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06 August 2014 @ 11:51 pm
The Oceanside Project: Troubadour  



Warnings: gifs, adultery, domestic violence, electrocution, toddler angst.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: Troubadour ...

Saturday, Day Six

Troubadour 001

Troubadour 032

At the end of Spring Matisse Troubadour moved out of the condo she shared with her brother Kendrick and into Malcolm Landgraab's former bachelor pad with her newborn daughter Cyan.

Troubadour 039

Right now Matisse is the town's only lawyer but her heart is in art. She hopes to max out her arts & crafts enthusiasm so she can start the Artist career and open an Art Gallery.

Troubadour 040

On the 2nd floor balcony Matisse put together a mini art studio where she paints. She even has a spot for Cyan to lay as she teaches her proper technique.

Troubadour 054

Troubadour 053

Troubadour 058

Oh, I see we're recreating Becca in Green on Pink 2.0 again!

Troubadour 060

Becca: T-That doesn't look anything like me...
I know Becca. We have to humor Matisse, OK?

Troubadour 065

Matisse's best friend town Treasurer Vivian Landgraab stops by to check on her and Cyan.

Troubadour 070

At the same time Noelee Andrews, taxi, bus and carpool driver extraordinaire, jogs by.

Troubadour 074

Matisse tells Noelee that her other bff Minka Yomoshoto is starting a social club called the Blue Hat Society and that maybe they all can join! Noelee doesn't seem too impressed.

Troubadour 080

Oh Noelee! You've got a thing for Kendrick and his sister Matisse?

Troubadour 082

It's lunch meat sandwich making time!

Troubadour 085

Vivian would prefer not to be dining with "the help" but she's dealing with it with a smile. She doesn't understand why Matisse needs to be friends the chauffeur.

Troubadour 091

As it starts to get late Matisse grabs Cyan...

Troubadour 093

and changes her diaper in her new nursery.

Troubadour 096

Vivian sees Minka walking by and uses it as an excuse to get away from her awkward conversation with Noelee to greet her.

Troubadour 102

Troubadour 105

Matisse is happy to see Minka, of course. But she feels there's some kind of weird tension between them and she doesn't understand why.

Troubadour 111

After a quick bath...

Troubadour 116

Matisse returns to her painting.

Troubadour 118

And Minka fondles a raccoon.

Troubadour 122

Viv wonders why her two friends are barely speaking?

Troubadour 126

Matisse finishes the painting and hangs it in Cyan's room.

Troubadour 008

Then heads to bed.

Sunday, Day Seven

Troubadour 022

Troubadour 025

Troubadour 031

Matisse releases some tension and anger through the pottery wheel.

Troubadour 033

But I see what Matisse really wants to use for her tension and anger!

Troubadour 032

Troubadour 034

Troubadour 036

Matisse hangs the new blue plate next to her green plate in the kitchen :)

Troubadour 039


After a quick shower Matisse is back to the easel with Becca in Green on Pink 3.0.

Troubadour 045

Cyan: I know why the caged bird sings...

Troubadour 047

Oh look, Angie Killeen was replaced by a hunky new Arts & Crafts Hobbyist. Maybe we should teleport him over and take a look?

Troubadour 048

Hmmm... let's clean him up a bit shall we...

Troubadour 050


Troubadour 053

Matisse drops everything to meet new Arts & Crafts Hobbyist Kent Healey. Kent is a Popularity Aries (I think my game is only capable of making NPCs that are Popularity Aries) who likes hard working girls that wear glasses. Since they both share a passion for art Matisse invites Kent in to show him her, ahem, sketches...

Troubadour 054

Before that, Cyan must be dealt with.

Troubadour 062

Troubadour 064

After Cyan is fed and put to bed Matisse whips up mac & cheese for Kent.

Troubadour 066

Troubadour 070

Troubadour 074

Some time during the day Matisse broke her dishwasher. Connor Firestone is the most mechanical out of her neighbors. Matisse decides to call him in the morning to see if he can repair it.

Troubadour 076

Right now, however, Matisse is having a good time with Kent watching the boxing match on TV.

