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02 February 2015 @ 06:49 pm
The Oceanside Project: Lambswool, Part 1  


"Master Chef" Part 1

Warnings: self sims, cat homicidal tendencies, toddler plastic surgery, debt, teddy bear obsession.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: Lambswool [Sp 01] [Su 01]

Wednesday, Day 10
"Game of Glitches"

Lambswool_F01 001

Zod: My name is General Zod Ravenclaw. For the past year I have been stranded on an island with only one goal... TO RULE! Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish... to use a list of names he left me to bring down those who are inferior beings. To do this I must become someone else. I must be something else.
Dawn: Didn't I say NO MONOLOGUING!
Zod: *hisses*

Lambswool_F01 001

Fall at the Lambswools begins very much like every other household in Oceanside.

Lambswool_F01 018

Dad, hopeful chef George Lambswool, reads bedtime stories from his recipe book to his youngest twin Bianca...

Lambswool_F01 003

While Mom, aspiring fashion designer Dawn, tries co-sleeping with the other twin, Henry.

Lambswool_F01 013

Henry: heeelp....meeeeee!

Lambswool_F01 016

Eldest child, Antonio, is hungry for crayons...

Lambswool_F01 017

And their cat, General Zod, is hungry for blood.

Lambswool_F01 019

One more bubble and George can open the first restaurant in Oceanside.

Lambswool_F01 029

Lambswool_F01 034

Lambswool_F01 040

In the meantime he's paying the bills with his current career as a fire fighter.

Lambswool_F01 042

Lambswool_F01 045

Lambswool_F01 047

Dawn finally awakens and places Henry in his appropriate bed...
Zod: You failed in your attempt to smother the loud human. Must I do all of the killing in this house?
I... guess... so????

Lambswool_F01 051

...then runs to the bathroom in the nick of time.

Lambswool_F01 057

Lambswool_F01 063

As Dawn prepares breakfast for herself...

Lambswool_F01 071

Antonio finds his own meal in the kitty dish.
Zod: Yessss, eat all of the Kitty Kibble. Soon you will be one of us!

Lambswool_F01 073

Since George calls himself an expert on nectar -- and hopes to open his own nectary one day -- a bottle of nectar it is!

Lambswool_F01 074

Oh, gee, thanks...

Lambswool_F01 075

but he already has a membership there.

Lambswool_F01 081

Lambswool_F01 083

Lambswool_F01 085

I think your kid has pica.

Lambswool_F01 087

After feeding Bianca...

Lambswool_F01 095

Antonio finally receives attention from Mommy.

Lambswool_F01 096

Lambswool_F01 097

Lambswool_F01 098

Lambswool_F01 100

Lambswool_F01 103

After work George makes his specialty -- Goopy Carbonara -- for dinner.

Lambswool_F01 108

Lambswool_F01 110

The Lambswools cannot wait for these two to become toddlers. George has already prepared two yummy cakes for the occasion.

Lambswool_F01 118

After dinner the couple hits the hay.

Thursday, Day 11
"Birthdays And Baby Bumps"

Lambswool_F01 004

*pop #1*

Lambswool_F01 009

Dawn is starving to death in the tub...

Lambswool_F01 010

...so George makes her favorite breakfast dish -- omelets!

Lambswool_F01 011

Which Dawn scarfs down ridiculously fast!

Lambswool_F01 013

Lambswool_F01 015

Zod: Feed me foul humans! I demand food at once!
You have to wait for Dawn to stop stuffing her face, Kitty.

Lambswool_F01 017

After feeding the General...

Lambswool_F01 023

George attempts to learn more recipes before he has to leave for work.

Lambswool_F01 028

Lambswool_F01 042

It's party time!

Lambswool_F01 044

Dawn invites her and George's closest friends and all of the neighborhood's tots to the twins' transition.

Lambswool_F01 046

Not including Antonio, there are 11 toddlers currently in the hood! Holy Simoly!

Lambswool_F01 053

What's a kid's birthday party in Oceanside without ass-grabbery?

Lambswool_F01 054

Faith Goodacre, Cyan Troubadour-Bossanova, and Tabitha Landgraab get the party started.

Lambswool_F01 055

Aiden Biltmore and Gwyneth Landgraab join in!

Lambswool_F01 058

Artist Matisse Troubadour and musician brother Kendrick have a chance to catch up on each other's lives.

Lambswool_F01 066

Dawn wrangles all of the guests to the cake. Henry is up first!

Lambswool_F01 079

Lambswool_F01 080

Lambswool_F01 082

Dawn immediately nicknames him "Chubbs" because of those cute chubby cheeks!

