh look, Owen is allowed to talk to another woman. I bet Becca's scowling.

After all of this time Connor and Selena finally make-out.

And they become besties.

Matisse and Diego are still going strong.

And we end with Kendrick talking shit about Sadie to Minka.

Notes: I wasn't really going to put these pictures up here. It was originally just a reference for me (I mean, I left the headlines on and everything!). But then I thought that you might wonder why Selena and Connor or Malcolm and Vivian were practically married, so here it is. I did not control anyone. I just let them do whatever they wanted to do. It was a lot of fun getting them all together like this. I was really surprised no one fought, though. Just a lot of hooking up! Everyone seemed to find someone except Fitz and Sadie. Fitz had zero attraction to anyone. It was really strange.

Credits: I stole this idea from Teniellesims who said she stole the idea from someone else :) Anyways, it's a great way to build relationships with people in the same neighborhood.

Current Music: Making Out - No Doubt
Simlilisimlili on June 13th, 2012 01:30 pm (UTC)
Great idea! It's good for your readers too, because no matter how awesome Nepheris' rules are, I have a hard time remembering who's who at the beginning (as opposed to the original rule of starting with one settler, I mean).
This makes it easier, even though I still briefly wondered why Dawn let her husband make out with another girl :p

Pretty pictures! It will be so pleasant following your BaCC.

Lastly, and those things tend to change, but for now, I have a soft spot for Minka. That's what I like about Neph's rules, and I never fail to pick a favourite in the prologue. So, Dawn is still the cutest, but go Minka XD
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on June 14th, 2012 01:35 am (UTC)
I know all of the characters will confuse some, especially since I have so many of them! I get confused, too.

And Minka! I had no idea she would be so prudish. Whenever anyone would do anything romantic she would scowl her little face and say "Nuh uh!" But it was perfectly fine letting Kendrick kiss her ;)

Thanks for reading =)
braxenbraxen on April 28th, 2014 04:35 pm (UTC)
Really good idea to let everyone meet that way! Especially when some of them have yet to team up with someone before they can start the breeding. ;) And it certainly made for some good entertainment! :D
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on April 29th, 2014 12:24 am (UTC)
Thank you! I actually got the idea from Teinelle who has deleted her account. Usually a couple of the sims will hit on each other but most of them will start fighting and such or forming friendships. Not my sims! They're all horny apparently!