Troubadour 084

Troubadour 085

Troubadour 087

Troubadour 090

and hanging out all night long.

Troubadour 094

Believe me, one bolt is a good thing for Matisse. She's never had more than one bolt with anyone!

Monday, Day Eight

Troubadour 003

Troubadour 005

After Kent leaves Matisse tends to Cyan...

Troubadour 006

then goes to bed for the night.

Troubadour 010

Matisse awakens with new hope. Things have been weird with Diego since she had Cyan. She's felt anxious around him since the party at his house and she doesn't know why. Hanging out with Kent was so easy...

Troubadour 012

Just as she was sending her taxes...

Troubadour 014

Matisse's buddy politician Malcolm Landgraab, X stops by.

Troubadour 015

Matisse whips up fruit parfait for breakfast for herself and Malcolm.

Troubadour 019

Wow... lovely...

Troubadour 021

Since Malcolm is technically the landlord, Matisse asks him if he would try to fix the broken dishwasher. Even though he has zero mechanical points, Malcolm says yes.

Troubadour 026

Troubadour 028


Troubadour 033

Matisse tries to soothe Malcolm's bruised ego and scorched skin to try and make him feel better. Of course, the dishwasher is still broken...

Troubadour 039

Matisse convinces Malcolm to get into the hot tub and clean up.

Troubadour 040

Some fun splashing will take his mind off of his earlier trauma.

Troubadour 043

W-Wait... what are you doing???

Troubadour 045


Troubadour 048




Troubadour 058

I just came here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now!

Troubadour 059

Kendrick must be psychic or something. Malcolm, you're just lucky Kendrick didn't run over there and punch you in the face!

Troubadour 062

After all of the hanky-panky Matisse says good-night to Malcolm.

Troubadour 064

Troubadour 067

Tuesday, Day Nine

Troubadour 003

Troubadour 006

First thing in the morning Matisse calls Connor to see if he can come by and fix the dishwasher.

Troubadour 007


Or word has gotten out that Matisse Troubadour sleeps with sims' husbands!

Troubadour 008

Guess the dishwasher will have to wait. Matisse returns to working on her painting.

Troubadour 011

Troubadour 014

Painting time is over...

Troubadour 013

Because it's PARTY TIME! Today Cyan transitions to a toddler!!

Troubadour 016

As the guests arrive Heath Biltmore tries to get a cuddle from Eve Goodacre...

Troubadour 019

but is denied! (I feel this is the beginning of their epic love affair.)

Troubadour 023

Troubadour 028

Malcolm seems a bit nervous to have Vivian and Matisse so close to each other.

Troubadour 029

The other toddlers head down to the beach to eat some sand!

Troubadour 039

Make a wish Baby Cyan!

Troubadour 041

Troubadour 043

Toddler Cyan is a 5-9-6-3-7 Taurus with high interests in Sci-Fi, school and toys. Her OTH is Music and Dance (just like her Uncle and her Daddy!). She's friendly like her dad and dramatic like her mom.

Troubadour 046

Minka was very forward and tried to goose Diego in the middle of his daughter's birthday party, but Diego quickly and publicly shot her down.

Troubadour 047

Troubadour 048

Everyone was embarrassed for her.

Troubadour 053

But don't worry. Matisse did something even more embarrassing to get the attention off of Minka. Because that's what friends are for.

Troubadour 055

After begging her Daddy to hold her, Diego meets his little girl for the first time.

Troubadour 060

Troubadour 063

Troubadour 066

Denied again :(

Troubadour 068

The consummate politician. A liar and a cheater.

Troubadour 071

Diego's new obsession is Brodie Mason so he tries a little flirting with her -- which she shoots down. However, they became besties?

Troubadour 072

Minka corners Diego and goes in for a kiss, and Diego violently pushes her away!
Diego: Are you kidding me? Not at my daughter's birthday party... Not in front of Matisse!

Troubadour 074

Diego's a dick!

Troubadour 078

Then Matisse messes up. She must have had too many fuzzy llamas because she decided to go for the flirt with Kent...

