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08 January 2015 @ 08:08 pm
The Oceanside Project: Landgraab Part 2  


"Keeping Up With The Landgraabs" Part 2

Friday, Day 12
"The Mayor's Ball"

LandgraabF01 019

LandgraabF01 021

LandgraabF01 027

In the wee hours of the morning Vivian begins teaching Gwyneth how to walk.

LandgraabF01 034

Sorry Beckett, no one cares if you are their friend or not.

LandgraabF01 040

At breakfast Vivian brings up an idea that she's had all season. She really wants to have a housewarming party and show off their new mansion to the neighbors but she would like to do something more fancy. Malcolm loves the idea and they both decide to throw a ball at the house and to invite the whole neighborhood.

LandgraabF01 045

Then he proceeds to fart on his wife. ~Classy~

LandgraabF01 051

The couple takes a nap before their big night tonight...

LandgraabF01 055

and call Angie to watch the munchkins.

LandgraabF01 060

See, I told you Auntie Angie would help potty train you! She's the only one that cares.

LandgraabF01 076

LandgraabF01 079

LandgraabF01 081

It's almost party time! The elder Landgraabs pick out their finest formals for the event.

LandgraabF01 082

LandgraabF01 084

LandgraabF01 087

LandgraabF01 095

Viv takes a little bit longer to get ready. She has to pop all of those pimples before meeting her public.

LandgraabF01 101

As the guests arrive a certain unwanted guest is among them.
Sadie: Did you really think I would go anywhere without my Flour Sack Baby!?
I had really hoped that you would've left him at home.

LandgraabF01 102

Culinary hobbyist Paragon Barrett finds his teenage love, newsie Frankie Cloak, and gives her a huge hug.

LandgraabF01 105

Heaven and music and dance hobbyist Edwina Goddard are both quite appalled at the ass-grabbery from newsie Calvin O'Gill and tinkerer Abbot Moulden.

LandgraabF01 113

Priest Becca Goodacre seems to approve of cashier Cindy Lou Larsen and Angie sucking face.

LandgraabF01 115

Achilles flirts with Frankie right in front of Minka hoping to get some kind of reaction from her, but Minka is more concerned with Sadie's mental well-being.

LandgraabF01 116

LandgraabF01 117

Vivian finally emerges with a chip and dip platter for her guests.

LandgraabF01 118

Connor and his wife, teacher Selena Firestone, sneak a quick kiss in the dining room. Watch out -- it looks like Beckett is creepily watching you two.

LandgraabF01 120

Even though their relationship is a mess and they are barely on speaking terms, Matisse Troubadour goes in for a kiss with baby-daddy Diego Bossanova!

LandgraabF01 129

She is categorically denied!!

LandgraabF01 133

LandgraabF01 126

OK! She is making out with your man right in front of your face! Achilles should just pack up and move back into his cave. There is no love coming from Minka's direction.

LandgraabF01 130

Natural scientist Yasmin Onnen and "roommate" driver Noelee Andrews have been all over each other since the ball started. Of course that doesn't stop Kent from thinking he still has a chance with Noelee.

LandgraabF01 135


LandgraabF01 140

Even though things didn't work out with Diego, Matisse feels they can still patch things up. Maybe even be friends again -- at least for their daughter Cyan's sake.

LandgraabF01 145

She's still at it -- which amuses chef George Lambswool and Paragon to no end.

LandgraabF01 151


LandgraabF01 152

Malcolm is worried about Sadie losing it at the Mayor's Ball. This is supposed to be the lady that protects everyone from the evil burglar!
Malcolm: Do you need me to shake some sense into you! How can I promote you to a police officer if you're carrying around a sack of flour and calling it your baby?! Sim up!!


LandgraabF01 154

Kent: You sure do look hot in that dress Noelee... Mmmm-hmmm!

LandgraabF01 155

Noelee: Would you mind getting the hell out of here so I can make out with my lady?!
Yasmin: *lol*


LandgraabF01 162

Calvin: Don't feel bad. I'll make out with you. *wink wink*
Kent: No, no, I'm good. Thanks.

LandgraabF01 164

LandgraabF01 166

LandgraabF01 168

LandgraabF01 169

Noelee: This fool is not going to try to hit on me again... is he?

