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21 July 2014 @ 01:47 am
The Oceanside Project: Yomoshoto Part 1  


"There's Something About Minka" Part 1

Warnings: theft, electrocutions, a mini-bachlorette challenge, Adult/Teen romance, and a rager.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: Yomoshoto...

Saturday, Day Six

Yomoshoto 003

Minka Yomoshoto, resident science maniac and promising doctor, is recovering from her double mental breakdown quite well!

Yomoshoto 008

Yomoshoto 010

Kendrick Troubadour, Minka's estranged ex, fiendishly steals Minka's newspaper in the wee hours of the morning. Super mature. That will show her... >.>

Yomoshoto 011

After assisting in three births Minka finally gets a job in the Medicine career!

Yomoshoto 012

...but she can't really DO her job yet since she's super pregnant.

Yomoshoto 018

Oblivious to the newspaper thievery going on downstairs, Minka heads upstairs to examine scientific stuff under her microscope.

Yomoshoto 019

Yomoshoto 027

Oh, look who's back to steal more newspapers. Really. Get a hobby dude.

Yomoshoto 031

Yomoshoto 028

It's time for Minka's baby shower! Minka invites over her best gal-pals for a fun-filled afternoon.

Yomoshoto 038

Yomoshoto 040

Minka is ashamed that, with all of her scientific knowledge, she still can't make decent hot dogs.

Yomoshoto 047

Dawn: Do you know my ass is pregnant again? Matisse, you have to give me your soda in the woohoo recipe, cause mine isn't working!
Vivian and Selena: Ewwwwww!

Yomoshoto 048

While Matisse is dining outside, Minka tells the other girls that she thinks Matisse's brother Kendrick is stealing her newspapers. Dawn suggests that maybe Minka and Kendrick need to sit down and talk about everything that's happened between them. Maybe they can come to some sort of resolution.

Yomoshoto 062

Oh, I see a session of the Mean Girls Club is starting...
Vivian: Dawn, you're never going to believe it...

Yomoshoto 063

Vivian: You know my husband, Malcolm...

Yomoshoto 064

Vivian: ...totally got fired on his first day!
Matisse: Tee hee! That shit was funny!
*rolls eyes*

Yomoshoto 066

Selena! How many times do I have to tell you not to go in the hot tub when it's raining!

Yomoshoto 070

Selena smiles through the pain and leaves the party early.

Immediately after that...

Yomoshoto 075


Yomoshoto 079

Dawn Lambswool is dumb enough to stay in the electro-shock hot tub even after her two friends are fried.

Yomoshoto 081

Matisse feels really bad for all of Kendrick's bad behavior. She tells Minka that later on tonight she has a surprise for her.
Matisse: Be well-rested and look hot!

Yomoshoto 084

Instead of frying Dawn in the hot tub, the lightning hits the porch and sets the house on fire!

Yomoshoto 085

Um, Minka, all of your guests are getting scared away.

Yomoshoto 087

Well, as long as they had a GOOD TIME!

Yomoshoto 088


Yomoshoto 092

Minka has no idea what Matisse has in store for her but she trusts her bestie and takes a quick nap.

Yomoshoto 093

Gee thanks Kendrick. Now we don't have to recycle all of those newspapers. Idgit.

Yomoshoto 095

Minka wakes up to a *pop* (#2) and a lot of noise on her front lawn.

Yomoshoto 096

Matisse invited all of the eligible bachelors on the island to Minka's house!
*Note she did not invite Diego because -- reasons -- nor Abbot because Abbot likes men*

Yomoshoto 097

Shy little Minka is unsure of what to do. However she gets dressed and heads out to talk to all of the men at her house.

Yomoshoto 099

Bachelor #1 is Lars Shadow, Oceanside's Postal Carrier. He enjoys overly perfumed Elders that lack creativity.

Yomoshoto 100

Vivian happened to walk by (not checking in on Minka at all...) and is accosted by reviewer Beckett Graham.
Beckett: I haven't been to your bank yet but I'm sure to give it a poor rating!

Yomoshoto 104

Vivian: You give my bank a poor rating today and you won't have a job tomorrow. Do you know who I am? I am Vivian Moneywell Landgraab and I own you!

Yomoshoto 103

Beckett: *gasp*
Dude, don't mess with Wendy Testaburger.

Yomoshoto 105

Meanwhile, back to Minka and Bachelor #1. Lars explains to Minka that the use of soda in the woohoo before woohoo would have prevented whatever is going on in her belly right now.

Yomoshoto 107

Yeah, let's move on to the other Bachelors, shall we?

But first why don't you scope the area and see who's looking good tonight?

Yomoshoto 109

B-But you're NEGATIVE with him!

Yomoshoto 110

Oh Minka. You always seem to want the guys that don't care about you :(

Yomoshoto 112

Moving on to Bachelor #2: Rocky Kotsomiti, Garden Club founder. Rocky enjoys logical gals in their chonies. No four-eyes need apply.

Yomoshoto 113

They have an OK conversation but I don't think Minka can get past the greasy hair.

