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07 July 2014 @ 09:38 am
The Oceanside Project: Firestone Part 1  


"So Fast, So Furious" Part 1

Warnings: fast cars, gaseous ladies, a tickle monster, wild hyenas, weeds, shoplifting, aspiration failure, old music references.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: Firestone, Bossanova, The Wedding Special...

Saturday, Day Six

Firestone 001

We begin Saturday morning with Connor Firestone, resident fast vehicle enthusiast, picking up his severely neglected son Nico from the hard tile floor...

Firestone 003

and gently placing him back on the floor but now with cushions and dangly things.

Firestone 012

Meanwhile his wife Selena, future educator, is hard at work whipping up fruit parfait for breakfast.

Firestone 019

Both Selena and Connor are jobless so caring for the baby, the house, and each other should be a breeze for the couple... right? RIGHT!?

Firestone 026

Nico needs changing and Selena is right on it!

Firestone 029

Connor heads outside to work on Ol' Bertha, Connor's fix-er-upper, when he's stopped by fangirl newsie Frankie Cloak.
Frankie: OMWatcher I can't believe he answered the door with his shirt off *squeeeeeee*

Firestone 031

Ol' Bertha just needs to be buffed up and primered and she'll be as good as new!

Firestone 033

Firestone 047

After feeding Nico and putting him down for a nap, Selena is ready to take ownership of the still under construction Primary and Secondary Schools and the already completed field that's shared by the two schools.

Firestone 049

Firestone 052

Firestone 050


Firestone 036

SELENA!!! That is NOT very ladylike. What would Vivian Landgraab say?!

Firestone 041

Outside, Connor's new homie Kendrick Troubadour stops by. Connor regales Kendrick with tales of how fast Bertha will be once he's done with her.

Firestone 038

Town Day Care Provider Angie Killeen calls and checks on Selena. Selena will help Angie out at the day care looking after the toddlers until her school officially opens.

Firestone 044

But the call is cut short as morning sickness strikes Selena.

Firestone 045

After chatting with Kendrick, Connor returns to Ol' Bertha. He's decided that he's going to give Bertha to Malcolm Landgraab, X, town politician, in the hopes that Malcolm will give him a loan to open an auto repair shop. Connor decides to paint Bertha a non-flashy silver shade.

Firestone 053

Firestone 054

There she is! The new and improved Ol' Bertha! With the silver color and increased speed Connor is now calling her Bullet!

Firestone 059

After greeting Chef George Lambswool, Connor takes Bullet out for a test drive to make sure everything's copacetic before he gives her to Malcolm.

Firestone 062

As Connor returns from his test drive, farmer Owen Goodacre stops by... I guess just to tickle Selena until she pisses her pants? Tickling everyone. It's his new thing... Luckily Connor's back to watch Nico so Selena can slip out to visit the Oceanside School Field!

Firestone 068

The Oceanside School Field is located on Oceanside Blvd. between the Primary and Secondary Schools. The teens and the children will have to share the field for recess.

Firestone 070

To the right is the playground area complete with swings, merry-go-round, monkey bars, slide and a jungle gym.

Firestone 071

Next to the playground is a snack area.

Firestone 069

To the right is the basketball court.

Firestone 072

The bathrooms are located directly behind the basketball court. There's a little chess table for the non-athletic students.

Firestone 075

And towards the back is a full soccer field!

Firestone 077

Selena was anxious that the equipment wasn't up to par, so she decided to test everything out herself.

Firestone 078

Noelee Andrews, everyone's driver, stops by to test out the playground as well. Noelee, voted in by the residents, will officially move into the mainland in the Fall.
*PSA: this isn't the real driver just a clone I made in CAS. You cannot move the real driver into your hood. The character file is incomplete and will bork your neighborhood! You will still see Noelee driving sims around. The real driver is named Noeleen and I've given this one the name Noelee so I know the difference. /end PSA*

Firestone 080

Selena checks all of the chains on the swings to make sure they are sturdy enough.

Firestone 081

Noelee is pretty good at shooting hoops.

Firestone 084

Firestone 082

Malcolm hogs up the vending machines while Fitz Biltmore, builder, arrives.

Firestone 086

By the time Selena gets around to testing the soccer field her legs are cramping and she's pooped.

Firestone 088

So she lays down on the bench and lets Fitz test it out for her.

Firestone 090

Firestone 093

Matisse Troubadour, artist and Selena's brother's baby's mama, stops by and hugs her bestie Malcolm hello.

Firestone 094

Selena is dead tired and ready to walk across the street to go home. She thanks everyone for stopping by and leaves.

Back at home...

Firestone 067

When Malcolm stops by (don't ask me how he can be a two places at once...) Connor gives him the keys to Bullet! Malcolm is so impressed he gives Connor a loan right on the spot (and doesn't tell his wife first...). Connor is now an Auto Mechanic and can open his own repair shop!

Firestone 134

Firestone 097

Firestone 098


Firestone 099

Connor digs out another car that he can restore. He's calling this one Bessie.

Firestone 103

George finds a jello cube left-over from yesterday's wedding... and eats it. *BLECH*

Firestone 107

Soon all of the guys meet up in the living room and have their own discussions. Kendrick is having a positive conversation about marriage... well now! Maybe Brodie Mason is changing him!

Firestone 110

It's lunch-meat sandwich time!

Firestone 115

George tells Malcolm that's he's close to opening his own restaurant.
Malcolm: Yeah, but didn't you burn like three meals in a row?
That Malcolm Landgraab, X never forgets gossip!

Firestone 118

Selena arrives home in time to join the boys for dinner...

