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02 July 2015 @ 07:06 pm
The Oceanside Project: Onnen/Andrews Part 1  


"Natural Selection" Part 1

Warnings: pushy sales sims, the Garden Club, cheating, dead plants, boobs, and avenging bees.

Previously on The Oceanside Project [NPF01] [OF01] [AF01]

Sunday, Day 14
"The Kind You Find In A Second-Hand Store"

Onnen-AndrewsW01 004

Onnen-AndrewsW01 006

Oceanside's taxi driver Noelee Andrews, her dog Boomer, her cat Athena, and all of her stuff have integrated nicely into girlfriend Yasmin Onnen's -- condo.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 009

Being the environmentalist that she is Noelee had the bright idea to open a store in Oceanside where sims could re-sell their unwanted items instead of just throwing them away into the ocean. This morning, after harassing politician Malcolm Landgraab X incessantly, she is awarded her very own shop on the mainland to do just that.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 013

Onnen-AndrewsW01 016

Yasmin literally jumps for joy after hearing the news.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 015

Boomer and Athena are best pet pals. Exploring their new digs, the duo run around the yard playing tag.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 017

Being a cabbie is a demanding job. Noelee has to be "on" all of the time and make small talk with her fares. Since it's too early to head to the store and set up Noelee practices all of her conversation topics with the mirror.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 019

As a natural scientist Yasmin must stay in good shape. All of those animal bones are heavy! Yaz skips rope until she has to leave for work.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 023

Onnen-AndrewsW01 024

Yaz's plants are severely neglected. There's a good chance that they won't survive the winter.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 030

Onnen-AndrewsW01 031

Onnen-AndrewsW01 033

Onnen-AndrewsW01 034

Yasmin gains more fitness enthusiasm just before she has to leave for work.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 040

Gardener Rocky Kotsomiti walks by with his bodyguard Scarface wearing his spiffy Michael Jackson Thriller outerwear.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 041

Onnen-AndrewsW01 036

Onnen-AndrewsW01 046

Since she has the day off, Noelee excitedly heads down to her new consignment shop.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 051

Second Life consignment shop and thrift store is located on the corner of Oceanside Blvd. and Goodacre Farm right next door to Kent Healey's Healey Potter.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 052

Onnen-AndrewsW01 053

Onnen-AndrewsW01 060

Onnen-AndrewsW01 055

Onnen-AndrewsW01 061

Onnen-AndrewsW01 057

Onnen-AndrewsW01 058

Onnen-AndrewsW01 059

Second Life's inventory currently consists of the left-over junk from Noelee's old condo but as soon as the other residents see what a cool idea she has she knows they will all want to put their unwanted items up for sell too.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 064

Onnen-AndrewsW01 068

The first shopper of the day is Malcolm Landgraab, of all sims!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 076

Noelee is so excited to show Malcolm the shop and to thank him for helping her open it. Natural born salesperson should really be one of her traits. If she can sell Malcolm on this mishmash of a shop she could sell anything!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 072

Doctor in training Minka Yomoshoto stops by to have a look at the consignment store. She's a little wary of the taste level of the items in the shop. Mid-century tiki kitsch isn't really her style.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 079

Educator Selena Firestone arrives at Second Life with a lot of questions. Noelee explains how the consignment shop works. If a sim has old items that they want to sell Noelee will offer to buy them at a reasonable price and then sell those items in the shop. Every week there will be new items from various sims so if she sees something that she likes she needs to buy it now before it's gone for good!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 082

It seems that wherever Malcolm is his BFF grocery store owner and farmer Owen Goodacre is not far behind.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 084

Onnen-AndrewsW01 085

Onnen-AndrewsW01 089

Noelee is definitely a pushy sales sim but all of her tenacity is actually working!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 094

Onnen-AndrewsW01 095

Onnen-AndrewsW01 096

Onnen-AndrewsW01 098

Onnen-AndrewsW01 099

More and more items are selling! Noelee is ecstatic! Luckily she still has more items in her inventory to put out for resale.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 103

Noelee tries her pushy sales technique -- that's worked so far on everyone else -- on Miss Minka but she's not having it. She is fine on her own, thank you very much.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 104

Onnen-AndrewsW01 105

Woot! I think that's the first bronze sales badge earned in Oceanside!