LandgraabF01 173

Yep, he is.

LandgraabF01 177

LandgraabF01 178

I just love seeing mailman Lars Shadow in his formal wear.

LandgraabF01 184

Dude! Seriously?

LandgraabF01 186

Noelee: Look Kent, you were fun to make out with but I. DO NOT. WANT YOU! Go find your girlfriend and LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!!!

LandgraabF01 192


LandgraabF01 190

Sadie straightened up a bit and reminded herself she was at a party with her main squeeze Fitz. Hopefully that sack of flour is gone for the evening.

LandgraabF01 199

Vivian: *giggles* Malcolm is cooking the dinner for everyone.
Matisse: Oh no! *giggles*

LandgraabF01 202

Vivian: Let's hope he doesn't burn it like he did that oatmeal!
Matisse: *laughs*


LandgraabF01 214

Matisse finally makes her way to her boyfriend, rescuing him from Noelee's wrath in the process.

LandgraabF01 229

LandgraabF01 237

I'm still really creeped out how Achilles and Paragon keep passing Frankie back and forth. Ick.

LandgraabF01 241

Even though Kendrick is the musician in the family, Matisse looks very elegant tickling the ivories during the party.

LandgraabF01 245

Malcolm begins serving dinner (which he did not burn, TYVM!)

LandgraabF01 253

However Vivian soon realizes that the food will run out very quickly. She orders buffet trays and sets them out on the back patio.

LandgraabF01 248

LandgraabF01 256

LandgraabF01 259

LandgraabF01 261

Minka hides away in Malcolm's office to eat alone when someone else comes in to sit with her... Can Minka and Brodie have a civil dinner together?

LandgraabF01 263

Heaven and other GC member Tiara Hough are also anti-social and eat in the Tea Room.

LandgraabF01 271

LandgraabF01 276

Selena is so nice. She tips Matisse's horrible piano playing even though she's not there anymore.

LandgraabF01 281

What the heck do you have against Selena, Beckett?

LandgraabF01 283

Finally! The first annual Mayor's Ball was a success!

LandgraabF01 290

LandgraabF01 294

After the party Malcolm attends to his poor, forgotten children.

LandgraabF01 298

And Vivian happily cleans up all of the mess.

LandgraabF01 005

Saturday, Day 13
"Transition Day"

LandgraabF01 006

LandgraabF01 011

LandgraabF01 013

Malcolm is the first to rise and starts potty training Gwyneth. Boy does she have a long way to go!

LandgraabF01 018

Malcolm studies in his office before work.

LandgraabF01 019

Creeper Frankie peeks through the window as she delivers the morning paper.
Frankie: *sings* I wish I could be part of your wooooorld.

LandgraabF01 020

LandgraabF01 023

LandgraabF01 034

Vivian calls all of their friends and toddlers together for the twins' birthday party.

LandgraabF01 051

Gavin Biltmore, Antonio Lambswool, and Aria Mason-Troubadour bust a move with the radio!

LandgraabF01 052

I... I don't know what to say...

LandgraabF01 053

Malcolm's grammar is about as good as mine. Better put it through the word processor!

LandgraabF01 054


LandgraabF01 056

Vivian makes sure Bitsy is clean and fed before bringing her down to the cake.

LandgraabF01 057

Minka finally has a chance to get Diego all to herself. She wastes no time letting him know how she feels. Diego is ecstatic.

LandgraabF01 062

With Malcolm still at work Matisse pitches in and brings Little Malcolm to the cake.

LandgraabF01 070

LandgraabF01 073

LandgraabF01 075

Then it's Bitsy's turn!

LandgraabF01 085

LandgraabF01 090

LandgraabF01 091

The celebration ends with a fancy dip kiss by Minka and Diego.

LandgraabF01 092

The toddlers are, of course, oblivious that two new members have joined their ranks.

LandgraabF01 102

Stop ruining my toddler OTP Heath Biltmore and Cyan Troubadour-Bossanova! You two are meant to be together!

LandgraabF01 107

Matisse and Dawn head to the hot tub.

LandgraabF01 110

And George tosses Gwyneth up into another atmosphere.

LandgraabF01 113

Time for Little Malcolm's make-over!

