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07 July 2014 @ 09:44 am
The Oceanside Project: Firestone Part 2  


"So Fast, So Furious" Part 2

Monday, Day Eight

Firestone 004

With the overgrown bushes, weeds, and the junky car the Firestones have the worst front yard in Oceanside.

Firestone 008

Connor's on diaper duty while Selena's passed out on the back deck.

Firestone 014

Second pregnancies are really hard for the women of Oceanside. I'm scared to see what their third pregnancies will look like!

Firestone 018

After Selena's "nap" the couple has a chance to sit down and eat breakfast together. Connor starts his new job today at the shop.

Firestone 001

As Selena goes back to bed, Connor practices his sales pitch in the mirror.

Firestone 032

Firestone 038

Then he's off to his first day at work!

Firestone 045

Selena calls Angie over to help her out with Nico. What is the first thing Angie did? Get to work on Selena's unkempt lawn! Angie is the best sim in this whole neighborhood!!

Firestone 046

Selena's best friend Minka Yomoshoto comes by to help Selena with Nico's birthday party. Minka is still pretty upset about the whole Kendrick and Brodie thing but she's here to help her bestie no matter what.

Firestone 048

*double waddling cuteness*

Firestone 055

Hey Lars Shadow, mailman, what's with the face?
Lars: This yard is atrocious! They should be fined! They're bringing all of our property values down!
You are right *even though you have no property to worry about*. A new law will be made that if a resident does not keep their yard tidy for 4 consecutive days they will be fined 500 simoleons!

Firestone 059

Connor gives the ring back to the customer. He's not a thief like that Vivian Landgraab!

Firestone 060

Ugh... we need that money, though :(

Firestone 064

Now we know the REAL reason for the cleaning spree. Angie thinks Selena is hawt!

Firestone 065

A tired Selena heads to bed for a quick nap before the birthday party.

Firestone 069

Firestone 070

Minka, the awesome bestie that she is, invites over all of Selena's and Connor's friends as well as the toddlers. She even invites Kendrick and his floozy. Minka is the bigger person after all.

Firestone 080

Then she goes to work making the hot dogs for the guests.

Firestone 084

Kendrick and Brodie barely get on the lot before they start pawing all over each other.

Firestone 085

Firestone 087

Connor returns home just in time for the party and the cake!

Firestone 088

I don't know what happened. I don't know if it was the Kendrick and Brodie love-fest or if she was afraid to throw a party, but Minka lost it.

Firestone 090

So I checked her panel and I saw this. This happened before she caught Kendrick and Brodie woohooing at Gwyneth Landgraab's transition party. That seals the deal. Kendrick only wants to be with Brodie!

Firestone 092

Firestone 094

"Everybody dance now!"

Firestone 097

Angie's working it!

Firestone 098

Firestone 101

Firestone 104

Minka thoughtfully put the cake on the beach, Connor's favorite place.

Firestone 105

Transition Time!

Firestone 121

Firestone 122

Yay Nico!

Firestone 124

Nico immediately starts whining about being stinky. Must be Monday.

Firestone 123

For the first time ever the other toddlers make it to the beach in time for the transition, even if they're only there to eat the sand.

While everyone's wishing Nico happy birthday...

Firestone 127

Minka is having a melt-down!

Firestone 132

Firestone 138

Firestone 140

After having a "session" with the imaginary therapist Minka seems to be on the mend.

Firestone 146

Everyone tries to pretend they didn't see what they just saw.

Firestone 147

Connor scoops up Nico to take him to the bathroom for his makeover when...

Firestone 148


Firestone 153

Therapist: I just fixed her! Did you break her again?!
I didn't do anything! She just went to the bathroom and fell out on the floor. Fix her better this time!
Therapist: *grumbles*

Firestone 159

Therapist: I see what the problem is. She needs a job and an SO that doesn't cheat on her!

Firestone 165

Minka: Thank you Doctor!

Firestone 166

Thank goodness it was only Connor that saw her go crazy the second time...

Firestone 163

Firestone 168

Nico Firestone is a 6-3-4-2-10 Pisces. He's interested in entertainment, travel, and Sci-Fi but his dream hobby is Tinkering like his dad. He's friendly like his mom and rebellious like his father.

Firestone 171

Firestone 173

Everyone's friend Angie Killeen tries to cheer up Minka with tickles, but Minka is not having any of that right now :(

Firestone 175

Soon the bathroom becomes the hot spot that everyone wants to be at. Minka is trapped in the room with a bunch of girls she doesn't know or like. Apparently there's a meeting in the ladies' room.

Firestone 178

Selena woke up sometime between Nico's transition and Minka's meltdowns. To celebrate Nico's birthday Selena lights the firecracker that she bought on her trip to the Oceanside Fire Station.

Firestone 182

Wooooo! Too bad you're the only one outside that can see it!

Firestone 187

Like they would be anywhere else.

Firestone 190

Sadie: The something-on-your-shirt gag, she totally fell for it! Sadie!
You're the president of The Against The Mean Girls Club. Why are you acting like a Mean Girl?!

Firestone 193

Sadie: That shit was funny!
Becca: *fumes*

Firestone 195

Thank goodness that's over!

Firestone 202

The Firestones almost forgot to pay their taxes. Yep. That's all they got to give.

Firestone 209

Lucky for them, Vivian Landgraab was so annoyed by their crappy lawn that she took it upon herself to prune and pull weeds.