Even though it came with a price...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 111

Noelee can't concentrate at the cash register with Owen's supreme hotness in front of her.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 116

Onnen-AndrewsW01 118

The ladies are not fond of the in-line flirting.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 121

Onnen-AndrewsW01 126

Minka: OhmyWatcher she is so slow! I want to leave now! Just kill me!!!!!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 131

Onnen-AndrewsW01 132

Geesh, she's really not that slow guys! Be more patient!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 138

Minka is totally writing a bad review on sim Yelp.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 142

Woot! Noelee is the shit!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 143

After the mean girls leave seamstress Dawn Lambswool strolls into the shop to look around. She's not too sure what type of establishment she's in.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 146

Noelee explains to Dawn how the shop is run.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 148

Dawn is really impressed with the idea. Maybe now she can sell all of those damn potholders she's been making! Dawn swears to bring them by on her next visit.
*since I took them out of her inventory for some dumb reason...*

Onnen-AndrewsW01 154

While she's here Noelee tries to get Dawn to buy some of the cool items currently on sale. Dawn admits that she doesn't have a lot of money right now. Since they moved into their nectary and started a restaurant the Lambswools are strapped for cash.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 159

Diego: Second Life is srs bznz, yo.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 158

Dawn: *gasp!*
Yelling at your customers is no way to get them to come back, Noelee Andrews!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 161

Malcolm is still here. Looking at everything. Not buying anything.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 162

Diego Bossanova, dancer extraordinaire, loves the new store. He's always looking for items to furnish his bachelor pad.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 164

Onnen-AndrewsW01 166

Noelee's shop is now at rank one and she picks her first business perk!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 169

After explaining how she's re-selling sim's unwanted items, Diego confides in Noelee that he has a few things himself that he really doesn't want from when he vacated his sister's condo.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 177

Onnen-AndrewsW01 175

Onnen-AndrewsW01 178

Noelee gives him §1500 on the spot for his items. They're a great addition to the shop!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 179

Onnen-AndrewsW01 180

Onnen-AndrewsW01 181

Noelee re-stocks with some of Diego's stuff and some more items from her own collection.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 185

Onnen-AndrewsW01 189

After ringing up Dawn...
*No money, huh? Big liar*

Onnen-AndrewsW01 192

Noelee leaves for the day.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 194

Back at home...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 197

Wanda the Wolf stops buy to eat Boomer's food.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 200

Boomer is not trying to hear that.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 202

He may be a little pup but he has a big growl. Wanda cowers in fear!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 206

Boomer: Yep, I'm the man.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 210

Yasmin's on a fitness kick. Better to have a sour tummy because of fish instead of a heavy tummy because of carbs?

Onnen-AndrewsW01 211


Onnen-AndrewsW01 218

Onnen-AndrewsW01 229

Onnen-AndrewsW01 232

The fish may have lost her a fitness enthusiasm point but it couldn't take away her becoming fit!
*And stinky.*

Onnen-AndrewsW01 236

Onnen-AndrewsW01 239

Noelee returns from the shop and waits in bed for Yasmin to finish her bath. She can't wait to tell her about the great day she had. Re-selling and re-using: it's the way of the future!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 244

Yaz thinks they should celebrate.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 251

Monday, Day 15
"The Girl Can't Help It"

Onnen-AndrewsW01 260

Onnen-AndrewsW01 264

Noelee wakes up early in the morning and takes a quick shower outside. Even though they live in a tropical climate it can still be very cold in the winter. She better watch out.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 002

Since she's up Noelee helps out with the gardening. She knows this is Yasmin's thing but she loves nature too. She's at peace when she's outdoors.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 004

Onnen-AndrewsW01 005

Yaz's poor plants can't wait for her green thumb. Someone has to revive them, stat!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 006

Most of the plants are dead and need to be composted and replanted in the spring. Noelee finds one plant that's still alive -- although it's rather sickly.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 007

All she can do is remove the weeds. Yaz needs to use her special plant motivational skills to make this one thrive again.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 009

Noelee may be a huge flirt but sometimes her family side gets the best of her. She thinks that her and Yaz are perfect for each other. Maybe a proposal isn't as far in the future as she thought it would be...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 012

Onnen-AndrewsW01 011

Onnen-AndrewsW01 014

Onnen-AndrewsW01 016

Onnen-AndrewsW01 018

When Yasmin wakes up she makes breakfast for herself and Noelee before Noelee leaves for work.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 020

Onnen-AndrewsW01 023

Onnen-AndrewsW01 024

She's off to drive all of the lazy bums around the island.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 032

Monday is tax day. With the loan Noelee received to build and furnish the store -- and her hardly spending any of it -- the girls have quite a lot of money currently. They have a lot to send.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 031

I know, baby. Writing a check that big is painful.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 035

Yaz finishes cleaning up the yard and ignores the pervert on her lawn...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 039

Onnen-AndrewsW01 040

because she's ready to join the Garden Club. She seriously wants a discount on the seeds and thinks it would be fun to be around other sims that share her passion for nature and gardening!
*little does she know...*

Onnen-AndrewsW01 045

She's confused when the Underboss of the Garden Club, Bruce Jelleff, doesn't want to discuss which kinds of worms improve which crops. Shouldn't he be into that?