Lambswool_F01 085

Aria Mason-Troubadour and Malcolm Moneywell Landgraab don't care if there's a dirty diaper in their face -- they still dance their heinies off!

Lambswool_F01 086

Aiden: Faith, don't eat that. You don't know where that's been!
Aiden the germaphobe.

Lambswool_F01 088

Aiden: OK... well... I'll just stay here and make sure you don't die or anything...
Always the gentleman.

Lambswool_F01 089

Next is Bianca's turn.
Bianca: I know this heifer is not in the hot tub during my transition!


Lambswool_F01 101

Lambswool_F01 108

Lambswool_F01 114

DAWWWW! Let's get a look at you, Bianca!

Lambswool_F01 116


Lambswool_F01 117

Phew! That's much better! Bianca is a 10-1-7-7-2 Virgo with high interests in entertainment and travel. Bianca is a gamer girl (Yes!) who shares the computer whiz trait with her father and the loner trait with her mother. Bianca has poor vision (from both parents) and has to wear glasses.
*Note: I don't usually do surgery just because the kid looks strange but I checked out all of Bianca's ages in BodyShop and they were super scary. I had to edit those cheeks down.*

Lambswool_F01 120

I should just give up hope that Cyan and Heath Biltmore will end up together, shouldn't I? *pouty face*

Lambswool_F01 122

A starving Dawn is thankful to get some cake inside her...

Lambswool_F01 125

...before giving Henry his makeover! Chubbs is a 7-7-2-6-3 Taurus with high interests in sports and the paranormal. Like his father he is really interested in cuisine! He has the night-owl trait from his father and the couch potato trait from his mom. He too has to wear glasses because of his poor vision.

Lambswool_F01 128

Most of the adult guests relax in the hot tub...

Lambswool_F01 129

...while the toddlers run wild.

Lambswool_F01 130

New ship: Aiden and Faith! Dawwwww!

Lambswool_F01 131

Faith's older sister Eve Goodacre already knows how to wrestle critters -- a skill that will be very helpful on the farm.
Zod: Let go of me you drooling animal! My father will hear of this!

Lambswool_F01 134

Eve: Sweet Kitty!
Zod: *purrs* I suppose I can take you off of the list...

Lambswool_F01 136

Henry becomes buddies with Nico Firestone!

Lambswool_F01 137

Eve: Gwynie, huggle!

Lambswool_F01 138



These two will never be friends.

Lambswool_F01 143

Lambswool_F01 144

Like the Blue Hat Society?????

Lambswool_F01 145

Lambswool_F01 146

George returns home just as all of the guests are leaving.

Lambswool_F01 148

Antonio was napping upstairs during the entire party. And apparently stinking up the joint.

Lambswool_F01 151

Luckily George didn't miss his favorite show, Ragnarok's Kitchen!

Lambswool_F01 154

All of the festivities wore Dawn out...

Lambswool_F01 155

...and baby Bianca.

Lambswool_F01 157

Lambswool_F01 158

Lambswool_F01 163

Henry is never too far away from his twin ^.^

Lambswool_F01 164

Tonight's dinner is risotto and peas!

Lambswool_F01 168

The delicious smelling food wakes Dawn right up.

Lambswool_F01 172

Lambswool_F01 178

As George heads to bed...

Lambswool_F01 184

Dawn tries to get the tots in their crib for the night, but it's not easy!

Part 2
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darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on February 3rd, 2015 05:18 pm (UTC)
*Tee Hee* I knew you would like the Arrow intro XD. Yep, I'm all caught up. Can't wait for Oliver to get home!

They just have to max their cuisine enthusiasm. Then they can join the Culinary career and a restaurant has to be built for them.

I know, right! These sims need to stop procreating!

I can't help it! I have favorite toddler pairings already :( It will be fun to see who ends up with who.

I don't think anyone could be as bad as Sadie! XD
(Deleted comment)
Simlilisimlili on March 16th, 2015 11:17 am (UTC)
SimDawn, SimGeorge, you have three kids! You should be over the fear that something might happen to the baby unless you hold it constantly!

Ah, the dreaded simself effect.. Luckily there's surgery, especially if she wasn't going to grow into those extreme shapes. I thought she was cute, I like weird sim faces, but the new Bianca is adorable.
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 16th, 2015 06:06 pm (UTC)
Lulz, it was so funny watching them do all of this stuff with the babies still attached.

Toddler Bianca wasn't so bad but as she grew up (when I looked at the ages in Body Shop) she looked pretty alien. Those cheeks got pointier and pointier. I just calmed them down a bit. She will still be a little pointy.