Firestone 211

Firestone 207

Tuesday, Day Nine

Firestone 002

Don't you just love it when you're trying to sleep and some baby crawls in crying because he wants to be bigger?

Firestone 006

It's birthin' time!

Firestone 010



Firestone 033

Here he is! Vin (because who has the time to pronounce Vince) Firestone has his father's tan skintone and his mother's dark brown eyes and black hair.

Firestone 034

W-Where are you going Selena? Don't you want to hold and cuddle your newborn son?
Selena: Yeah, fuck that I'm going back to sleep.
Alrighty then...

Firestone 035

That's OK Selena. Connor is here to care for the little one. He's so freaking happy! Even the painting behind him is happy!

Firestone 038

Firestone 046

Nico found the robot toy that he got for his birthday. It's his new favorite thing!

Firestone 049

Connor's already in pretty good shape but he knows, with this new job, that he has to be fit. A little jump rope before work should help him lean up.

Firestone 053

Oh no! The hyena is back!


Firestone 056

AWWWWW! What was I worried for? The hyena just wants love too ^.^

Firestone 060

Firestone 063

Selena: *doesn't even care that a wild dog could eat her son*

Firestone 070

Look out now! Connor has reached maximum buffness!

Firestone 074

However he didn't gain a body skill point before having to go to work.

Firestone 075

Firestone 079

With both boys safely tucked away from wild dingo-hyenas, Selena relaxes a bit and resumes studying Parenting. Hey Selena, is there a chapter there that tells you not to leave a toddler alone with a strange animal?

Firestone 093

Vin's wailing finally brought mother and son together.

Firestone 100

And Angie was called once again to help Selena out.

Firestone 104

Firestone 109

Firestone 113

A bit of a delayed reaction but, yes Connor, you are rather fit.

Firestone 123

I guess he wanted to flex his other muscle...

Firestone 135

eep! While you too are making woohoo Vin is starving to death! I don't know what's going on with these parents!

Firestone 137

Don't worry baby, Selena's coming to feed you!

Firestone 139

Hunger crisis averted!

Firestone 146

Nico: *cries because he's about to piss himself*
Connor: Sorry Bro, the ocean is calling me.

Firestone 152

He seriously went surfing instead of taking care of his kid!

Firestone 158

Eventually Selena grabs Nico, cleans him up...

Firestone 159

and feeds him.

Firestone 162

Thank you all for reading! ^.^

Notes: Even though Selena owns the Primary and Secondary Schools she cannot "claim" them as her businesses until they are unlocked (i.e. count towards how many businesses owned). Technically I shouldn't count the school field either, but I think other sims will want to go to play sports, etc. so I'm letting her count that one.

The Schools and the Field are "Government" buildings so they are owned by Selena but she does not have to pay taxes on them (or pay back the loan she had to get to buy them). Same goes for the Bank, Post Office and the Fire Station. Oceanside Customs, Goodacre's Grocery Store, and the Church are not and therefore the loan needs to be repaid and taxes collected.

With Minka's double breakdown she is one more breakdown away from opening the Therapist career for another sim. Yay?

Credits: Oceanside Customs' exterior is modeled after George Wilson's Garage from the movie The Great Gatsby (the Leonardo DiCaprio one). The Auto Mechanic career is by Charleeheart at MTS. Castaway Stories Hyenas can be found here on MATY.

Current Music: Move Bitch by Ludacris
didilysquatdidilysquat on July 10th, 2014 03:32 am (UTC)
I actually had a moment's panic for you when you said Noelee was the driver, thinking *you're not supposed to do that!!* and then I read your PSA and breathed a sigh of relief. :P Your lots look great, as usual. Really like the auto shop. And the toddlers are all so cute! Even though eating sand is disgusting, bleargh! Great update! :D
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 10th, 2014 03:03 pm (UTC)
Yep, Noelee's just a clone, not the actual driver :) I am adding NPCs as playables to Oceanside but only the safe ones! I definitely do not want anyone else messing up their game so if anyone reading this is curious there is a list of safe and unsafe NPCs here: http://simswiki.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:Issues_Regarding_NPCs

After playing a few houses having toddlers over I've now learned that you need some kind of food for them to eat or they'll eat the pet food or the sand. I think it's super funny and super realistic!

Thank you ^.^

braxenbraxen on July 11th, 2014 09:20 am (UTC)
Of course their son is called Vin instead of Vince. :D Love The Fast and The Furious theme here. I actually get the urge to re-watch the film.

Another thing I love with this hood is how they all live in from the beginning almost identical houses, that you've decorated so they fit the different families. Just the different versions of that kitchen have inspired me a lot (home decoration = not my forte)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 12th, 2014 05:56 pm (UTC)
Fast & Furious is my favorite film franchise! Connor and his children are a definite nod to it :)

Thank you! I'm glad I inspired you ^.^
Even though they are all in the same "model" house I tried to have each condo match the owner's personality. I was surprised how I can use the same layout/items in the kitchen (Buggy Booz's Kitchen Basic sets) and they can still look fairly different. Selena's house is my favorite. I also REALLY like Matisse's version which you will see shortly.
Simlilisimlili on August 5th, 2014 08:18 am (UTC)
Oh man, that video (Meeting in the ladies' room) !!!

And like Didily said, all your lots look great but how awesome it is to theme each of them like that, this Mexican atmosphere looks great.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on August 5th, 2014 07:17 pm (UTC)
Thank you ^.^

I used to play that song all the time when I was little. My friends and I had a little routine to it. I, of course, was Bernadette (the "Don't slap me" lady) :P