Firestone 120

but she's too tired to make it to the table.

Firestone 121

Maybe you should just go to bed, Selena.

Firestone 124

Malcolm: Oh Watcher! Stop shaking your ass in front of me George!!

Firestone 126

While his guests relax Connor sneaks out to work on Bessie. He's not much for big groups of people.

Firestone 133

Firestone 135

While Connor increases his Tinkering enthusiasm, the boys end up where every party in Oceanside ends up - the hot tub!

Firestone 140

Firestone 144

Little Nico wails so Daddy Connor comes to the rescue!

Firestone 157

Then it's back to Bessie who's engine is being rebuilt faster than ever.

Firestone 162

Connor leaves the guys to stay outside and hang in the hot tub while he quietly slips into bed next to Selena.

Almost as soon as he falls asleep...

Firestone 165

Firestone 166

*Pop #1*

Sunday, Day Seven

Firestone 005

Owen's left, but the rest of the gang is still here...

Firestone 008

After a quick bath Selena uses her spare time to study Parenting.

Firestone 009

Firestone 010

Kendrick and George leave but party animal Malcolm Landgraab stays in the hot tub all night.

Firestone 015

Nico's up again. This time Selena's on diaper duty.

Firestone 017

Angie warned all of the parents that she's seen wild hyenas roaming around the island, and here's the first sighting! Where's the baby? Is the baby inside?!


Firestone 019

Oh, good, there he is. No hyena or dingo kidnapping today!

Firestone 021

After confirmation that baby Nico is safe and sound, Selena and Connor have a romantic breakfast on the deck and watch the sun rise.

Firestone 022

Malcolm: Hey... hey... Guys... a little help here... I'm STUCK!!!!

Firestone 023

Firestone 028

After breakfast Connor calls Fitz Biltmore to see if his auto shop is completed and operational.

Firestone 030

Firestone 031

Connor is now the owner of Oceanside Customs and Auto Repair (I changed the name later)! Connor immediately heads down to the shop to get everything in order for launch day.

Firestone 037

Oceanside Customs is located on the corner of Biltmore Highway and Lambswool Lane strategically placed in front of the new Landgraab Ferry that will shuttle cars over to the Business District as soon as it's available.

Firestone 056

Another junk car awaits Connor in the garage and he gets right to work. He nicknames this one Buster.

Firestone 058

George is the first to stop by and check out Connor's shop.

Firestone 061

Next is Vivian Landgraab. Hopefully she's not here to complain about her hubby giving Connor 50,000 simoleons to open the shop!

Firestone 064

And lastly, Becca Goodacre arrives. This is a good start Connor. The Landgraabs and the Goodacres have the most money on the island. Maybe you could sell that import car today!

Firestone 062

Buster is being uncooperative just like all of the other fixer cars.

Firestone 063

*Gasp* Vivian went right to the SUV with the weird writing on it. We might sell a car today!!

Firestone 068

George picks up one the cool remote control race cars.

Firestone 072

Connor rushes upstairs to sell Vivian on the SUV.
Connor: ...there's no way you're going to be able to get you, Malcolm and the three kids into Bullet. You definitely need a bigger car.
Vivian: But why do I need a car when Noelee can just drive us around wherever we want to go?
This is how the rich stay rich people - they don't spend their money!

Firestone 074

BECCA!!! What will Owen say!

Firestone 075

Connor distracts Becca with a mushy romance movie and sneaks away from her advances...

Firestone 077

and tries to sell that car!
Connor: You will be the only sim on the island who will have this particular model!
Vivian: I do like to have things before everyone else does...

Firestone 083

Connor has to leave Vivian on her own in order to ring up George.

Firestone 088

Firestone 091

Unfortunately it looks like Vivian gave up on the SUV and joins the others looking at the remote control cars.

Firestone 092

Since the shop is right on the beach Connor thought that an outdoor shower would make sense.

Firestone 093

Viv nabs herself a remote control car also and is ready to be rung up.

Firestone 099

Good job Firestone! You have sold two things!

Firestone 104

Firestone 105

It's getting late and Connor is ready to close up shop for the day.

Firestone 107

However, Mrs. Landgraab was waiting at the check out. What's that sly look for Viv?

Firestone 108

Wait... She left! And she took the other remote control car she was going to buy with her! THIEF!!!
Vivian: SUCKER!!!

Firestone 109

Oblivious to the theft that just occurred, Connor escorts all of the customers out for the day and heads home.

Back at the house...

Firestone 120

Malcolm is still here. Swimming in your ocean. My guess is the wailing of three kids is really getting to him. He doesn't want to leave!

Firestone 123

Firestone 125

Selena awakens and takes a quick shower...

Firestone 127

Firestone 135

and takes care of Nico.

Firestone 138

Firestone 136

Connor's back. My look at the weeds and the trash. Someone needs to take care of that stat!

Firestone 140

Tomorrow is Nico's transition day!

Firestone 150

Selena's ready to turn in for the night when...

Firestone 151

*pop #2*

Firestone 153


Firestone 158


Part 2

Current Music: Move Bitch by Ludacris
Simlili: Cheezburgersimlili on August 5th, 2014 07:57 am (UTC)
Selena has her own way of reacting to strong emotions^^
darkestdawn73darkestdawn73 on August 5th, 2014 07:01 pm (UTC)
These ladies are so nasty with all of the farting. I can't take it!
Simlili: Cheezburgersimlili on August 5th, 2014 08:03 pm (UTC)
I know! I still remember my first farting sim, I was SO embarrassed.
Like, did he just do what I think he just did... what kind of game did I just install !:D