LandgraabF01 119

LandgraabF01 120

Malcolm Moneywell Landgraab is an 8-8-6-6-7 Taurus with high interests in the paranormal and sci-fi (oh boy!). He shares a passion for fitness with his Mom. He's a social butterfly like his father and a hopeless romantic like his mother.

LandgraabF01 124

All of the excitement from the day has left poor Malcolm all tuckered out. He collapses on the girls' rug.

LandgraabF01 125

That Faith Goodacre is always smiling. Her sister Eve is still chewing on her fingers, I see.

LandgraabF01 127

LandgraabF01 130

Minka and Diego cannot keep their hands off of each other. I really don't know what I'm going to do about these two!

LandgraabF01 133

Tabitha's turn!

LandgraabF01 134

LandgraabF01 142

Tabitha is a 1(ouch!)-4-10-10-10 Sagittarius with high interests in sports, school and animals (and absolutely no interest in politics. Guess she won't be filling her father's shoes!). Her true hobby is nature. She has a good sense of humor like her dad but she's a snob like her mom.

LandgraabF01 139

Yes! After those first two seasons of absolutely no promotions, Malcolm gets two during this one!

LandgraabF01 145

Malcolm: Is the "woohoo if I get a promotion" deal still valid?
Oh, Malcolm!

LandgraabF01 146

LandgraabF01 147

LandgraabF01 148

I'm not quite sure if the toddler guests are having a good time or not.

LandgraabF01 154

Sadie: I know Flour Sack Baby is having a good time! Aren't you Sacky-wacky?


LandgraabF01 155

Oh my! I guess the offer was still valid.

LandgraabF01 157

No worries. The Bank of Oceanside can stand to lose a little one day. Let's not make this a habit.

LandgraabF01 160

Bitsy seems a bit unsure of having her first huggle with Heath Biltmore. What would her parents say?

LandgraabF01 162

Oh, what the heck. Huggle away!

LandgraabF01 161

Even with the woohoo? Still a snoozer?

LandgraabF01 164

LandgraabF01 169

Bitsy looks a lot like Vivian.

LandgraabF01 170

LandgraabF01 176

Viv puts Bitsy down for a nap.

LandgraabF01 177

LandgraabF01 179

While Little Malcolm eats the girls' dolls.

LandgraabF01 186

LandgraabF01 189

Viv's mind is still on the Blue Hat Society. She can't stand the fact that there's a club she can't get in. She needs to figure out some kind of scheme in order to become a member. But she'll think about that tomorrow.

LandgraabF01 199

Because tomorrow is another day.

LandgraabF01 236

Notes: I meant to have a Welcome Wagon get-together and totally spaced. Will do on the next Landgraab update. Thankfully all of the woohoo never led to chimes... Woot!

Thank you for reading! ^.^

Current Music: We're In The Money by Ginger Rogers
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darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on January 16th, 2015 10:02 pm (UTC)
Re: overdue long ass comment for you :p on both parts in one post!)
Don't worry Jean! I really appreciate all of your comments no matter how long it takes ^.^

Yep the boat is a decorative item so I guess it counted in the Garden Club score. It was just so funny to see him out there! Especially since I can't make any sim get into that boat!

That doll steals souls...

It's so funny, this was the second time Vivian fussed at the reviewer. One time he came up to her and started poking her for no reason so she told him off. And after all of that he still gave her a good review \O/

Kent seems to be the new Mack Daddy of the hood. I guess that's why Matisse likes him so much.

I thought Bitsy sounded more snobby elitist. Tabby reminds me of a cat, lol.

Malcolm's just straight up nasty.

Sadie went crazy when she gave birth to the 2nd set of twins and she's never recovered. I'm worried the next baby (or babies) may kill her!

My aging mod has the Adult age last 112 days. Yeah. So. They'll be around forever. (By my dating system in 7 sim years they will be elders)

Love all of the royalty references! WHEN DOES REIGN COME BACK ON! I MISS IT!!!!
Simlilisimlili on March 16th, 2015 08:34 am (UTC)
At long last, a neat Landgraab is born! (Bitsy doesn't count anyway, she's a girl^ ^)

(oops! Sorry about the "reply" comment)
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on March 16th, 2015 05:39 pm (UTC)
Yes, maybe this Malcolm will have some class and refinement. Oh, who am I kidding! XP