Onnen-AndrewsW01 048

Even though she's suspicious Yaz asks for an evaluation to enter the club. She really wants that seed discount!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 053

Onnen-AndrewsW01 052

While Bruce phones the troops, newest Garden Club member Marilla Robbins saunters by.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 054

Yasmin thinks the least she can do is greet the new, hot resident. She's just being polite...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 056

GC'ers Tiara Hough...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 059

and Heaven Gallo get right to the inspection.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 060

Yaz gets along really well with Marilla, even though she too isn't very interested in how bird droppings can be used as a facial mask. What's wrong with these Garden Club members?

Onnen-AndrewsW01 061

Onnen-AndrewsW01 062

Thanks for that info, Bruce.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 066

Oh no! Heaven comes across the sickly plant and begins taking furious notes. She doesn't look pleased.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 068


Onnen-AndrewsW01 071

Marilla turns on the charm with Yasmin. She knows she should be doing her job -- seeing if Yaz wants to score some bubbles -- but she can't help flirting just a bit. I don't know why they're attracted to each other; they look almost exactly the same.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 073

Everyone knows that Noelee and Yasmin are an item but Marilla just wants to test the waters a bit. Yasmin seemed interested, but with the Garden Club doing their inspection a date might not be such a good thing.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 074

Onnen-AndrewsW01 076

Marilla makes herself at home...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 078

while some sim takes a cold shower.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 082

Tiara is still upset that Bruce got the job of Underboss instead of her.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 085

Yasmin returns to skipping rope as she awaits the Club's decision.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 088



Onnen-AndrewsW01 089

Heaven: It's so cold! I should have worn my Mrs. Claus cosplay!
No... no you shouldn't have.


While the other Garden Clubbers leave, Marilla stays to... uh... bathe in the hot tub? Marilla is very *ahem* outgoing. Or very desperate. But we aren't falling for that, are we Yasmin?


Yasmin? Why are we getting into the hot tub with the naked lady?

Onnen-AndrewsW01 103

*Gasp. She's home!*

Onnen-AndrewsW01 104


Yasmin asks if Marilla wants to go bug collecting later on tonight but she only has one thing on her mind.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 116

Noelee gives Boomer a much-needed bath oblivious to the conversation going on in the hot tub.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 124

Onnen-AndrewsW01 126

Noelee is pooped. Without a word to Yaz or her "friend" Noelee goes to bed.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 134

Well, hi, Cindy Lou Killeen! Come on in and watch our TV without someone inviting you in, why dontcha!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 145

As Noelee sleeps the temptation is too much for Yasmin.

Onnen-AndrewsW01 153

Onnen-AndrewsW01 157

Onnen-AndrewsW01 188

Onnen-AndrewsW01 201

Onnen-AndrewsW01 204

The sounds of woohoo on the beach remind Cindy Lou how much she wants a baby!

Onnen-AndrewsW01 207

Marilla silently slips away into the night...

Onnen-AndrewsW01 214

And Yasmin silently slips into bed with Noelee. She's so thankful Noelee didn't wake up while Marilla was still there.

Part 2

Current Music: Sweet Thing by Rufus and Chaka Khan
Lisa's Adventures in Simminglisag45 on July 12th, 2015 10:53 pm (UTC)
Must have missed this one when it came out.
Malcolm looks like he needs to hit the gym. That belly amuses me. I can't imagine his wife is impressed with it. ~snicker~

I really like the idea of the 2nd Hand shop. Do they get as much cash back if they sell items to her as they would if they sold them via their inventories?
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 13th, 2015 12:15 am (UTC)
Re: Must have missed this one when it came out.
Honestly I like seeing Malcolm with his belly. I giggle every time. If he rolls a want to get fit I'll make him work out but if he doesn't he'll stay like that.

No, they only get about 60% of how much it is worth after it has depreciated. I kind of just make a guess, but it's not the full amount. Now that the shop is open no one is allowed to sell items back to the catalog (or thin air) :) They have to sell to Noelee to get money.
Simlilisimlili on July 16th, 2015 08:09 am (UTC)
You'll never see the end of the damn potholders™ XD

Great update, I love GC inspections, this one didn't disappoint.
I want to scold Yasmin for being such a naughty girl, poor Noelee is so sweet, but the flesh is weak and we're all sinners ^^
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on July 16th, 2015 09:11 pm (UTC)
Ugh! Those damn potholders! X[

I blame Marilla and all her sexy nakedness!