Yomoshoto 117

Yes, we gathered that from the last time you scoped the room Minka...

Yomoshoto 118

Bachelor #3 is Achilles Brook, Science Guy (tm). Achilles loves science and so does Minka! Achilles likes creative blondes with an aversion to swimwear.

Yomoshoto 123

Minka's first conversation with Achilles goes rather well. And they even share a bolt!

Yomoshoto 126

Next is Bachelor #4: Paragon Barrett the Culinary Guy (no tm). Paragon likes sweet-smelling, jewelry wearing ladies that have jobs. Minka and Paragon can't even carry-on a decent conversation. Next!

Yomoshoto 130

Bachelor #5... aw f*ck it. He's a dick.

Yomoshoto 133

Minka returns to Achilles who she is super excited to be able to talk science to!

Yomoshoto 135

Out of the 5 guys only 2 of them are worthy of bolts and only one of the two likes the same things Minka likes.

Yomoshoto 138

Achilles Brook seems to be the winner tonight folks!

Yomoshoto 145


Yomoshoto 151

Minka bids the boys adieu.

Yomoshoto 153

She has a lot to think about. Better get a good night's sleep.

Sunday, Day Seven

Yomoshoto 009

Yomoshoto 006

Yomoshoto 015

Angie Killeen, the Nanny, calls to check up on Minka. Angie was there during Minka's breakdown and has been terribly worried about her. After the call Minka gained another friend.

Yomoshoto 018

But Minka's not OK. She's still upset about Kendrick and Brodie woohooing right in front of her at her best friend's baby's birthday party. Matisse is right. Minka needs to find a new man that won't cheat on her and treats her right.
*cough* Minka is totally ignoring the fact that she cheated on Kendrick first *cough*

Yomoshoto 019

Minka calls Achilles to see if he wants to hang out for a while.

Yomoshoto 020

Ugh. That's what happens when you live in a cave without electricity and running water.

Yomoshoto 022

Miraculously Achilles just happens to be passing by Minka's house!
*I totes teleported him over*

Yomoshoto 031

A little shy flirting gets Achilles all hot and bothered!

Yomoshoto 032

So I took a peek at Achilles' ACR settings. He likes Minka!

Yomoshoto 034

Minka heads inside to make lunch meat sandwiches for herself and her "date".

Yomoshoto 041

Minka always breaks out the logic ball when she's nervous. It didn't faze Achilles though!

Yomoshoto 044

Minka is starting to really like Achilles. He's good-looking and intelligent. Kendrick and Diego are both good-looking but intelligent....? He reminds Minka of Fitz, if Fitz had confidence.

Yomoshoto 047

Minka is fading fast so she says goodbye to Achilles (and she gets to see him in his swimwear!) ...

Yomoshoto 051

and heads in for a nap.

Later that night...

Yomoshoto 053

Minka's contractions wake her right up. Being a doctor, Minka knows the time is near.

Yomoshoto 055

She's assisted in three deliveries before and always thought the girls where just being wussy babies about the pain. But dang, this hurts!

Yomoshoto 060

It's a girl! ^.^

Yomoshoto 068

Yomoshoto 070

Kira Yomoshoto has black hair, light skin and dark brown eyes just like her mother. It's a good thing too. No one will ever know who her real father is! She can say it's anybody!

Yomoshoto 072

Minka is frightened of this new little person she's in charge of taking care of. How will she be the perfect mom? How will she be able to raise Kira all by herself?

Yomoshoto 074

Minka: It's just you and me Kira. I guess we have to raise each other.

Yomoshoto 082

Minka hangs a poster of the Simlish alphabet over Kira's crib. Education starts at day one in the Yomoshoto household.

Yomoshoto 083

Angie calls to once again check in on Minka. Minka lets her know that she just had the baby and that herself and Kira are doing fine.

Yomoshoto 090

But is she really "doing fine"?

Current Music: Looking For A New Love by Jody Watley
Simlilisimlili on August 5th, 2014 08:42 am (UTC)
Yay, Minka, but aw, Minka :/
They were such a hot couple, and look how ugly things are between them now! LIFE CAN BE SO CRUEL.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on August 5th, 2014 07:33 pm (UTC)
I know! *tear*
braxenbraxen on October 6th, 2014 04:20 pm (UTC)
Finally I’m catching up on all those updates I?ve been missing. :D

Sometimes I could swear that the party score is totally random? but the soda in the woohoo just gets funnier for each time it’s mentioned. :D Also I always find Rocky Kotsomiti very entertaining, the whole Miami Vice vibe obviously never gets old with me. But the hotness score – obviously also totally random, or just Minka having (as) bad taste (as I have…).
BTW – the telescope is awesome. Don’t tell me it’s in the game and I just haven’t noticed.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on October 7th, 2014 08:38 am (UTC)
Welcome back to the madness XD

I think with the hotness score that Minka was attracted to Lars but he wasn't attracted to her so even though it showed they both had negative bolts, it was really just Lars'? (if that made any sense!)

The little microscope was cc from Nanashi but they removed their downloads so I don't have a link for you :(