Troubadour 079

Right in front of Diego!
Sadie: Where's my popcorn? This is about to get good!

Troubadour 081

Diego is furious!

Troubadour 084

And smacks Matisse!!

Troubadour 086

Troubadour 091

Luckily Cyan didn't witness any of the violence from her father to her mother. Becca kept her occupied with cuddles and playing.

Troubadour 100

Connor tries to help smooth the situation by fixing the dishwasher.

Troubadour 085

How could he treat her this way? Matisse didn't know he could be so violent. All she did was harmless flirting! She could never love a sim that hit her. Diego and Matisse are through.


Meanwhile outside...

Troubadour 102

Eve: Let me love you!

Troubadour 103

Denied! Poor Evie. I see a massive Eve, Nico, Heath love triangle in the future.

Troubadour 104

Troubadour 105

Troubadour 108

Troubadour 110

The other couples seem to over compensate for all of the violence.

Troubadour 111

Diego tries a second time to win over Brodie.
Kendrick laughs at your incompetence, Diego.

Troubadour 115

As the party draws to an end George Lambswool is the first sim in Oceanside to become over-weight!

Troubadour 114

Troubadour 120

After the guests leave Matisse has a chance to do Cyan's hair and change her outfit.

Troubadour 124

And to potty train her.

Troubadour 129

Cleaning the potty chair reminds Matisse of Cyan's shit-head father.

Troubadour 130

Troubadour 131

While taking out the trash, Matisse sees Kent loitering around her front lawn.

Troubadour 137

She invites him back inside to help her finish off the birthday cake. Kent is super upset about what happened between Diego and Matisse.
Kent: No man should ever hit a woman!
He says as he caresses the cheek that was slapped.

Troubadour 139

Kent tries his best to cheer Matisse up.

Troubadour 142

and to take her mind off of what happened earlier today.

Troubadour 152

Troubadour 153

Troubadour 154

Cyan wakes up, heads past the couple, and finds her drawing table so she can make masterpieces just like her Mommy.

Troubadour 157

It's a good thing the baby's occupied...

Troubadour 158

Troubadour 159



Troubadour 166

Even though Matisse has major commitment issues, she figures she should give Kent a shot. He's already 100 times better than Diego ever was to her. Matisse asks Kent to move in with her and Cyan.

Troubadour 168

No one has more than one simoleon over in that cave?

Thanks for reading!! ^.^

Notes: I was absolutely stunned when Malcolm and Matisse hooked up! That came out of nowhere. And I was deeply upset that Diego slapped around Matisse. I thought I had a mod where men couldn't hit women but I guess I didn't re-download it when I had to re-gather all of my cc. If anyone knows where that mod is please let me know, because it makes me sick to see my sims do it.

I had Kent move in with Matisse because 1. he knocked her up, and 2. Matisse had a higher score with him in two days than she had with other suitors. They ended up both being in love. If it doesn't work out she can always kick him out of the condo :P But I really like Kent so I hope it does. Kent's second aspiration is Pleasure and his LTW is to Own 5 top-level businesses.

Current Music: New by No Doubt
Simlili: Lylasimlili on August 7th, 2014 10:50 am (UTC)
Well, a perfect BaCC LTW for Kent, it would have been a waste leaving him to rot in the pauper-cave.

Cyan is going to be stunning! (Like her mom, afterall)

Overall, I'm with Sadie, popcorn, please^^ Such drama, such passion, and it looks like the next generation is going to be even more intense, they're already at it.
I can't not say a word for dear Minka. You know what they say, you have to hit rock bottom before it gets better, fingers crossed for Minka! Hopefully, the Oceanside ladies won't reconsider joining the Blue Hats society after that party :D
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on August 7th, 2014 03:12 pm (UTC)
I already have plans for Kent and his businesses *twirls invisible mustache* For one thing he really wants to buy a bubble blower...

Cyan is such a cutie! She might be my fav toddler out of the bunch :) And all the boys seem to love Eve already, except the one she likes... typical!

I think the aftermath of the party will just have more people on Minka's side. Everyone is talking about the Blue Hats so I don't think she has anything to worry about. ^.^